Research of 2017 (April to December)

Journalism Research of April-December 2017

Here is an almost comprehensive list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers about journalism research, published between April and December of 2017. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

However, the list is not perfect. It lacks the first three months of the year, since we only started collecting the data systematically in April. Some journals and other sources were found over the year, so probably this list misses some of the earlier articles from those journals.

You  can search and filter the table by authors, titles, journals and publication dates.

PublishedTitleAuthorsJournal / publisher
2017-04-02Critical news reading with Twitter? Exploring data-mining practices and their impact on societal discourseMathias Verbeke, Bettina Berendt, Leen d'Haenens and Michael OpgenhaffenCommunications
The European Journal of Communication Research
2017-04-02The Development of the 'Pyle Style' of War Reporting
French North Africa, 1942-1943
Richard FineMedia History
2017-04-02Was there a national press in the UK in the Second World War?Tom O'MalleyMedia History
2017-04-03Too much information? Predictors of information overload in the context of online news exposureJosephine B. Schmitt, Christina A. Debbelt & Frank M. SchneiderInformation, Communication & Society
2017-04-04Where Do Facts Matter?
The digital paradox in magazines' fact-checking practices
Susan Currie Sivek & Sharon Bloyd-PeshkinJournalism Practice
2017-04-04The datafication of data journalism scholarship: Focal points, methods, and research propositions for the investigation of data-intensive newsworkJulian Ausserhofer, Robert Gutounig, Michael Oppermann, Sarah Matiasek, Eva GoldgruberJournalism
2017-04-04Foreign Correspondents
A case study of China in the digital and globalization age
Shixin Ivy Zhang & Xiaoling ZhangJournalism Studies
2017-04-04Military pollution in no war zone: The military representation in the local media Aide Esu, Simone MaddanuJournalism
2017-04-04A Follower-Centric Approach to Leadership in the Newsroom
The case of El País
Manuel Goyanes & Alessandro GentileJournalism Practice
2017-04-05The Future of Augmented Journalism: A guide for newsrooms in the age of smart machinesFrancesco Marconi & Alex SiegmanReport: Associated Press Insights
2017-04-05The French Media and the Forging of a Franco-British Alliance in the late 1930sDaniel HuckerMedia History
2017-04-06Data retention, journalist freedoms and whistleblowers
Sal Humphreys & Melissa de ZwartMedia International Australia
2017-04-07Why are traditional newspaper publishers still surviving in the digital era?Miriam van der Burg & Hilde Van den BulckJournal of Media Business Studies
2017-04-07Factors Affecting the 'Locus of Responsibility' in Cancer News: Focusing on the Role of Health Journalists' Medical Expertise in South KoreaYong-Chan Kim, Minsun Shim, Jee Hyun Kim & Keeho ParkJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-04-07Networking and Political Alignment as Strategies to Control the News -
Interaction between journalists and politicians
Peter Maurer & Markus BeilerJournalism Studies
2017-04-10Diversity in Online News:
On the importance of ownership types and media system types
Edda Humprecht & Frank EsserJournalism Studies
2017-04-10Engaging stigmatized communities through solutions journalism: Residents of South Los Angeles respond Andrea Wenzel, Daniela Gerson, Evelyn Moreno, Minhee Son, Breanna Morrison HawkinsJournalism
2017-04-11Effects of the News-Finds-Me Perception in Communication: Social Media Use Implications for News Seeking and Learning About PoliticsHomero Gil de Zúñiga, Brian Weeks & Alberto Ardèvol-AbreuJournal of Computer-Mediated Communication
2017-04-11Who Gets Covered? Ideological Extremity and News Coverage of Members of the U.S. Congress, 1993 to 2013Michael W. Wagner, Mike GruszczynskiJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-04-11Comparing Cross-National Coverage of Genetically Modified Organisms: A Community Structure ApproachJohn C. Pollock, Krysti Peitz, Elizabeth Watson, Cara Esposito, Phil Nichilo, James Etheridge, Melissa Morgan, Taylor Hart-McGonigleJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-04-11Young People, Class and the News:
Distinction, socialization and moral sentiments
Johan Lindell, Paola SartorettoJournalism Studies
2017-04-11Conflict-Framed News, Self-Categorization, and Partisan PolarizationJiyoung Han & Christopher M. FedericoMass Communication and Society
2017-04-17Frankenstein journalismAndrew Duffy, Edson C. Tandoc & Richard LingInformation, Communication & Society
2017-04-17Dealing with digital intermediaries: A case study of the relations between publishers and platformsRasmus Kleis Nielsen, Sarah Anne GanterNew Media & Society
2017-04-14Valuing Victims: A Comparative Framing Analysis of The Washington Post's Coverage of Violent Attacks Against Muslims and Non-MuslimsMohammed el-Nawawy, Mohamad Hamas ElmasryInternational Journal of Communication
2017-04-14Information, Interest, and Ideology: Explaining the Divergent Effects of Government-Media Relationships in ArgentinaEugenia Mitchelstein, Pablo J. BoczkowskiInternational Journal of Communication
Decoding youth DNA: The relationship between social engagement and news interest, news media use and news preferences of Dutch millennials
Nico Drok, Liesbeth Hermans, Karijn KatsJournalism
2017-04-14Colombian Journalists on Twitter: Opinions, Gatekeeping, and Transparency in Political CoverageVictor Garcia-PerdomoInternational Journal of Communication
2017-04-12'The Pied Piper Has Played His Tune'
The Daily Express, family and evacuation in 1939
Caroline DaleMedia History
2017-04-12Configuring the Dance Review in the North-American Daily, 1890-1920Emma DoranMedia History
2017-04-13Under the Influence: Advertisers' Impact on the Content of Swiss Free NewspapersColin PorlezzaMedia and Communication
2017-04-20A role (in)congruity study on Vietnamese journalists' perception of female and male leadershipHong Tien Vu, Hue Trong Duong, Barbara Barnett & Tien-Tsung LeeAsian Journal of Communication
Readers value objectivity over transparency
Edson C. Tandoc, Ryan J. ThomasNewspaper Research Journal
2017-04-18News video quality affects online sites' credibilityGina Masullo Chen, Peter S. Chen, Chen-Wei Chang, Zainul AbedinNewspaper Research Journal
2017-04-18Embedding journalists shape Iraq news storyMiles MaguireNewspaper Research Journal
2017-04-18Technology allows audience role in news constructionPatrick FerrucciNewspaper Research Journal
2017-04-18Citizen journalism practice increases civic participationSeungahn Nah, Kang Namkoong, Rachael Record, Stephanie K. Van SteeNewspaper Research Journal
2017-04-18Florida political reporters interact rarely onlineJohn H. Parmelee, David DeeleyNewspaper Research Journal
2017-04-18Policy, economic themes dominate ethanol headlinesBruno Takahashi, Carol Terracina-Hartman, Katheryn Amann, Mark S. MeisnerNewspaper Research Journal
2017-04-18Obamacare headlines mirror local political leaningsBrandon Szuminsky, Chad ShermanNewspaper Research Journal
2017-04-18Use of steroids in baseball primarily sports storyClaudia KozmanNewspaper Research Journal
2017-04-19News organizations' use of Native Videos on Facebook: Tweaking the journalistic field one algorithm change at a timeEdson C Tandoc, Julian MaitraNew Media & Society
2017-04-19Playing under pressure: Sport, public service broadcasting and the British Broadcasting CorporationPaul SmithInternational Communication Gazette
2017-04-20Twenty one years of HIV/AIDS medicines in the newspaper: patents, protest, and philanthropyThomas OwenMedia, Culture & Society
2017-04-19Beware the winter is coming! Arab Spring in the global mediaPetra Cafnik Uluda?Critical Studies in Media Communication
2017-04-19Contesting Sweden's Chicago: why journalists dispute the crime image of MalmöLeandro Schclarek MulinariCritical Studies in Media Communication
2017-04-18How journalists engage in branding on Twitter: individual, organizational, and institutional levelsLogan Molyneux, Avery Holton & Seth C. LewisInformation, Communication & Society
2017-04-07Optimizing the Recency-Relevancy Trade-off in Online News RecommendationsAbhijnan Chakraborty, Saptarshi Ghosh, Niloy Ganguly, Krishna P. GummadiConference paper: WWW '17 Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web
2017-04-07Changing News Media Landscape in South KoreaHongjun Lim, Choongho Chung, Jihee Kim, Juho Kim, Sue Moon, Meeyoung ChaConference paper: WWW '17 Companion Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web Companion
2017-04-07The Werther Effect Revisited: Measuring the Effect of News Items on User BehaviorElad Yom-Tov, Shira H. FischerConference paper: WWW '17 Companion Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web Companion
2017-04-21Community Newspapers Drive Results 2017News Media CanadaReport: News Media Canada
2017-04-21Constructing a'first' First Lady through memory: The case of China's Peng LiyuanQi Ling, Dan Berkowitz
Dan Berkowitz
2017-04-21Covering nipples: news discourse and the framing of breastfeedingMary Angela Bock, Paromita Pain & JhuCin JhangFeminist Media Studies
2017-04-21Knowing the Numbers: Assessing Attitudes among Journalists and Educators about Using and Interpreting Data, Statistics, and ResearchJohn Wihbey & Mark Coddington#ISOJ Journal
2017-04-21Decoding the Podaissance: Identifying Community Journalism Practices in Newsroom and Avocational PodcastsMarcus Funk#ISOJ Journal
A Hostile Sports Media? Perceived Nationalism Bias in Online Sports Coverage
Youngju Kim, Andrew C. BillingsElectronic News
2017-04-24VR for News: The New Reality?Zillah WatsonReport: RISJ Institute Digital News Reports
2017-04-24'The most universal intelligencers'
The circulation of the London Gazette in the 1690s
Natasha GlaisyerMedia History
2017-04-25Stopping Fake News
The work practices of peer-to-peer counter propaganda
Maria Haigh, Thomas Haigh & Nadine I. KozakJournalism Studies
2017-04-25Thinking and Writing About Global Poverty
A comparison of journalist frames and media frames
Mirjam Vossen, Baldwin van Gorp & Lau SchulpenJournalism Studies
2017-04-26Mobile phones and the news: How UK mainstream news broadcasting is stalling the video revolutionAdrian Hadland, Eddy Borges-Rey, Jackie CameronConvergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2017-04-26Newsroom Workers' Job Satisfaction Contingent on Position and Adaptation to Digital DisruptionBrock Ternes, Laveda J. Peterlin & Scott ReinardyJournalism Practice
2017-04-26Learn after reading: effects of news framing and responsibility attribution on Chinese college students' perceived efficacy in identifying others and themselves with depressionYan Jin, Yuan Zhang, Yen-I Lee & Yunbing TangAsian Journal of Communication
2017-04-27The Bias of Provocation Narratives in International NewsSandrine Boudana, Elad SegevThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-04-27Democracy's Detectives: The Economics of Investigative JournalismMark FeldsteinJournal of Communication
2017-04-26Political battlefield: aggressive metaphors, gender, and power in news coverage of Canadian party leadership contestsBailey Gerrits, Linda Trimble, Angelia Wagner, Daisy Raphael & Shannon SampertFeminist Media Studies
2017-04-27Media framing of trolling and online abuse: silencing strategies, symbolic violence, and victim blamingKaren Lumsden & Heather MorganFeminist Media Studies
2017-04-28Intraday News Trading: The Reciprocal Relationships Between the Stock Market and Economic NewsNadine Strauß, Rens Vliegenthart, Piet VerhoevenCommunication Research
2017-04-28Are Traditional Journalism Principles Still Alive and Well in Today's Local TV Newsrooms?Keren Henderson, Michael CremedasElectronic News
2017-04-28Journalism, separation and independence: Newspaper coverage of the end of the British Mandate for Palestine, 1948James RodgersJournalism
2017-04-28Intermedia Agenda Setting in the Social Media Age: How Traditional Players Dominate the News Agenda in Election TimesRaymond A. Harder, Julie Sevenans, Peter Van Aelst
Peter Van Aelst
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-04-27Journalism Professors in the German Democratic Republic: A Collective BiographyMichael Meyen, Thomas WiedemannInternational Journal of Communication
2017-04-27Informed Switchers? How the Impact of Election News Exposure on Vote Change Depends on Political Information EfficacySabine Geers, Linda Bos, Claes H. De VreeseInternational Journal of Communication
2017-04-26Press Freedom Index 2017Reporters Without BordersIndex: Reporters Without Borders
2017-04-27Protecting Sources in the Digital AgeJulia PosettiUNESCO
2017-04-21Mapping media accountability instruments in sports journalismXavier Ramon-Vegas, José-Luis Rojas-TorrijosÉtica, investigación y comunicación
2017-04-21Staging a social drama: Ritualized framing of the spring festival homecoming in Chinese state mediaMeng LiJournalism
2017-04-07PersaLog: Personalization of News Article ContentElad Yom-Tov and Shira H. FischerProceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web
2017-04-23Innovative Journalism in Latin AmericaTeresa Mioli and Ismael Nafría (Eds.)Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas
2017-04-17The Impact of Global NGOs on Japanese Press Coverage of Climate Negotiations: An Analysis of the New "Background Media Strategy"Masako KonishiEnvironmental Communication
2017-04-19Contesting Sweden's Chicago: why journalists dispute the crime image of MalmöLeandro Schclarek Mulinari
Critical Studies in Media Communication
2017-04-20Telling the stories of others: claims of authenticity in human rights reporting and comics journalismJulika Bake & Michaela ZöhrerJournal of Intervention and Statebuilding
2017-05-01Mutiny on the Bay: Investigating the Presentation of the Scott Olsen Police Assault on the Websites of San Francisco Bay Area Local Television StationsSean T. LeaveyJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-05-06PersaLog: Personalization of News Article ContentEytan Adar, Carolyn Gearig, Ayshwarya Balasubramanian and Jessica HullmanCHI '17 Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2017-05-06Supporting the Use of User Generated Content in Journalistic PracticePeter Tolmie, Rob Procter, David William Randall, Mark Rouncefield, Christian Burger, Geraldine Wong Sak Hoi, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Maria LiakataCHI '17 Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2017-05-06News Company's Link Sharing on Twitter as Informative Advertising and Content SignalingChankyung PakCHI EA '17 Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2017-05-03#Sipilägate and the break-up of the political bromance: Crisis in the relationship between Finnish media and politiciansAnu KoivunenNordicom-Information
2017-05-02Assaults on Journalists: An investigation of the period 2000-2016Katharine Sarikakis et al.University of Vienna
2017-05-03Far-Right Nationalism and Populism in EuropeKatherine Sarikakis et al.University of Vienna
2017-05-02Paying for news: Why people subscribe and what it says about the future of journalismTom Rosenstiel et al.American Press Institute
2017-05-02Combating Fake News: An Agenda for Research and ActionDavid Lazer, Nir Grinberg, Lisa Friedland, Kenneth Joseph and Will Hobbs, Matthew Baum and Carolina MattssonHarvard University
2017-05-02Subjective Evaluation of Media Content as a Moderator of Media Effects on European IdentityWaqas Ejaz, Marco Bräuer, and Jens WollingMedia and Communication
2017-05-05Are newspapers' news stories becoming more alike? Media content diversity in Belgium, 1983-2013Kathleen Beckers, Andrea Masini, Julie Sevenans, Miriam van der Burg, Julie De Smedt, Hilde Van den Bulck, Stefaan WalgraveJournalism
2017-05-09Framing the Winter Olympic GamesHonorata JakubowskaPolish Sociological Review
2017-05-09Of Journalists and Money: The Employment of Journalists in Romania and Its Influence on Media Freedom and QualityIoana Av?daniInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-09Journalistic Autonomy as a Professional Value and Element of Journalism Culture: The European PerspectiveEpp Lauk, Halliki Harro-LoiInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-09Online News Video Consumption: A comparison of six countriesAntonis KalogeropoulosDigital Journalism
Automated Journalism 2.0: Event-driven narratives
From simple descriptions to real stories
David Caswell, Konstantin Dörr
Journalism Practice
2017-05-10In the grip of politics? How political journalists in France and Germany perceive political influence on their workPeter MaurerJournalism
2017-05-10The value of public service mediaMaureen BurnsNew Media & Society
2017-05-10Venture Labor| Freelancing as the Good Life?Nicole S. CohenInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-10Venture Labor| Venture Labor, the News Crisis, and Journalism EducationC.W. AndersonInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-10UK media coverage of the
2016 EU Referendum campaign
Martin Moore & Gordon RamsayKing's College London
2017-05-10Life at small-market newspapersChristopher Ali & Damian RadcliffeTow Center for Digital Journalism
2017-05-10Americans' Attitudes About the News Media Deeply Divided Along Partisan LinesMichael Barthell & Amy MitchellPew Research Center
2017-05-10How does the media on both sides of the Mediterranean report on Migration?International Centre for Media Policy Development (ICMPD)
2017-05-11News literacy and news publishersAralynn McMane & Wendy TribaldosWAN-IFRA
2017-05-11Influences on Job Expectations among Chilean Journalism StudentsClaudia Mellado and Andrés SchermanInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-11The Effects of Generational Identification Accessibility and Normative Fit on Hostile Media PerceptionJisu Kim and Sung-Yeon ParkInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-11News Company's Link Sharing on Twitter as Informative Advertising and Content SignalingChankyung PakProceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference
2017-05-11Automated Assistants to Identify and Prompt Action on Visual News BiasVishwajeet Narwal, Mohamed Hashim Salih, Jose Angel Lopez, Angel Ortega, John O'Donovan, Tobias Höllerer, Saiph SavageProceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference
2017-05-11Explaining the News Feed Algorithm: An Analysis of theKelley Cotter, Janghee Cho and Emilee RaderProceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference
2017-05-11Supporting the Use of User Generated Content in Journalistic PracticeJennifer Manuel et al.Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference
2017-05-11Persuading to Pay: Exploring the What and Why in Crowdfunded JournalismNicole Ladson and Angela M. LeeInternational Journal on Media Management
2017-05-11Hacking Public Service Media Funding: A Scenario for Rethinking the License Fee as a Form of Civic CrowdfundingTiziano Bonini and Ivana PaisInternational Journal on Media Management
2017-05-12The dynamics of online news discussions: effects of news articles and reader comments on users' involvement, willingness to participate, and the civility of their contributionsMarc Ziegele, Mathias Weber, Oliver Quiring & Timo BreinerInformation, Communication & Society
2017-05-15Close, but not close enough? Audience's reactions to domesticated distant suffering in international news coverageEline Huiberts, Stijn JoyeMedia, Culture & Society
2017-05-15Attention, please! Structural influences on tabloidization of campaign coverage in German and Austrian elite newspapers (1949-2009)Melanie Magin
2017-05-15Journalism, not 'cheerleading': An ombudsman's paradigm repair in the JNU sedition case in IndiaSubin PaulJournalism
2017-05-15News discourse and readers' comments: Expanding the range of citizenship positions?Zara Pinto-Coelho, Anabela Carvalho, Eunice Castro SeixasJournalism
2017-05-16Framing the flight MH370 mystery: A content analysis of Malaysian, Chinese, and U.S. mediaLindsey M Bier, Sejin Park, Michael J PalencharInternational Communication Gazette
2017-05-16Fighting Putin and the Kremlin's grip in neo-authoritarian Russia: The experience of liberal journalistsVera Slavtcheva-PetkovaJournalism
2017-05-16The exposure to traumatic events and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder among Korean journalistsMina Lee, Eun Hye Ha, Jung Kun PaeJournalism
2017-05-18Study into the mental resilience of journalistsTara SwartIndependent research report
2017-05-18News Coverage of Donald Trump's First 100 DaysThomas E. PattersonShorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy
2017-05-18Pay models in European newsAlessio Cornia, Annika Sehl, Felix Simon, Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism &
Oxford University
2017-05-15Media Manipulation and Disinformation OnlineAlice Marwick and Rebecca LewisData & Society Research Institute
2017-05-18How news partnerships work: Commercial and nonprofit newsrooms can work together to benefit and change journalismJason AlcornAmerican Press Institute
2017-05-19Crises, Rumours and Reposts: Journalists' Social Media Content Gathering and Verification Practices in Breaking News SituationsKlas Backholm, Julian Ausserhofer, Elsebeth Frey, Anna Grøndahl Larsen, Harald Hornmoen, Joachim Högväg, Gudrun ReimerthMedia and Communication
2017-05-02Women and men in the newsSaga MannilaNordic Council of Ministers
2017-05-18Public trust in local governments and environmental risks in China: the effects of media use, perceived dread, and perceived inequalityQing HuangChinese Journal of Communication
2017-05-18Getting Youngsters Hooked on News
The effects of narrative news on information processing and appreciation in different age groups
Mariska Kleemans, Gabi Schaap, and Mitchel SuijkerbuijkJournalism Studies
2017-05-18Transnational journalism networks as drivers of EuropeanisationAnnett Heft, Brigitte Alfter, and Barbara PfetschJournalism
2017-05-19Reconstructing Rwanda
How Rwandan reporters use constructive journalism to promote peace
Karen McIntyre and Meghan SobelJournalism Studies
2017-05-19Precarious Balance
How journalists negotiate notions of autonomy in the trade-off with political actors
Ximena OrchardJournalism Practice
2017-05-19Global and Domestic Networks Advancing Prospects for Institutional and Social Change: The Collective Action Response to Violence Against JournalistsJeannine E. Relly and Celeste González de BustamanteJournalism & Communication Monographs
2017-05-19'Boots on the Ground?': How international news channels incorporate user-generated content into their YouTube presenceEisa al Nashmi, Michael North, Terry Bloom, and Johanna ClearyInternational Communication Gazette
2017-05-22"You Can't Post That!"
