Research of May 2017

all research of may 2017

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in May 2017 about journalism research. The list is updated a couple of times per week. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthorsJournal / publisher
2017-05-01Mutiny on the Bay: Investigating the Presentation of the Scott Olsen Police Assault on the Websites of San Francisco Bay Area Local Television StationsSean T. LeaveyJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-05-06PersaLog: Personalization of News Article ContentEytan Adar, Carolyn Gearig, Ayshwarya Balasubramanian and Jessica HullmanCHI '17 Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2017-05-06Supporting the Use of User Generated Content in Journalistic PracticePeter Tolmie, Rob Procter, David William Randall, Mark Rouncefield, Christian Burger, Geraldine Wong Sak Hoi, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Maria LiakataCHI '17 Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2017-05-06News Company's Link Sharing on Twitter as Informative Advertising and Content SignalingChankyung PakCHI EA '17 Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2017-05-03#Sipilägate and the break-up of the political bromance – Crisis in the relationship between Finnish media and politiciansAnu KoivunenNordicom-Information
2017-05-02Assaults on Journalists: An investigation of the period 2000-2016Katharine Sarikakis et al.University of Vienna
2017-05-03Far-Right Nationalism and Populism in EuropeKatherine Sarikakis et al.University of Vienna
2017-05-02Paying for news: Why people subscribe and what it says about the future of journalismTom Rosenstiel et al.American Press Institute
2017-05-02Combating Fake News: An Agenda for Research and ActionDavid Lazer et al.Harvard University
Subjective Evaluation of Media Content as a Moderator of Media Effects on European IdentityWaqas Ejaz, Marco Bräuer, and Jens WollingMedia and Communication
2017-05-05Are newspapers’ news stories becoming more alike? Media content diversity in Belgium, 1983–2013Kathleen Beckers et al.Journalism
Framing the Winter Olympic GamesHonorata JakubowskaPolish Sociological Review
2017-05-09Of Journalists and Money: The Employment of Journalists in Romania and Its Influence on Media Freedom and QualityIoana AvădaniInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-09Journalistic Autonomy as a Professional Value and Element of Journalism Culture: The European PerspectiveEpp Lauk, Halliki Harro-LoiInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-09Online News Video Consumption: A comparison of six countriesAntonis KalogeropoulosDigital Journalism
Automated Journalism 2.0: Event-driven narratives
From simple descriptions to real stories
David Caswell, Konstantin Dörr
Journalism Practice
2017-05-10In the grip of politics? How political journalists in France and Germany perceive political influence on their workPeter MaurerJournalism
2017-05-10The value of public service mediaMaureen BurnsNew Media & Society
2017-05-10Venture Labor| Freelancing as the Good Life?Nicole S. CohenInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-10Venture Labor| Venture Labor, the News Crisis, and Journalism EducationC.W. AndersonInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-10UK media coverage of the
2016 EU Referendum campaign
Martin Moore & Gordon RamsayKing's College London
2017-05-10Life at small-market newspapersChristopher Ali & Damian RadcliffeTow Center for Digital Journalism
2017-05-10Americans’ Attitudes About the News Media Deeply Divided Along Partisan LinesMichael Barthell & Amy MitchellPew Research Center
2017-05-10How does the media on both sides of the Mediterranean report on Migration?International Centre for Media Policy Development (ICMPD)
News literacy and news publishersAralynn McMane & Wendy TribaldosWAN-IFRA
Influences on Job Expectations among Chilean Journalism StudentsClaudia Mellado and Andrés SchermanInternational Journal of Communication
The Effects of Generational Identification Accessibility and Normative Fit on Hostile Media PerceptionJisu Kim and Sung-Yeon ParkInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-11News Company's Link Sharing on Twitter as Informative Advertising and Content SignalingChankyung PakProceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference
2017-05-11Automated Assistants to Identify and Prompt Action on Visual News BiasVishwajeet Narwal et al.Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference
2017-05-11Explaining the News Feed Algorithm: An Analysis of theKelley Cotter, Janghee Cho and Emilee RaderProceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference
