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Here are all the peer-reviewed journal articles, reports and other papers collected by Journalism Research News during the year 2019. That makes over 1 100 papers! Some titles might be missing from summer-fall, so let us know if an article is not in the list. You can search or arrange the table per your preference.

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PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2019-01-01Reassessing balance: News coverage of Donald Trump's Access Hollywood scandal before and during #metooLindsey E. Blumell, Jennifer HuemmerJournalism
2019-01-02Digitality, Virtual Reality and the 'Empathy Machine'Robert HassanDigital Journalism
2019-01-02The Warp and Woof of the Field of JournalismDavid RyfeDigital Journalism
2019-01-02Regaining Control Citizens who follow politicians on social media and their perceptions of journalismCaroline Fisher, Eileen Culloty, Jee Young Lee & Sora ParkDigital Journalism
2019-01-02Analytics-Driven Journalism? Editorial Metrics and the Reconfiguration of Online News Production Practices in African Newsrooms"Dumisani Moyo, Admire Mare & Trust MatsileleDigital Journalism
2019-01-02Contesting Professional Procedures of Journalists: Public Conversation on Twitter after Germanwings accidentPere Masip, Carles Ruiz & Jaume SuauDigital Journalism
2019-01-02Transparency, Interactivity, Diversity, and Information Provenance in Everyday Data JournalismRodrigo ZamithDigital Journalism
2019-01-02Journalistic Views on Hard and Soft News: Cross-Validating a Popular Concept in a Factorial SurveyIsabella Glogger, Lukas P. OttoJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-01-02Better off without You? How the British Media Portrayed EU Citizens in Brexit NewsStefanie WalterThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-01-03Who Is Responsible for Delhi Air Pollution? Indian Newspapers' Framing of Causes and SolutionsNandini Bhalla, Jane O'Boyle, Dan HaunInternational Journal of Communication
2019-01-03Starting up the News: The Impact of Venture Capital on the Digital News Media EcosystemAllie Kosterich & Matthew S. WeberInternational Journal on Media Management
2019-01-03360° Video Journalism: Experimental Study on the Effect of Immersion on News Experience and Distant SufferingKristin Van Damme, Anissa All, Lieven De Marez & Sarah Van LeuvenJournalism Studies
2019-01-03Toward a clearer conceptualization and operationalization of solutions journalismKaren Elizabeth McIntyre, Kyser LoughJournalism
2019-01-03Grounded theory in journalism and communication studies in the Chinese mainland (2004-2017): Status quo and problemsXu Jinghong, You Xinyang, Hu Shiming, Chen WenbingGlobal Media and China
2019-01-04A "Hotbed" of Digital Empowerment? Media Criticism in Kenya Between Playful Engagement and Co-OptionToussaint Nothias, David CheruiyotInternational Journal of Communication
2019-01-04Challenging Assumptions about Ownership and Diversity: An Examination of U.S. Local On-Air Television Newsroom PersonnelAmy Jo CoffeyInternational Journal on Media Management
2019-01-04Kindling Social Entrepreneurial JournalismHuei-Ching Liu, Chi-Cheng Chang, Chao-Tung Liang, Ching Yin Ip & Chaoyun LiangJournalism Practice
2019-01-04Revealing the Hybrid Patterns: Conflict Coverage as a Product of a Commercial and a Normative Media LogicChristina Koehler, Pablo B. JostThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-01-04Awareness of and experience with online outsourcing journalism labor markets: A benchmark study of freelance journalistsAnne Hoag, Jenna GrzesloFirst Monday
2019-01-05Framing Political Scandals: Exploring the Multimodal Effects of Isolation Cues in Scandal News Coverage on Candidate Evaluations and Voting IntentionsChristian von Sikorski, Johannes KnollInternational Journal of Communication
2019-01-05Vernacular Politics in New Participatory Media: Discursive Linkage Between Biometrics and the Holocaust in IsraelAvi MarcianoInternational Journal of Communication
2019-01-07Picturing female circumcision and female genital cosmetic surgery: a visual framing analysis of Swiss newspapers, 1983-2015Dina BaderFeminist Media Studies
2019-01-07Challenges Faced by Journalism Education in Sri LankaD.D. Nirosha Neranjala DissanayakeAsia Pacific Media Educator
2019-01-07WIL-Power: Towards a Signature Pedagogy in JournalismBruce WoolleyAsia Pacific Media Educator
2019-01-07Five Challenges Facing Journalism Education in the UKChris FrostAsia Pacific Media Educator
2019-01-07Whither the future of feature writing?Nick RichardsonAsia Pacific Media Educator
2019-01-07The State of Feature Writing TodayMatthew Ricketson, Caroline GrahamAsia Pacific Media Educator
2019-01-07Neurodiverse Be the Policymakers! A Study Exploring News Text Informed Potential for Anxiety-Enhanced Policymaking and Guiding the Progressive Reporting of Mental DiversityDamian MellifontAsia Pacific Media Educator
2019-01-07Reporting Education: How Can We Do It Better?Kathryn ShineAsia Pacific Media Educator
2019-01-08The Effects of HMP and TPP on Political Participation in the Partisan Media ContextKi Deuk Hyun, Mihye SeoCommunication Research
2019-01-09'Bisexual oysters': A diachronic corpus-based critical discourse analysis of bisexual representation in The Times between 1957 and 2017Mark WilkinsonDiscourse & Communication
2019-01-09Comparing Journalism Cultures in Britain and Germany: Confrontation, Contextualization, ConformityImke Henkel, Neil Thurman & Veronika DeffnerJournalism Studies
2019-01-09The Liminal Landscape: The Reception of Western Press Freedom in Late Imperial ChinaYi GuoJavnost - The Public
2019-01-09Saving some news for later: The making and gatekeeping process of the national TV news fillerJonathan IlanThe Communication Review
2019-01-10The problem of different post-colonial spatial contexts in television news about distant wartime sufferingPavel DobošInternational Communication Gazette
2019-01-10Charting the development of a field: A systematic review of comparative studies of journalismFolker Hanusch, Tim P VosInternational Communication Gazette
2019-01-10Framing #Ferguson: A comparative analysis of media tweets in the U.S., U.K., Spain, and FranceSummer HarlowInternational Communication Gazette
2019-01-10A Case Study of Production Practices and User Participation in an Advertising-Free Digital News Media OrganisationSreekala GirijatripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique
2019-01-10Journalism, Media and Technology Trends and Predictions 2019Nic NewmanReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2019-01-11'Days of Mourning are Days of Reconciliation': An analysis of the coverage of the death of controversial Israeli public figuresMoran AvitalJournalism
2019-01-11Comment Sections as Targets of Dark Participation? Journalists' Evaluation and Moderation of Deviant User CommentsLena Frischlich, Svenja Boberg & Thorsten QuandtJournalism Studies
2019-01-11Foundation Funding and the Boundaries of JournalismMartin Scott, Mel Bunce & Kate WrightJournalism Studies
2019-01-11Should journalists campaign on climate change?Ingerid SalvesenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2019-01-13Misinformation and Polarization in a High-Choice Media Environment: How Effective Are Political Fact-Checkers?Michael Hameleers, Toni G. L. A. van der MeerCommunication Research
2019-01-13Fake News as Discursive Integration: An Analysis of Sites That Publish False, Misleading, Hyperpartisan and Sensational InformationRachel R. Mourão & Craig T. RobertsonJournalism Studies
2019-01-14Fake News, Real Money: Ad Tech Platforms, Profit-Driven Hoaxes, and the Business of JournalismJoshua A. Braun & Jessica L. EklundDigital Journalism
2019-01-14GLASNOST! Nine ways Facebook can make itself a better forum for free speech and democracyTimothy Garton Ash, Robert Gorwa, Danaë MetaxaReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2019-01-15Populist Twitter Posts in News Stories Statement Recognition and the Polarizing Effects on Candidate Evaluation and Anti-Immigrant Attitudes"Raffael Heiss, Christian von Sikorski & Jörg MatthesJournalism Practice
2019-01-15Why perceived political bias on TV does not inevitably lead to a polarized audience. The case of NRK and TV2 in NorwayAnders Todal Jenssen, Toril AalbergCommunications
2019-01-16How China's flagship news program frames "the West": Foreign news coverage of CCTV's Xinwen Lianbo before and during Xi Jinping's presidencyXiaodong Zhang & Mark BoukesChinese Journal of Communication
2019-01-16'It's so scary how common this is now:' frames in media coverage of the opioid epidemic by Ohio newspapers and themes in Facebook user reactionsDavid Russell, Naomi J. Spence & Kelly M. ThamesInformation, Communication & Society
2019-01-17The Form of Content Personalisation at Mainstream, Transatlantic News Outlets: 2010-2016Jessica Kunert & Neil ThurmanJournalism Practice
2019-01-17When Everything Else Fails: Radio Journalism During Hurricane Maria in Puerto RicoYadira Nieves-Pizarro, Bruno Takahashi & Manuel Chavez"Journalism Practice
2019-01-17Virtual Reality, 360° Video, and Journalism Studies: Conceptual Approaches to Immersive TechnologiesRadwa Mabrook & Jane B. SingerJournalism Studies
2019-01-17Her name was Clodagh: Twitter and the news discourse of murder suicideFergal Quinn, Muireann Prendergast & Audrey GalvinCritical Discourse Studies
2019-01-17Fake news? A critical analysis of the 'Welfare Cheats, Cheat Us All' campaign in IrelandEoin Devereux & Martin J. PowerCritical Discourse Studies
2019-01-17Discourses of tragedy: a comparative corpus-based study of newspaper reportage of the Berkeley balcony collapse and Carrickmines fireFergal Quinn & Elaine VaughanCritical Discourse Studies
2019-01-17Telling the truth about power? Journalism discourses and the facilitation of inequalityHenry Silke, Fergal Quinn & Maria RiederCritical Discourse Studies
2019-01-18Charging More and Wondering Why Readership Declined? A Longitudinal Study of U.S. Newspapers' Price Hikes, 2008-2016Hsiang Iris Chyi & Ori TenenboimJournalism Studies
2019-01-19Youthquakes in a Post-Truth Era: Exploring Social Media News Use and Information Verification Actions Among Global Teens and Young AdultsRebecca C. NeeJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-01-21A Counterhegemonic Global Ethics of Media: Journalists, Scholars, and the Need for Antithetical ExchangeAndrew Arthur FitzgeraldJournal of Media Ethics
2019-01-21'Overpaid' and 'inefficient': print media framings of the public sector in The Irish Times and The Irish Independent during the financial crisisAileen MarronCritical Discourse Studies
2019-01-21Discourse circulation in news coverage of the Zika virus outbreak: Colonial geopolitics, biomediatization and affectBranca Falabella FabrícioDiscourse, Context & Media
2019-01-21Examining TMZ: What traditional digital journalism can learn from celebrity newsAngelica Kalika & Patrick FerrucciCommunication Studies
2019-01-22Reporting on domestic violence in the Irish media: an exploratory study of journalists' perceptions and practicesPauline Cullen, Anne O'Brien, Mary CorcoranMedia, Culture & Society
2019-01-22Fake News Should Be Regulated Because It Influences Both "Others" and "Me": How and Why the Influence of Presumed Influence Model Should Be ExtendedYoung Min Baek, Hyunhee Kang & Sonho KimMass Communication and Society
2019-01-22Narrowing the discourse? Growing precarity in freelance journalism and its effect on the construction of news discourseKathryn Hayes & Henry SilkeCritical Discourse Studies
2019-01-22Fight or flight? Attributing responsibility in response to mixed congruent and incongruent partisan news in selective exposure media environmentsMichael Hameleers & Toni van der MeerInformation, Communication & Society
2019-01-23What's newsworthy about 'social news'? Characteristics and potential of an emerging genreEdward Hurcombe, Jean Burgess, Stephen HarringtonJournalism
2019-01-23Intersecting violence: Representations of Somali youth in the Canadian pressYasmin Jiwani, Ahmed Al-RawiJournalism
2019-01-24More Important, But Less Robust? Five Things Everybody Needs to Know about the Future of JournalismRasmus Kleis Nielsen, Meera SelvaReuters Institute report
2019-01-24Mapping Transnational Journalism in the Age of Flows: Or How I Ditched "Foreign Correspondence" and the "Immigrant Press" and Started to Love Histoire CroiséeCristina ArchettiJournalism Studies
2019-01-25Can an Algorithm Reduce the Perceived Bias of News? Testing the Effect of Machine Attribution on News Readers' Evaluations of Bias, Anthropomorphism, and CredibilityT. Franklin WaddellJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-01-25Field and Ecology Approaches to Journalism Innovation: The Role of Ancillary OrganizationsWilson Lowrey, Lindsey Sherrill & Ryan BroussardJournalism Studies
2019-01-25Newspaper Suicide Reporting in a Muslim Country: Analysis of Violations and Compliance with International GuidelinesShafiq Ahmad Kamboh & Muhammad IttefaqJournal of Media Ethics
2019-01-25An Examination of Journalistic Codes of Ethics in Anglophone West AfricaMichael Yao Wodui SerwornooJournal of Media Ethics
2019-01-25Multimodal storytelling in the news: Sequenced images as ideological scripts of otheringJan ChovanecDiscourse, Context & Media
2019-01-28Swedish teenagers' difficulties and abilities to determine digital news credibilityThomas Nygren & Mona GuathNordicom Review
2019-01-28Commercial or public service actors? Controversies in the nature of Russia's regional mass mediaOlga DovbyshRussian Journal of Communication
2019-01-28New and old institutions within the Russian media systemIlya KiriyaRussian Journal of Communication
2019-01-28'The Michael Jordan of greatness' - Extracting Vossian antonomasia from two decades of The New York Times, 1987-2007Frank Fischer Robert JäschkeDigital Scholarship in the Humanities
2019-01-29SIREN: A Simulation Framework for Understanding the Effects of Recommender Systems in Online News EnvironmentsDimitrios Bountouridis, Jaron Harambam, Mykola Makhortykh, Mónica Marrero, Nava Tintarev, Claudia HauffFAT* '19 Proceedings of the Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency
2019-01-29Analyzing Biases in Perception of Truth in News Stories and Their Implications for Fact CheckingMahmoudreza Babaei, Abhijnan Chakraborty, Juhi Kulshrestha, Elissa M. Redmiles, Meeyoung Cha, Krishna P. GummadiFAT* '19 Proceedings of the Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency
2019-01-29Tweeting about terror: A World Systems Theory approach to comparing international newspaper coverage onlineNataliya Roman, Mariam F Alkazemi, Margaret C StewartInternational Communication Gazette
2019-01-29How news media (de-)legitimize national and international climate politics - A content analysis of newspaper coverage in five countriesKatharina Kleinen-von Königslöw, Senja Post, Mike S SchäferInternational Communication Gazette
2019-01-29Bearing the Burden of Corporate Restructuring: Job Loss and Precarious Employment in Canadian JournalismNicole S. Cohen, Andrea Hunter & Penny O'DonnellJournalism Practice
2019-01-29PaperMiner - a real-time spatiotemporal visualization for newspaper articlesSangeetha Kutty Richi Nayak Paul Turnbull Ron Chernich Gavin Kennedy Kerry RaymondDigital Scholarship in the Humanities
2019-01-29Watching Disaster News Online and Offline: Audiences Experiencing News about Far-away Disasters in a Postbroadcast SocietyEline HuibertsTelevision & New Media
2019-01-29The Media and Opposing Voices: News Frames and Slants of Nigeria's Restructuring AgitationsGever Verlumun Celestine, Michael O. Ukonu & Eke Kalu OyeokuAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-01-29Beyond Misinformation: Survival Alternatives for Nigerian Media in the "Post-Truth" EraNnanyelugo Okoro & Nathan Oguche EmmanuelAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-01-30Emerging media, political protests, and government repression in autocracies and democracies from 1995 to 2012Britt Christensen, Jacob GroshekInternational Communication Gazette
2019-01-30Examining Knowledge as a Motivation for Attention to Breast Cancer-Related Information Across Different MediaXiaodong Yang, Liang ChenInternational Journal of Communication
2019-01-30Out of the shadows: The editor as a defining characteristic of journalismAndrew DuffyJournalism
2019-01-30Discourses around climate change in Brazilian newspapers: 2003-2013Carmen DayrellDiscourse & Communication
2019-01-30'"Fake news": reconsidering the value of untruthful expression in the face of regulatory uncertainty'Irini KatsireaJournal of Media Law
2019-01-31In Front of the Lens: The Expectations, Experiences, and Reactions of Visual Journalism's SubjectsT. J. ThomsonJournalism & Communication Monographs
2019-01-31Disagreements as a form of knowledge: How journalists address day-to-day conflicts between sourcesZvi Reich, Aviv BarnoyJournalism
2019-02-02International news flow theory revisited through a space-time interaction model: Application to a sample of 320 000 international news stories published through RSS flows by 31 daily newspapers in 2015"Claude GraslandInternational Communication Gazette
2019-02-04Are UK newspapers really dying? A financial analysis of newspaper publishing companiesMarc EdgeJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-02-05Representation of Women in the News: Balancing between Career and Family LifeHanne VandenbergheMedia and Communication
2019-02-05Unpacking Attitudes on Immigrants and Refugees: A Focus on Household Composition and News Media ConsumptionDavid De Coninck, Koen Matthijs, Marlies Debrael, Rozane De Cock, Leen d'HaenensMedia and Communication
2019-02-05Diversity in Western Countries: Journalism Culture, Migration Integration Policy and Public OpinionStefan Mertens, Leen d'Haenens, Rozane De CockMedia and Communication
2019-02-05An unnatural split: how 'human interest' sucks the life from significant newsPerry ParksMedia, Culture & Society
2019-02-05Material and sensory dimensions of everyday news useTim Groot Kormelink, Irene Costera MeijerMedia, Culture & Society
2019-02-06The bits and bytes of gender bias in online news: a quantitative content analysis of the representation of women in Vice.comJoke D'Heer, Justine Vergotte, Sara De Vuyst & Sarah Van LeuvenFeminist Media Studies
2019-02-06Toxic Toxteth: Understanding press stigmatization of Toxteth during the 1981 uprisingAlice ButlerJournalism
2019-02-06Effects of Frame Repetition Through Cues in the Online EnvironmentJiawei Liu, ByungGu Lee, Douglas M. McLeod & Hyesun ChoungMass Communication and Society
2019-02-07'Our Service': Normalizing CCTV's institutionalized practices through Chunyun discourseJianbo HouJournalism
2019-02-07What are newspaper editorials interested in? Understanding the idea of criteria of editorial-worthinessFrancisco Paulo Jamil Marques, Camila Mont'AlverneJournalism
2019-02-07Journalists' professional self-representations: A Portuguese perspective based on the contribution made by the sociology of professionsTiago Lima QuintanilhaJournalism
2019-02-07Blurred Boundaries: Toning Ethics in News RoutinesPatrick Ferrucci & Ross TaylorJournalism Studies
2019-02-07Exploring readers' evaluations of native advertisements in a mobile news appSimone Krouwer, Karolien Poels & Steve PaulussenJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-02-08News Media's Rhetoric on FacebookYngve Benestad HågvarJournalism Practice
2019-02-08The Appearance of Objectivity: How Immigration-Critical Alternative Media Report the NewsSilje NygaardJournalism Practice
2019-02-08The March of Time Radio Docudrama: Time Magazine, BBDO, and Radio Sponsors, 1931-39Cynthia B. MeyersAmerican Journalism
2019-02-08Heritage and Hate: Constructing Identity in the Raleigh News and Observer's Progressive-Era Coverage of the Ku Klux KlanP. Brooks FullerAmerican Journalism
2019-02-08"Watchdog" Journalists and "Shyster" Lawyers: Analyzing Legal Reform Discourse in the Journalistic Trade Press, 1895-1899Patrick C. FileAmerican Journalism
2019-02-08Who Is Nicholas Stanford?: The New York Times Music Critic and His Secret Role in the Rise of the "Liberal Media" ClaimSid BedingfieldAmerican Journalism
2019-02-09Funny Cats and Politics: Do Humorous Context Posts Impede or Foster the Elaboration of News Posts on Social Media?Raffael Heiss, Jörg MatthesCommunication Research
2019-02-09Funny Cats and Politics: Do Humorous Context Posts Impede or Foster the Elaboration of News Posts on Social Media?Raffael Heiss, Jörg MatthesCommunication Research
2019-02-10Explaining Online News Engagement Based on Browsing Behavior: Creatures of Habit?Judith Möller, Robbert Nicolai van de Velde, Lisa Merten, Cornelius PuschmannSocial Science Computer Review
2019-02-11Homogeneity-Based Transmissive Process to Model True and False News in Social NetworksJooyeon Kim, Dongkwan Kim, Alice OhWSDM '19 Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining
2019-02-11Beyond News Contents: The Role of Social Context for Fake News DetectionKai Shu, Suhang Wang, Huan LiuWSDM '19 Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining
2019-02-11Fake News: Fundamental Theories, Detection Strategies and ChallengesXinyi Zhou, Reza Zafarani, Kai Shu, Huan LiuWSDM '19 Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining
2019-02-11Across-Time Comparative Summarization of News ArticlesYijun Duan, Adam JatowtWSDM '19 Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining
2019-02-11Rhetorical contours of violent frames and the production of discursive violenceMichelle A. HollingCritical Studies in Media Communication
2019-02-11Journalism, Public, Policy: An Institutional View of the Press's Legal Discourse at the End of the 19th CenturyPatrick C. FileJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-02-11The Impact of the Digital Transformation on Sports Journalism Talk OnlineÅsa Kroon & Göran ErikssonJournalism Practice
2019-02-12Picturing two modernities Ecological modernisation and the media imagery of climate change"Jarkko KangasNordicom Review
2019-02-12Does that sound right? The effects of regulatory fit and nonfit headline frames on motivated information processingYu-Hao Lee, Bruce Getz & Min XiaoCommunication Monographs
2019-02-13The Role Performance of Native Advertising in Legacy and Digital-Only News MediaYou LiDigital Journalism
2019-02-13Assessing the Diffusion of Drones in Local Television NewsDouglas A. Ferguson, Clark F. GreerElectronic News
2019-02-13Rape jokes aren't funny: the mainstreaming of rape jokes in contemporary newspaper discourseSharon Lockyer & Heather SavignyFeminist Media Studies
2019-02-13Covering the Boko Haram crisis beyond the nation: Analysis of shifting time and space frames in news reportingNgozi AkinroInternational Communication Gazette
2019-02-13Effect of violation of social missions on public attitude towards a social enterprise crisis: Mediation of causal attribution and moderation of medium and framing of online articlesChing Yin Ip, Chaoyun LiangJournalism
2019-02-13Exploring the themes in the U.S. media coverage of Wanda's investments in HollywoodXiaoqun Zhang & Lou PeltonJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-02-14Considering the Marginalisation of Majority Groups: Injecting Subaltern Studies Insights into Normative Media TheoryMvuzo PononoCommunicatio
2019-02-14Memes against sexism? A multi-method analysis of the feminist protest hashtag #distractinglysexy and its resonance in the mainstream news mediaCornelia Brantner, Katharina Lobinger, Miriam StehlingConvergence
2019-02-14Covering Trump's 'Carnival': A Rhetorical Alternative to 'Objective' ReportingPerry ParksJournalism Practice
2019-02-14News Users on Facebook: Interaction Strategies on the Pages of El Paìs, la Repubblica, Le Monde, and The GuardianSara Bentivegna & Rita MarchettiJournalism Studies
2019-02-14What do news readers really want to read about? How relevance works for news audiencesKim Christian SchrøderReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2019-02-15A Trojan Horse for marketing? Solutions journalism in the French regional pressPauline Amiel, Matthew PowersEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-02-15Towards rising inequalities in newspaper and television news consumption? A longitudinal analysis, 2000-2016Annika Bergström, Jesper Strömbäck, Sofia ArkhedeEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-02-15Consonance and Diversity of Voices and Viewpoints: A New Paradigm to Study Actors' Cumulative Influence on Viewpoints in Immigration NewsAndrea MasiniInternational Journal of Communication
2019-02-15Bridging the Gaps: Transfer Between Scholarly Research and Newsrooms in Journalism Education - Toward an Evidence-Based Practice in an Age of Post-Truth and State of FluxKlaus Meier, Jonas SchützenederJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-02-15Religious motifs within reporting of the 7/7 London bombings in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Poland: A transnational agenda-setting network studyDamian GuzekJournalism
2019-02-16Creating in-between spaces through diasporic and mainstream media consumption: A comparison of four ethnocultural and immigrant communities in Ottawa, CanadaRukhsana Ahmed, Luisa VeronisInternational Communication Gazette
2019-02-17Participatory Populism: Online Discussion Forums on Mainstream News Sites During the 2014 European Parliament ElectionCharlotte Galpin & Hans-Jörg TrenzJournalism Practice
2019-02-18Covering Regional Blind Spots Commentary journalism in the regional public sphere"Birgit Røe Mathisen & Lisbeth MorlandstøNordicom Review
2019-02-19Pioneer journalism: Conceptualizing the role of pioneer journalists and pioneer communities in the organizational re-figuration of journalismAndreas Hepp, Wiebke LoosenJournalism
2019-02-19Optimizing Content with A/B Headline Testing: Changing Newsroom PracticesNick Hagar & Nicholas DiakopoulosMedia and Communication
2019-02-19Invisible Locative Media: Key Considerations at the Nexus of Place and Digital JournalismIvar John Erdal, Kjetil Vaage Øie, Brett Oppegaard, Oscar WestlundMedia and Communication
2019-02-19Insularized Connectedness: Mobile Chat Applications and News ProductionColin AgurMedia and Communication
2019-02-19Conducting Research on the World's Changing Mediascape: Principles and PracticesJohn V. Pavlik, Everette E Dennis, Rachel Davis Mersey, Justin GenglerMedia and Communication
2019-02-19Audience-Centric Engagement, Collaboration Culture and Platform Counterbalancing: A Longitudinal Study of Ongoing Sensemaking of Emerging TechnologiesSherwin Chua, Oscar WestlundMedia and Communication
2019-02-19The World at War: Three and a Half Decades of New York Times Conflict CoverageMeghan R Sobel, Seoyeon Kim, Daniel RiffeMedia, War & Conflict
2019-02-21It's the EU immigrants stupid! UKIP's core-issue and populist rhetoric on the road to BrexitCeri HughesEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-02-21The use of experts in journalistic accounts of media events: A comparative study of the 2005 London Bombings in British, American, and Russian newspapersOlesya VengerJournalism
2019-02-21Preparing Students for the Fight Against False Information With Visual Verification and Open Source ReportingAmy Schoenfeld WalkerJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-02-21Reinforcing spirals at work? Mutual influences between selective news exposure and ideological leaningPeter M. Dahlgren, Adam Shehata, Jesper StrömbäckEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-02-21Theorizing policy-industry processes: A media policy field approachKari Steen-Johnsen, Vilde Schanke Sundet, Bernard EnjolrasEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-02-21Agenda divergence in a developing conflict: Quantitative evidence from Ukrainian and Russian TV newsfeedsOlessia Koltsova, Sergei PashakhinMedia, War & Conflict
2019-02-22Teaching Truth, Lies, and Accuracy in the Digital Age: Media Literacy as Project-Based LearningYonty FriesemJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-02-22How Smartphones Have Changed the Job for Better and for Worse - The Experiences of ReportersJenny J. DeanJournalism Practice
2019-02-22Who Learns in Information Rich Contexts? The Informative Effects of the 2015 Spanish Electoral CampaignMonica Ferrín, Marta Fraile, Gema M. García-AlbaceteThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-02-23Making sense of the public service mission in media: youth audiences, competition, and strategic managementGregory Ferrell Lowe & Päivi MaijanenJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-02-26Crime news, fear of crime, and mistrust: an examination of protective factors against influences of local crime newsMasahiro Yamamoto, Weina Ran & Yumeng LuoAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-02-26Listicles and the modern news article: comparing the perceived credibility of listicles and traditional articles among millennial media consumersSean R. SadriAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-02-26Just don't say feminism: covering the domestic violence act in the women's pages of the Malaysian Malay-language pressSonia RandhawaFeminist Media Studies