Social Media Policies in U.S. Television Newsrooms
Anthony C. Adornato, Suzanne LysakElectronic News
2017-05-22Automating judgment? Algorithmic judgment, news knowledge, and journalistic professionalismMatt CarlsonNew Media & Society
2017-05-22Propaganda, Persuasion, or Journalism?
Fox News' Prime-Time Coverage of Health-Care Reform in 2009 and 2014
Mitchell T. BardElectronic News
2017-05-24'My' media versus 'the' media: Trust in news depends on which news media you meanAmerican Press Institute
2017-05-02Is Information Power? Using Mobile Phones and Free Newspapers during an Election in MozambiqueJenny C. Aker, Paul Collier and Pedro C. VicenteThe Review of Economics and Statistics
2017-05-24'We Are the Women of Utah': The Utah Woman's Press Club's Framing Strategies in the Woman's ExponentCandi S. Carter OlsonJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-05-24When Going to War Is Costly: A Comparative Study of Audiences and the Partisan PressDaniel Stevens and Barbara AllenThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-05-23The New Personal Influence: How Our Facebook Friends Influence the News We ReadNicolas M. AnspachPolitical Communication
2017-05-25Exploring online news: What's and's narratives tell about the migrant crossings of the Morocco-Spain borderFrancesca Di RenzoJournalism
2017-05-26What's a reader actually worth?Neil ThurmanBritish Journalism Review
2017-05-26The Role of News Brands and Leads in Exposure to Political Information on the InternetRyan B. Medders and Miriam J. MetzgerDigital Journalism
2017-05-26Anti-intellectualism among US students in journalism and mass communication: A cultural perspectiveMichael McDevitt, Perry Parks, Jordan Stalker, Kevin Lerner, Jesse Benn and Taisik HwangJournalism
2017-05-25Interpreting expertise: Finnish journalists' accounts on journalistic judgement of expertise on healthy eatingSampsa SaikkonenJournalism
2017-05-26Between Human Welfare and National Security: William S. Gailmor and Popular Front Journalism in the Cold War, 1950-1952Nathan GodfriedAmerican Journalism
2017-05-26Confronting the "Seeker of Newspaper Notoriety": Pathological Lying, the Public, and the Press, 1890-1920Justin T. ClarkAmerican Journalism
2017-05-26Thank You, Mr. President: Journalist Gender in Presidential News ConferencesLindsey MeeksInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-26Illusions of Knowledge: Media Exposure and Citizens' Perceived Political CompetenceMathias Weber and Christina KoehlerInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-25Stability and Change in the Style and Standards of European Newspapers' Arts Reviews, 1960-2010Riie Heikkilä and Jukka GronowJournalism Practice
2017-05-25UK television news reporting of the 2016 EU referendum campaignStephen Cushion and Justin LewisEuropean Journal of Communication
2017-05-25Building the "Truthmeter': Training algorithms to help journalists assess the credibility of social media sourcesRichard Fletcher, Steve Schifferes and Neil ThurmanConvergence
2017-05-02From Separation to Collaboration
Perspectives on editorial-business collaboration at United States news organizations
Kevin K. Drew and Ryan J. ThomasDigital Journalism
2017-05-02Investigating effects of social media news sharing on the relationship between network heterogeneity and political participationJihyang Choia, Jae Kook Leeb and Emily T. Metzgarc,Computers in Human Behavior
2017-05-08Thought Work Contested: Ideology and Journalism Education in ChinaMaria RepnikovaThe China Quarterly
2017-05-30Central American entrepreneurial journalism through the lens of its audienceSummer Harlow
Journalism Practice
2017-05-31Covering Mass Shootings
Journalists" perceptions of coverage and factors influencing attitudes
Nicole Smith Dahmen, Jesse Abdenour, Karen McIntyre, Krystal E. Noga-StyronJournalism Practice
2017-05-10U.S. News Media Coverage of Pharmaceutical Pollution in the Aquatic Environment: A Content Analysis of the Problems and Solutions Presented by ActorsBenjamin Blair, Daniel Zimny-Schmitt & Murray A. RuddEnvironmental Management
2017-05-08Impact of power and ideology on news translation in Korea: a quantitative analysis of foreign news gatekeepingYonsuk SongPerspectives
2017-05-10Latino Portrayals in Local News Media: Underrepresentation, Negative Stereotypes, and Institutional Predictors of CoverageMingxiao Sui & Newly Paul
Journal of Intercultural Communication Research
2017-05-12Are Oil Price News Headlines Statistically and Economically Significant for Investors?Seema Narayan & Paresh Kumar NarayanJournal of Behavioral Science
2017-05-16Visual Representations of Sexual Violence in Online News OutletsSandra SchwarkFrontiers in Psychology
2017-05-18Death and taxes: The framing of the causes and policy responses to the illicit tobacco trade in Canadian newspapersJulia Smith, Sheryl Thompson & Kelley LeeMedia & Communication Studies
2017-05-15Black Internationalism's Shifting Alliances: African American Newspapers, the White Australia Policy, and Indigenous Australians, 1919-1948Clare CorbouldHistory Compass
2017-05-24Rethinking the generational gap in online news use: An infrastructural perspectiveHarsh Taneja, Angela Xiao Wu & Stephanie EdgerlyNew Media & Society
2017-05-19Media coverage of the 2017 General Election campaign (report 2)Loughborough University
2017-05-05The effects of news consumption via social media and news information overload on perceptions of journalistic norms and practicesSun Kyong Lee, Nathan J. Lindseya, Kyun Soo KimComputers in Human Behavior
2017-05-24On the Boundaries of Framing Terrorism: Guilt, Victimization, and the 2016 Orlando ShootingNathan Walter, Thomas J. Billard and Sheila T. MurphyMass Communication and Society
2017-05-25Competing discursive constructions of China's smog in Chinese and Anglo-American English-language newspapers: A corpus-assisted discourse study Ming Liu, Chaoyuan LiDiscourse & Communication
2017-06-01Pay Models in European NewsAlessio Cornia, Annika Sehl, Felix Simon and Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2017-06-02New York Daily News: In praise of Facebook Instant ArticlesPeter BrownColumbia Journalism Review
2017-06-01Newspapers Fact SheetPew Research Center
2017-06-02Even a Celebrity Journalist Can't Have an Opinion:
Post-Millennials' Recognition and Evaluation of Journalists and News Brands on Twitter
Jasun Carr & Mitchell BardElectronic News
2017-06-01Crimean crisis of 2014 in the conservative and liberal U.S. mediaAnastasia N. SorokinaRussian Journal of Communication
2017-06-08The future of journalismSharon Pian ChanThe Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program
2017-06-06Latin American Investigative Journalism Education: Learning Practices, Learning GapsAmy Schmitz Weiss, Vanessa de Macedo Higgins Joyce, Magdalena Saldaña,
Rosental Calmon Alves
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-06-06S(t)imulating Journalism in the Classroom: A Structured Comparison of the Design of Pedagogical Newsrooms in Nordic Academic Journalism TrainingMaarit JaakkolaJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-06-05Who Experiences Growth in News Media Literacy and Why Does It Matter? Examining Education, Individual Differences, and Democratic OutcomesMelissa Tully, Emily K. VragaJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-06-09Empirical support for the media participation hypothesis: Trends across presidential elections, 1992-2012Erik P. Bucy & Jacob GroshekNew Media & Society
2017-06-08Conservative websites are far more likely to attack fact-checkers than their liberal counterpartsAlexios MantzarlisPoynter Institute
2017-06-09'My boss is 18,000 people': Journalism practices in crowdfunded media organizationsAdilya ZaripovaMedieKultur
2017-06-09Division in the land of"the unspoken": Examining journalistic practice in contemporary New CaledoniaMarie M'Balla-NdiMedieKultur
2017-06-09Negotiating the boundaries of news reporting: Journalists' strategies to access and report political information in ChinaXianwen KuangMedieKultur
2017-06-09Challenged by the state and the Internet: Struggles for professionalism in Southeast Asian journalismEmilie Lehmann-JacobsenMedieKultur
2017-06-09Trends and patterns in communication research on Asia: A review of publications in top SSCI journals, 1995-2014Xun Liu & Ran WeiMedieKultur
2017-06-09The influence of journalistic role performance on objective reporting: A comparative study of Chilean, Mexican, and Spanish newsClaudia Mellado, María Luisa Humanes & Mireya Márquez-RamírezInternational Communication Gazette
2017-06-08Evaluation in political discourse addressed to women: Appraisal analysis of Cosmopolitan's online coverage of the 2014 US midterm electionsMaría Aloy Mayoa & Maite TaboadabDiscourse, Context & Media
2017-06-12The News User on Social Media
A comparative study of interacting with media organizations on Facebook and Instagram
Anders Olof LarssonJournalism Studies
2017-06-07Online Media Use of False News to Frame the 2016 Trump Presidential CampaignA.T. Chatfield, C.G. Reddick, K.P. ChoiPaper: dg.o '17 Proceedings of the 18th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research
2017-06-12Media Pluralism Monitor Results 2016CMPFThe Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF)
2017-06-12Cultural Journalism in the Nordic CountriesBarbie Zelizer Raymond Williams (ed.)Nordicom
2017-06-12Media coverage of the UK 2017 General Election campaignCentre for Research in Communication and Culture
2017-06-12Ad Wars
Digital Challenges for Ad-Financed News Media in the Nordic Countries
Jonas Ohlsson, Ulrika FachtNordicom
2017-06-07The Case for Media ImpactFergus Pitt, Lindsay Green-BarberTow Center for Digital Journalism
2017-06-10The Sophi HUD: A Novel Visual Analytics Tool for News MediaJessica Peter, Steve Szigeti, Ana Jofre, Gordon Edall, Sara DiamondProceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference
2017-06-06Linking Multimedia Content for Efficient News BrowsingRémi Bois, Guillaume Gravier, Éric Jamet, Emmanuel Morin, Maxime Robert, Pascale SébillotProceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference on Multimedia Retrieval
2017-06-15The digital-born and legacy news media on Twitter during the French presidential electionsSilvia Majó-Vázquez, Jun Zhao and Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2017-06-02How Young, Uninsured Americans Respond to News Coverage of Obamacare: An Experimental Test of an Affective Mediation ModelJason A. Martin, Jessica Gall Myrick and Kimberly K. WalkerMass Communication and Society
2017-06-13Has government been mediatized? A UK perspectiveRuth Garland, Damian Tambini and Nick CouldryMedia, Culture & Society
2017-06-13The political economy of climate change reporting in NigeriannaEmeka Chidiebere MeribeAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-06-13Questioning the media-democracy link: South African journalists' viewsWallace Chuma, Herman Wasserman, Tanja Bosch & Rebecca PointerAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-06-13Understanding the 'Sowetans': journalism as a product of organisational cultureLesley CowlingAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-06-13When audience segmentation is twofold: differences in media consumption along race and socio-economic background at a South African UniversityDavid SchieferdeckerAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-06-13The political economy of the media in Malawi: news coverage of agricultural input subsidiesAnthony Mavuto GundeAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-06-13Shifting the South African media diversity debate from the stick to the carrot: lessons from Scandinavia, Latin America and West AfricaJulia PlessingAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-06-13Statistics as news: South African newspapers and the release of Community Survey 2016Anthony John ChristopherAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-06-13The Imagined Backward and Downtrodden Other: Contemporary American news coverage of the Roma/GypsyAdina SchneeweisJournalism Studies
2017-06-13Investing in Online Video News: A cross-national analysis of news organizations' enterprising approach to digital mediaAntonis Kalogeropoulos and Rasmus Kleis NielsenJournalism Studies
2017-06-14Commercialization of Technology News: Quantity and quality dimensionsHsiang Iris Chyi and Angela M. LeeJournalism Practice
2017-06-14Politically Motivated Selective Exposure and Perceived Media BiasMatthew Barnidge, Albert C. Gunther, Jinha Kim, Yangsun Hong, Mallory Perryman, Swee Kiat Tay, Sandra KniselyCommunication Research
2017-06-15Gender, media, and myth-making: constructing China's leftover womenHannah FeldshuhAsian Journal of Communication
2017-06-15The agenda-setting power of fake news: A big data analysis of the online media landscape from 2014 to 2016Chris J. Vargo, Lei Guo and Michelle A. AmazeenNew Media & Society
2017-06-16The "Free Press" of Unionized Journalists and Students: An alternative journalistic collaborationErrol SalamonJournalism Practice
2017-06-16Can Trust in Traditional News Media Explain Cross-National Differences in News Exposure of Young People Online? A comparative study of Israel, Norway and the United KingdomEiri Elvestad, Angela Phillips and Mira FeuersteinDigital Journalism
2017-06-16Mobile News Consumption
A habit of snacking
Logan MolyneuxDigital Journalism
2017-06-20Community Journalism & Empowerment: Do they go hand in hand?Neena PandeySIGMIS-CPR '17 Proceedings of the 2017 ACM SIGMIS Conference on Computers and People Research
2017-06-19Medieutveckling 2017 - Medieutbud [Media development 2017 - media output]Ingela Wadbring, Maarit JaakkolaNordicom
2017-06-19Tweeting #Ferguson: Mediatized fields and the new activist journalistStephen R. BarnardNew Media & Society
2017-06-19Social media, surveillance and news work: On the apps
promising journalists a 'crystal ball'
Neil ThurmanDigital Journalism
2017-06-20News media, movies, and anti-Muslim prejudice: investigating the role of social contactSaifuddin AhmedAsian Journal of Communication
2017-06-20Here's What BuzzFeed Journalists Think of Their JournalismEdson C. Tandoc Jr., Cassie Yuan Wen FooDigital Journalism
2017-06-21Open data in a closed political system: open data investigative journalism in RussiaAnastasia ValeevaPaper: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2017-06-05Who controls sport news? Media relations and information subsidies in Australian sport mediaMerryn Sherwood, Matthew NicholsonMedia International Australia
2017-06-22The Impact of Schemes
revealed by the
Panama Papers on the
Economy and Finances
of a Sample
of Member States
Roland Blomeyer et al.Report: European Parliament’s Committee of Inquiry
2017-06-22Were broadcasters biased against Jeremy Corbyn? It's the details that countStephen CushionCardiff University
2017-06-22Assessing "The Regulars" and Beyond
A study of comments on Norwegian and Swedish newspaper Facebook pages
Anders Olof LarssonJournalism Practice
2017-06-22Building the"Truthmeter"
Training algorithms to help journalists assess the credibility of social media sources
Richard Fletcher, Steve Schifferes, and Neil ThurmanConvergence
2017-06-22The One Thing Journalism Just Might do for Democracy
Counterfactual idealism, liberal optimism, democratic realism
Rasmus Kleis NielsenJournalism Studies
2017-06-22Living within our means: The UK news construction of the austerity frame over timeLaura BasuJournalism
2017-06-23An Argument for Contrarian Thinking
Michael Schudson's contributions to political communication research
Silvio WaisbordJournalism Studies
2017-06-23Journalism and the Democratic Market Society
Decline and fall?