2017-05-11Supporting the Use of User Generated Content in Journalistic PracticeJennifer Manuel et al.Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference
2017-05-11Persuading to Pay: Exploring the What and Why in Crowdfunded JournalismNicole Ladson and Angela M. LeeInternational Journal on Media Management
2017-05-11Hacking Public Service Media Funding: A Scenario for Rethinking the License Fee as a Form of Civic CrowdfundingTiziano Bonini and Ivana PaisInternational Journal on Media Management
2017-05-12The dynamics of online news discussions: effects of news articles and reader comments on users’ involvement, willingness to participate, and the civility of their contributionsMarc Ziegele, Mathias Weber, Oliver Quiring & Timo BreinerInformation, Communication & Society
2017-05-15Close, but not close enough? Audience’s reactions to domesticated distant suffering in international news coverageEline Huiberts, Stijn JoyeMedia, Culture & Society
2017-05-15Attention, please! Structural influences on tabloidization of campaign coverage in German and Austrian elite newspapers (1949–2009)Melanie Magin
2017-05-15Journalism, not ‘cheerleading’: An ombudsman’s paradigm repair in the JNU sedition case in IndiaSubin PaulJournalism
2017-05-15News discourse and readers’ comments: Expanding the range of citizenship positions?Zara Pinto-Coelho, Anabela Carvalho, Eunice Castro SeixasJournalism
2017-05-16Framing the flight MH370 mystery: A content analysis of Malaysian, Chinese, and U.S. mediaLindsey M Bier, Sejin Park, Michael J PalencharInternational Communication Gazette
2017-05-16Fighting Putin and the Kremlin’s grip in neo-authoritarian Russia: The experience of liberal journalistsVera Slavtcheva-PetkovaJournalism
2017-05-16The exposure to traumatic events and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder among Korean journalistsMina Lee, Eun Hye Ha, Jung Kun PaeJournalism
2017-05-18Study into the mental resilience of journalistsTara Swart
2017-05-18News Coverage of Donald Trump’s First 100 DaysThomas E. PattersonShorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy
2017-05-18Pay models in European newsAlessio Cornia, Annika Sehl, Felix Simon, Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism &
Oxford University
2017-05-15Media Manipulation and Disinformation OnlineAlice Marwick and Rebecca LewisData & Society Research Institute
2017-05-18How news partnerships work: Commercial and nonprofit newsrooms can work together to benefit and change journalismJason AlcornAmerican Press Institute
2017-05-19Crises, Rumours and Reposts: Journalists’ Social Media Content Gathering and Verification Practices in Breaking News SituationsKlas Backholm, Julian Ausserhofer, Elsebeth Frey, Anna Grøndahl Larsen, Harald Hornmoen, Joachim Högväg, Gudrun ReimerthMedia and Communication
2017-05-02Women and men in the newsSaga MannilaNordic Council of Ministers
2017-05-18Public trust in local governments and environmental risks in China: the effects of media use, perceived dread, and perceived inequalityQing HuangChinese Journal of Communication
2017-05-18Getting Youngsters Hooked on News
The effects of narrative news on information processing and appreciation in different age groups
Mariska Kleemans, Gabi Schaap, and Mitchel SuijkerbuijkJournalism Studies
2017-05-18Transnational journalism networks as drivers of EuropeanisationAnnett Heft, Brigitte Alfter, and Barbara PfetschJournalism
2017-05-19Reconstructing Rwanda
How Rwandan reporters use constructive journalism to promote peace
Karen McIntyre and Meghan SobelJournalism Studies
2017-05-19Precarious Balance
How journalists negotiate notions of autonomy in the trade-off with political actors
Ximena OrchardJournalism Practice
2017-05-19Global and Domestic Networks Advancing Prospects for Institutional and Social Change: The Collective Action Response to Violence Against JournalistsJeannine E. Relly and Celeste González de BustamanteJournalism & Communication Monographs
2017-05-19‘Boots on the Ground?’: How international news channels incorporate user-generated content into their YouTube presenceEisa al Nashmi, Michael North, Terry Bloom, and Johanna ClearyInternational Communication Gazette
2017-05-22‘You Can’t Post That!
Social Media Policies in U.S. Television Newsrooms
Anthony C. Adornato, Suzanne LysakElectronic News
2017-05-22Automating judgment? Algorithmic judgment, news knowledge, and journalistic professionalismMatt CarlsonNew Media & Society
2017-05-22Propaganda, Persuasion, or Journalism?
