ARTICLE: Objectivity must be re-evaluated in the digital era

Picture: untitled by Jeremy Thomas, license CC0 1.0

How the concept of objectivity should be seen in the digital era full of varying sources of information? Brian McNair, of Queensland University of Technology, argues how objectivity can and must be re-evaluated, deriving from the work of Michael Schudson.

In the current times, a measure for informational validity is crucial. “The journalistic search for credibility of sources, and scrutiny of what those sources say, without fear or favour, has never been more important to the health of liberal democracy”, the author states.

As consumers of journalism try to make sense of the globalised public sphere, claims of objectivity have an important role. Journalists must make more visible their limitations in truth and meaning-making. When powerful sources can effectively spread untruthtul information, objectivity must also include ”a determination to challenge authoritative sources as never before”, McNair concludes.

The article “After Objectivity?” was published in Journalism Studies and is available online (free abstract).

Picture: untitled by Jeremy Thomas, license CC0 1.0

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