Martin ConboyJournalism Studies
2017-06-23Newspapers and Cross-Level Communications on Social Media
A comparative study of Japan, Korea, and Finland
Joo-Young Jung and Mikko VilliDigital Journalism
2017-06-23An Exploration of the Complexity of Journalistic Interviewing CompetenciesSerena Carpenter, Anthony Cepak and Zhao PengJournalism Studies
2017-06-24Voicing the Puppet: Accommodating Unresolved Institutional Tensions in Digital Open PracticesClaes Thorén, Pär J. Ågerfalk, and Bertil RolandssonOrganization Studies
2017-06-01"I believe in faking": The Dilemma of Photographic Realism at the Dawn of PhotojournalismAndie TucherPhotography and Culture
2017-06-22News framing and media legitimacy: an exploratory study of the media coverage of the refugee crisis in the European UnionCarlos Rodríguez PérezCommunication & Society
2017-06-27Changing work routines and labour practices of sports journalists in the digital era: a case study of Postmedia Evan Daum, Jay SchererMedia, Culture & Society
2017-06-27Bearing the cost to witness: the political economy of risk in contemporary conflict and war reportingBrian CreechMedia, Culture & Society
2017-06-27Accessible Media: The Need to Prepare Students for Creating Accessible ContentNorman E. Youngblood, Lakshmi N. Tirumala, Robert Anthony GalvezJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-06-27Turkey's news media landscape in Twitter: Mapping interconnections among diversity
Burak Do?uJournalism
2017-06-27Assessing the climate of public opinion in the user comments era: A new epistemology
Oren SofferJournalism
2017-06-27Journalists at a crossroads: Are traditional norms and practices challenged by Twitter?Sara Bentivegna, Rita MarchettiJournalism
2017-06-26Reinvention of Publishers' Revenue Model - Expectations of Advertisers towards Publishers' ProductsBianca Dennstedt, Hans KollerMedia and Communication
2017-06-27Gender violence: the media, civil society, and the struggle for human rights in ArgentinaMaría LuengoMedia, Culture & Society
2017-06-27New issue of British Journalism ReviewBritish Journalism Review
2017-06-19New issue of Media & viestintäMedia & viestintä
2017-06-27Situational ethics in photojournalism: Moving beyond doing good or doing rightYung Soo KimJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-27Children and crime/abuse frame: The view from BotswanaEno AkpabioJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-27"Ghana in the Eyes of God": Media ecology and the Anas journalistic investigation of Ghana's judiciaryFelix Odartey-Wellington, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Percy BoamahJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-27Newspaper trust and credibility in the age of robot reportersBrad Schultz, Mary Lou ShefferJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-27Palestinian journalists, professional values and the negotiation of identityMelinda B. Robins, Elizabeth Lester RoushanzamirJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-27Watching over the watchdogs: Triangulation of press punishment in SudanMahmoud M. GalanderJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-27News values of amateur photographsKathrin SchmiederJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-27Reporters in the age of data journalismAndreas Veglis, Charalampos BratsasJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-27Fair game? Journalists' experiences of online abuseAmy BinnsJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-27Parallel worlds: A computerized textual analysis of abstracts published in major journalism studies journals 2000-11John Cokley, Elspeth Tilley, Susan Hetherington, Daniel Angus, Annie TaylorJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-27Is it a revolution or a coup? Scandinavian media representations of the ousting of Egyptian President Mohamed MorsyJoel W. AbdelmoezJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-27Resistance journalism in Haiti: The role of Radio Enriquillo in the coup against AristidePedro RuquoyJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-27Applied diversity: A normative approach to improving news representations of ethno-cultural minorities based on the Canadian experienceBrad ClarkJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-27Language use in Le Monde's print and online "news at a glance": A potential shift in news media roleElisabeth LeJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-06-28AvisÃ¥ret 2016 / 2016 report on Norwegian newspapers (in Norwegian)Sigurd HøstVolda University College
2017-06-28Økonomien i avishusa [The Economy for Norwegian Newspapers] (in Norwegian)Medietilsynet
2017-06-22Digital News Report 2017Nic Newman, Richard Fletcher, Antonis Kalogeropoulos, David A. L. Levy, Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2017-06-28The Impact of Conventional and Novel Metaphors in News on Issue ViewpointAmber Boeynaems, Christian Burgers, Elly A. Konijn, and Gerard J. SteenInternational Journal of Communication
2017-06-28Maybe Things Aren't So Bad, or Are They?
Michael Schudson's ambivalent critique of commercialism
Rodney BensonJournalism Studies
2017-06-28Journalism Studies beyond Journalism
A critical and appreciative dialogue with Michael Schudson
Christoph RaetzschJournalism Studies
2017-06-28The Monitorial Citizen in the "Democratic Recession"Lucas GravesJournalism Studies
2017-06-28Listening and the ambiguities of voice in South African journalismAnthea Garman and Vanessa MalilaCommunicatio
2017-06-28Citizen journalism as a contestant in the history of journalismHatikanganwi Mapudzi and Oluyinka OsunkunleCommunicatio
2017-06-29From a Friend: You've Got to Watch This!
A Content Analysis of TV News Website Videos and Social Sharing Links
Jennifer WareElectronic News
2017-06-29Context collapse and privacy management: Diversity in Facebook friends increases online news reading and sharingMichael A Beam, Jeffrey T Child, Myiah J Hutchens, and Jay D HmielowskiNew Media & Society
2017-06-29Trust in distant sources: An analytical model capturing antecedents of risk and trustworthiness as perceived by journalistsFlorian WintterlinJournalism
2017-06-30Personal and Organizational Predictors of Compassion Fatigue Symptoms in Local Television JournalistsGretchen DworznikJournalism Practice
2017-06-30"I changed my life's course": The impact of the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation fellowship on the career path of a journalistMaria Lassila-MerisaloJournalism
2017-06-28The Sisyphean Pursuit of Media Pluralism: European Efforts to Establish Policy and Measurable EvidenceRobert PicardCommunication Law and Policy
2017-06-30Transnational Media Management: Western News Organizations' Web Operations in ChinaHsiang Iris Chyi, James Ian TennantInternational Journal on Media Management
2017-06-20On the credibility perception of news on Twitter: Readers, topics and featuresShafiza Mohd Shariffa, Xiuzhen Zhanga, Mark SandersonComputers in Human Behavior
2017-07-04Crowdsourcing the Verification of Fake News and Alternative FactsRicky J. SethiHT '17 Proceedings of the 28th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media
2017-07-04Demographics of News Sharing in the U.S. TwittersphereJulio C.S. Reis, Haewoon Kwak, Jisun An, Johnnatan Messias, Fabrício BenevenutoHT '17 Proceedings of the 28th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media
Pages 195-204
2017-07-03Predicting Viral News Events in Online MediaXiaoyan Lu, Boleslaw SzymanskiParallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops (IPDPSW), 2017 IEEE International
2017-07-04Subsidizing the News?
Organizational press releases' influence on news media's agenda and content
Jelle BoumansJournalism Studies
2017-07-05The Emotional Toll on Journalists Covering the Refugee CrisisAnthony Feinstein, Hannah StormReport: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2017-07-05Global Intermedia Agenda Setting: A Big Data Analysis of International News FlowLei Guo, Chris J. VargoJournal of Communication
2017-07-04The politics of containment: Immigration coverage in UK General Election news coverage (1992-2015)David Deacon, David SmithJournalism
2017-07-04Reassessing Twitter's Agenda-Building Power
An Analysis of Intermedia Agenda-Setting Effects During the 2016 Presidential Primary Season
Bethany A. Conway-Silva, Christine R. Filer, Kate Kenski, Eric TsetsiSocial Science Computer Review
2017-07-04Media and Communication: Multidisciplinary Studies in Media and CommunicationNew issue of Media and Communication
2017-07-05Computational Campaign CoverageAndreas GraefeReport: Tow Center for Digital Journalism
2017-07-13Rescue or report? The ethical and editorial dilemmas of crisis journalismPetra OlssonLondon School of Economics and Political Science
2017-07-13Local TV news fact sheetPew Research Center
2017-07-17Closer to the Story: Accessibility and Mobile JournalismPanu KarhunenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Fellow Paper
2017-07-17What can Kenya's Nation Media Group learn from international media organisations to improve business reporting?Laban-Cliff OnserioReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Fellow Paper
2017-07-24How do social media build the professional identity of journalists?Ilona TurtolaReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Fellow Paper
2017-07-24Putting Europe's Robots on the Map: Automated journalism in news agenciesAlexander FantaReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Fellow Paper
2017-07-24Antonis Kalogeropoulos, Nic NewmanReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Report
2017-07-09Modeling the Dynamics of Online News Reading InterestsElena Viorica Epure, Benjamin Kille, Jon Espen Ingvaldsen, Rebecca Deneckere, Camille Salinesi, Sahin AlbayrakUMAP '17 Proceedings of the 25th Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization
2017-07-28Motivations for Sharing News on Social MediaL. Y.C. Wong, Jacquelyn Burkell#SMSociety17 Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Social Media & Society
2017-07-28Is No Election News Good News?: The 2015 Canadian Election and Locally Relevant News on TwitterJaigris Hodson, April Lindgren#SMSociety17 Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Social Media & Society
2017-07-04From Incidental News Exposure to News Engagement. How Perceptions of the News Post and News Usage Patterns Influence Engagement with News Articles Encountered on FacebookVeronika Karnowski, Anna S. Kümpel, Larissa Leonhard, Dominik J. LeinerComputers in Human Behavior
2017-07-26Pacific Journalism Review, Volume 23 Issue 1Pacific Journalism Review
2017-07-26Can peace journalism be transposed to climate crisis news?Hackett, Robert A.Pacific Journalism Review
2017-07-26Asian journalism education and key challenges of climate change: A preliminary studyMaslog, Crispin CPacific Journalism Review
2017-07-26When is a journalist not a journalist?: Negotiating a new form of advocacy journalism within the environmental movementVine, PhilPacific Journalism Review
2017-07-26Mainstreaming climate change issues: Challenges for journalism education in IndonesiaWahyuni, Hermin IndahPacific Journalism Review
2017-07-26Newspaper coverage of climate change in Fiji: A content analysisChand, SarikaPacific Journalism Review
2017-07-10Proximity prominent news value for online publicationGuolan Yang, Douglas F. CannonNewspaper Research Journal
2017-07-10Newspaper news exposure predicts political participationEsther Thorson, Scott Swafford, Eunjin (Anna) KimNewspaper Research Journal
2017-07-10Personalized news stories affect men as well as womenScott R. Maier, Marcus Mayorga, Paul SlovicNewspaper Research Journal
2017-07-10Control frames dominate E-cigarette news articlesLu Wu, Rhonda GibsonNewspaper Research Journal
2017-07-10Newspaper editorial pages frame China similarlyGuy J. Golan, Josephine LukitoNewspaper Research Journal
2017-07-10English doping suspension trigger event for U.S. newsBryan E. DenhamNewspaper Research Journal
2017-07-10Traditional baseball statistics still dominate news storiesJoseph L. Abisaid, William P. CassidyNewspaper Research Journal
2017-07-10Marijuana business workers most common news sourceSteven BlockNewspaper Research Journal
2017-07-17How Do Journalists Think?: A Proposal for the Study of Cognitive Bias in NewsmakingAndrew MacFarlaneCanadian Journal of Communication
2017-07-28New Wars, New Media and New War Journalism: Professional and Legal Challenges in Conflict ReportingMohammad Imran ParrayCanadian Journal of Communication
2017-07-10Journalism Professors' Information-Seeking Behaviors: Finding Online Tools for TeachingKatherine Hepworth, Donica Mensing, Gi Woong Yun
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-07-12A Computational Approach for Examining the Comparability of "Most-Viewed Lists" on Online News SitesRodrigo ZamithJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-07-12Bounding and bonding community: Ethnic diversity and the ethic of inclusion in hyperlocal newsChi ZhangJournalism
2017-07-12The business of news in the attention economy: Audience labor and MediaNews Group's efforts to capitalize on news consumptionBrice NixonJournalism
2017-07-14There Be Dragons: The Dangerous Pedagogy of the First PersonDavid AbrahamsonJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-07-14Renegotiating the Journalism Profession in the Era of Social Media: Journalism Students From the Global North and SouthJaana HujanenJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-07-14Arab women in news headlines during the Arab Spring: Image and perception in GermanyZahra Mustafa-Awad, Monika Kirner-LudwigDiscourse & Communication
2017-07-14Through a different gate: An automated content analysis of how online news and print news differChristiaan Burggraaff, Damian TrillingJournalism
2017-07-14On the use of the term"translation" in journalism studiesRoberto A ValdeónJournalism
2017-07-14What a difference training can make: Impacts of targeted training on journalists, journalism educators and journalism students' knowledge of Islam and MuslimsJacqui Ewart, Kate O'Donnell, April ChrzanowskiJournalism
2017-07-17Egypt 5 Years After the Revolution
A Political Gratifications Study of the Motives for Viewing Television News and Political Programs That Predict Political Attitudes
Ali A. Al-Kandari, Mohammed M. HasanenElectronic News
2017-07-18Jocks versus jockettes: An analysis of the visual portrayal of male and female cover models on sports magazinesBen WasikeJournalism
2017-07-21"Collective memories" of global media events: Anniversary journalism of the Berlin Wall and Tiananmen crackdown in the Anglo-American elite press, 1990-2014Yunya Song, Chin-Chuan LeeJournalism
2017-07-21Comments, analytics, and social media: The impact of audience feedback on journalists' market orientationFolker Hanusch, Edson C. TandocJournalism
2017-07-22Journalism Education in Brazil: Developments and Neglected Issues - Curriculum Guidelines and RealitySonia Virgínia Moreira, Cláudia LagoJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-07-24A glass ceiling in the online age? Explaining the underrepresentation of women in online political newsEdda Humprecht, Frank EsserEuropean Journal of Communication
2017-07-26The Indignados protests in the Spanish and Greek press: Moving beyond the 'protest paradigm'?Maria Kyriakidou, Jose Javier Olivas OsunaEuropean Journal of Communication
2017-07-26Exploring Journalism and Mass Communication Training in Kenya: A National SurveyKioko IreriJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-07-27A Multilevel Examination of Local Newspaper CredibilityMasahiro Yamamoto, Seungahn NahJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-07-27Digital Convergence in the Newsroom: Experimenting With Modular Production of Television News in Grady NewsourceIvanka Pjesivac, Yvonne Cantrell-Bickley, David HazinskiJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-07-27Upping the Ante at Small Colleges: Utilizing Class Websites as Journalism Teaching ClinicsChristina LittlefieldJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-07-11Undoing Churnalism?
Users sharing local news on Facebook
Susanne M. AlmgrenDigital Journalism
2017-07-11Churnalism on the Rise?
Assessing convergence effects on editorial practices
Theodora Saridou, Lia-Paschalia Spyridou & Andreas VeglisDigital Journalism
2017-07-11Visualization, Technologies, or the Public?
Exploring the articulation of data-driven journalism in the Twittersphere
Xinzhi ZhangDigital Journalism
2017-07-13News Wholesalers as Churnalists?