2019-02-26Building journalists' resilience through mindfulness strategiesMark Pearson, Cait McMahon, Analise O'Donovan, Dustin O'ShannessyJournalism
2019-02-26Has India's tripartite cooperation with Brazil and South Africa helped it combat human trafficking? A news media framing analysis spanning two decadesTania Cantrell Rosas-Moreno, Deepti GanapathyJournalism
2019-02-27Too Hard to Shout Over the Loudest Frame: Effects of Competing Frames in the Context of the Crystallized Media Coverage on Offshore OutsourcingVolha Kananovich & Rachel YoungAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-02-27Earwitnessing Detention: Carceral Secrecy, Affecting Voices, and Political Listening in The Messenger PodcastMaria Rae, Emma Russell, Amy NetheryInternational Journal of Communication
2019-02-27Visual Presentation of Refugees During the "Refugee Crisis" of 2015-2016 on the Online Portal of the Croatian Public BroadcasterLjiljana SaricInternational Journal of Communication
2019-02-27The Representation of Graphene in the Online Press of the United States, the United Kingdom, and SpainBlanca Guasch, Sergi Cortiñas, Marta González, Santiago Justel-Vázquez, Javier PeñaInternational Journal of Communication
2019-02-27How Do Intermediaries Shape News-Related Media Repertoires and Practices? Findings From a Qualitative StudyJan-Hinrik Schmidt, Lisa Merten, Uwe Hasebrink, Isabelle Petrich, Amelie RolfsInternational Journal of Communication
2019-02-27Journalism Education in Post-Truth Era: Pedagogical Approaches based on Indian Journalism Students' Perception of Fake NewsHarikrishnan Bhaskaran, Harsh Mishra, Pradeep NairJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-02-27When Journalism and Automation Intersect: Assessing the Influence of the Technological Field on Contemporary NewsroomsShangyuan Wu, Edson C. Tandoc Jr. & Charles T. SalmonJournalism Practice
2019-02-27German Newspaper reports on the Japanese colonization of Korea from 1905 to 1910S.H. MunMedia History
2019-02-28Why there is no culture of journalists' safetyPeter GresteAustralian Journalism Review
2019-02-28Lingering doubts three years on: Safety dilemmas with the Al Jazeera case in EgyptAndrea BakerAustralian Journalism Review
2019-02-28UNESCO's safety of journalists agenda: What impact?Guy BergerAustralian Journalism Review
2019-02-28Covering terrorism safely in France, Belgium, Russia, Australia, the UK and the USAColleen Murrell, Verica RuparAustralian Journalism Review
2019-02-28Journalist safety trainings: Effective for all?Autumn Slaughter, Elana Newman, Bradley Brummel, Susan DrevoAustralian Journalism Review
2019-02-28Why do we have to search for a line here and there on safety for women journalists?Nonee Walsh, Abeer Saady, Fiona MartinAustralian Journalism Review
2019-02-28Tackling gendered violence online: evaluating digital safety strategies for women journalistsFiona MartinAustralian Journalism Review
2019-02-28Keeping their distance?: Navigating the complexities of journalist-public relationships in the social media ageKathryn BowdAustralian Journalism Review
2019-02-28The role of the media in regulating contested issues: The case of 'lafo' and 'koha' in New Zealand politicsCarlo BertiAustralian Journalism Review
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2019-02-28News Use as Amplification: Norwegian National, Regional, and Hyperpartisan Media on FacebookAnders Olof LarssonJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-03-01NO QUICK FIX: How Journalists Assess the Impact and Define the Boundaries of Solutions JournalismElia Powers & Alex CurryJournalism Studies
2019-03-01News on Events and Social Media: A Comparative Analysis of Facebook Users' ReactionsSusana Salgado & Giuliano BobbaJournalism Studies
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2019-03-01'This is (not) Entertainment!': media constructions of political scandal discourses in the 2016 US presidential electionLaura Vorberg, Anna ZeitlerMedia, Culture & Society
2019-03-01Case Half-Closed: The Hutchins Commission's Indictment of Pressure Groups for Media ManipulationStephen BatesMedia History
2019-03-01Russian newsrooms in digital era: challenges and prospectsAndrei V. Vyrkovsky, Marina Yu. Galkina, Alexander V. Kolesnichenko, Anastasia Yu. Obraztsova & Sergei A. VartanovRussian Journal of Communication
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2019-03-05Attribution Practices for the Man-Machine Marriage: How Perceived Human Intervention, Automation Metaphors, and Byline Location Affect the Perceived Bias and Credibility of Purportedly Automated ContentT. Franklin WaddellJournalism Practice
2019-03-06New issue of British Journalism ReviewBritish Journalism Review
2019-03-06On the relativity of old and new media: A lifeworld perspectiveManuel Menke, Christian SchwarzeneggerConvergence
2019-03-06Newsgames for the Greater Good: The Effects of Graphic Realism and Geographic Proximity on Knowledge Acquisition and Willingness to HelpJih-Hsuan Tammy Lin, Dai-Yun WuJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-03-06Blue-Collar Witnesses to Power: The Culture of Photographers at the Associated PressSoomin SeoJournalism Studies
2019-03-06Constructive journalism and Moyers' dictumMartin SeligmanJournalism
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2019-03-07How do Human Rights Fit into the Debate? The Representation and Frames of Social Movement Organizations in a Newspaper Debate on the 2010 French Eviction and Expulsion of Roma MigrantsChloë Delcour & Lesley HustinxJournalism Studies
2019-03-07Soft Spot for Soft News? Influences of Journalistic Role Conceptions on Hard and Soft News CoverageIsabella GloggerJournalism Studies
2019-03-07Risky satire: Examining how a traditional news outlet's use of satire can affect audience perceptions and future engagement with the news sourceJason T Peifer, Jessica Gall MyrickJournalism
2019-03-07Potential FCC Actions Against "Fake News": The News Distortion Policy and the Broadcast Hoax RuleJoel TimmerCommunication Law and Policy
2019-03-08Constructive Journalism in Arab Transitional Democracies: Perceptions, Attitudes and PerformanceRasha AllamJournalism Practice
2019-03-08(Re)defining Journalistic Expertise in the Digital Transformation: A Content Analysis of Job AnnouncementsLei Guo & Yong VolzJournalism Practice
2019-03-08Mobile Devices Offer Little In-depth News: Sensational, Breaking and Entertainment News Dominate Mobile News SitesArthur D. Santana & David M. DozierJournalism Practice
2019-03-08Don't Quote me: Effects of Named, Quoted, and Partisan News SourcesMegan Duncan, Kathleen Bartzen Culver, Douglas McLeod & Christopher KremmerJournalism Practice
2019-03-08From "Leftist" To "President": Journalism and Editorial Coverage of Brazil's Lula in Five ElectionsMariane Nava & Francisco Paulo Jamil MarquesJournalism Practice
2019-03-08News coverage of human rights: Investigating determinants of media attentionScott R MaierJournalism
2019-03-08Analyzing the legal roots and moral core of digital consentElizabeth Edenberg, Meg Leta JonesNew Media & Society
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2019-03-11The other 'fake' news: Professional ideals and objectivity ambitions in brand journalismMichael SerazioJournalism
2019-03-11Who will intervene to save news comments? Deviance and social control in communities of news commentersBrendan R Watson, Zhao Peng, Seth C LewisNew Media & Society
2019-03-11Protecting Europe's content production from US giantsSally Broughton Micova, Felix Hempel & Sabine JacquesJournal of Media Law
2019-03-12Examining innovation as process: Action research in journalism studiesAndrea Wagemans, Tamara WitschgeConvergence
2019-03-12Good Professional Reasons for Bad Journalism Practice: Inventing Audience Contributions in a Live Tv DebateMarcel Burger & Richard FitzgeraldJournalism Practice
2019-03-13Journalism Educators, Regulatory Realities, and Pedagogical Predicaments of the 'Fake News' Era: A Comparative Perspective on the Middle East and AfricaBruce Mutsvairo, Saba BebawiJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
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2019-03-14Determinant and Consequence of Online News Authorship Verification: Blind News Consumption Creates Press CredibilitySujin Choi, Jihoon LimInternational Journal of Communication
2019-03-14Free Market Media, Democracy, and Partisanship: A Case Study of Kolkata's Newspapers' Coverage of Anti-Industrialization ProtestsSuruchi MazumdarInternational Journal of Communication
2019-03-14Evaluating Job Satisfaction of Latino/a Journalists in Multimedia Newsrooms: A Comparative Examination Between 2010 and 2017María de los Ángeles FloresJournalism Practice
2019-03-14'Out is out and that's it the people have spoken': uses of vox pops in UK TV news coverage of the Brexit referendumAndrew TolsonCritical Discourse Studies
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2019-03-15Mass Media as a Source of Public ResponsivenessFabian G. Neuner, Stuart N. Soroka, Christopher WlezienThe International Journal of Press/Politics
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2019-03-16Media frames and public perceptions of global poverty in the UK: Is there a link?Mirjam Vossen, Lau SchulpenCommunications The European Journal of Communication Research
2019-03-16Still marginalized: Gender inequalities in the largest Polish daily's sports coverageDziubi?ski Zbigniew, Natalia Organista, Zuzanna MazurCommunications The European Journal of Communication Research"
2019-03-17Splendid isolation again? Brexit and the role of the press and online media in re-narrating the European discourseMarzia MaccaferriCritical Discourse Studies
2019-03-18Searching for Autonomy in Digital News Entrepreneurism ProjectsAnnett Heft & Leyla DogruelDigital Journalism
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2019-03-18Missing the Big Wave: Citizens' Discourses Against the Participatory Formats Adopted by News MediaJaume Suau, Pere Masip & Carlos RuizJournalism Practice
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2019-03-18Theorizing Journalism's Institutional Relationships: An Elaboration of Gatekeeping TheoryTim P. Vos & Frank Michael RussellJournalism Studies
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2019-03-18Journalistic construction of congruence: Chinese media's representation of common but differentiated responsibilities in environmental protectionXin ZhaoJournalism
2019-03-18'Just doing their job?' Journalism, online critique and the political resignation of Metiria TureiSean Phelan, Leon A SalterJournalism
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2019-03-19Per Diem Payments as a form of Censorship and Control: The Case of Guinea-Bissau's JournalismSusana Sampaio-DiasJournalism Studies
2019-03-19The representation of Syrian refugees in Turkey: a critical discourse analysis of three newspapersDuygu Onay-CokerContinuum
2019-03-19Safeguarding the South African public broadcaster: governance, civil society and the SABCVictoria Bronstein & Judith KatzewJournal of Media Law
2019-03-20More Than Virality: Online Sharing of Controversial News With Activated AudienceEun-mee Kim, Jennifer IhmJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-03-20More Than Virality: Online Sharing of Controversial News With Activated AudienceEun-mee Kim, Jennifer IhmJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-03-21Journalism and Social Media: Redistribution of Power?Marcel Broersma, Scott A. Eldridge IIMedia and Communication
2019-03-21Political Journalists and Their Social Media Audiences: New Power RelationsAxel Bruns, Christian NuernbergkMedia and Communication
2019-03-21Exploring Political Journalism Homophily on Twitter: A Comparative Analysis of US and UK Elections in 2016 and 2017Kelly FinchamMedia and Communication
2019-03-21Mapping Political Discussions on Twitter: Where the Elites Remain ElitesChrysi DagoulaMedia and Communication
2019-03-21The Role of Journalism on YouTube: Audience Engagement with 'Superbug' ReportingMonika Djerf-Pierre, Mia Lindgren, Mikayla Alexis BudinskiMedia and Communication
2019-03-21Crossing the Line between News and the Business of News: Exploring Journalists' Use of TwitterStephen JukesMedia and Communication
2019-03-21The Dislocation of News Journalism: A Conceptual Framework for the Study of Epistemologies of Digital JournalismMats Ekström, Oscar WestlundMedia and Communication
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2019-03-21'Ask what you can do to the Army': A textual analysis of the underground GI press during the Vietnam WarChad Painter, Patrick FerrucciMedia, War & Conflict
2019-03-21What is credibility made of?Aviv OvadyaTow Center report
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2019-03-24Complexity, Uncertainty and Change in News OrganizationsBartosz WilczekInternational Journal on Media Management
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2019-03-25User-generated news: Netizen journalism in China in the age of short videoYu XiangGlobal Media and China
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2019-03-25Prosumers in a digital multiverse: An investigation of how WeChat is affecting Chinese citizen journalismYan Wu, Matthew WallGlobal Media and China
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2019-03-25The professional boundaries of journalists in Hong Kong: Strategies of accepting and dismissing citizen journalistsFlorin C SerbanGlobal Media and China
2019-03-26Journalism in Disguise: Standpoint Theory and the Ethics of Günter Wallraff's Undercover ImmersionWilla McDonald & Bunty AviesonJournalism Practice
2019-03-26'Audubon is not Audubon': Journalism as communicative logic in the pages of an NGO-produced magazine, 1960-1976Suzannah Evans ComfortJournalism
2019-03-26For Local News, Americans Embrace Digital but Still Want Strong Community ConnectionPew Research Center Reports
2019-03-26MedieSverige 2019 - a comprehensive overview of today's media landscape in SwedenUlrika Facht and Jonas OhlssonNordicom
2019-03-26Mediebranchens omsætning og beskæftigelse [The media industry's turnover and employment] (summary in English)Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces
2019-03-27Biased Gatekeepers? Partisan Perceptions of Media Attention in the 2016 U.S. Presidential ElectionMallory R. PerrymanJournalism Studies