Fox News’ Prime-Time Coverage of Health-Care Reform in 2009 and 2014
Mitchell T. BardElectronic News
2017-05-24‘My’ media versus ‘the’ media: Trust in news depends on which news media you meanAmerican Press Institute
2017-05-02Is Information Power? Using Mobile Phones and Free Newspapers during an Election in MozambiqueJenny C. Aker, Paul Collier and Pedro C. VicenteThe Review of Economics and Statistics
2017-05-24“We Are the Women of Utah”: The Utah Woman’s Press Club’s Framing Strategies in the Woman’s ExponentCandi S. Carter OlsonJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-05-24When Going to War Is Costly: A Comparative Study of Audiences and the Partisan PressDaniel Stevens and Barbara AllenThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-05-23The New Personal Influence: How Our Facebook Friends Influence the News We ReadNicolas M. AnspachPolitical Communication
2017-05-25Exploring online news: What’s and’s narratives tell about the migrant crossings of the Morocco–Spain borderFrancesca Di RenzoJournalism
What’s a reader actually worth?Neil ThurmanBritish Journalism Review
2017-05-26The Role of News Brands and Leads in Exposure to Political Information on the InternetRyan B. Medders and Miriam J. MetzgerDigital Journalism
2017-05-26Anti-intellectualism among US students in journalism and mass communication: A cultural perspectiveMichael McDevitt, Perry Parks, Jordan Stalker, Kevin Lerner, Jesse Benn and Taisik HwangJournalism
2017-05-25Interpreting expertise: Finnish journalists’ accounts on journalistic judgement of expertise on healthy eatingSampsa SaikkonenJournalism
2017-05-26Between Human Welfare and National Security: William S. Gailmor and Popular Front Journalism in the Cold War, 1950–1952Nathan GodfriedAmerican Journalism
2017-05-26Confronting the “Seeker of Newspaper Notoriety”: Pathological Lying, the Public, and the Press, 1890–1920Justin T. ClarkAmerican Journalism
Thank You, Mr. President: Journalist Gender in Presidential News ConferencesLindsey MeeksInternational Journal of Communication
Illusions of Knowledge: Media Exposure and Citizens’ Perceived Political CompetenceMathias Weber and Christina KoehlerInternational Journal of Communication
2017-05-25Stability and Change in the Style and Standards of European Newspapers' Arts Reviews, 1960–2010Riie Heikkilä and Jukka GronowJournalism Practice
2017-05-25UK television news reporting of the 2016 EU referendum campaignStephen Cushion and Justin LewisEuropean Journal of Communication
Building the ‘Truthmeter’: Training algorithms to help journalists assess the credibility of social media sourcesRichard Fletcher, Steve Schifferes and Neil ThurmanConvergence
2017-05-02From Separation to Collaboration
Perspectives on editorial–business collaboration at United States news organizations
Kevin K. Drew and Ryan J. ThomasDigital Journalism
2017-05-02Investigating effects of social media news sharing on the relationship between network heterogeneity and political participationJihyang Choia, Jae Kook Leeb and Emily T. Metzgarc, Computers in Human Behavior
2017-05-08Thought Work Contested: Ideology and Journalism Education in ChinaMaria RepnikovaThe China Quarterly
2017-05-30Central American entrepreneurial journalism through the lens of its audienceSummer Harlow
Journalism Practice
2017-05-31Covering Mass Shootings
Journalists’ perceptions of coverage and factors influencing attitudes
Nicole Smith Dahmen, Jesse Abdenour, Karen McIntyre, Krystal E. Noga-StyronJournalism Practice
2017-05-10U.S. News Media Coverage of Pharmaceutical Pollution in the Aquatic Environment: A Content Analysis of the Problems and Solutions Presented by ActorsBenjamin Blair, Daniel Zimny-Schmitt & Murray A. RuddEnvironmental Management
2017-05-08Impact of power and ideology on news translation in Korea: a quantitative analysis of foreign news gatekeepingYonsuk SongPerspectives
2017-05-10Latino Portrayals in Local News Media: Underrepresentation, Negative Stereotypes, and Institutional Predictors of CoverageMingxiao Sui & Newly Paul
Journal of Intercultural Communication Research
2017-05-12Are Oil Price News Headlines Statistically and Economically Significant for Investors?Seema Narayan & Paresh Kumar NarayanJournal of Behavioral Science
2017-05-16Visual Representations of Sexual Violence in Online News OutletsSandra SchwarkFrontiers in Psychology
2017-05-18Death and taxes: The framing of the causes and policy responses to the illicit tobacco trade in Canadian newspapersJulia Smith, Sheryl Thompson & Kelley LeeMedia & Communication Studies
2017-05-15Black Internationalism's Shifting Alliances: African American Newspapers, the White Australia Policy, and Indigenous Australians, 1919–1948Clare CorbouldHistory Compass
2017-05-24Rethinking the generational gap in online news use: An infrastructural perspectiveHarsh Taneja, Angela Xiao Wu & Stephanie EdgerlyNew Media & Society
2017-05-19Media coverage of the 2017 General Election campaign (report 2)Loughborough University
2017-05-05The effects of news consumption via social media and news information overload on perceptions of journalistic norms and practicesSun Kyong Lee, Nathan J. Lindseya, Kyun Soo KimComputers in Human Behavior
2017-05-24On the Boundaries of Framing Terrorism: Guilt, Victimization, and the 2016 Orlando ShootingNathan Walter, Thomas J. Billard and Sheila T. MurphyMass Communication and Society
2017-05-25Competing discursive constructions of China’s smog in Chinese and Anglo-American English-language newspapers: A corpus-assisted discourse study Ming Liu, Chaoyuan LiDiscourse & Communication
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