The relationship between Brussels-based news agency journalists and their sources
Hannah LorenzDigital Journalism
2017-07-13Bias vs. Bias
How Fox News anchors discussed Pope Francis' stance on climate change
Edson C. Tandoc Jr., Bruno Takahashi & Ryan J. ThomasJournalism Practice
2017-07-13News Selection Within Customer Magazines
A quantitative survey among editors-in-chief in Germany
Nora DennerJournalism Practice
2017-07-13Educate. Empower. Revolt
Framing citizen journalism as a creator of social movements
Paromita PainJournalism Practice
2017-07-13Measuring and Explaining the Diversity of Voices and Viewpoints in the News
A comparative study on the determinants of content diversity of immigration news
Andrea Masini, Peter Van Aelst, Thomas Zerback, Carsten Reinemann, Paolo Mancini, Marco Mazzoni, Marco Damiani & Sharon CoenJournalism Studies
2017-07-13News and information leadership in the digital agePhilip Habel, Ruth Moon & Anjie FangInformation, Communication & Society
2017-07-13Children in the media: how much space do they get in Ghanaian newspapers?Frankie Asare-DonkohJournal of Children and Media
2017-07-14Citizen engagement and the illusion of secrecy: exploring commenter characteristics in censored online news articlesInbal Yahav & David G. SchwartzInformation, Communication & Society
2017-07-14Engineering Technologies for Journalism In the Digital Age
A case study
Sašo Sla?ek Brlek, Jurij Smrke & Igor Vobi?Digital Journalism
2017-07-14Gatekeeping Influences and Journalistic Capital
Proposing a mechanism of influence
Edson C. Tandoc Jr.Journalism Studies
2017-07-15Framing Climate Change: A Content Analysis of Chinese Mainstream Newspapers from 2005 to 2015Jingjing Han, Shaojing Sun, Yanqin LuInternational Journal of Communication
2017-07-15Framing Political News in the Chilean Press: The Persistence of the Conflict FrameMaria Elena Gronemeyer, William PorathInternational Journal of Communication
2017-07-15Examining the Relationship Between Presumed Influence of U.S. News About China and the Support for the Chinese Government's Global Public Relations CampaignsRan Wei, Ven-hwei Lo, Guy GolanInternational Journal of Communication
2017-07-16Algorithms in practice: Comparing web journalism and criminal justiceAngèle ChristinBig Data & Society
2017-07-17U.S. News Coverage of Global Terrorist IncidentsMingxiao Sui, Johanna Dunaway, David Sobek, Andrew Abad, Lauren Goodman & Paromita SahaMass Communication and Society
2017-07-18Sharing News Online
Social media news analytics and their implications for media pluralism policies
Tim Dwyer & Fiona MartinDigital Journalism
2017-07-18Social Media, Surveillance, and News Work
On the apps promising journalists a 'crystal ball'
Neil ThurmanDigital Journalism
2017-07-19Innocent victims, creepy boys: discursive framings of sexuality in online news coverage of the celebrity nude photo hackCaitlin E. LawsonFeminist Media Studies
2017-07-20Fake News and The Economy of Emotions
Problems, causes, solutions
Vian Bakir & Andrew McStayDigital Journalism
2017-07-18News Values, Cognitive Biases, and Partisan Incivility in Comment SectionsAshley Muddiman, Natalie Jomini StroudJournal of Communication
2017-07-25Automated News
Better than expected?
Mario Haim & Andreas GraefeDigital Journalism
2017-07-25Pressure to Publish or Saving for Print?
A temporal comparison of source material on three newspaper websites
Dawn Wheatley & John O'SullivanDigital Journalism
2017-07-27What Communication Scholars Write About: An Analysis of 80 Years of Research in High-Impact JournalsElisabeth Günther, Emese DomahidiInternational Journal of Communication
2017-07-27Preferences and willingness to pay for tablet news appsHardy Gundlach & Julian HofmannJournal of Media Business Studies
2017-07-28The effect of comment moderation on perceived bias in science newsSara K. Yeo, Leona Yi-Fan Su, Dietram A. Scheufele, Dominique Brossard, Michael A. Xenos & Elizabeth A. CorleyInformation, Communication & Society
2017-07-28The 'Common Wealth Circus': Popular Politics and the Popular Press in Wartime Britain, 1941-1945Kristopher LovellMedia History
2017-07-31News Media, Knowledge, and Political Interest: Evidence of a Dual Role From a Field ExperimentSophie Lecheler & Claes H. de VreeseJournal of Communication
2017-07-25Are News Audiences Increasingly Fragmented? A Cross-National Comparative Analysis of Cross-Platform News Audience Fragmentation and DuplicationRichard Fletcher & Rasmus Kleis NielsenJournal of Communication
2017-07-21Journalism, the pressures of verification and notions of post-truth in civil societyNora MartinCosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
2017-07-14Journalism in violent environments: the case of journalists in Culiacan, SinaloaFrida RodeloComunicación y Sociedad
2017-07-21Alternative facts and fake news entering journalistic content production cycleMarju Himma-KadakasCosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
2017-07-14Issue 26 of ?leti-?-im - Galatasaray University Journal of Communication?leti-?-im - Galatasaray University Journal of Communication
2017-07-19Media coverage of elections:
the legal framework in Europe
European Audiovisual Observatory Report
2017-07-29Who Justifies Questionable Reporting Practices? Answers from a Representative Survey of Journalists in GermanyPhilip Baugut & Sebastian ScherrGlobal Media Journal: German Edition
Rating Effects on Social News Posts and Comments
Maria Glenski &
Tim Weninger
ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology
Constrained Hierarchical Clustering for News Events
Ronaldo Florence, Bruno Nogueira & Ricardo MarcaciniIDEAS 2017 Proceedings of the 21st International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium
Measuring Bias in News Websites, Towards a Model for Personalization
Brendan Spillane,
Séamus Lawless & Vincent Wade
UMAP '17 Proceedings of the 25th Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization
2017-07-24The spread of fake news by social botsChengcheng Shao, Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Onur Varol, Alessandro Flammini, & Filippo MenczerIndiana University
2017-07-06Burst of the Filter Bubble?
Effects of personalization on the diversity of Google News
Mario Haim, Andreas Graefe & Hans-Bernd BrosiusDigital Journalism
2017-07-13Modelling Contemporary Gatekeeping: The rise of individuals, algorithms and platforms in digital news disseminationJulian WallaceDigital Journalism
2017-07-13Media Representations of Breech Birth: A Prospective Analysis of Web-Based News ReportsKarolina Petrovska, Athena Sheehan & Caroline S.E. HomerJournal of Midwifery & Women's Health
2017-07-24An examination of Australian newspaper coverage of the link between alcohol and cancer 2005 to 2013Jaklin Eliott, Andrew John Forster, Joshua McDonough, Kathryn Bowd & Shona CrabbBMC Public Health
2017-07-25Does a Scientific Breakthrough Increase Confidence in Science? News of a Zika Vaccine and Trust in ScienceJoseph Hilgard & Kathleen Hall JamiesonScience Communication
2017-07-27Journalists' Occupational Stress: A Comparative Study between Reporting Critical Events and Domestic NewsSusana Monteiro & Alexandra Marques-PintoThe Spanish Journal of Psychology
2017-07-17Selective Exposure and News Media Brands: Implicit and Explicit Attitudes as Predictors of News ChoiceFlorian Arendt, Temple Northup & Lindita CamajMedia Psychology
2017-07-04Structurally embedded news consumption on mobile news applicationsLun Zhang, Lu Zheng & Tai-Quan PengInformation Processing & Management
2017-07-03Framing the Oil Spill Disaster: How South Korean Newspapers Present Responsibility and Severity When Covering the Hebei Spirit Oil SpillHwalbin Kim, Shirley S. CarterJournal of Applied Social Science
2017-08-07Journalism and intellectual life: The exemplary case of Donald HorneDavid McKnight & Penny O'DonnellAustralian Journalism Review
2017-08-07Lessons from Reporting Islam - a case study of an Australian newspaper's coverage of radicalisationMark PearsonAustralian Journalism Review
2017-08-07Keeping it local: News themes on regional newspaper front pagesKathryn BowdAustralian Journalism Review
2017-08-07Dangerous journalism: Exploring the rise of dark travel writingBen StubbsAustralian Journalism Review
2017-08-07Capstone units and the transition from university to professional lifeTrevor CullenAustralian Journalism Review
2017-08-07From press secretary to political reporter: Editors' and politicians' perceptions of partisanship and professionalismCaroline FisherAustralian Journalism Review
2017-08-07Digital News Fact SheetPew Research Center
2017-08-07Public Broadcasting Fact SheetPew Research Center
2017-08-07Hispanic and African American News Media Fact SheetPew Research Center
2017-08-02Gendering Leadership in Vietnamese Media: A Role Congruity Study on News Content and Journalists' Perception of Female and Male LeadersHong Tien Vu, Tien-Tsung Lee, Hue Trong Duong, Barbara BarnettJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-08-01Textbook journalism? Objectivity, education and the professionalization of sports reportingGavin Weedon, Brian WilsonJournalism
2017-08-01The dominance of institutional sources and the establishment of non-elite ones: The case of Italian online local journalismSergio SplendoreJournalism
2017-08-02Twitter Versus the Traditional Media
A Survey Experiment Comparing Public Perceptions of Campaign Messages in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
David S. MorrisSocial Science Computer Review
2017-08-04Mobile Social Media and the News: Where Heutagogy Enables Journalism EducationDanielle MulrennanJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-08-01Placing Facebook
'Trending', 'Napalm Girl', 'fake news' and journalistic boundary work
Brett G. Johnson & Kimberly KellingJournalism Practice
2017-08-01After Objectivity?
Schudson's sociology of journalism in the era of post-factuality
Brian McNairJournalism Studies
2017-08-02Changing News Genres as a Result of Global Technological Developments
New news genres
Hannah Westley & Natalia RulyovaDigital Journalism
2017-08-02Transparency in German Newsrooms
Diffusion of a new journalistic norm?
Michael Koliska & Kalyani ChadhaJournalism Studies
2017-08-02The Celebrified Journalist
Journalistic self-promotion and branding in celebrity constructions on Twitter
Ulrika OlaussonJournalism Studies
2017-08-04Valuing subjectivity in journalism: Bias, emotions, and self-interest as tools in arts reportingPhillipa ChongJournalism
2017-08-08The Promise, Challenge, and Foundations of Media Collective Action: Illustrations from Sub-Saharan AfricaPeter VonDoeppThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-08-09"He Just Snapped"
Gendered narratives of parents killing their children in the UK press
Sarah NiblockJournalism Studies
2017-08-09Are You Experienced?
How years in field affects digital journalists' perceptions of a changing industry
Patrick FerrucciJournalism Studies
2017-08-09Are Newsgames Better Journalism?
Empathy, information and representation in games on refugees and migrants
Christoph Plewe & Elfriede FürsichJournalism Studies
2017-08-09"They Go for Gender First"
The nature and effect of sexist abuse of female technology journalists
Catherine AdamsJournalism Practice
2017-08-10Unintentional Journalists: The role of advocacy group 350 in filling a news gap for reporting from the Pacific regionHannah SpyksmaJournalism Studies
2017-08-10Risky Choices?
Modelling journalists' perceptions of aggressive newsgathering practices
James Hollings, Thomas Hanitzsch & Ravi BalasubramanianJournalism Studies
2017-08-10Scientific Evidence and Science Journalism
Analysing the representation of (un)certainty in German print and online media
Lars Guenther, Jenny Bischoff, Anna Löwe, Hanna Marzinkowski & Marcus VoigtJournalism Studies
2017-08-10Do Channels Matter?
Investigating media characteristics in the agenda-building process of an election campaign
Ramona Vonbun-Feldbauer & Jörg MatthesJournalism Studies
2017-08-10The Bathroom Boogeyman
A qualitative analysis of how the Houston Chronicle framed the Equal Rights Ordinance
Shane M. GraberJournalism Practice
2017-08-11Art as Journalism in Zimbabwe
The case of Owen Maseko's banned Zimbabwean genocide exhibition
Shepherd MpofuJournalism Studies
2017-08-26Incorporating context and trends in news recommender systemsAndreas Lommatzsch, Benjamin Kille & Sahin AlbayrakWI '17 Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Intelligence
2017-08-17Embedding-based News Recommendation for Millions of UsersShumpei Okura, Yukihiro Tagami, Shingo Ono & Akira TajimaKDD '17 Proceedings of the 23rd ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
2017-08-11The Engaging Effect of Exemplars: How an Emotional Reaction to (Dis)Similar People in the News Media Affects Political ParticipationKim Andersen, Morten Skovsgaard, Erik Albæk & Claes H. de VreeseThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-08-11How Politicians' Attitudes and Goals Moderate Political Agenda Setting by the MediaAlon Zoizner, Tamir Sheafer & Stefaan WalgraveThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-08-11Gender, Competitiveness, and Candidate Visibility in Newspaper Coverage of Canadian Party Leadership ContestsAngelia Wagner, Linda Trimble, Shannon Sampert & Bailey GerritsThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-08-11Media events in contexts of transition: sites of hope, disruption and protestMartha EvansMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-11A change is gonna come: Media Events and the promise of transformationEspen YtrebergMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-11Reconstructing collective professional identity: A case study of a women's journalist association in the post-second-wave feminist movement in the United StatesJoy Jenkins, Yong Volz, Teri Finneman, Youn-Joo Park & Katherine SorbelliMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-21A network perspective on mediated Europeanized public spheres: Assessing the degree of Europeanized media coverage in light of the 2014 European Parliament electionChristiane Grill & Hajo BoomgaardenEuropean Journal of Communication
2017-08-26Detecting, quantifying and accessing impact of news events on Indian stock indicesIshan Verma,
Lipika Dey &
Hardik Meisheri
WI '17 Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Intelligence
2017-08-18Detached disseminator, populist watchdog and facilitative change agent: The professional role perception of foreign correspondents in ChinaYuan ZengJournalism
2017-08-18Media capture in the era of megaleaksAngela WoodallJournalism
2017-08-18Balkanization and pauperization: Analysis of media capture of public service broadcasters in the Western BalkansMarko Milosavljevi? & Melita PolerJournalism
2017-08-18Media Events, solidarity, and the rise and fall of the public sphereJeffrey C GoldfarbMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-18The continuing lure of the mediated centre in times of deep mediatization: Media Events and its enduring legacyNick Couldry & Andreas HeppMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-18Media and events after Media EventsPaul Frosh & Amit PinchevskiMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-18When the Gated Misbehave
Online reader comments on Anthony Wiener's sexting scandal
Elina Erzikova & Edgar SimpsonJournalism Practice
2017-08-18Gendering of success: fashion designers in designer stories in the Finnish lifestyle magazine GloriaAnne Soronen & Tiina MäntymäkiFeminist Media Studies
2017-08-17Is This the Best Philosophy Can Do? Henry R. Luce and A Free and Responsible PressStephen BatesJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-08-17The Spillover Effects of Political Scandals: The Moderating Role of Cynicism and Social Media CommunicationsFrancis L. F. LeeJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-08-16Covering Clinton (2010-2015): meaning-making strategies in US magazine coversIngrid Bachmann, Dustin Harp & Jamie LokeFeminist Media Studies
2017-08-17Are people incidentally exposed to news on social media? A comparative analysisRichard Fletcher & Rasmus Kleis NielsenNew Media & Society
2017-08-15Women, ethnic minorities and newsworthiness: Journalists' perceptionsHanne Vandenberghe, Leen d'Haenens & Baldwin Van GorpJournalism
2017-08-16What have I done to deserve this? The role of deservingness in effects of ordinary citizens as cases in the newsDavid Nicolas Hopmann, Morten Skovsgaard & Christian Elmelund-PræstekærEuropean Journal of Communication
2017-08-16Looking left or looking right? Effects of newspaper layout style on the perception of political newsJohanna Schindler, Benjamin Krämer & Philipp MüllerEuropean Journal of Communication
2017-08-16Media ownership and democratic capacity of transitional society: The case of SerbiaIrina Milutinovi?European Journal of Communication
2017-08-17The Commercialization of Journalism
Ethnic media, news production, and business strategies in the digital era
Sherry S. YuJournalism Studies
2017-08-17She Persisted...and So Did He
Gendered source use during the Trump Access Hollywood scandal
Lindsey E. BlumellJournalism Studies
2017-08-17Access to Rabat: De Jure Policies and De Facto Realities in Moroccan Newspaper Coverage of the February 20 Movement and Constitutional Reforms, 2011-2012Bradley C. FreemanInternational Journal of Communication
2017-08-14'Media events': first quarter of a century and the nextChin-Chuan Lee & Hongtao LiMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-11How Politicians' Attitudes and Goals Moderate Political Agenda Setting by the MediaAlon Zoizner, Tamir Sheafer & Stefaan WalgraveThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-08-15Could digital platforms capture the media through infrastructure?Efrat NechushtaiJournalism
2017-08-14Mediatized Conflict and Visual News Framing
How Swiss Audiences React to News Images from the Syrian War
Vittoria Sacco & Valérie GorinMiddle East Journal of Culture and Communication
2017-08-14Normalization of War and Conflict in Iraq's Iraqiya TelevisonAida Al-KaisyMiddle East Journal of Culture and Communication
2017-08-21Negativity and Positivity Biases in Economic News Coverage: Traditional Versus Social MediaStuart Soroka, Mark Daku, Dan Hiaeshutter-Rice, Lauren Guggenheim, Josh PasekCommunication Research
2017-08-22Journalism under attack: The Charlie Hebdo covers and reconsiderations of journalistic normsJoy Jenkins, Edson C. TandocJournalism
2017-08-22How do they do it? Multimedia journalism and perceptions of the practiceKate KartveitJournalism
2017-08-21The Journalist Who Interpreted Too Much: The New York Times' Courtship, Defense, and Betrayal of John W. WhiteKevin L. StokerJournalism & Communication Monographs
2017-08-21Media Landscapes - Expert Analyses of the State of MediaThe European Journalism CentreThe European Journalism Centre
2017-08-22Journalistic Legitimacy Revisited
Collapse or revival in the digital age?