2019-03-27The Classroom-Community Connection Design: An Instructional Approach Guided by Service-Learning and Dual System of Vocational Education and Training to Improve Journalism Students' Workplace Readiness and Civic EngagementHyangsook LeeVisual Communication Quarterly
2019-03-27Trump TV: The Trump Campaign's Real News Update as Competitor to Cable NewsThomas GallagherVisual Communication Quarterly
2019-03-27The Swedish Media Barometer: First Results 2018Nordicom
2019-03-28Television News Repertoires, Exposure Diversity, and Voting Behavior in the 2016 U.S. ElectionThomas B. Ksiazek, Su Jung Kim, Edward C. MalthouseJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-03-28Claims-making, child saving, and the news mediaSteven A KohmCrime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
2019-03-28The Visual Framing of 'Failed' States: Afro-Pessimism vs Afro-OptimismOlli HellmannMedia, War & Conflict
2019-03-28Peace Journalism for Conflict Reporting: Insights from PakistanShabir HussainJournalism Practice
2019-03-28The vortex of multiculturalism in South Korea: a critical discourse analysis of the characterization of "multicultural children" in three newspapersJaran ShinCommunication and Critical/Cultural Studies
2019-03-28"Not an Ounce of Hollywood Bullshit": A Narrative Analysis of News Media Coverage of Spotlight's Oscar WinRonald BishopJournal of Communication Inquiry
2019-03-28A Public Record at Risk: The Dire State of News Archiving in the Digital AgeSharon Ringel and Angela WoodallTow Center report
2019-03-28Media Trends in the Nordic Countries - March 2019Nordicom
2019-03-29Whose Post-Truth Era? Confronting the Epistemological Challenges of Teaching JournalismJeff Tischauser, Jesse BennJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-03-29Sense and Nonsense: Teaching Journalism and Science Students to Be Advocates for Science and Information LiteracyKatherine Reed, Sara Shipley Hiles, Peter TiptonJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-03-29A Mirage of Change: Visibility of Politicians on TVE during the 2015 and 2016 General ElectionsJosé María García-de-Madariaga, José Antonio Navarro Moreno & Agustín Olmo LópezJournalism Practice
2019-03-29Increasingly Controversial, Cultural, and Political: The Immigration Debate in Scandinavian Newspapers 1970-2016Jan Fredrik Hovden & Hilmar MjeldeJavnost - The Public
2019-03-29From Competing Institutional Logics to the Action Horizons of Mediatised Political Performance: A New Approach to the Relationship between Media and Political ActionVille Kumpu, Risto Kunelius & Esa ReunanenJavnost - The Public
2019-03-31Abandoning Either/Ors in Analyzing Shifts in Humanitarian ReportingDavid Nolan, Stephanie Brookes & Michelle ImisonJournalism Practice
2019-03-3150 Ways to Make Media PayDamian RadcliffeWhat's New in Publishing
2019-04-01Combating Fake News: A Survey on Identification and Mitigation TechniquesKarishma Sharma, Feng Qian, He Jiang, Natali Ruchansky, Ming Zhang, Yan LiuACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST)
2019-04-01Online niches of English-language newspapers in Bangladesh: Analyzing news stories and user engagement on FacebookMohammad Yousuf, Md Mahfuzul Haque, Md Khadimul IslamNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-01Error message: Creation of a revised codebook for analysis of newspaper correctionsAlyssa Appelman, Kirstie E. HettingaNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-01Reporting terrorism in Muslim Asia: the Peshawar massacreSaira Ali, Umi KhattabMedia International Australia
2019-04-01An Entrance for the Uninterested: Who Watches Soft News and How Does It Affect Their Political Participation?Kim AndersenMass Communication and Society
2019-04-01Taxi Drivers as Reporters: Studying the Distinctive Journalism of the UTCC Voice NewsletterKrishnan VasudevanJournalism Studies
2019-04-01I Got a New Puppy! The Impact of Personal, Opinion, and Objective Tweets on a Journalist's and a News Organization's Perceived CredibilityKirsten A. JohnsonJournalism Practice
2019-04-01Personal Emotions, Experiences and Attacks: Immigration Debate in Scandinavian Comment SectionsIda AndersenJavnost - The Public
2019-04-01Gender under fire: portrayals of military women in the Australian print mediaDonna Bridges & Ben WadhamFeminist Media Studies
2019-04-02Chronic pain: Sources framing of post-traumatic stress in The New York TimesBarbara Barnett, Tien T LeeMedia, War & Conflict
2019-04-02"This is an American Newspaper" Editorial Opinions and the German Immigrant Press in 1917Elisabeth FondrenMedia History
2019-04-02Digging for (Ratings) Gold: The Connection Between Investigative Journalism and AudiencesJesse Abdenour & Daniel RiffeJournalism Studies
2019-04-02Selling their souls to the advertisers? How native advertising degrades the quality of prestige media outletsPhilipp Bachmann, Sévérine Hunziker & Tanja RüedyJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-04-02Space and legitimation: The multimodal representation of public space in news broadcast reports on Hooded RiotersCarolina Pérez-Arredondo, Camila Cárdenas-NeiraDiscourse & Communication
2019-04-02Reporting with WhatsApp: Mobile Chat Applications' Impact on Journalistic PracticesTomás DoddsDigital Journalism
2019-04-02Data Journalism Beyond Legacy Media: The case of African and European Civic Technology OrganizationsDavid Cheruiyot, Stefan Baack & Raul Ferrer-ConillDigital Journalism
2019-04-03Discursive Power in Contemporary Media Systems: A Comparative FrameworkAndreas Jungherr, Oliver Posegga, Jisun AnThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-04-03Data journalism and black-boxed data setsWilson Lowrey, Ryan Broussard, Lindsey A. SherrillNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-03Conflict and responsibility: Content analysis of American news media organizations' framing of North KoreaNathaniel Ming Curran, Jenna GibsonMedia, War & Conflict
2019-04-03Coping with Audience Hostility. How Journalists' Experiences of Audience Hostility Influence Their Editorial DecisionsSenja Post & Hans Mathias KepplingerJournalism Studies
2019-04-04User interactivity in online newspapers: Exploring the relationship between content features and user responseKyriakos Riskos, Paraskevi Dekoulou, George TsourvakasNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-04The front page as a time freezer: An analysis of the international newspaper coverage after the Charlie Hebdo attacksKatharina NiemeyerMedia, War & Conflict
2019-04-04The Reliability and Temporal Stability of Self-reported Media Exposure: A Meta-analysisMichael ScharkowCommunication Methods and Measures
2019-04-05The impact of grief journalism on its subjects: lessons from the Pike River mining disasterN. A. Moreham & Yvette TinsleyJournal of Media Law
2019-04-06Lessons in Innovation: How International News Organisations Combat Disinformation through Mission-Driven JournalismJulie Posetti with Felix Simon and Nabeelah ShabbirReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Report
2019-04-07Media Agenda Diversity and Intermedia Agenda Setting in a Controlled Media Environment: A Computational Analysis of China's Online NewsLei GuoJournalism Studies
2019-04-08Interactions between Journalists Located in Different Sides of a Conflict: A Comparative Study of Two Conflict ZonesYonatan Gonen & Abit HoxhaJournalism Studies
2019-04-08Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Journalism Students' Interpretive Repertoires for a Changing OccupationJane B. Singer & Marcel BroersmaJournalism Practice
2019-04-09Unpacking Journalists' (Dis)Trust: Expressions of Suspicion in the Narratives of Journalists Covering the Israeli-Palestinian ConflictTali Aharoni, Keren Tenenboim-WeinblattThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-04-09Free speech versus marginalized groups: Public and newspaper responses to the Charlie Hebdo attackJuan Liu, Ashik ShafiNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-09Influencing interaction: Does technology increase public participation on community journalism websites?Burton SpeakmanNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-09"Dreamers" or threat: Bilingual frame building of DACA immigrantsHector Rendon, Maria de Moya, Melissa A. JohnsonNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-09Difficulties with balance: Normative contestation, ambiguity and change in reporting AIDS denialismFranz KrügerJournalism
2019-04-09When "Journalism Kids" Do Better: A Reassessment of Secondary and Postsecondary Achievement and ActivitiesPiotr S. Bobkowski, Sarah B. CavanahJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-04-10Work-life balance in media newsroomsIrene Snyder, Kirsten Johnson, Michele Lee Kozimor-KingJournalism
2019-04-10Celebrating life or adversity? The redefinition of features in the Pictures of the Year International contestJennifer Midberry, Ryan N Comfort, Joseph E RoskosJournalism
2019-04-11The price of outsourcing: A content analysis of the effects of early deadlines on the sports section in The OklahomanStan Ketterer, John McGuire, Ray MurrayNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-11Regional media framing of the Confederate flag debate in South CarolinaChristopher Frear, Jane O'Boyle, Sei-Hill KimNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-11From sensation to stigma: Changing standards for suicide coverage in US journalism textbooks, 1894-2016Perry ParksJournalism
2019-04-11Direct Reader Address in Health-related Online News Articles: Imposing Problems and Projecting Desires for Action and Change onto ReadersElisabeth Muth Andersen, Anette Grønning, Maiju Hietaketo & Marjut JohanssonJournalism Studies
2019-04-11Historiography: Woman Suffrage and the MediaLinda J. LumsdenAmerican Journalism
2019-04-11Mediating Political Mobility as Stunt-Girl Entertainment: Newspaper Coverage of New York's Suffrage Hike to AlbanyTiffany LewisAmerican Journalism
2019-04-11Differently Radical: Suffrage Issues and Feminist Ideas in the Crisis and the MassesLinda M. GrassoAmerican Journalism
2019-04-11Covering a Countermovement on the Verge of Defeat: The Press and the 1917 Social Movement against Woman SuffrageTeri FinnemanAmerican Journalism
2019-04-12Connecting Classroom with Newsroom in the Digital Age: An Investigation of Journalism Education in the UAE, UK and USAShujun Jiang, Ali RafeeqAsia Pacific Media Educator
2019-04-14Seeking Justice on the Web: How News Media and Social Norms Drive the Practice of Cyber VigilantismStella C. ChiaSocial Science Computer Review
2019-04-14Playing the Right Way: In-House Sports Reporters and Media Ethics as Boundary WorkMichael MirerJournal of Media Ethics
2019-04-15Duvet woman versus action man: the gendered aetiology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome according to English newspapersRebecca Murray, Katy Day & Jane TobbellFeminist Media Studies
2019-04-16Media Freedom and Protest Events in the Global SouthMengyang ZhaoSocial Science Quarterly
2019-04-16From Interactions to the Mediatization of Politics. How the Relationships Between Journalists and Political Actors Explain Media Influences on Political Processes and the Presentation of PoliticsPhilip BaugutJournalism Studies
2019-04-16Young, free and biased: A comparison of mainstream and right-wing media coverage of the 2015-16 refugee crisis in German newspapersGerret von Nordheim, Henrik Mu?ller, Michael ScheppeJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-04-16Framing the mass media: Exploring 'fake news' as a frame embedded in political discourseJan R Riebling, Ina von der WenseJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-04-16US alt-right media and the creation of the counter-collective memoryKrzysztof WasilewskiJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-04-16User profiles for populist counter-media websites in FinlandElina Noppari, Ilmari Hiltunen, Laura AhvaJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-04-16Primacy of the leader, obscuration of followers: The discourse of leadership in the business mediaKedir Assefa TessemDiscourse, Context & Media
2019-04-16Uber's entrepreneurship discourse and its neoliberal appeal: analysis of coverage in English-language dailies in IndiaSmeeta Mishra & Dharma Raju BathiniCritical Discourse Studies
2019-04-16Does China's outward focused journalism engage a constructive approach? A qualitative content analysis of Xinhua News Agency's English newsXin Zhao & Yu XiangAsian Journal of Communication
2019-04-17News Algorithms, Photojournalism and the Assumption of Mechanical Objectivity in JournalismMatt CarlsonDigital Journalism
2019-04-17"API-Based Research" or How can Digital Sociology and Journalism Studies Learn from the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Data BreachTommaso Venturini & Richard RogersDigital Journalism
2019-04-17The Persistence of Ethnocentric Framing in Online News Coverage of European PoliticsDimitris TrimithiotisDigital Journalism
2019-04-17Expanding Media Law and Policy Education: Confronting Power, Defining Freedom, Awakening ParticipationErik UglandCommunication Law and Policy
2019-04-17Protecting Journalists' Sources Without a Shield: Four ProposalsAnthony L. FargoCommunication Law and Policy
2019-04-18The effects of news report valence and linguistic labels on prejudice against social minoritiesSylvie Graf, Pavla Linhartova & Sabine SczesnyMedia Psychology
2019-04-19Misrecognising the value of voice: anticipating inclusion beyond mainstream mediations of race and migrationTanya MuscatMedia, Culture & Society
2019-04-19Peripheral capital goes global: Naspers, globalisation and global media contraflowRuth Teer-Tomaselli, Keyan Tomaselli, Mpumelelo DludlaMedia, Culture & Society
2019-04-19Editorial policies and news discourse - how Al Jazeera's implicit guidelines shape its coverage of middle east conflictsLeon BarkhoJournalism
2019-04-19Media, politics and state broadcasting in GreecePetros Iosifidis, Stylianos PapathanassopoulosEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-04-21Gresham's Law and News in a Post-Truth WorldBranislav KovacicAsia Pacific Media Educator
2019-04-22Need for Orientation and Third-Person Effects of the Televised Debates in the 2016 U.S. Presidential ElectionRan Wei, Ven-Hwei Lo & Yicheng ZhuMass Communication and Society
2019-04-22How can Journalists Promote News Credibility? Effects of Evidences on Trust and CredibilityJakob Henke, Laura Leissner & Wiebke MöhringJournalism Practice
2019-04-22The discursive construction of 'Tunisianité' (2011-2017)Fethi HelalDiscourse & Communication