Jingrong TongDigital Journalism
2017-08-22Training Methods of Listening-Based Journalistic QuestioningHalliki Harro-Loit & Kadri UgurJournalism Practice
2017-08-22Biting the hand
Using the relationship between ITV and Barclays to examine political economy
Richard ThomasJournalism Studies
2017-08-23Riding the Waves: Journalism Education in Post-Apartheid South AfricaAnthea Garman, Mia van der MerweJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-08-23Russian Journalism Education: Challenging Media Change and Educational ReformElena Vartanova, Maria LukinaJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-08-23Journalism Education in India: Quest for Professionalism or Incremental ResponsesSanjay Parthasarathy BharthurJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-08-23The Changing Landscape of Journalism Education in ChinaKe Guo, Peiqin ChenJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-08-23Resounding News: The Acoustic Conventions of Israeli NewscastsHadar Levy, Amit PinchevskiInternational Journal of Communication
2017-08-23Race and Police Brutality: The Importance of Media FramingKim Fridkin, Amanda Wintersieck, Jillian Courey, Joshua ThompsonInternational Journal of Communication
2017-08-24Making inroads: a critical examination of the ABC's commitment to local newsJulie Freeman, Kristy Hess, Lisa WallerMedia International Australia
2017-08-23Designing Journalists: Teaching Journalism Students to Think Like Web DesignersBradford Gyori, Mathew CharlesJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-08-24Children's Responses to Negative News: The Effects of Constructive Reporting in Newspaper Stories for ChildrenMariska Kleemans, Rebecca N. H. de Leeuw, Janel Gerritsen, & Moniek BuijzenJournal of Communication
2017-08-07Controversial Ebola vaccine trials in Ghana: a thematic analysis of critiques and rebuttals in digital newsPer Egil Kummervold, William S. Schulz, Elizabeth Smout, Luis Fernandez-Luque & Heidi J. LarsonBMC Public Health
2017-08-26Exploring privacy concerns in news recommender systemsItishree Mohallick,Özlem ÖgöbekWI '17 Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Intelligence
2017-08-26Perception of bias: the impact of user characteristics, website design and technical featuresBrendan Spillane, Séamus Lawless & Vincent WadeWI '17 Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Intelligence
2017-08-17Toward Automated Fact-Checking: Detecting Check-worthy Factual Claims by ClaimBusterNaeemul Hassan, Fatma Arslan, Chengkai Li & Mark TremayneKDD '17 Proceedings of the 23rd ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
2017-08-25You Are Here: Site-specific storytelling using offline networksSusan McGregorTow Center for Digital Journalism
2017-08-25The Faster the Better? Examining the Effect of Live-Blogging on Audience ReceptionAngela LeeJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies (accepted)
2017-08-14The role of peace journalism in the deconstruction of elections and the "national question" in NigeriaJoseph Olusegun AdebayoInternational Journal of African Renaissance Studies - Multi-, Inter- and Transdisciplinarity
2017-08-28Behavioral Effects of Framing on Social Media Users: How Conflict, Economic, Human Interest, and Morality Frames Drive News SharingSebastián Valenzuela,
Martina Piña &
Josefina Ramírez
Journal of Communication
2017-08-25Sampling Methods and Sample Populations in Quantitative Mass Communication Research Studies: A 15-Year Census of Six JournalsJoseph Erba, Brock Ternes, Piotr Bobkowski, Tara Logan & Yuchen LiuCommunication Research Reports
2017-08-29Mapping Online News Discovery for Computer Users in the UKNic Newman, Antonis KalogeropoulosReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2017-08-25Conflict imagery in a connective environment: audiovisual content on Twitter following the 2015/2016 terror attacks in Paris and BrusselsAxel Bruns, Folker HanuschMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-28'Exploiting the Daydreams of Teenagersâ' Press reports and memories of cinema-going by young people in 1960s BritainPatrick GlenMedia History
2017-08-28Media capture with Chinese characteristics: Changing patterns in Hong Kong's news media systemNicholas Frisch, Valerie Belair-Gagnon, Colin AgurJournalism
2017-08-28The Syrian crisis in U.S. and Lebanese newspapers: A cross-national analysisRaluca Cozma, Claudia KozmanInternational Communication Gazette
2017-08-29How Journalists and Social Media Users Perceive Online Fact-Checking and Verification ServicesPetter Bae Brandtzaeg, Asbjørn Følstad & María Ángeles Chaparro DomínguezJournalism Practice
2017-08-14The Contractionary Effect of Bad Economic NewsZhaochen HeJournal of Money, Credit and Banking
2017-08-29A turn to realism and humanism from propaganda: Chinese photojournalism practices between 1976 and 1988Shi LiAsian Journal of Communication
2017-08-30Recognizing the Importance of Alternative Media
Role perceptions and journalistic culture in Brazil
Summer HarlowJournalism Studies
2017-08-30Framing Privatisation: The Dominance of Neoliberal Discourse and the Death of the Public GoodHenry Silke, Ciara GrahamtripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique
2017-08-30Defining "Fake News"
A typology of scholarly definitions
Edson C. Tandoc Jr., Zheng Wei Lim & Richard LingDigital Journalism
2017-08-31A general pattern in the construction of economic newsworthiness? Analyzing news factors in popular, quality, regional, and financial newspapersMark Boukes & Rens VliegenthartJournalism
2017-08-31Report maps business models of Nordic local and city newspapersMaarit JaakkolaNORDICOM
2017-08-31Can foundations solve the journalism crisis?Rodney BensonJournalism
2017-08-31Why Isn't Health a Priority? A survey of journalists serving Native American news mediaSherice Gearhart, Teresa Trumbly-Lamsam & Oluseyi AdegbolaJournalism Practice
2017-08-30Live Blogging about Terrorist Attacks: The effects of competition and editorial strategyBartosz Wilczek & Claudia BlangettiDigital Journalism
2017-08-30The Many Layers of Local: Proximity and Market Influence on News Coverage of the Deepwater Horizon Oil SpillJason Turcotte, Ashley Kirzinger, Johanna Dunaway, Kirby GoidelSocial Science Quarterly
2017-08-26An Approach to News Event Detection and Tracking Based on Stream of Online NewsYajie Qi, Li Zhou, Huayou Si, Jian Wan, Ting Jin9th International Conference on Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics
2017-09-02Political rhetoric in the Hungarian press during the communist regimeRoel Popping & Carl W RobertsJournalism
2017-09-02News organizations, ideology, and work routines: A multi-level analysis of environmental journalistsEver Josue FigueroaJournalism
2017-09-01Hero, leader, traitor: The print media deconstruction of Argentina's last dictatorMuireann PrendergastDiscourse & Communication
2017-09-01When Local is National: An analysis of interacting journalistic communities in the coverage of sea riseRobert E. Gutsche Jr. & Moses ShumowJournalism Studies
2017-09-01Gender and Generational Differences in Political Reporters' Interactivity on TwitterJohn H. Parmelee, Nataliya Roman, Berrin Beasley & Stephynie C. PerkinsJournalism Studies
2017-09-03Control the money, control the media: How government uses funding to keep media in lineMarius DragomirJournalism
2017-09-05Comparing Interactivity on Twitter by Political Reporters at TV Networks, Online-Only News Websites, and NewspapersJohn H. Parmelee, Nataliya Roman, Berrin Beasley, Stephynie C. PerkinsElectronic News
2017-09-04New issue of British Journalism ReviewBritish Journalism Review
2017-09-04Rethinking media responsibility in the refugee 'crisis': a visual typology of European newsLilie Chouliaraki, Tijana StolicMedia, Culture & Society
2017-09-05Changing Media Coverage of Violence Against Women
The role of individual cases and individual journalists
Jenny Morgan & Margaret SimonsJournalism Practice
2017-09-05The Effects of Mass Surveillance on Journalists' Relations With Confidential Sources: A constant comparative studyStephenson WatersDigital Journalism
2017-09-05Still an Agenda Setter: Traditional News Media and Public Opinion During the Transition From Low to High Choice Media EnvironmentsMonika Djerf-Pierre & Adam ShehataJournal of Communication
2017-09-05The Origins of New Voices U.S.A.: A Lesson in Teaching Advocacy to Improve Teaching and Learning Steven Francis Listopad, Elizabeth Crisp CrawfordJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-09-05Mobile sourcing: A case study of journalistic norms and usage of chat appsValerie Belair-Gagnon, Colin Agur & Nicholas FrischMobile Media & Communication
2017-09-06The social mediation of political rumors: Examining the dynamics in social media and belief in political rumorsSoo Young BaeJournalism
2017-09-06To republish or not to republish: the "Je Suis Charlie" Mohammed cartoon and journalistic paradigms in a global contextLyombe Eko, Lea HellmuellerInternational Communication Gazette
2017-09-05Emergent Voices and Evolving Agendas:
Writing Realities in Cuba's New Media
The Annenberg School for Communication's Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication Press
2017-09-06Less than Expected? How Media Cover Demonstration TurnoutRuud Wouters & Kirsten Van CampThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-09-08Journalistic interventions: The structural factors affecting the global emergence of fact-checkingMichelle A. AmazeenJournalism
2017-09-05Evolving, Rather than Policing, the Boundary: A case study of the development of the Center for Public IntegrityMagda KoniecznaDigital Journalism
2017-09-07Is Journalism Gender E-Qual? A study of the gendered accumulation and evaluation of digital capital in journalismSara De Vuyst & Karin RaeymaeckersDigital Journalism
2017-09-08Ideological dissonances among Chinese-language newspapers in Hong Kong: A corpus-based analysis of reports on the Occupy Central MovementWilliam Dezheng FengDiscourse & Communication
2017-09-07The Myth of Partisan Selective Exposure: A Portrait of the Online Political News AudienceJacob L. Nelson & James G. WebsterSocial Media + Society
2017-09-07In Search of Journalism Funding: Scenarios for future media policy in NorwayHelle Sjøvaag & Arne H. KrumsvikJournalism Practice
2017-09-11Media development in Denmark in 2017 -
English summary
2017-09-11Multiplatform news consumption and its connections to civic engagementLogan MolyneuxJournalism
2017-09-11New issue of PublizistikPublizistik
2017-09-11Report on Yle's regional news and newspaper market - English summaryMaarit JaakkolaNORDICOM
2017-09-12How journalists source trending social media feeds
A critical discourse perspective on Twitter
Gwen BouvierJournalism Studies
2017-09-12Using the Elaboration Likelihood Model to Explain to Whom "#Black Lives Matter"...And to Whom it Does NotLanier Frush HoltJournalism Practice
2017-09-12Assessing the Effect of "Disputed" Warnings and Source Salience on Perceptions of Fake News AccuracyGordon Pennycook, David G. RandWorking paper: Yale University
2017-09-13New issue of Javnost - The public. Special Issue on Democratic DissentJavnost - The public
2017-09-13What Is News? What Is the Newspaper? The Physical, Functional, and Stylistic Transformation of Print Newspapers, 1988-2013Miki TanikawaInternational Journal of Communication
2017-09-13Reporting War in 140 Characters: How Journalists Used Twitter During the 2014 Gaza-Israel ConflictOri TenenboimInternational Journal of Communication
2017-09-13A "Crisscrossing" Historical Analysis of Four Theories of the PressTerhi RantanenInternational Journal of Communication
2017-09-14Service at the Intersection of Journalism, Language, and the Global Imaginary: Indonesia's English-language pressJohn C. Carpenter & Brian EkdaleJournalism Studies
2017-09-14Sourcing practices in online journalism: an ethnographic study of the formation of trust in and the use of journalistic sourcesVille J.E. ManninenJournal of Media Practice
2017-09-14Disrupting the narrative: immersive journalism in virtual realitySarah JonesJournal of Media Practice
2017-09-14Journalistic Roles and Everyday Life: An empirical account of lifestyle journalists' professional viewsFolker HanuschJournalism Studies
2017-09-13Exploring innovative learning culture in the newsroomOrnella PorcuJournalism
2017-09-13Putting lives in danger? Tinker, tailor, journalist, spy: the use of journalistic coverPaul LashmarJournalism
2017-09-13News, entertainment, or both? Exploring audience perceptions of media genre in a hybrid media environmentStephanie Edgerly & Emily K. VragaJournalism
2017-09-13Shift in influence: an argument for changes in studying gatekeepingPatrick Ferrucci & Edson C. Tandoc JrJournal of Media Practice
2017-09-12Media Trends in the Nordic CountriesNORDICOM
2017-09-12Improving the quality of health journalism: When reliability meets engagementHeini MaksimainenReuters Institute
2017-09-08Reality check - making money with FacebookGrzegorz PiechotaWAN-IFRA
2017-09-13The cultural and economic power of advertisers in the business pressMaha Rafi AtalJournalism
2017-09-15How journalists use social media in France and the United States: Analyzing technology use across journalistic fieldsMatthew Powers & Sandra Vera-ZambranoNew Media & Society
2017-09-15Attitudes to paying for online newsKantar MediaReuters Institute
2017-09-15Digital News Consumption and Copyright Intervention: Evidence from Spain Before and After the 2015 "Link Tax"Sílvia Majó-Vázquez,
Ana S. Cardenal &
Sandra González-Bailón
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
2017-09-17'We report the world as it is, not as we want it to be': Journalists' negotiation of professional practices and responsibilities when reporting on suicideMichael Mead Yaqub, Randal A Beam & Sue Lockett JohnJournalism
2017-09-17Powered by public relations? Mutual perceptions of PR practitioners' bases of power over journalismThomas Koch, Magdalena Obermaier & Claudia RiesmeyerJournalism
2017-09-15Beyond the mogul: From media conglomerates to portfolio mediaEli NoamJournalism
2017-09-16'We've Lost the Basics': Perceptions of Journalism Education From Veterans in the FieldPatrick FerrucciJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-09-15Is business news starting to bark? How business news covers corporate social responsibility post the economic crisisLauren D. Furey, Moonhee Cho & Tiffany L. MohrJournalism
2017-09-12Examining Instructor and Learner Experiences and Attitude Change in a Journalism for Social Change Massive Open Online Course: A Mixed-Methods Case StudyJamie Loizzo, Sunnie Lee Watson & William R. WatsonJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-09-19Data journalism in 2017:
The current state and challenges facing the field today
Simon Rogers, Jonathan Schwabish, Danielle BowersGoogle News Lab report
2017-09-14Around literary criticism in newspaper: Lima Barreto and José VeríssimoRachel BertolMATRIZes, Journal of the Graduate Program in Communication Sciences of the University of Sao
2017-09-14Notes about the contribution of Franco Moretti's sociology of forms to journalism studiesMarcos Paulo da SilvaMATRIZes, Journal of the Graduate Program in Communication Sciences of the University of Sao
2017-09-14Theoretical-methodological proposal for researching objects in journalismElizabeth Saad Corrêa, Stefanie Carlan da SilveiraMATRIZes, Journal of the Graduate Program in Communication Sciences of the University of Sao
2017-09-20Science News and Information TodayCary Funk, Jeffrey Gottfried, Amy MitchellPew Research Center Analysis
2017-09-19Journalism under pressure in conflict zones: A study of journalists and editors in seven countriesMarte Høiby, Rune OttosenMedia, War & Conflict
2017-09-19How do non-governmental organizations influence media coverage of conflict? The case of the Syrian conflict, 2011-2014Christoph O. Meyer, Eric Sangar, Eva MichaelsMedia, War & Conflict
2017-09-20How conflict news comes into being: Reconstructing'reality' through telling storiesAbit Hoxha, Thomas HanitzschMedia, War & Conflict
2017-09-18The Journalistic Habitus, Neoliberal(ized) Logics, and the Politics of Public EducationSean Phelan & Leon A. SalterJournalism Studies
2017-09-18More of the Same?