2019-04-23News Media Attitudes in FranceAmy Mitchell, Nami Sumida and Mason WalkerPew Research Center report
2019-04-23What Vox Pops Say and How That Matters: Effects of Vox Pops in Television News on Perceived Public Opinion and Personal OpinionKathleen BeckersJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
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2019-04-24Ethics Guidelines for Immersive JournalismAna Luisa Sánchez Laws & Tormod UtneFrontiers in Robotics and AI
2019-04-24Emigrants in contemporary Spanish press: A socio-cognitive approachMarisoldel-Teso-CraviottoDiscourse, Context & Media
2019-04-24A Digital Baron for a Digital Age: Chris Hughes and Neoliberalism's Ascendancy in JournalismShannon Rooney & Brian CreechDigital Journalism
2019-04-24Nonce Words in Mass Media Discourse (A Case Study of Travel Journalism Innovations)Kateryna NykytchenkoCommunication Today
2019-04-24Television News as an Information Source and Its Perception in SlovakiaJán Viš?ovský, Juliána Mináriková, ?uboš Greguš, Karina KubíkováCommunication Today
2019-04-24An Analysis of German-Language Media Texts on Topics Involving School and UniversityAnastasia Levitskaya & Lyudmila SeliverstovaCommunication Today
2019-04-24Media and Truth in the Perspective of the Practice and Life Form of the Modern "Homo Medialis"Sabína Gáliková TolnaiováCommunication Today
2019-04-25Case Studies in Collaborative Local JournalismJoy Jenkins, Lucas GravesReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
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2019-04-26Journalism, solidarity and the civil sphere: The case of Charlie HebdoMaría Luengo, Karoline Andrea IhlebækEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-04-26Locating the political and the aesthetic in media spectacles in IndiaIla AhlawatFeminist Media Studies
2019-04-26From the margin to the centre? A relational analysis of discursive contention in the minority integration debate in the Low CountriesAnna Berbers, Justus Uitermark, Vincent A Traag, Leen d'HaenensInternational Communication Gazette
2019-04-26The language of suffering: Media discourse and public attitudes towards the MH17 air tragedy in Malaysia and the UKTheng Theng Ong, Robert M. McKenzieDiscourse & Communication
2019-04-26Reconstructing mothers' responsibility and guilt: Journalistic coverage of the 'Remedia Affair' in IsraelCarolin AronisDiscourse & Communication
2019-04-26From The Club Stage to the National Scene: How Mass Media Interpreted Two Comedians as Important Immigrant VoicesJohn Magnus R. DahlJavnost - The Public
2019-04-26Identity, Empathy and Argument: Immigrants in Culture and Entertainment Journalism in the Scandinavian PressKristina Riegert & Jan Fredrik HovdenJavnost - The Public
2019-04-28A motivation-based typology of media companies' cross-border engagementJohanna E Möller, Pamela Nölleke-Przybylski, Denise Voci, M Bjørn von Rimscha, Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen, Matthias KarmasinEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-04-29Encoding the UX: User Interface as a Site of Encounter between Data Journalists and Their Constructed AudiencesBissie Anderson & Eddy Borges-ReyDigital Journalism
2019-04-30Portraying China as an alternative to U. S. Hegemony: The China daily's framing of the arab springJae Sik Ha & Donghee ShinAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-04-30To Verify or to Disengage: Coping with "Fake News" and AmbiguityAndrea WenzelInternational Journal of Communication
2019-04-30Not practicing what they preached! Exploring negative spillover effects of news about ex-politicians' hypocrisy on party attitudes, voting intentions, and political trustChristian von Sikorski & Christina HerbstMedia Psychology
2019-05-01Journalists and mental health: The psychological toll of covering everyday traumaNatalee SeelyNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-01Is the Confirmation Bias Bubble Larger Online? Pre-Election Confirmation Bias in Selective Exposure to Online versus Print Political InformationGeorge David Hooke Pearson & Silvia Knobloch-WesterwickMass Communication and Society
2019-05-02Journalism and 7/7: Resurveying the terrainJulian MatthewsJournalism
2019-05-02Breaking news on Wikipedia: collaborating, collating and competingBunty AviesonFirst Monday
2019-05-03"Girl power gone wrong": #MeToo, Aziz Ansari, and media reporting of (grey area) sexual violenceSophie Hindes & Bianca FilebornFeminist Media Studies
2019-05-03'Discursive news values analysis' of Iranian crime news reports: Perspectives from the cultureMohammad MakkiDiscourse & Communication
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2019-05-04HCI for Accurate, Impartial and Transparent Journalism: Challenges and SolutionsTanja Aitamurto, Mike Ananny, Chris W. Anderson, Larry Birnbaum, Nicholas Diakopoulos, Matilda Hanson, Jessica Hullman, Nick RitchieCHI EA '19 Extended Abstracts of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
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2019-05-06Ideals of Journalism the Historical Consecration of Media Capital in Prize Awards and the Case of the Danish Cavling Award 1945-2016Ida WilligMedia History
2019-05-06Can Indian journalism survive the onslaught of social media?Usha M RodriguesGlobal Media and Communication
2019-05-07To Pass or Not to Pass: How Corporate Characteristics Affect Corporate Visibility and Tone in Company News CoverageJeroen G.F. Jonkman, Damian Trilling, Piet Verhoeven & Rens VliegenthartJournalism Studies
2019-05-08Digital Journalism: Defined, Refined, or Re-definedAndrew Duffy & Peng Hwa AngDigital Journalism
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2019-05-08The 5Ws and 1H of Digital JournalismSilvio WaisbordDigital Journalism
2019-05-08Why Journalism Is About More Than Digital TechnologyBarbie ZelizerDigital Journalism
2019-05-08Navigating the Scholarly Terrain: Introducing the Digital Journalism Studies CompassScott A. Eldridge II, Kristy Hess, Edson C. Tandoc Jr. & Oscar WestlundDigital Journalism
2019-05-08Digital Journalism as Symptom, Response, and Agent of Change in the Platformed Media EnvironmentJean Burgess & Edward HurcombeDigital Journalism
2019-05-08Digital Journalism as Symptom, Response, and Agent of Change in the Platformed Media EnvironmentJean Burgess & Edward HurcombeDigital Journalism
2019-05-08The news prism of nationalism versus globalism: How does the US, UK and Chinese elite press cover 'China's rise'?Yunya Song, Chin-Chuan Lee, Zeping HuangJournalism
2019-05-08Transnational news media coverage of distant suffering in the Syrian civil war: An analysis of CNN, Al-Jazeera English and Sputnik online news">Xu Zhang, Catherine A. LutherMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-08Re-enacting the past in TV news on war crime trials: A method for analysis of visual narratives in archival footageKatarina Risti?Media, War & Conflict
2019-05-08Transnational news media coverage of distant suffering in the Syrian civil war: An analysis of CNN, Al-Jazeera English and Sputnik online newsXu Zhang, Catherine A. LutherMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-08Re-enacting the past in TV news on war crime trials: A method for analysis of visual narratives in archival footageKatarina Risti?Media, War & Conflict
2019-05-09News Values and the Ethical Dilemmas of Covering Violent ExtremismAbdullahi Tasiu AbubakarJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-05-09Social media as public opinion: How journalists use social media to represent public opinionShannon C McGregorJournalism
2019-05-09But her emails! How journalistic preferences shaped election coverage in 2016Kathleen Searles, Kevin K BandaJournalism
2019-05-09Twitter as a tool for agenda building in election campaigns? The case of AustriaJosef Seethaler, Gabriele MelischekJournalism
2019-05-09Glocalization and international news-photo production: News images from Israel made for global news marketsJonathan IlanJournalism
2019-05-09The lack of listening: News sources in South Africa's five general elections, 1994-2014Bernadine JonesJournalism
2019-05-09Comparative international studies of election campaign communication: What should happen next? Frank EsserJournalism
2019-05-09The present in retrospect: Press reporting of UK General Elections, 1918-2015David Deacon, Emily HarmerJournalism
2019-05-09'Cheap Talk'? Second screening and the irrelevance of TV political debatesAndrea Ceron, Sergio SplendoreJournalism
2019-05-09'Up close and in person': United States and Australian political reporters' changing conceptions of the value of campaign coverageStephanie BrookesJournalism
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2019-05-10Terms of reference and objectivity in US press reports in the Gulf War in 1990Sonja KuosmanenJournalism
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2019-05-13Understanding Reader Backtracking Behavior in Online News ArticlesYoujin Shin, Uzi Smadja, Simon Woo, Max Grusky, Yoav Artzi, Mor NaamanWWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13Measuring Political Personalization of Google News SearchRon Lavi, Huyen Le, Or Sattath, Raven Maragh, Aviv Zohar, Brian Ekdale, Andrew High, Timothy Havens, Zubair ShafiqWWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13Automated Fact Checking in the News RoomMohamed Nadjib Mami, Sebastião Miranda, Damien Graux, David Nogueira, Simon Scerri, Afonso Mendes, et al.WWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13What happened? The Spread of Fake News Publisher Content During the 2016 U.S. Presidential ElectionCeren BudakWWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13Quality Effects on User Preferences and Behaviorsin Mobile News StreamingHongyu Lu, Min Zhang, Weizhi Ma, Yunqiu Shao, Yiqun Liu, Shaoping MaWWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13Content based News Recommendation via Shortest Entity Distance over Knowledge GraphsKevin Joseph, Hui Jiang WWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13How New is the (RDF) News?Tomer Sagi, Yael Wolf, Katja Hose WWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13A Link-based Approach to Detect Media Bias in News WebsitesVictoria Patricia Aires, Fabiola G. Nakamura, Eduardo F. NakamuraWWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13The Power of Temporal Features for Classifying News ArticlesLukas Lange, Omar Alonso, Jannik StrötgenWWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-14Whose voices are heard? The byline gender gap on Argentine news sitesEugenia Mitchelstein, Pablo J Boczkowski, Victoria Andelsman, Paloma Etenberg, Marina Weinstein, Tomás BombauJournalism
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2019-05-15The local-mobile paradox: Missed innovation opportunities at local newspapersMeg Heckman, John WihbeyNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-15Human Still in the Loop Editors Reconsider the Ideals of Professional Journalism Through AutomationMarko Milosavljevi? & Igor Vobi?Digital Journalism
2019-05-15'Picturing Afghan Women' for Western audiences: The Afghan perspectiveSaumava MitraJournalism
2019-05-15News agency output and the framing of television news crisis output: 9/11 as a case studyChris HorrieJournalism
2019-05-15The economics of free newspapers: the business value of banal cosmopolitanism in the city of flowsChristian Lamour & Nathalie LorentzJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-05-15HiPPOs (Highest Paid Person's Opinion) in the Swedish Media Industry on Innovation: A Study of News Media Leaders' Attitudes towards InnovationEster Appelgren, Gunnar NygrenThe Journal of Media Innovations
2019-05-15Is It Top-Down, Trickle-Up, or Reciprocal?: Testing Longitudinal Relationships between Youth News Use and Parent and Peer Political DiscussionChance YorkCommunication Studies
2019-05-15'We are at war': Continuity and rupture in French anti-terrorist discourseJulien FragnonMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-16The roles of identity and emotion in media events' social integration mechanism: a case study of the 2017 U.S. presidential inaugurationXi Cui & Qian XuAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-05-16Incidental News Exposure on Social Media: A Campaign Communication Mediation ApproachMasahiro Yamamoto, Alyssa C. MoreySocial Media + Society
2019-05-17Who writes a press release? Changing audience perceptions of journalists as marketers of news, not just reportersCaroline Fisher, Sora Park, Jee Young LeeJournalism
2019-05-17Once a journalist, not always a journalist? Causes and consequences of job changes from journalism to public relationsBenno Viererbl, Thomas KochJournalism
2019-05-17Determining economic news about China in global news feed: Evidence from Global Database of Events, Language and ToneYicheng ZhuGlobal Media and China
2019-05-17Framing the news on the Syrian War: A comparative study of and editorialsRayeheh AlitavoliMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-17Charlie Hebdo, 2015: 'Liveness' and acceleration of conflict in a hybrid media eventJohanna Sumiala, Minttu Tikka, Katja ValaskiviMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-17Framing the news on the Syrian War: A comparative study of and editorialsRayeheh AlitavoliMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-18Intersections of nationality, gender, race and crime in news reporting: The case of Oscar Pistorius - Olympian and murdererSally Hunta, Sylvia JaworskabDiscourse, Context & Media
2019-05-19Servant of two masters: How social media editors balance between mass media logic and social media logicKeren Tsuriel, Shira Dvir Gvirsman, Limor Ziv, Hagar Afriat-Aviv, Lidor IvanJournalism
2019-05-19How journalists understand the threats and opportunities of new technologies: A study of security mind-sets and its implications for press freedomLokman Tsui, Francis LeeJournalism
2019-05-19'Stay informed', 'become an insider' or 'drive change': Repackaging newspaper subscriptions in the digital ageEfrat Nechushtai, Lior ZalmansonJournalism
2019-05-19Pathways to news commenting and the removal of the comment system on news websitesJiawei Liu, Douglas M. McLeodJournalism
2019-05-20What Predicts Selective Exposure Online: Testing Political Attitudes, Credibility, and Social IdentityMagdalena WojcieszakCommunication Research
2019-05-20Framing Use of Force: An Analysis of News Organizations' Social Media Posts About Police ShootingsErin Ash, Yiwei Xu, Alexandria Jenkins, Chenjerai KumanyikaElectronic News