Influences on source use and source affiliation diversity in for-profit and nonprofit news organizational content
Jan Boehmer, Serena Carpenter & Frederick FicoJournalism Studies
2017-09-18Coding the News: The role of computer code in filtering and distributing newsMatthew S. Weber & Allie KosterichDigital Journalism
2017-09-19The Tycoon and the Escort: the business of portraying women in newspapersEleanor Mills, Katie Hind & Áine QuinnWomen in Journalism
2017-09-13World News Publishers Outlook 2017François Nel & Coral Milburn-CurtisWorld Association of Newspapers and News Publishers
2017-09-20Journalists Not TerroristsCommittee to Protect Journalists
2017-09-21Audiences' acts of authentication in the age of fake news: A conceptual frameworkEdson C Tandoc, Richard Ling, Oscar Westlund, Andrew Duffy, Debbie Goh & Lim Zheng WeiNew Media & Society
2017-09-20Political scandals, "black materials," and changing backstage imaginary in the Hong Kong press, 2001-2015Francis L. F. LeeChinese Journal of Communication
2017-09-25VR for News: The New Reality?Zillah WatsonReuters Institute
2017-09-28Mobile news service adoption: a South African case studyR. Adam & L. F. SeymourSAICSIT '17 Proceedings of the South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists
2017-09-21Finding and expressing news from structured dataLeo Leppänen, Myriam Munezero, Stefanie Sirén-Heikel, Mark Granroth-Wilding and Hannu ToivonenProceedings of the 21st International Academic Mindtrek Conference
2017-09-20Media Priming Effect: A Preregistered Replication ExperimentTetsuro Kobayashi, Asako Miura, Kazunori InamasuJournal of Experimental Political Science
2017-09-27New Business Models in U.S. News Media (in Finnish). Includes a summary and two articles in English.Katja Lehtisaari, Mikko Grönlund, Carl-Gustav Lindén, Mikko Villi, Robert Picard,
Bozena Mierzejewska, Axel Röpnack
Report: University of Helsinki, Aleksanteri-instituutti
2017-09-23Toward professional standards for media transparency in the United States: Comparison of perceptions of non-transparency in national vs. regional mediaKaterina Tsetsura, Kelsie AzizPublic Relations Review
2017-09-15The 'Nate Silver effect' on political journalism: Gatecrashers, gatekeepers, and changing newsroom practices around coverage of public opinion polls Benjamin ToffJournalism
2017-09-25Voice and community in the 2015 refugee crisis: A content analysis of news coverage in eight European countriesLilie Chouliaraki, Rafal ZaborowskiInternational Communication Gazette
2017-09-26The accused is entering the courtroom: the live-tweeting of a murder trialMegan KnightJournal of Media Practice
2017-09-26The Story of Journalist Organizations in CzechoslovakiaMarkéta Šev?íková, Kaarle NordenstrengMedia and Communication
2017-09-26Journalists' Associations in Poland Before and After 1980Wojciech FurmanMedia and Communication
2017-09-26Journalists' Associations as Political Instruments in Central and Eastern EuropeEpp Lauk, Kaarle NordenstrengMedia and Communication
2017-09-26Cleansing among Czech Journalists after World War II and a Comparison with the Situation in France and the NetherlandsJan CebeMedia and Communication
2017-09-26The Rocky Road towards Professional Autonomy: The Estonian Journalists' Organization in the Political Turmoil of the 20th CenturyEpp LaukMedia and Communication
2017-09-26International Federation of Free Journalists: Opposing Communist Propaganda During the Cold WarMartin NekolaMedia and Communication
2017-09-27Media Trends in the Nordic CountriesNORDICOM
2017-09-27Predicting policy: exploring news attention to policy issues in electoral debatesJason TurcotteJournal of Applied Communication Research
2017-09-28Local journalism in the Pacific Northwest: Why It Matters, How It's Evolving and Who Pays for ItDamian RadcliffeUniversity of Oregon
2017-09-28Developing Digital News Projects in Private Sector MediaAlessio Cornia, Annika Sehl & Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute
2017-09-26How virtual reality will impact journalismFrancesco MarconiThe Associated Press
2017-09-29Comparing models of collaborative journalismSarah StonbelyMontclair State University
2017-09-27An integrated model of workload, autonomy, burnout, job satisfaction, and turnover intention among Taiwanese reportersHuei-Ling Liu & Ven-hwei LoAsian Journal of Communication
2017-09-28Dead Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Framing of Workplace Injury in Canadian Newspapers, 2009-2014Jason Foster, Bob BarnetsonCanadian Journal of Communication
2017-09-28Job Autonomy: How Kenyan Newspeople Perceive Their Journalistic LatitudesKioko IreriAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-09-28Citizen Journalism and Democratisation of Mainstream Media in RwandaDominique Nduhura & Michael PrielerAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-09-28"A Willingness to Put a Knife in its Own Back": Advertising, Self-censorship, and the Weekly Mail's Resistance in Apartheid South AfricaBryan TraboldAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-09-28Inspecting the Investigators: An Analysis of Television Investigative Journalism and Factors Leading to Its ProductionJesse AbdenourJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-09-30Transferring control from the backend to the frontend: A comparison of the discourse architectures of comment sections on news websites across the post-Soviet worldFlorian Toepfl, Anna LitvinenkoNew Media & Society
2017-09-30Exploring immersive experience in journalismDonghee Shin, Frank BioccaNew Media & Society
2017-09-30Institutional constraints or voluntary deference? Marginalized critical news content, spiked stories, series and careers subjected to the BuzzsawAndrew KennisJournalism
2017-09-27The Taming of Critical Journalism in China
A combination of political, economic and technological forces
Jingrong TongJournalism Studies
2017-09-27I like what I see: studying the influence of popularity cues on attention allocation and news selectionShira Dvir-GvirsmanInformation, Communication & Society
2017-09-28A Badge of Honor?
How The New York Times discredits President Trump's fake news accusations
Juliane A. LischkaJournalism Studies
2017-09-30Integration or Isolation? Mapping Out the Position of Radical Right Media in the Public SphereOv Cristian Norocel, Gabriella Szabó, Márton BeneInternational Journal of Communication
2017-09-29Audiences, towards 2030: Priorities for audience analysisDas, Ranjana and Ytre-Arne, BritaReport: CEDAR
2017-10-02Covering President Trump in a Polarized Media EnvironmentAmy Mitchell, Jeffrey Gottfried, Galen Stocking, Katerina Eva Matsa and Elizabeth GriecoPew Research Center Analysis
2017-10-03Journalistic transgressions in the representation of Jeremy Corbyn: From watchdog to attackdogBart Cammaerts, Brooks DeCillia, João Carlos MagalhãesJournalism
2017-10-03Veritable Flak Mill: A case study of Project Veritas and a call for truthBrian Michael GossJournalism Studies
2017-10-03Crisis Continued: Cable news, American exceptionalism, and discourses of dangerPerry ParksJournalism Studies
2017-10-05The State of Technology in Global NewsroomsInternational Center for Journalists
2017-10-05Making the most of Twitter: How technological affordances influence Swedish journalists' self-brandingUlrika HedmanJournalism
2017-10-05What your site can learn from 100 news organizations with robust membership programsJay Rosen & Gonzalo del PeonThe Membership Puzzle Project
2017-10-07Dialogic journalism: how can journalists participate in the networks of social innovation?Taneli HeikkaDoctoral thesis, University of Jyväskylä.
2017-10-05Empirical examination of the theory of disaster marathon: A case study of the local television coverage following the 2014 Ludian, China earthquakeYi (Victor) Wang & Hans Martial Louis-CharlesThe Communication Review
2017-10-05Picture This: The Influence of Emotionally Valenced Images, On Attention, Selection, and Sharing of Social Media NewsKate Keib, Camila Espina, Yen-I Lee, Bartosz W. Wojdynski, Dongwon Choi & Hyejin BangMedia Psychology
2017-10-05Interviewing interviewers: Collecting, analyzing and generalizing from occupational life histories of journalistsOren Meyers & Roei DavidsonThe Communication Review
2017-10-06How framing of nationally and locally sensitive issues varies? A content analysis of news from party and nonparty newspapers in ChinaXianwen Kuang & Rining WeiJournalism
2017-10-05Representations of refugees and asylum seekers during the 2013 federal electionKehla Lippi, Fiona H McKay & Hayley J. McKenzieJournalism
2017-10-04Journalism and political affiliation of the media: Influence of ownership on Indonesian newspapersMala Ekayanti & Hao XiaomingJournalism
2017-10-05Media use in the Middle East 2017Northwestern University in Qatar
2017-10-09Migration Maps with the News: Guidelines for ethical visualization of mobile populationsPaul C. AdamsJournalism Studies
2017-10-10Was Sky News softer on Qatari affairs due to Qatar Airways' sponsorship of Sky weather reports?
An empirical analysis
Tal Samuel-Azran & Inbal AssafCritical Studies in Media Communication
2017-10-10Re-thinking Trust in the News
A material approach through "Objects of Journalism"
Nikki UsherJournalism Studies
2017-10-10Helpfulness as Journalism's Normative Anchor: Addressing blind spots and going back to basicsRyan J. ThomasJournalism Studies
2017-10-10A "Deep Story" about American Journalism
Using "episodes" to explore folk theories of journalism
Ruth A. PalmerJournalism Studies
2017-10-11Data Journalism and the Challenge of Shoe-Leather EpistemologiesNorman P. Lewis & Stephenson WatersDigital Journalism
2017-10-11The Disruption of Social Media: How the traditional collaborative model between reporters and editors evolves in American newsroomsYanfang WuDigital Journalism
2017-10-10Naming the Dog on the Internet: Student reporters' verification tactics for non-elite newsmakers onlineAndrew Duffy & Jeanette Tan Rui SiDigital Journalism
2017-10-10How to feed The Ferret: Understanding subscribers in the search for a sustainable model of investigative journalismJohn PriceJournalism
2017-10-09Transmedia or repurposing journalism? News brands in the era of convergence. Compared study of Greek elections coverage by El País (ES), The Guardian (UK), La Repubblica (IT), and Público (PT)Carmen Costa-Sánchez, Ana-Isabel Rodríguez-Vázquez, Xosé López-GarcíaJournalism
2017-10-09Journalism as a public good: A Scandinavian perspectiveSigurd Allern, Ester PollackJournalism
2017-10-10From "Trust Me" To "Show Me" Journalism: Can DocumentCloud help to restore the deteriorating credibility of news?Niv Mor & Zvi Reich
Journalism Practice
2017-10-10And Deliver Us to Segmentation: The growing appeal of the niche news audienceJacob L. Nelson
Journalism Practice
2017-10-10The People Have Spoken (The Bastards?): Finding a legitimate place for feedback in the journalistic fieldAndrew Duffy, Rich Ling & Edson C. Tandoc Jr.
Journalism Practice
2017-10-10 Nurturing Authority: Reassessing the social role of local television news
Tanya Muscat
Journalism Practice
2017-10-12Faking News: Fraudulent News and the Fight for TruthPen America
2017-10-12World Press Trends report 2017WAN-IFRA
2017-10-12Environmental Orientations and News Coverage: Examining the Impact of Individual Differences and Narrative NewsFuyuan Shen, Lee Ahern & Jiangxue HanInternational Journal of Communication
2017-10-12Redirecting the Focus of the Agenda: Testing the Zero-Sum Dynamics of Media Attention in News and User-Generated MediaS Mo Jang & Yong Jin ParkInternational Journal of Communication
2017-10-12Effects of Mass Media Exposure and Social Network Site Involvement on Risk Perception of and Precautionary Behavior Toward the Haze Issue in ChinaXiaohua Wu & Xigen LiInternational Journal of Communication
2017-10-12Data-driven reporting: An on-going (r)evolution?
An analysis of projects nominated for the Data Journalism Awards 2013-2016
Wiebke Loosen, Julius Reimer & Fenja De Silva-SchmidtJournalism
2017-10-11"Not to Disclose Information Sources": Journalistic Privilege Under Article 19 of ICCPREdward L. CarterCommunication Law and Policy
2017-10-13All the president's lies: Media coverage of lies in the US and FranceHeidi Taksdal SkjesethReuters Institute
2017-10-13Tinted revolutions in prismatic news: Ideological influences in Greater China's reporting on the role of social media in the Arab UprisingsY Roselyn DuJournalism
2017-10-13The entanglements between data journalism and civic techStefan BaackDigital Journalism
2017-10-13Viral News on Social MediaAhmed Al-RawiDigital Journalism
2017-10-13Journalism, transparency and citizen participation: a methodological tool to evaluate information published on municipal websitesNúria Simelio, Xavier Ginesta, Jordi de San Eugenio Vela & Marta CorcoyInformation, Communication & Society
2017-10-13Why Users Share the News: A Theory of Reasoned Action-Based Study on the Antecedents of News-Sharing BehaviorVeronika Karnowski, Larissa Leonhard & Anna Sophie KümpelCommunication Research Reports
2017-10-14'Team GB' or 'Team Scotland'? Media representations of 'Britishness' and 'Scottishness' at London 2012 and Glasgow 2014Jack Black & Stuart WhighamJournalism
2017-10-14Milica PesicJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-10-14Indigenous voices in the global public sphere: Analysis of approaches to journalism within the WITBN networkLia MarkelinJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-10-14Global interaction as a learning path towards inclusive journalismTom Moring, Kim Zilliacus, Verica Rupar, Gregory Treadwell, Asbjørn Slot Jørgensen, Inger K. Larsen, Inger Munk, Donald MathesonJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-10-14How diverse are Egypt's media: A look at the post-revolution presidential electionsRasha AbdullaJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-10-14Who speaks for Islam in Australian newspapers? - The case of the Doveton mosque in Melbourne, VictoriaCaitlin Parr & Judith SandnerJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-10-14'To follow or not to follow?': How Belgian health journalists use Twitter to monitor potential sourcesSarah Van Leuven & Annelore DeprezJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-10-14Building bridges: Inclusive journalism in conflict zonesLorena CotzaJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-10-14Inclusive journalism: How to shed light on voices traditionally left out in news coverageVerica RuparJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-10-14Translation in the newsroom: Losing voices in multilingual newsflowsDaniel Perrin, Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow & Marta ZampaJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2017-10-14The value of media environment in engaging digital display audiencesDavid BassettLumen Research
2017-10-19The Future of Truth and Misinformation OnlineJanna Anderson & Lee RainiePew Research Center
2017-10-18Conflictual Approaches to Nationalism in the Islamic Thought in the Late Ottoman Society: A Case Study of the Journal Sebilür-Re?ad
Ozan M. AsikUluda? University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Journal of Social Sciences
2017-10-18A Matter of Space: Designing newsrooms for new digital practiceDana CoesterAmerican Press Institute
2017-10-19Classifying Data Journalism: A content analysis of daily data-driven storiesFlorian StalphJournalism Practice
2017-10-19Crafting Resonance in a Sports Media Event: The Olympic Games as a transnational social dramaLimin LiangJournalism Studies
2017-10-20(Potential) patients like me: testing the effects of user-generated health content on social mediaYi Mou & Fuyuan ShenChinese Journal of Communication
2017-10-20Can Immersive Journalism Enhance Empathy?Ana Luisa Sánchez LawsDigital Journalism
2017-10-20A Robot Wrote This? How perceived machine authorship affects news credibilityT. Franklin WaddellDigital Journalism
2017-10-27Video Retrieval for Multimedia Verification of Breaking News on Social NetworksLyndon J.B. Nixon, Shu Zhu, Fabian Fischer, Walter Rafelsberger, Max Göbel, Arno ScharlMuVer '17 Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Multimedia Verification
2017-10-23"Her" Photographer: The Roanoke Live-Shot Murders and Visual Communication's Place in the NewsroomMary Angela Bock, Kyser Lough & Deepa FadnisVisual Communication Quarterly
2017-10-23The Heroes and the Helpless: Conflicting Media Images of Refugees From BurmaEmily A. EhmerVisual Communication Quarterly
2017-10-24Who Shares and Comments on News?: A Cross-National Comparative Analysis of Online and Social Media ParticipationAntonis Kalogeropoulos, Samuel Negredo, Ike Picone, Rasmus Kleis NielsenSocial Media + Society
2017-10-24Consequences of Politicians' Perceptions of the News Media
A hostile media phenomenon approach
Jörg Matthes, Peter Maurer & Florian ArendtJournalism Studies
2017-10-24Diverging Projections of Reality
Amplified frame competition via distinct modes of journalistic production
Curd Benjamin KnüpferJournalism Studies
2017-10-24Cyber journalism in Russia: ethics as a criterion of institutionalizationVladimir VikulovOpen Conversation piece in Russian Journal of Communication
2017-10-25Economic Inequality in German Quality Press: Framing Concerns About Inequality and RedistributionJulian BankInternational Journal of Communication
2017-10-25How Come We Know? The Media Coverage of Economic InequalityAndrea Grisold, Hendrik TheineInternational Journal of Communication
2017-10-27Scandal mining: political nobodies and remediated visibilityDaniel TrottierMedia, Culture & Society
2017-10-24"News you don't believe": Audience perspectives on fake newsRasmus Kleis Nielsen & Lucas GravesReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2017-10-10Public service media, universality and personalisation through algorithms: mapping strategies and exploring dilemmasHilde Van den Bulck, Hallvard MoeMedia, Culture & Society
2017-10-25Changes in water consumption linked to heavy news media coverage of extreme climatic eventsKimberly J. Quesnel & Newsha K. AjamiScience Advances
2017-10-26Reading the news on Trump: Are we empty vessels or active filters?Pablo BoczkowskiNieman Lab
2017-10-26Technology Firms Shape Political Communication: The Work of Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Google With Campaigns During the 2016 U.S. Presidential CycleDaniel Kreiss & Shannon C. McGregorPolitical Communication
2017-10-26The American Journalist in the Digital AgeLars Willnat, David H. Weaver & G. Cleveland WilhoitJournalism Studies
2017-10-26Think Tanks, Television News and ImpartialityJustin Lewis & Stephen CushionJournalism Studies
2017-10-26A Lineage of Leakers The contingency of collective memory in coverage of contemporary leaking casesRyan J. Thomas & Mildred F. PerreaultJournalism Practice
2017-10-26Working Mechanically or Organically? Climate change journalist and news frames in mainstream and alternative mediaRenée Moernaut, Jelle Mast & Luc PauwelsJournalism Practice
2017-10-26"I Am Burning, I Am Burning": Affect, acid attacks and British tabloid newspapersJacob JohanssenJournalism Studies
2017-10-26Journalism and the "Social Sphere": Reclaiming a foundational concept for beyond politics and the public sphereKristy Hess & Robert Gutsche Jr.Journalism Studies
2017-10-26On resonance: a study of culture-dependent reinterpretations of extremist violence in Israeli media discourseChristian Baden & Yossi DavidMedia, Culture & Society
2017-10-25Putting Broadcast News in Context: An Analysis of U.S. Television Journalists' Role Conceptions and Contextual ValuesJesse Abdenour, Karen McIntyre, Nicole Smith DahmenElectronic News
2017-10-24Linking survey and media content data: Opportunities, considerations, and pitfallsClaes H. De Vreese, Mark Boukes, Andreas Schuck, Rens Vliegenthart, Linda Bos & Yph LelkesCommunication Methods and Measures