2019-05-20Modelling Quoting in Newswriting: A Framework for Studies on the Production of NewsLauri HaapanenJournalism Practice
2019-05-21Smartphones, Wechat and Paid Content: Journalists and Sources in a Chinese NewspaperDan Wang & Colin SparksJournalism Studies
2019-05-21Public Service Media in Europe: Exploring the Relationship between Funding and Audience PerformanceFlorian Saurwein, Tobias Eberwein & Matthias KarmasinJavnost - The Public
2019-05-22Hostile Media Perceptions of Friendly Media Do Reinforce PartisanshipJan Kleinnijenhuis, Tilo Hartmann, Martin Tanis, Anita M. J. van HoofCommunication Research
2019-05-22Civic participation and connectivity with a metro newspaperEsther Thorson, Weiyue Chen, Stephen LacyNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-22Mediating empathy: The role of news consumption in mitigating attitudes about race and immigrationKelly KaufholdNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-22News stories framed episodically offer more diversified portrayals of immigrantsFrancesco SomainiNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-22De-Westernizing African Journalism Curriculum Through Glocalization and HybridizationBellarmine EzumahJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-05-22Exemplars as Argumentative Strategy in Broadcast News: Analyzing the Case of ChileIngrid Bachmann & Constanza MujicaJournalism Practice
2019-05-22The Rise of a Populist Zeitgeist? A Content Analysis of Populist Media Coverage in Newspapers Published between 1990 and 2017Michael Hameleers & Rens VliegenthartJournalism Studies
2019-05-22The Cultivation of Idealistic Moral Expectations: The Role of Television Exposure and Narrative EngageabilityHelena Bilandzic, Cornelia Schnell & Freya SukallaMass Communication and Society
2019-05-22Designing and Testing News Literacy Messages for Social MediaMelissa Tully, Emily K. Vraga & Leticia BodeMass Communication and Society
2019-05-23"Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place": How Kenyan Journalists are Coping with Pressure for Media AccountabilityJared Obuya & Charles Ong'ondoAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-05-23Yes to bezique, no to aqueduct: a critical discourse analysis of how U.S. news covers sororitiesShane M. Graber & Kelsey N. WhippleFeminist Media Studies
2019-05-23Men Appear Twice as Often as Women in News Photos on FacebookOnyi Lam, Stefan Wojcik, Adam Hughes & Brian BroderickPew Research Center report
2019-05-23Big Data and quality data for fake news and misinformation detectionFatemeh Torabi Asr, Maite TaboadaBig Data & Society
2019-05-23Perceptions of democracy and the rise of Donald Trump: A framing analysis of Saudi Arabian mediaBenjamin Isakhan, Zim Nwokora, Chengxin PanGlobal Media and Communication
2019-05-23Pushback: Democracies delegitimising a free pressJames MilesReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Fellow Paper
2019-05-24The Dynamics of Media Landscape and Media Policy in IndonesiaVidi SukmayadiAsia Pacific Media Educator
2019-05-25The effects of journalistic transparency on credibility assessments and engagement intentionsAlexander L Curry, Natalie Jomini StroudJournalism
2019-05-25Factors Motivating Customization and Echo Chamber Creation Within Digital News EnvironmentsBrooke E. Auxier, Jessica VitakSocial Media + Society
2019-05-27U.S. media coverage of Brittany Maynard's choice to die: how ideology and framing convergedKimberly Lauffer & Sean BakerAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-05-27Configuring terrorism in the age of ISIS: The New York Times' coverage of the 2015 Beirut and Paris attacksAmani Ismail, Smeeta MishraGlobal Media and Communication
2019-05-28Shut down or turn off? The interplay between news overload and consumptionVictoria Y. Chen & Gina Masullo ChenAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-05-28A Chink in the Charm? A Framing Analysis of Coverage of Chinese Aid in the Ghanaian MediaAbena A. Yeboah-Banin, Gilbert Tietaah & Sarah Akrofi-QuarcooAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-05-28New issue of British Journalism ReviewBritish Journalism Review
2019-05-28The Persistence of the Popular in Mobile News ConsumptionJacob L. NelsonDigital Journalism
2019-05-28Data Journalism in the Arab Region: Role Conflict ExposedNorman P. Lewis & Eisa Al NashmiDigital Journalism
2019-05-29What shapes the coverage of immigrationPaolo Mancini, Marco Mazzoni, Giovanni Barbieri, Marco Damiani, Matteo GerliJournalism
2019-05-29Place/Space and the Challenges Facing Local Journalism and Local Journalism ResearchPhilip M. NapoliJournalism & Communication Monographs
2019-05-29From the Shipping News to Snapchat: Problems of Space, Place, and Power in JournalismRobert E. Gutsche, Jr.Journalism & Communication Monographs
2019-05-29Place as Scene: News, Drama, and the Southern BorderJack LuleJournalism & Communication Monographs
2019-05-29Putting "Place" in the Center of Journalism Research: A Way Forward to Understand Challenges to Trust and Knowledge in NewsNikki UsherJournalism & Communication Monographs
2019-05-29Brother or 'Other'? Transformation of strategic narratives in Russian television news during the Ukrainian crisisIrina KhaldarovaMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-30How media companies use data to sign up digital subscribers (and keep them)Michael LeitnerReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Fellow Paper
2019-05-30Philosophy of Technology: Who Is in the Saddle?Jeremy Swartz, Janet Wasko, Carolyn Marvin, Robert K. Logan, Beth ColemanJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-05-31How agenda setting works: A dual path model and motivated reasoningNa Yeon LeeJournalism
2019-05-31Representation of news related to culturally diverse population in Australian mediaUsha M Rodrigues, Michael Niemann, Yin ParadiesJournalism
2019-05-31Does incidental exposure on social media equalize or reinforce participatory gaps? Evidence from a panel studyRaffael Heiss, Jörg MatthesNew Media & Society
2019-05-31Organizational adaptations to social media: How social media news workers in the Philippines are embedded in newsrooms and influences on editorial practicesClarissa C. David, Edson C. Tandoc, Evelyn KatigbakNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-31Restorative narrative as contextual journalistic reportingNicole Smith DahmenNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-31"Roy's Turkish Delight": Football, Nationalism and the Representation of Turkey in the British Sports MediaNilufer TurksoyJournalism Practice
2019-06-02An Ethics of (not) Showing: Citizen Witnessing, Journalism and Visualizations of a Terror AttackMaria NilssonJournalism Practice
2019-06-02Testing popular news discourse on the "echo chamber" effect: Does political polarisation occur among those relying on social media as their primary politics news source?An Nguyen, Hong Tien VuFirst Monday
2019-06-03The Persuasive Effect of Journalistic Storytelling: Experiments on the Portrayal of Exemplars in the NewsCorinna Oschatz, Katharina Emde-Lachmund, Christoph KlimmtJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-06-03State-Media Consensus on Going to War? Australian Newspapers, Political Elites, and Fighting the Islamic StatePeter E. Mulherin, Benjamin IsakhanThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-06-03Qualitative Quotes: The Prevalence and Effects of Survey Respondent Exemplars in Political News CoverageBen Gaskins, Jason Barabas, Jennifer JeritThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-06-03The Waste Products of the American Dream: framing Black cultural pathology in the dominant news media in times of crisisBrittany LewisCritical Studies in Media Communication
2019-06-03How did Americans Really Think About the Apple/FBI Dispute? A Mixed-method StudyAngela M. Lee & Ori TenenboimJournalism Practice
2019-06-03Beyond Time and Space: The Impact of Autonomy from Politics and Commercialization Pressure on Mediatization in German and Austrian Newspapers - A Multilevel ApproachMelanie Magin & Stefan GeißPolitical Communication
2019-06-03'The right not to have anything': the 'Nasreddin in Russia' newspaperNarmina AbdulaevRussian Journal of Communication
2019-06-03The U.S. Military Veteran in News Photographs: Representation and StereotypesScott Parrott, David L. Albright, Hailey Grace Steele & Caitlin DycheVisual Communication Quarterly
2019-06-04Framing overseas Chinese students: A comparative analysis of newspaper coverage in mainland China, U.S., and Hong KongYan Su, Porismita BorahInternational Communication Gazette
2019-06-04US prisms and prejudice through mediating the Middle EastKarin G WilkinsInternational Communication Gazette
2019-06-04Editors versus audiences facing news: Is this discrepancy also repeated on social news networks?Santi Urrutia, Begoña Zalbidea, Idoia Camacho, Jose Mari PastorJournalism
2019-06-04News You Can't Use: Jon Stewart's Daily Show Media CritiquesJulia R. Fox, Edo SteinbergJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-06-04Narratives of death: Systemic determinants of the coverage of a Public Health Emergency of International ConcernAdaobi Vivian DuruGlobal Media and Communication
2019-06-05Journalists' Perception of Time Pressure: A Global PerspectiveHalliki Harro-Loit & Beate JosephiJournalism Practice
2019-06-05Many Americans Say Made-Up News Is a Critical Problem That Needs To Be FixedAmy Mitchell, Jeffrey Gottfried, Sophia Fedeli, Galen Stocking And Mason WalkerPew Research Center survey
2019-06-06If Only They Knew: Audience Expectations and Actual Sourcing Practices in Online JournalismVille J. E. ManninenJournalism Practice
2019-06-06The role of city rankings in local public policy design: Urban competitiveness and economic pressAlberto Carrera PortugalGlobal Media and China
2019-06-06Through Reflective Lenses: Enhancing Students' Perceptions of Their Media Writing SkillsHolli R. Leggette, Tobin Redwine, Brytann BusickJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-06-06The Difference Culture Makes Comparing Swedish news and cultural journalism on the 2015 terrorist attacks in ParisKristina Riegert, Andreas WidholmNordicom Review
2019-06-08The emergence of the hybrid older reader: A cross-national studyHanna Adoni, Galit NimrodCommunications
2019-06-08Why do we click? Investigating reasons for user selection on a news aggregator websiteSabrina Heike Kessler, Ines EngelmannCommunications
2019-06-09The Layers of The Onion: The Impact of Satirical News on Affect and Online Sharing BehaviorsElise M. Stevens, Karen McIntyreElectronic News
2019-06-10Digital disruption? Journalism startups in IndiaRevati PrasadJournalism
2019-06-10In their own words: A normative-empirical approach to journalistic roles around the worldOlivier Standaert, Thomas Hanitzsch, Jonathan DedonderJournalism
2019-06-10The seriousness of storytelling: What constraints to professional news routines reveal about the state of journalistic autonomy in local television newsroomsKeren HendersonJournalism
2019-06-10The year in between: 1917, Passchendaele, and the Queensland pressMartin Kerby, Margaret BaguleyMedia, War & Conflict
2019-06-11Digital News Report 2019 - South Africa Supplementary ReportChris Roper, Nic Newman, Anne SchulzReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2019-06-11Community media, their communities and conflict: A mapping analysis of Israeli community broadcasting groupsHillel Nossek, Nico CarpentierJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-06-11The printed (French-speaking) alternative media in Belgium: Journalism or activism?Robin Van LeeckwyckJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-06-11Diverging ideals of autonomy: Non-state media in Cuba challenging a broken media monopolyAnne NatvigJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-06-11Journalism Versus the Flying Saucers: Assessing the First Generation of UFO Reportage, 1947-1967Phillip J. Hutchison & Herbert J. StrentzAmerican Journalism
2019-06-11A Forgotten Pioneer in Sports Television: Phillies Jackpot Bowling (1959-1960)Nicholas HirshonAmerican Journalism
2019-06-11Stoicism and Courage as Journalistic Values: What Early Journalism Textbooks Taught About Newsroom EthosRaymond McCaffreyAmerican Journalism
2019-06-11Unveiling the "Sick Elephant": CIA Public Relations and the Soviet Economic Forecast Controversy of 1964Matthew CecilAmerican Journalism
2019-06-11A social semiotic analysis of gender power in Nigeria's newspaper political cartoonsOamen FeliciaSocial Semiotics
2019-06-12Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2019Nic Newman, Richard Fletcher, Antonis Kalogeropoulos and Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2019-06-12The Paradox of Participation Versus Misinformation: Social Media, Political Engagement, and the Spread of MisinformationSebastián Valenzuela, Daniel Halpern, James E. Katz & Juan Pablo MirandaDigital Journalism
2019-06-12On the Democratic Role of News RecommendersNatali HelbergerDigital Journalism
2019-06-12Making Video News Visible: Identifying the Optimization Strategies of the Cybermedia on YouTube Using Web MetricsCarlos Lopezosa, Enrique Orduna-Malea & Mario Pérez-MontoroJournalism Practice
2019-06-13Data Journalism Projects Based on User-Generated Content. How La Nacion Data Transforms Active Audience into StaffBella Palomo, Laura Teruel & Elena Blanco-CastillaDigital Journalism
2019-06-13Key Dimensions of Alternative News MediaKristoffer Holt, Tine Ustad Figenschou & Lena FrischlichDigital Journalism
2019-06-13Who Shared It?: Deciding What News to Trust on Social MediaDavid Sterrett, Dan Malato, Jennifer Benz, Liz Kantor, Trevor Tompson, Tom Rosenstiel, Jeff Sonderman & Kevin LokerDigital Journalism
2019-06-14Newspaper Framing of Biafra Agitation Under Buhari's Administration and its Influence on Public Support for the StruggleChinenye Nwabueze & Ephraim EzebuenyiAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-06-14Proximity and Networked News Public: Structural Topic Modeling of Global Twitter Conversations about the 2017 Quebec Mosque ShootingK. Hazel Kwon, Monica Chadha, Feng WangInternational Journal of Communication
2019-06-14(Re)constructing Professional Journalistic Practice in Mexico: Verificado's Marketing of Legitimacy, Collaboration, and Pop Culture in Fact-Checking the 2018 ElectionsNadia I. Martínez-Carrillo, Daniel J. TamulInternational Journal of Communication