2017-10-25The personalization of engagement: the symbolic construction of social media and grassroots mobilization in Canadian newspapersDelia Dumitrica & Maria BakardjievaMedia, Culture & Society
2017-10-25Scandal mining: political nobodies and remediated visibilityDaniel TrottierMedia, Culture & Society
2017-10-25Serving Consumers, Citizens, or Elites: Democratic Roles of Journalism in Chilean Newspapers and Television NewsDaniel C. Hallin & Claudia MelladoThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-10-25A Journalists' Protest? Personal Identification and Journalistic Activism in the Israel Social Justice Protest MovementDoron Shultziner & Aya ShoshanThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-10-30Walking together? The mediatised performative commemoration of 7/7's tenth anniversarySamuel MerrillJournalism
2017-10-30Newspaper apps for tablets and smartphones in different media systems: A comparative analysisTeresa Nozal Cantarero, Ana González-Neira & Elena ValentiniJournalism
2017-10-26First and second-level agenda-setting in the 2014 Indian general election: a time-series analysis of party-media relationHans-Christian Baumann, Pei Zheng & Maxwell McCombsAsian Journal of Communication
2017-10-27A Clearer Picture
Journalistic identity practices in words and images on Twitter
Kyser Lough, Logan Molyneux & Avery E. HoltonJournalism Practice
2017-10-27Is Mojo (En)De-Skilling? Unfolding the practices of mobile journalism in an Indian newsroomAnoop Kumar & M. Shuaib Mohamed HaneefJournalism Practice
2017-10-27Non-representational news: An intervention into pseudo-eventsPerry ParksJournalism
2017-10-27What determines international disaster coverage in the US news media?Yongick Jeong & Sun Young LeeJournalism
2017-10-27Answering without answering: Shifting as an evasive rhetorical strategyJonas Gabrielsen, Heidi Jønch-Clausen & Christina PontoppidanJournalism
2017-10-30Defending Journalism: How national mechanisms can protect journalists and address the issue of impunityInternational Media Support (IMS)
2017-10-30Market Demand for Civic Affairs NewsGeorgia Kernell, PJ Lamberson & John ZallerPolitical Communication
2017-10-30˜It just seemed like your normal domestic violence": ethnic stereotypes in print media coverage of child abuse in New ZealandElena MaydellMedia, Culture & Society
2017-10-31The Polarizing Impact of News Coverage on Populist Attitudes in the Public: Evidence From a Panel Study in Four European DemocraciesPhilipp Müller, Christian Schemer, Martin Wettstein, Anne Schulz, Dominique S. Wirz, Sven Engesser, Werner WirthJournal of Communication
2017-10-31Information Disorder:
Toward an interdisciplinary framework
for research and policy making
Claire Wardle & Hossein DerakhshanShorenstein Center
2017-11-01From Control to Chaos, and Back Again
Journalism and the politics of populist authoritarianism
Brian McNairJournalism Studies
2017-11-01Globalisation of the Danish Media Industry (summary in English)Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces
2017-11-02The Hybridization of Journalistic Cultures: A Comparative Study of Journalistic Role PerformanceClaudia Mellado, Lea Hellmueller, Mireya Márquez-Ramírez,
Maria Luisa Humanes, Colin Sparks, Agnieszka Stepinska, Svetlana Pasti, Anna-Maria Schielicke, Edson Tandoc & Haiyan Wang
Journal of Communication
2017-11-01Does newspaper coverage influence or reflect public perceptions of the economy?Daniel J. Hopkins, Eunji Kim & Soojong KimResearch & Politics
2017-11-02"Eyes in the Sky: Drones at Standing Rock and the Next Frontier of Human Rights VideoSara RafskyGoogle News Lab
2017-11-01The 2017 Asia-Pacific Supplementary Digital News ReportFrancis Lee, Michael Chan, Hsuan-Ting Chen, Dennis K. K. Leung, Antonis Kalogeropoulos, and Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute
2017-11-02Old people, video games and french press: A topic model approach on a study about discipline, entertainment and self-improvementGabrielle Lavenir & Nicolas BourgeoisMedieKultur
2017-11-02"I trust what's written but I don't think it's good": Old age pensioners' persistency in the practice of obtaining information from the news mediaKarin Ljuslinder & Anna Sofia LundgrenMedieKultur
2017-11-02Experimenting with interaction: TV news efforts to invite audiences into the broadcast and their effects on gatekeepingBrittany Pieper McElroyConvergence
2017-11-02Bridging Segregation Via Media Exposure? Ingroup Identification, Outgroup Distance, and Low Direct Contact Reduce Outgroup Appearance in Media RepertoiresDavid Schieferdecker &
Hartmut Wessler
Journal of Communication
2017-11-02The Effect of Digital Platforms on News Audience BehaviorJacob L. Nelson & Ryan F. LeiDigital Journalism
2017-11-02The Mix of Media Use Matters: Investigating the Effects of Individual News Repertoires on Offline and Online Political ParticipationJesper Strömbäck, Kajsa Falasca & Sanne KruikemeierPolitical Communication
2017-11-02Low-Stakes Decisions and High-Stakes Dilemmas: Considering the Ethics Decision-Making of Freelance Magazine JournalistsJoy JenkinsJournal of Media Ethics
2017-11-06CSI: A Hybrid Deep Model for Fake News DetectionNatali Ruchansky, Sungyong Seo &
Yan Liu
CIKM '17 Proceedings
2017-11-06Geographic and Temporal Trends in Fake News Consumption During the 2016 US Presidential ElectionAdam Fourney, Miklos Z. Racz, Gireeja Ranade, Markus Mobius and Eric HorvitzCIKM '17 Proceedings
2017-11-06Linking News across Multiple Streams for Timeliness AnalysisIda Mele, Seyed Ali Bahrainian & Fabio CrestaniCIKM '17 Proceedings
2017-11-04Protecting democracy or conspiring against it? Media and politics in Latin America: A glimpse from BrazilAfonso de AlbuquerqueJournalism
2017-11-04Social media's breaking news: the logic of automation in Facebook Trending Topics and Twitter MomentsStefanie DuguayMedia International Australia
2017-11-06Media populism in post-handover Hong Kong: an investigation of media framing of public financeGary TangChinese Journal of Communication
2017-11-07Natural selection: Empiricist discourse in the talk of broadcast journalistsSally ReardonDiscourse & Communication
2017-11-07Does the Political System Determine Media Visibility of Politicians? A Comparative Analysis of Political Functions in the News in Sixteen CountriesDebby Vos & Peter Van AelstPolitical Communication
2017-11-07Nothing on the news but the establishment blues? Toward a framework of depoliticization and agonistic media pluralismPieter Maeseele, Daniëlle RaeijmaekersJournalism
2017-11-07Do Large Countries Hunger for Less Information?
A country's size and strengths as determinants of foreign news volume
Miki TanikawaJournalism Studies
2017-11-07Trustworthy or Shady? Exploring the influence of verifying and visualizing user-generated content (UGC) on online journalism's trustworthinessKatherine M. Grosser, Valerie Hase & Florian WintterlinJournalism Studies
2017-11-07Testing the Revenue Diversity Argument on Independent Web-native News VenturesBrian L. MasseyDigital Journalism
2017-11-07What About the Hyperlocals?
The drivers, organization and economy of independent news media in Sweden
Sara Leckner, Carina Tenor & Gunnar NygrenJournalism Practice
2017-11-08Problems and Solutions for American Political Coverage
Journalistic self-critique in the wake of the 2016 presidential election
Qun Wang, Philip M. Napoli & Yi MaJournalism Practice
2017-11-08COMPASS| Measuring the Journalism Crisis: Developing New Approaches That Help the Public Connect to the IssueAlex T. WilliamsInternational Journal of Communication
2017-11-09The Personalisation of Conflict Reporting
Visual coverage of the Ukraine crisis on Twitter
Mervi PanttiDigital Journalism
2017-11-10Changing Owners, Changing Content: Does Who Owns the News Matter for the News?Allison M. Archer & Joshua ClintonPolitical Communication
2017-11-12Men or Women, Only Five Olympic Sports Matter
A Quantitative Analysis of NBC's Prime-Time Coverage of the Rio Olympics
Roxane Coche, C. A. TuggleElectronic News
2017-11-10Twitter and News Gatekeeping
Interactivity, reciprocity, and promotion in news organizations' tweets
Frank Michael RussellDigital Journalism
2017-11-03Practicing Engagement: Participatory journalism in the Web 2.0 eraRegina G. Lawrence, Damian Radcliffe & Thomas R. SchmidtJournalism Practice
2017-11-10How the news media activate public expression and influence national agendasGary King, Benjamin Schneer, Ariel WhiteScience
2017-11-14Nigerian Jos crisis coverage centers on communityNgozi Akinro, Li ZengNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14Case study shows disconnect on civic journalism's roleMelissa Tully, Shawn Harmsen, Jane B. Singer, Brian Ekdale
Brian Ekdale
Newspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14Newspaper Ebola articles differ from Twitter updatesXueying Zhang, Bijie Bie, Andrew C. BillingsNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14Scan method tracks reader attention, engagementIsabelle Freiling, Lisa WeidmullerNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14African American weeklies see paid circulation declineStephen Lacy, Sandra L. Combs, Daniel KrierNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14Readers perceive deceptive graphics as less credibleNick Geidner, Jaclyn CameronNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14News stories don't match political party agendasNisha Garud-Patkar, Yusuf KalyangoNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14Obama White House photos limited by access policiesNicole Smith Dahmen, Erin K. CoyleNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14Newsrooms accommodate data-based news workJan Lauren Boyles, Eric MeyerNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-13The Depth of Hurricane Katrina Imagery: A Longitudinal Study Through the Lens of Commemorative Journalism and IconicityNicole Smith Dahmen, Andrea Miller & David L. Morris IICommunication Reports
2017-11-14Rethinking Hallin and Mancini Beyond the West: An Analysis of Media Systems in Central and Eastern EuropeLaia Castro Herrero, Edda Humprecht, Sven Engesser, Michael Brüggemann,
Florin Büchel
International Journal of Communication
2017-11-14The Norwegian media economy 2016 (summary in English)Norwegian Media Authority
2017-11-14New issue of Journalism & Communication MonographsJournalism & Communication Monographs
2017-11-14Proving the Obvious? What Sensationalism Contributes to the Time Spent on News VideoPaul Hendriks Vettehen, Mariska KleemansElectronic News
2017-11-14 When Empathy is Not Enough:
The possibilities for solidarity in The San Francisco Homeless Project
Anita VarmaJournalism Practice
2017-11-14'Citizen Curation' in Online Discussions of Donald Trump's Presidency: Sharing the News on MumsnetSarah Pedersen & Simon BurnettDigital Journalism
Public Media and Marginalized Publics:
Online and offline engagement strategies and local storytelling networks
Andrea WenzelDigital Journalism
2017-11-15Food for Thought in Restaurant Reviews: Lifestyle journalism or an extension of marketing in UK and Australian newspapersPeter English & David Fleischman
Journalism Practice
2017-11-15Caught in the Nexus: A Comparative and Longitudinal Analysis of Public Trust in the PressThomas Hanitzsch, Arjen Van Dalen & Nina SteindlThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-11-15Communicative Resurrection: Letters to the Dead in the Israeli NewspaperCarolin AronisJournal of Communication
2017-11-16Changing the narrative: Media representations of refugees and migrants in EuropeFrancesca PierighEthical Journalism Network
2017-11-15Small-market newspapers in the digital ageChristopher Ali & Damian RadcliffeTOW Center for digital journalism
2017-11-03Processing the Scientific Tentativeness of Medical Research: An Experimental Study on the Effects of Research News and User Comments in Online MediaDanny Flemming, Ulrike Cress & Joachim KimmerleScience Communication
2017-11-16Acceptance and Usability of Interactive Infographics in Online NewspapersSandra Zwinger, Julia Langer & Michael Zeiller2017 21st International Conference: Information Visualisation
2017-11-16"Tightening the Knots" of the International Drugs Trade in Brazil: Possibilities and challenges for news media to acquire social capital through in-depth reportingAlice Baroni & Andrea MayrJournalism Practice
2017-11-16Contest Over Authority: Navigating native advertising's impacts on journalism autonomyYou LiJournalism Studies
2017-11-19Journalism research in Spain. Analysis of research articles published in Spanish journals over the past 25 years (1990-2014)Manuel Martínez-NicolásCommunication and Society
2017-11-19The failure of the Francoist Movement Press Group to convert La Voz de Castilla into a prototype to save its newspapersClara Sanz HernandoCommunication and Society
2017-11-17How "Digital-born" media cover climate change in comparison to legacy media: A case study of the COP 21 summit in ParisJames Paintera, Silje Kristiansen & Mike S. SchäferGlobal Environmental Change
2017-11-20Between Politicization and Securitization: Coverage of the European Migration Crisis in Czech Online News MediaMichal TkaczykCommunication Today
2017-11-17Culture and discourse structure: A comparative study of Dutch and Iranian news textsAfrooz Rafiee, Wilbert Spooren and José SandersDiscourse & Communication
2017-11-21Make No Mistake? Exploring Cognitive and Perceptual Effects of Grammatical Errors in News ArticlesAlyssa Appelman & Mike SchmierbachJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-11-21Please Follow Us: Media roles in Twitter discussions in the United States, Germany, France, and RussiaSvetlana S. Bodrunova, Anna A. Litvinenko & Ivan S. BlekanovJournalism Practice
2017-11-21Coverage of the Surgical Strike on Television News in India: Nationalism, journalistic discourse and India-Pakistan conflictSushmita Pandit & Saayan ChattopadhyayJournalism Practice
2017-11-21Ambiguity in Egyptian Newspaper HeadlinesAhmed-Sokarno Abdel-HafizAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-11-20Educating Journalism Students About News Archives: A Global Comparison With Special Focus on Spain and the United StatesRubén Domínguez-Delgado, Kathleen A. Hansen & Nora PaulJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-11-22"Peace propaganda"? the application of Chomsky's propaganda model to the Daily Nation's coverage of the 2013 Kenyan electionsJacinta MaweuCommunicatio
South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research
2017-11-22What should journalism do in a new democracy?Franz KrügerCommunicatio
South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research
2017-11-22"Journalism ideology" and its influence on the producers of Radio Sonder Grense radio current affairsAnna-Marie Jansen van VuurenCommunicatio
South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research
2017-11-22Yes, no, maybe: an analysis of journalists' views about political party membership in South AfricaGlenda DanielsCommunicatio
South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research
2017-11-22Questioning the media and democracy relationship: the case of South AfricaYlva Rodny-GumedeCommunicatio
South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research
2017-11-22Between the technological hare and the journalistic tortoise: Minimization of knowledge claims in online news flashesShelly Rom & Zvi ReichJournalism
2017-11-22News You Can Use or News That Moves?
Journalists' rationales for coverage of distant suffering
Lauren KogenJournalism Practice
2017-11-22"Nobody Really Wants to be Called Bossy or Domineering": Feminist critique of media "industry speak"Samiyyah Black, Carolina Estrada, Mirza Carolina de la Fuente, Ashley Orozco, Andrew Trabazo, Sofia de la Vega & Robert E. Gutsche JrJournalism Practice
2017-11-15The Growth of the Network Media Economy in Canada, 1984-2016Canadian Media Concentration Research Project
2017-11-16The Rise of Tactical Partnerships: Media Converging Beyond OwnershipMerja MyllylahtiMEDIANZ
2017-11-23Going Digital. A Roadmap for Organisational TransformationLucy KüngReuters Institute
2017-11-16Digital readers regularly visit news media contentDonald Williams, Tosha Kirk & Rahul SethiInternational News Media Association
2017-11-23Diversity in Journalism: Report for the National Council
for the Training of Journalists
Mark SpilsburyNational Council for the Training of Journalists
2017-11-01Being There in the Midst of the Story: How Immersive Journalism Affects Our Perceptions and CognitionsSundar S. Shyam, Kang Jin & Oprean Danielle Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking
2017-11-24Paradox of professionalism: The professional identity of journalists who work across media culturesMei Li & Naren ChittyJournalism
2017-11-24Mediatization of journalism: Influence of the media system and media organization on journalistic practices in European digital mediascapesZrinjka Peruško, Antonija ?uvalo & Dina VozabJournalism
2017-11-26Designing the news: A practitioner perspective on the production values in newspaper sub-editingAstrid VandendaeleJournalism
2017-11-23News sharing as reciprocal exchanges in social cohesion maintenanceDebbie Goh, Richard Ling, Liuyu Huang & Doris LiewInformation, Communication & Society
2017-11-01Journalism Education in New Zealand: Its History, Current Challenges and Possible FuturesGrant HannisAsia Pacific Media Educator
2017-11-02Ahead of the e-Curve in Fact Checking and Verification Education: The University of Hong Kong's Cyber News Verification Lab Leads Verification Education in AsiaAnne KrugerAsia Pacific Media Educator
2017-11-28The professional identity of Czech journalists in an international perspectiveMarína Urbániková & Jaromír VolekInternational Communication Gazette
2017-11-30Imitation in the Quest to Survive: Lessons from News Media on the Early WebMatthew S. Weber, Katherine Ognyanova, Allie KosterichInternational Journal of Communication
2017-11-28What moves young people to journalism in a transitional country? Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations for working in journalism in SerbiaIvanka PjesivacJournalism
2017-11-28Finlandisation or media logic? The Estonian-Russian border incident of 2014 in Finnish, Estonian and British pressTitus Hjelm & Ülane VaherMedia, Culture & Society
2017-11-29Nothing Is True? The Credibility of News and Conflicting Narratives during "Information War" in UkraineJoanna SzostekThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-11-28Mediated Leader Effects: The Impact of Newspapers' Portrayal of Party Leadership on Electoral SupportLoes Aaldering, Tom van der Meer, Wouter Van der BrugThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-11-27Conflicts of Interest in Journalism: Debating a Post-Hutchins Ethical Self-ConsciousnessGwyneth Mellinger
American Journalism
2017-11-15Women, sport and the media: Key elements at play in the shaping of the practice of women in sports journalism in Israel
Ilan Tamir, Moran Yarchi & Yair GalilyCommunications
The European Journal of Communication Research
2017-11-28Newspaper coverage of the herdsmen-farmers conflict in central Tiv Land, Benue State, Nigeria" in UkraineCelestine Verlumun Gever, Coleman Fidelis EssienMedia, War & Conflict
2017-11-29Heroes and villains: a discourse analysis of Australian and Japanese whaling reports in newspapersTets Kimura & Sandra EgegeContinuum
Journal of Media & Cultural Studies
2017-11-21Storylab Lessons
A Collaborative Project Between Courses in Journalism and Media Technology
Gunilla Hultén & Malin Picha EdwardssonNordicom Review
2017-11-29Hyperlocals and Legacy Media
Media Ecologies in Transition
Gunnar Nygren, Sara Leckner & Carina TenorNordicom Review
2017-11-30Economic News and Personal Economic ExpectationsAntonis KalogeropoulosMass Communication and Society
2017-11-23Photojournalism in Central Europe: Editorial and Working PracticesFilip Láb & Sandra Å tefanikováNordicom Review
2017-11-23The Visual Power of News AgenciesAstrid GynnildNordicom Review
2017-11-23A Faster Kind of Photojournalism?
Image-Selection Processes in a Swedish Newsroom
Maria NilssonNordicom Review
2017-11-23Visual Gatekeeping - Selection of
News Photographs at a Flemish Newspaper: A Qualitative Inquiry into the Photo News Desk
Hedwig de Smaele, Eline Geenen & Rozane De CockNordicom Review
2017-11-23The Iconic Image in a Digital Age: Editorial Mediations over the Alan Kurdi PhotographsMette Mortensen, Stuart Allan & Chris PetersNordicom Review
2017-11-14The Phenomenon of Journalism-related Crimes Under the Circumstances of Hybrid War in UkraineYevhen PysmenskyyCroatian International Relations Review
2017-11-30Whose Story Wins on Twitter? Visualizing the South China Sea disputeLei Guo, Kate Mays & Jianing WangJournalism Studies
2017-11-30Defining diabetes and assigning responsibility: how print media frame diabetes in New ZealandFarzana Gounder & R. AmeerJournal of Applied Communication Research
2017-11-30Patterns in Award Winning Data Storytelling: Story Types, Enabling Tools and CompetencesAdegboyega Ojo & Bahareh HeraviDigital Journalism
2017-11-18Text Mining and Analytics: A Case Study from News Channels Posts on FacebookChaker Mhamdi, Mostafa Al-Emran, Said A. SalloumChapter in book: Intelligent Natural Language Processing: Trends and Applications pp 399-415
2017-11-27Analyzing polarization of social media users and news sites during political campaignsFabrizio Marozzo & Alessandro BessiSocial Network Analysis and Mining
2017-11-30Doing one's shopping in the'supermarket of
news': News media repertoires in French
- speaking Belgium
Robin Van Leeckwyck, Geoffroy Patriarche & Marie DufrasneParticipations - Journal of Audience & Reception Studies
2017-11-30News as a democratic resource: Q study approach to cross - media news repertoires in CroatiaZrinjka Peruško, Antonija ?uvalo & Dina VozabParticipations - Journal of Audience & Reception Studies
2017-11-30High diversity in a post-socialist Nordic country: News repertoires in EstoniaRagne Kõuts-KlemmParticipations - Journal of Audience & Reception Studies
2017-11-30News repertoires in PolandStanislaw J?drzejewskiParticipations - Journal of Audience & Reception Studies
2017-11-30Coexistence of'old' and ' new' news media in a transitional media system:
News repertoires in Israel
Hillel Nossek, Hanna AdoniParticipations - Journal of Audience & Reception Studies
2017-11-30How digital converges cross-media news
typologies across countries: A comparative study of news consumption in Estonia and Portugal
Ragne Kõuts-Klemm, Maria José BritesParticipations - Journal of Audience & Reception Studies
2017-11-30Cross-medial news usage in the Dutch-
language region: A comparative study of news repertoires
in the Netherlands and Flanders
Kristin Van Damme, Joëlle SwartParticipations - Journal of Audience & Reception Studies
2017-11-30Public service media news consumption across Europe: Views from a Q-methodological repertoire studyStanislaw J?drzejewskiParticipations - Journal of Audience & Reception Studies
2017-11-30The ongoing relevance of local journalism and public broadcasters: Motivations for news
repertoires in the Netherlands
Joëlle Swart, Chris Peters, Marcel BroersmaParticipations - Journal of Audience & Reception Studies
2017-11-30Between traditional and social media: News repertoires in PortugalMarisa Torres da Silva, Maria José Brites, Rita Figueiras, Sílvio Correia Santos, Inês Amaral, Lídia Marôpo, Pedro Jerónimo, Paula Espírito Santo, Liliana PachecoParticipations - Journal of Audience & Reception Studies
2017-11-30In Flanders Fields: News media repertoires in Dutch-speaking BelgiumKristin Van DammeParticipations - Journal of Audience & Reception Studies
2017-11-30News media use in Germany on multiple media platforms: A Q-methodological analysis of news repertoiresBirgit Stark & Svenja BergerhoffParticipations - Journal of Audience & Reception Studies
2017-12-01Bias, Bullshit and Lies: Audience Perspectives on Low Trust in the MediaNic Newman & Richard FletcherReuters Institute
2017-12-01Virtual Foreign Correspondence: Experimental Instructions in Digital Foreign News ReportingOliver Hahn, Florian Stalph & Tom StellerJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-12-06The Global Expansion of Digital-Born News Media Tom Nicholls, Nabeelah Shabbir and Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute
2017-12-04'Everything is negative': Schoolteachers' perceptions of news coverage of educationKathryn ShineJournalism
2017-12-04Keeping pace with journalism training in the age of social media and convergence: How worthwhile is it to teach online skills?Ainara Larrondo Ureta, Simón Peña FernándezJournalism
2017-12-06Has Digital Distribution Rejuvenated Readership?
Revisiting the age demographics of newspaper consumption
Neil Thurman & Richard FletcherJournalism Studies
2017-12-04What does the crowd think? How online comments and popularity metrics affect news credibility and issue importanceT Franklin WaddellNew Media & Society
2017-12-05New digital realities and old public service broadcasting models - the case of public access and participation in Singapore's televisual landscapeTania Lim, Azad Bali, Marcus MooMedia International Australia
2017-12-07Hacks and hackers: the ethos and beliefs of a group of Data-Driven Journalism professionals in BrazilMarcelo Ruschel TräselRevista Famecos
2017-12-04"You're Fake News!": The 2017 Poynter Media Trust SurveyAndrew Guess, Brendan Nyhan & Jason ReiflerPoynter Institute
2017-12-07The 3 types of news subscribers: Why they pay and how to convert themTran HaAmerican Press Institute
2017-12-05Pathways to Media Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa: Reflections from a Regional ConsultationHerman Wasserman & Nicholas BenequistaCenter for International Media Assistance
2017-12-07Financialisation of news in China in the age of the Internet: the case of XinhuanetXin XinMedia, Culture & Society
2017-12-07Reversed positionality, reversed reality? The multimodal Environmental Justice frame in mainstream and alternative mediaRenée Moernaut, Jelle Mast & Yves PepermansInternational Communication Gazette
2017-12-05Tracking the Virality of News in Smart CitiesKhawar Hasham, Kamran Soomro &
David Ludlow
Companion Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing
2017-12-06Upvote My News: The Practices of Peer Information Aggregation for Breaking News on reddit.comAlex Leavitt & John J. Robinson Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction
2017-12-06Tabloids in the Era of Social Media?: Understanding the Production and Consumption of Clickbaits in Twitter"Abhijnan Chakraborty,
Rajdeep Sarkar,
Ayushi Mrigen & Niloy Ganguly
Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction
2017-12-06Would You Slack That?: The Impact of Security and Privacy on Cooperative Newsroom WorkSusan E. McGregor, Elizabeth Anne Watkins & Kelly CaineProceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction
2017-12-08'Our newsroom in the cloud': Slack, virtual newsrooms and journalistic practiceMel Bunce, Kate Wright & Martin ScottNew Media and Society (preprint from City, University of London repository)
2017-12-13Journalism and mass communication education in the Arab World: Towards a typologyEisa Al Nashmi, Mariam F Alkazemi, Wayne Wanta
International Communication Gazette
2017-12-13Why context, relevance and repetition matter in news reporting: Interpreting the United Kingdom's political information environmentStephen Cushion, Justin Lewis, Allaina KilbyJournalism
2017-12-13Where does Afghanistan fit in China's grand project? A content analysis of Afghan and Chinese news coverage of the One Belt, One Road initiativeAzeta Hatef, Luwei Rose LuqiuInternational Communication Gazette
2017-12-12Deconstruction of a taboo: press coverage of sexual violence against children in pedagogical institutions in Germany 1950-2013Arno Görgen, Heiner FangerauMedia, Culture & Society
2017-12-12Newspaper portrayal of Chinese outward foreign direct investment in Latin American newspapers: A content analysisYicheng Zhu, Longxing Wang
International Communication Gazette
2017-12-13Climate Change in the Media: Poland's ExceptionalismZbigniew W. Kundzewicz, James Painter & Witold J. KundzewiczEnvironmental Communication
2017-12-14Source, Please?
A content analysis of links posted in discussions of public affairs on Reddit
Polly Straub-CookDigital Journalism
2017-12-14Solutions Journalism: The effects of including solution information in news stories about social problemsKaren McIntyreJournalism Practice
2017-12-14"Ice Cream is Worse, and Joblessness is Not an Option": Gendered experiences of freelancingDunja Antunovic, Jenna Grzeslo & Anne HoagJournalism Practice
2017-12-14The New Gatekeepers: An Institutional-level View of Silicon Valley and the Disruption of JournalismFrank Michael RussellJournalism Studies
2017-12-14Tweeting the Agenda: How print and alternative web-only news organizations use Twitter as a sourceKaitlin C. BaneJournalism Practice
2017-12-14Film language analysis in society news: A case study of The New York TimesTe-Yuan Chen, Hsuan-Chi Liu & Chia-Yu HsuPacific Neighborhood Consortium Annual Conference and Joint Meetings
2017-12-14This Tweet Brought to You by a Journalist: How Comment Gatekeeping Influences Online News CredibilityT Franklin WaddellElectronic News
2017-12-15How U.S. and Chinese journalists think about plagiarismNorman P. Lewis, Bu Zhong, Fan Yang & Yong ZhouAsian Journal of Communication
2017-12-13Record number of journalists jailed as Turkey, China, Egypt pay scant price for repressionElana BeiserCommittee to Protect Journalists
2017-12-11In Repressive Countries, Citizens Go'Dark' to Share Independent NewsKate MusgraveCenter for International Media Assistance
2017-12-16"You Talkin' to Me?": The Implied Reader in Canadian Business MagazineKaren GrandyCanadian Journal of Communication
2017-12-16News as Hazardous Waste: Postmedia, the Competition Bureau, and the Supreme Court of CanadaMarc EdgeCanadian Journal of Communication
2017-12-16The Meanings of "Multicultural" in Canada's 1991 Broadcasting ActKyle ConwayCanadian Journal of Communication
2017-12-15The Fragmentation of Work, Entertainment, E-Mail, and News on a Personal Computer: Motivational Predictors of Switching Between Media ContentLeo Yeykelis, James J. Cummings & Byron ReevesMedia Psychology
2017-12-17Fake news from Africa: Panics, politics and paradigmsHerman WassermanJournalism
2017-12-02National newspaper-reporting on state examinations: An historical exposition of the exceptional case of the Irish Leaving CertificateTom O'Donoghue, Jim Gleeson & Orla McCormackEncounters in Theory and History of Education
2017-12-19When the crisis comes home: Emotions, professionalism, and reporting on 22 March in Belgian journalists' narratives Johana KotisovaJournalism
2017-12-19The Heat is On: Thermal Sensing and Newsgathering - A Look at the Legal Implications of Modern NewsgatheringRoy S. Gutterman & Angela M. RulffesCommunication Law and Policy
2017-12-19Using Text Mining to Compare Online Pro- and Anti-Vaccine Headlines: Word Usage, Sentiments, and Online PopularityZhan Xu & Hao GuoCommunication Studies
2017-12-11Identifying paths to audience success of media products: the media decision-makers' perspectiveMarcel Verhoeven, M. Bjørn von Rimscha, Isabelle Krebs, Gabriele Siegert & Christoph SommerInternational Journal on Media Management
2017-12-21Does press freedom cause human development? Examining BangladeshAminul Islam & Ataul Gani OsmaniMedia Asia
2017-12-20When gender, colonialism, and technology matter in a journalism startupMary Lynn Young, Candis CallisonJournalism
2017-12-20Bridging the Gap: Rebuilding Citizen Trust in MediaAnya Schiffrin, Beatrice Santa-Wood, Susanna De MartinoCentral European University
2017-12-19Indian news media and the production of news in the age of social discoveryZeenab Aneez, Sumandro Chattapadhyay, Vibodh Parthasarathi, and Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute
2017-12-21Generating a voice among'media monsters': hybrid media practices of Taiwan's Anti-Media Monopoly MovementShiau Ching Wong & Scott WrightAustralian Journal of Political Science
2017-12-21Indonesian news auto summarization in infrastructure development topic using 5W+1H considerationRendra Budi Hutama, Ali Ridho Barakbah & Afrida Helen2017 International Electronics Symposium on Knowledge Creation and Intelligent Computing
2017-12-01Fine-grained news recommendation by fusing matrix factorization, topic analysis and knowledge graph representationKuai Zhang, Xin Xin, Pei Luo, Ping Guot2017 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics
2017-12-04Time-aware relation extraction for entities using news headlinesNivedita Sinha, Jayendra Barua, Rajdeep Niyogi, Dhaval Patel2017 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics
2017-12-19Socio-cultural conditioning of style and structure in journalistic discourse: The distinctively "objective" textuality of Iranian political news reportingMohammad Makki & Peter R.R. WhiteDiscourse, Context & Media
2017-12-01Fake News: A Technological Approach to Proving the Origins of Content, Using BlockchainsSteve Huckle & Martin WhiteBig Data
2017-12-31What's in a Name? Journalistic Boundary Work and a High School Newspaper's Effort to Ban 'Redskin'Marina A. Hendricks & Ryan J. ThomasJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-12-29Mobile apps and news: a Taiwanese case of curationLuc Chia-Shin LinThe Journal of International Communication
2017-12-29I "Like" That: Exploring the Characteristics That Promote Social Media Engagement With News PhotographsT.J. Thomson & Keith GreenwoodVisual Communication Quarterly
2017-12-29"Really Social Photojournalism" and a Photojournalistic Changing of the Guard: Observations and InsightsGabriel B. TaitVisual Communication Quarterly
2017-12-22Relationship between advertising and consumption in China: Exploring the roles of economic development and mass mediaSylvia M. Chan-Olmsted & Linsen SuGlobal Media and China
2017-12-21More coverage is less confidence? Media portrayal of "one country, two systems" in Hong KongClement Y. K. SoChinese Journal of Communication
2017-12-08"Gay Guys are Shit-Lovers" and "Lesbians are Obsessed With Fingers": The (Mis)Representation of LGBTIQ People in Thai News MediaKangwan Fongkaew, Anoporn Khruataeng, Sumon Unsathit, Matawii Khamphiirathasana, Nisarat Jongwisan, Oranong Arlunaek & Jensen ByrneJournal of Homosexuality
2017-12-08Evaluating news actors in Chinese hard news reporting: language patterns and social valuesChangpeng HuanText & Talk
2017-12-07Foreign, Domestic, and Cultural Factors in Climate Change Reporting: Swedish Media's Coverage of Wildfires in Three ContinentsPeter Berglez & Rolf LidskogEnvironmental Communication
On the production of a multimodal news item: An argumentative approach
Marta Zampa & Marina BletsasSemiotica
2017-12-18An Al-Jazeera Effect in the USA? A Review of the EvidenceTal Samuel-AzranGlobal Media Journal: German Edition
2017-12-22The decline and redefinition of New Zealand current affairs television programmesSarah BakerThe Political Economy of Communication
2017-12-23Participation in the Hybrid Political Newsmaking and Its Consequences on Journalism EpistemologyLaura Iannelli & Sergio SplendoreComunicazioni Sociali
2017-12-23The Post-Intermediation of Truth. Newsmaking from Media Companies to PlatformsFausto Colombo,
Simone Tosoni & Maria Francesca Murru
Comunicazioni Sociali
2017-12-23Between disinformation tactics and deciphering strategies, towards a semio-political analysis of "fake news" and "alternative facts"Francois Allard-HuverComunicazioni Sociali
2017-12-20Selective Exposure to Misinformation:
Evidence from the consumption of fake news during the 2016 U.S.
presidential campaign
Andrew Guess, Brendan Nyhan & Jason ReiflerDartmouth College
2017-12-01For Video Games, Bad News Is Good News: News Reporting of Violent Video Game StudiesAllen Copenhaver, Oana Mitrofan and Christopher J. FergusonCyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking
2017-12-21Journalism as Model for Civic and Information LiteraciesNatalia Smirnov, Gulnaz Saiyed, Matthew W. Easterday & Wan Shun Eva LamCognition and Instruction
2017-12-18Interpreting as an influencing factor on news reports: A study of interpreted Chinese political discourse recontextualized in English newsLingqian Zheng & Wen RenPerspectives
2017-12-19A news-topic recommender system based on keywords extractionZihuan Wang, Kyusup Hahn, Youngsam Kim, Sanghyup Song, Jong-Mo SeoMultimedia Tools and Applications
2017-12-22The frame changers: journalists, the conflict, and peace processMaria ArmoudianIrish Political Studies
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