2019-06-14Unpublishing the News: An Analysis of U.S. and South Korean Journalists' Discourse About an Emerging PracticeHye Soo Nah, Stephanie CraftInternational Journal of Communication
2019-06-14The Gift of News: Phatic News Sharing on Social Media for Social CohesionAndrew Duffy & Rich LingJournalism Studies
2019-06-16Just Getting By? Francophone Belgian Journalists Dealing with Dutch-language Sources in Their Public Broadcasting ServiceOlivier Standaert, Catherine Bouko & Astrid VandendaeleJournalism Practice
2019-06-16Aggregation, Clickbait and Their Effect on Perceptions of Journalistic Credibility and QualityLogan Molyneux & Mark CoddingtonJournalism Practice
2019-06-17"Like Being Shot in the Face" or "I'm Glad I'm Out": Journalists' Experiences of Job Loss in the Australian Media Industry 2012-2014Matthew Ricketson, Andrew Dodd, Lawrie Zion & Monika WinarnitaJournalism Studies
2019-06-17Diverging patterns of interaction around news on social media: insularity and partisanship during the 2018 Italian election campaignFabio Giglietto, Augusto Valeriani, Nicola Righetti & Giada MarinoInformation, Communication & Society
2019-06-18Old Habits, New Realities: Digital Newsrooms in Kenyan Commercial Media HousesWambui Wamunyu & j. Siguru WahutuAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-06-18Selling News to Audiences - A Qualitative Inquiry into the Emerging Logics of Algorithmic News Personalization in European Quality News MediaBalázs BodóDigital Journalism
2019-06-18Weathering the Storm: Occupational Stress in Journalists Who Covered Hurricane HarveyGretchen Dworznik-HoakJournalism Studies
2019-06-18How Autocrats Manipulate Economic News: Evidence from Russia's State-Controlled TelevisionArturas Rozenas and Denis StukalThe Journal of Politics
2019-06-19Antecedents of Incidental News Exposure: The Role of Media Preference, Use and TrustManuel GoyanesJournalism Practice
2019-06-19Protests, Media Coverage, and a Hierarchy of Social StruggleDanielle K. Kilgo, Summer HarlowThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-06-20A new league, new coverage? Comparing tweets and media coverage from the first season of AFLWMerryn Sherwood, Marissa Lordanic, Tharindu Bandaragoda, Emma Sherry, Damminda AlahakoonMedia International Australia
2019-06-20How journalists innovate in the newsroom. Proposing a model of the diffusion of innovations in media outletsJose Alberto García-Avilés, Miguel Carvajal-Prieto, Félix Arias, Alicia De Lara-GonzálezThe Journal of Media Innovations
2019-06-20HiPPOs (Highest Paid Person's Opinion) in the Swedish Media Industry on Innovation: A Study of News Media Leaders' Attitudes towards InnovationEster Appelgren, Gunnar NygrenThe Journal of Media Innovations
2019-06-20Innovation and Value Creation in Local MediaLisbeth MorlandstøThe Journal of Media Innovations
2019-06-21Refugee and Asylum News Coverage in UK Print and Online MediaLindsey E. Blumell, Mel Bunce, Glenda Cooper & Christopher McDowellJournalism Studies
2019-06-21Do Reconstructive and Attributive Quotes in News Narratives Influence Engagement, Credibility and Realism?Kobie van KriekenJournalism Studies
2019-06-21All in the game: Effects of opinion polls on party coverage in the 2013 German election campaignSjoerd B Stolwijk, Andreas RT SchuckJournalism
2019-06-21"And That's a Fact!": The Roles of Political Ideology, PSRs, and Perceived Source Credibility in Estimating Factual Content in Partisan NewsKristen D. Landreville & Cassie NilesJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2019-06-23"They're a little bit squeezed in the middle": strategic challenges for innovation in US Metropolitan newspaper organisationsMikko Villi, Mikko Grönlund, Carl-Gustav Linden, Katja Lehtisaari, Bozena Mierzejewska, Robert G. Picard & Axel RöpnackJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-06-23Neoliberalizing news discourse: A semio-discursive reading of news gamificationRania Magdi FawzyDiscourse & Communication
2019-06-23Two-layer reading positions in comments on online news discourse about ChinaJuan HeDiscourse & Communication
2019-06-24Disentangling the Jargon: Journalists' Access and Utilisation of Climate Change Information in TanzaniaEmmanuel Frank EliaAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-06-24Beyond Watchdog Journalism: Media and Social Accountability in South AfricaVanessa MalilaAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-06-24A Field Analysis of Journalism in the Automation Age: Understanding Journalistic Transformations and Struggles Through Structure and AgencyShangyuan Wu, Edson C. Tandoc & Charles T. SalmonDigital Journalism
2019-06-24Negotiating Genre and New Media for STEM NewsJena Barchas-Lichtenstein, John Fraser, Patti Parson, Rebecca Joy Norlander, Julia Griffin, Nsikan Akpan, Travis Daub, Jenny Marder et al.Journalism Practice
2019-06-24Media Hierarchies of Attention: News Values and Australia's Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual AbuseLisa Waller, Tanja Dreher, Kristy Hess, Kerry McCallum & Eli SkogerbøJournalism Studies
2019-06-24Journalists as Knowledge BrokersNicole Gesualdo, Matthew S. Weber & Itzhak YanovitzkyJournalism Studies
2019-06-24Contextualizing the black church: Analysis of newspaper coverage in the Obama-Wright controversyFelecia Jones Ross, Susan L KlineJournalism
2019-06-25Looking at London for Inspiration Cultural Transfers between England Italy and Spain in the Field of JournalismPol DalmauMedia History
2019-06-25The European News Network in 1784Juan Carlos Sola CorbachoMedia History
2019-06-25Uses of the Past in Refugee Documentaries in Sweden and Germany Conceptualising entangled histories of media memory and migrationHans-Ulrich Wagner & Philipp SeuferlingMedia History
2019-06-26Computing the Linguistic-Based Cues of Fake News in the Philippines Towards its DetectionAaron Carl T. Fernandez, Madhavi DevarajWIMS2019 Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics
2019-06-26Biased neutrality: the symbolic construction of the Syrian refugee in the New York TimesNoor Ghazal AswadCritical Studies in Media Communication
2019-06-26Creativity in (Digital) Journalism Studies: Broadening our Perspective on Journalism PracticeTamara Witschge, Mark Deuze & Sofie WillemsenDigital Journalism conceptual article
2019-06-26Journalistic Autonomy in Voice of America's Amharic Service: Actors, Deterrents, and SafeguardsTéwodros W. WorknehJournalism Studies
2019-06-26When Journalists Go "Below the Line": Comment Spaces at The Guardian (2006-2017Scott Wright, Daniel Jackson & Todd GrahamJournalism Studies
2019-06-26Solidarity in the newsroom? Media concentration and union organizing: A case study from the sunshine stateJennifer M ProffittJournalism
2019-06-26'Russia is all Right' British newspaper reporting of the Russian Revolution of February 1917James RodgersMedia History
2019-06-26Crash Course The International Press Institute and Journalism Training in Anglophone Africa 1963-1975John JenksMedia History
2019-06-27Social Media Followership as a Predictor of News Website TrafficIoannis Angelou, Vasileios Katsaras, Dimitris Kourkouridis & Andreas VeglisJournalism Practice
2019-06-27Decisión 2016: Comparative Analysis of Journalistic Role Performance on Spanish- and English-language TV NetworksLea Hellmueller & Vladimir S. AriasJournalism Practice
2019-06-27One Foot in Prison and One Foot Out: State-Appointed Local Journalistic Labor in North KoreaSoomin SeoJournalism Studies
2019-06-27Strategic renewal during technology change: Tracking the digital journey of legacy news companiesJuliane A. LischkaJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-06-27Media performance and objectivity: Coverage of military intervention in digital and print newsSeth C. Bradshaw, Kate Kenski & Robert HendersonCommunication Research Reports
2019-06-27Online Audience Engagement with Legacy and Digital-Born News Media in the 2019 Indian ElectionsSilvia Majó-Vázquez, Subhayan Mukerjee, Taberez Ahmed Neyazi, and Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Fact Sheet
2019-06-28Visualizing Ebola: Hazmat Suite Imagery, the Press, and the Production of BiosecurityNeil A. GerlachCanadian Journal of Communication
2019-06-28Measles, Mickey and the Media: News Coverage of the 2015 Disneyland OutbreakJosh Greenberg, Gabriela Capurro, Eve Dubé, S. Michelle DriedgerCanadian Journal of Communication
2019-06-28Narratives of the Refugee Crisis: A Comparative Study of Mainstream-Media and TwitterAdina Nerghes, Ju-Sung LeeMedia and Communication
2019-06-28Online news coverage of female perpetrators during the October 2015 wave of violence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflictAmit Lavie-Dinur, Moran Yarchi, Yuval KarnielMedia, War & Conflict
2019-06-29Metajournalistic discourse on the rise of gaming journalismGregory Perreault, Tim VosNew Media & Society
2019-06-29The Historical Development of Media in Unconquered Africa A historical review of Ethiopian mediaMenychle Meseret AbebeMedia History
2019-06-30The Distant Sufferer: Measuring Spectatorship of PhotojournalismTeresa E. Weikmann, Thomas E. PowellInternational Journal of Communication
2019-06-30Making Sense of "Views" Culture in Television News Media in IndiaSudeshna DeviJournalism Practice
2019-07-01Proximity, Public Service, and Popularity: A Comparative Study of How Local Journalists View Quality NewsJoy Jenkins & Rasmus Kleis NielsenJournalism Studies
2019-07-01Paywalls' Impact on Local News Websites' Traffic and Their Civic and Business ImplicationsRagnhild Kristine Olsen, Aske Kammer & Mona Kristin SolvollJournalism Studies
2019-07-01Airtime for newcomers Radio for Migrants in the United Kingdom and West Germany 1960s-1980sChristoph Hilgert, Alina L. Just & Gloria KhamkarMedia History
2019-07-01Media Consumption and Fear of Crime in a Large Chinese CityYuning Wu, Feng Li, Ruth A. Triplett, Ivan Y. SunSocial Science Quarterly
2019-07-02Bad News Travels Fastest: A Computational Approach to Predictors of Immediacy in Digital Journalism EcosystemsFlorian Buhl, Elisabeth Günther & Thorsten QuandtDigital Journalism
2019-07-02Making Artificial Intelligence Work for Investigative JournalismJonathan StrayDigital Journalism
2019-07-02Newsbots That Mediate Journalist and Audience RelationshipsHeather Ford & Jonathon HutchinsonDigital Journalism
2019-07-02Rethinking Vox-Pops in Television News Evolution of Person-on-the-Street Interviews in Spanish News ProgramsIgnacio BergillosJournalism Practice
2019-07-02Assessing the 'impact' of a media event: An Innisian appraisal of Al Jazeera's Palestine Papers leakStephen MarmuraGlobal Media and Communication
2019-07-02Rethinking Vox-Pops in Television News Evolution of Person-on-the-Street Interviews in Spanish News ProgramsIgnacio BergillosJournalism Practice
2019-07-03News Stories on the Facebook Platform: Millennials' Perceived Credibility of Online News Sponsored by News and Non-News CompaniesKirsten A. Johnson & Burton St. John IIIJournalism Practice
2019-07-03Like Water & Oil? Fashion photography as journalistic commentMegan Le MasurierJournalism
2019-07-03"I Always Watched Eyewitness News Just to See Your Beautiful Smile": Ethical Implications of U.S. Women TV Anchors' Personal Branding on Social MediaTeri Finneman, Ryan J. Thomas & Joy JenkinsJournal of Media Ethics
2019-07-03Bad news: seeing communication for and about development through an exposé of Swedish aid to ZambiaFlorencia Enghel & Magnus DanielssonThe Journal of International Communication
2019-07-03News Stories on the Facebook Platform: Millennials' Perceived Credibility of Online News Sponsored by News and Non-News CompaniesKirsten A. Johnson & Burton St. John IIIJournalism Practice
2019-07-04Press coverage of HIV and health issues in PNG's Post-Courier, 2007-2017Trevor CullenPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Central Java's assault on media ethics: How the governor turned watchdogs into pet poodlesAna Nadhya AbrarPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Framing statelessness and 'belonging': Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh's The Daily Star newspaperKasun UbayasiriPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Iwi radio in the era of media convergence: The opportunities and challenges of becoming 'more than radio.'Rufus McEwanPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Fiji's coup culture: Rediscovering a voice at the ballot boxSri KrishnamurthiPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04The New Zealand mosque massacre: 1. The heartache, turmoil and absolute dread of Port ArthurRod EmmersonPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Gazing over the horizon: Will an equitable Green Climate Fund allocation policy be significant for the Pacific post-2020?Jeremy Hills, Jale SamuwaiPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04The dichotomy of China Global Television Network's news coverageThomas Fearon, Usha RodriguesPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Social media and Fiji's 2018 national electionJope TaraiPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04The New Zealand mosque massacre: 2. 'End of innocence' for media and nationColin PeacockPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Malaysia's Anti-Fake News Act: A cog in an arsenal of anti-free speech laws and a bold promise of reformsJoseph M. FernandezPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Framing and sources: News on environmental justice in BangladeshJahnnabi DasPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04The New Caledonia independence referendum: What happens now?Lee DuffieldPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-041950s vibe, 21st century audience: Australia's dearth of on-screen diversityNasya BahfenPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Mostly 'men in suits': The ASEAN summit and integration as news in Southeast AsiaPauline Gidget Estella, Jonalyn PazPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Beyond the Migrant "Problem": Visualizing Global MigrationRoopika RisamTelevision & New Media
2019-07-05Mapping the communicative ecology of Latin American migrant women in New ZealandLuciana Nunes Hoffman, Evangelia PapoutsakiPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-05Jesus Comes to South Africa: Black Twitter as Citizen Journalism in South African PoliticsShepherd MpofuAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-07-05Making an expert: Sources and their contributions in news coverage of orthorexia nervosaAmy A Ross ArguedasJournalism
2019-07-05'Our task is to demystify fears': Analysing newsroom management of automation in journalismMarko Milosavljevi?, Igor Vobi?Journalism
2019-07-05Media strategies in lobbying process : A literature review on publications in 2000-2018Markus Mykkänen & Pasi IkonenAcademicus : International Scientific Journal
2019-07-09Unsung convergence of analogue to analogue: Add-ons, supplements and the evolving roles of the print newspaperLeopoldina Fortunati, John O'SullivanEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-07-09The next media regime: The pursuit of 'audience engagement' in journalismJacob L NelsonJournalism
2019-07-09Beyond the boundaries of science: Resistance to misinformation by scientist citizensAdrienne Russell, Matthew TegelbergJournalism
2019-07-09What is narrative journalism? A systematic review and an empirical agendaKobie van Krieken, José SandersJournalism
2019-07-09When Do Media Matter Most? A Study on the Relationship between Negative Economic News and Consumer Confidence across the Twenty-Eight EU StatesJeroen Jonkman, Mark Boukes, Rens VliegenthartThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-07-15Are Journalists Today's Coal Miners? The Struggle for Talent and Diversity in Modern Newsrooms - A Study on Journalists in Germany, Sweden, and the United KingdomAlexandra Borchardt, Julia Lück, Sabine Kieslich, Tanjev Schultz, Felix M. SimonReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2019-07-16Negativity, emotionality and populist rhetoric in election campaigns worldwide, and their effects on media attention and electoral successJacques Gerstlé, Alessandro NaiEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-07-16A Qualitative Analysis of the Portrayal of Young People and Psychosis in Australian News ReportsNatasha Delahunt-Smoleniec & Jennifer Smith-MerryJournalism Practice
2019-07-17Journalists and Editors: Political Proximity as Determinant of Career and AutonomyAndrea Ceron, Sergio Splendore, Thomas HanitzschThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-07-19Journalistic Framing of Electoral Conflict in a Politically Fragile Society: A Comparative Study of the Zimbabwean Weekly PressStanley Tsarwe & Admire MareAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-07-19"News Is About What Happens on the Inside" - News in an Informal Urban Settlement in South Africa Suzette LealCommunicatio South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research
2019-07-19Making (Branded) News: The Corporate Co-optation of Online Journalism ProductionMichael SerazioJournalism Practice
2019-07-19In News We Trust?: Examining Credibility and Sharing Behaviors of Fake NewsMichael A. Stefanone, Matthew Vollmer, Jessica M. CovertSMSociety '19 Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Social Media and Society
2019-07-19Breaking News and Younger Twitter Users: Comparing Self-Reported Motivations to Online BehaviorKenneth Joseph, John WihbeySMSociety '19 Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Social Media and Society
2019-07-21Effects of User Negative Experience in Mobile News StreamingHongyu Lu et al.SIGIR'19 Proceedings of the 42nd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
2019-07-21Analyzing and Predicting News Popularity in an Instant Messaging ServiceMohammad Naseri, Hamed ZamaniSIGIR'19 Proceedings of the 42nd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
2019-07-21Enhanced News Retrieval: Passages Lead the Way!Matteo Catena, Ophir Frieder, Cristina Ioana Muntean, Franco Maria Nardini, Raffaele Perego, Nicola TonellottoSIGIR'19 Proceedings of the 42nd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
2019-07-21A Lightweight Representation of News Events on Social MediaMauricio Quezada, Barbara PobleteSIGIR'19 Proceedings of the 42nd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
2019-07-22Foreign Correspondents in the Cold War The politics and practices of East German television journalists in the WestSune Bechmann Pedersen & Marie CronqvistMedia History
2019-07-22Transforming Stability into Change: How the Media Select and Report Opinion PollsErik Gahner Larsen, Zoltán FazekasThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-07-23The Alternative Platform: Kenya's Television Stations Navigation During the Switch Off of Raila Odinga's "Swearing-In"John-Bell Okoye, Ruth Aoko Owino, Laura Anyasi & Daniel MuleJournalism Practice
2019-07-23Can a non-Muslim Mass Shooter be a "Terrorist"?: A Comparative Content Analysis of the Las Vegas and Orlando ShootingsMohamad Hamas Elmasry & Mohammed el-NawawyJournalism Practice
2019-07-23The Curative Effect of Social Media on Fake News: A Historical Re-evaluationMargaret Van HeekerenJournalism Studies
2019-07-23"There's Just Way More Places Operating in the Same Space": Competition and Boundary Work in Australian and United States Political JournalismStephanie BrookesJournalism Studies
2019-07-24The People's Voice - The People's Choice? How Vox Pop Exemplars Shape Audience Judgments as a Function of Populist AttitudesChristina PeterJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-07-24The critical potential of commemorative journalismOren MeyersJournalism
2019-07-24Fighting for truth? The role perceptions of Filipino journalists in an era of mis- and disinformationHon Sophia S Balod, Michael HameleersJournalism
2019-07-25The best indicator of a journalism program's graduates is who it admitsDane S. ClaussenNewspaper Research Journal
2019-07-25Leading the second wave into the third wave: U.S. women journalists and discursive continuity of feminismTeri Finneman & Yong VolzFeminist Media Studies
2019-07-25Violators, virtuous, or victims? How global newspapers represent the female member of parliamentDevin K. Joshi, Meseret F. Hailu & Lauren J. ReisingFeminist Media Studies
2019-07-25"ALPHABET SOUP": Examining Acronym and Abbreviation Style in HeadlinesAlyssa AppelmanJournalism Practice
2019-07-25A User Perspective on Time Spent: Temporal Experiences of Everyday News UseTim Groot Kormelink & Irene Costera MeijerJournalism Studies
2019-07-26The Gender Gap in Online News Comment SectionsEmily Van Duyn, Cynthia Peacock, Natalie Jomini StroudSocial Science Computer Review
2019-07-26Digital Technologies and Selective Exposure: How Choice and Filter Bubbles Shape News Media ExposureAna S. Cardenal, Carlos Aguilar-Paredes, Carol Galais, Mario Pérez-MontoroThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-07-29Who Posted That Story? Processing Layered Sources in Facebook News PostsAnne Oeldorf-Hirsch, Christina L. DeVossJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-07-29Deceptive Journalism: Characteristics of Untrustworthy News ItemsCharlotte Govaert, Luuk Lagerwerf & Céline KlemmJournalism Practice
2019-07-30Defining the Enemy: How Donald Trump Frames the News MediaLindsey MeeksJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-07-30From Selective Exposure to Selective Information Processing: A Motivated Reasoning ApproachLindita CamajMedia and Communication
2019-07-30Partisan Selective Exposure in Times of Political and Technological Upheaval: A Social Media Field ExperimentCornelia Mothes, Jakob OhmeMedia and Communication
2019-07-30Selective Exposure in a Changing Political and Media EnvironmentMaría Luisa HumanesMedia and Communication
2019-07-31Frame Analysis: Newspaper Coverage of Kenya's Oil Exploration in the Post-2012 Discovery EraKioko Ireri, Njoki Chege, Joy Kibarabara & Don Bosco OnyallaAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-07-31A Network Analytic Approach to Selective Consumption of Newspapers: The Impact of Politics, Market, and Technological PlatformFrancis L. F. Lee, Zhang YinJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-07-31Artificial Intelligence and JournalismMeredith Broussard, Nicholas Diakopoulos, Andrea L. Guzman, Rediet Abebe, Michel Dupagne, Ching-Hua ChuanJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-07-31"Fixing" the Journalist-Fixer Relationship: A Critical Look Towards Developing Best Practices in Global ReportingShayna Plaut & Peter KleinJournalism Studies
2019-07-31Reporting Global While Being Local: Local Sources of News for Distant AudiencesSaumava Mitra & Chris PatersonJournalism Studies
2019-07-31"Translating" Russia: News Fixers and Foreign Correspondents in an Era of Political UncertaintyLindsay PalmerJournalism Studies
2019-07-31Hierarchies of Editorial Power in International NGOsMuganzi M. IsharazaJournalism Studies
2019-07-31Beyond Puppet Journalism: The Bridging Work of Transnational Journalists in a Local FieldRuth MoonJournalism Studies
2019-07-31Empowerment Journalism - Commentary for Special Issue of Journalism StudiesMaya Lefkowich, Britney Dennison & Peter KleinJournalism Studies
2019-07-31The Development of Roles in Kosovo: From Fixers to JournalistsAbit Hoxha & Kenneth AndresenJournalism Studies
2019-07-31Reporting Global While Being Local - Commentary for Special Issue of Journalism StudiesStephen JukesJournalism Studies
2019-07-31Fixers as EntrepreneursColleen MurrellJournalism Studies
2019-07-31A future of journalism beyond the objectivity-dialogue divide? Hybridity in the news of entrepreneurial journalistsJuho Ruotsalainen, Jaana Hujanen, Mikko VilliJournalism
2019-08-01An Exploratory Study of "Fake News" and Media Trust in Kenya, Nigeria and South AfricaHerman Wasserman & Dani Madrid-MoralesAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-08-02Pick your language: how riot reporting differs between English and Hindi newspapers in IndiaWilliam O'BrochtaAsian Journal of Communication
2019-08-02The politics of blame: Mass media messages and political violence during peace negotiationsMaria Armoudian, Barry MilneJournalism
2019-08-02Across the great divide: How today's college students engage with newsAlison J Head, Erica DeFrain, Barbara Fister, Margy MacMillanFirst Monday
2019-08-03Crystallising the official narrative: News discourses about the killings from the Philippine government's campaign against illegal drugsCheryll Ruth R Soriano, Clarissa C David, Jenna Mae AtunJournalism
2019-08-03Media representation of the US 2016 presidential elections in Czech Radio broadcastRenáta Sedláková, Marek Lap?ík & Zdenka BurešováThe Journal of International Communication
2019-08-03Social media, legacy media and gatekeeping: the protest paradigm in news of Ferguson and CharlottesvilleAmani Ismail, Gayane Torosyan & Melissa TullyThe Communication Review
2019-08-04NPA: Neural News Recommendation with Personalized AttentionChuhan Wu et al.KDD '19 Proceedings of the 25th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining
2019-08-04Fake News Research: Theories, Detection Strategies, and Open ProblemsReza Zafarani, Xinyi Zhou, Kai Shu, Huan LiuKDD '19 Proceedings of the 25th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining
2019-08-04MediaRank: Computational Ranking of Online News SourcesJunting Ye, Steven SkienaKDD '19 Proceedings of the 25th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining
2019-08-05"Breaking the news?…?on a weekly basis": trolling as rhetorical style on Last Week TonightAmber Davisson & Mackenzie DonovanCritical Studies in Media Communication
2019-08-06Abundance or crisis? Transformations in the media ecology of Swedish cultural journalism over four decadesAndreas Widholm, Kristina Riegert, Anna RoosvallJournalism
2019-08-06The curiosity effect: Information seeking in the contemporary news environmentJoshua M Scacco, Ashley MuddimanNew Media & Society
2019-08-06Citizen Journalism and Public Participation in the Era of New Media in Indonesia: From Street to TweetIswandi Syahputra, Rajab RitongaMedia and Communication
2019-08-06Infographics, New Media and Media Consumption Habits in NigeriaChineme Carl OkaforReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2019-08-07Constant fear, but lingering nostalgia: British press representations of post-colonial Hong Kong 20 years onMing Liu, Cong JiangDiscourse & Communication
2019-08-07It is criminal: The state of magistrates' court reporting in England and WalesPhil Chamberlain, Marcus Keppel-Palmer, Sally Reardon, Thomas SmithJournalism
2019-08-07Diffusion of disinformation: How social media users respond to fake news and whyEdson C Tandoc, Jr, Darren Lim, Rich LingJournalism
2019-08-07Feeling Busing The Washington Post Emotion And Desegregation in Suburban Maryland 1968-1973Deirdre Mayer Dougherty & Sean T. LeaveyMedia History
2019-08-07Constant fear, but lingering nostalgia: British press representations of post-colonial Hong Kong 20 years onMing Liu, Cong JiangDiscourse & Communication
2019-08-07Cold War, Press Freedom and Journalism Education: Paradoxes of the Untypical 1968 IAMCR Conference in PamplonaCarlos BarreraJavnost - The Public
2019-08-08Autonomous readers: the impact of news customisation on audiences' psychological and behavioural outcomesDi Zhu & Sungkyoung LeeCommunication Research and Practice
2019-08-08After #MeToo: How the campaign changed the way Norwegian journalists write about rapeThea Storøy ElnanReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2019-08-09Sharing the pain? An examination of CEO and executive compensation of publicly traded newspaper companiesJohn Soloski, Hugh J. MartinNewspaper Research Journal
2019-08-09Defending Black Pete: strategies of justification and the preservation of tradition in Dutch news discourseDiantha VlietCritical Studies in Media Communication
2019-08-09Gender and the national crisis of contested nationhood: news visibility of women in Nigeria's unity debateOyewole Adekunle OladapoFeminist Media Studies
2019-08-09Redefining Media Agendas: Topic Problematization in Online Reader CommentsOlessia Koltsova, Oleg NagornyyMedia and Communication
2019-08-09Newsworthiness and the Public's Response in Russian Social Media: A Comparison of State and Private News OrganizationsDarja Judina, Konstantin PlatonovMedia and Communication
2019-08-09Making Sense of Emotions and Affective Investments in War: RT and the Syrian Conflict on YouTubePrecious N. Chatterje-Doody, Rhys CrilleyMedia and Communication
2019-08-09Scouse Sensation Liverpool and the Edwardian New JournalismChristopher Shoop-WorrallMedia History
2019-08-11Spreading News in 1904 The Media Coverage of Nikolay Bobrikov's ShootingMila Oiva, Asko Nivala, Hannu Salmi, Otto Latva, Marja Jalava, Jana Keck, Laura Martínez Domínguez & James ParkerMedia History
2019-08-12Bonded by Interactions: Polarising Factors and Integrative Capacities of the News Media in HungaryMarton Bene & Gabriella SzabóJavnost - The Public
2019-08-13Journalism by numbers: trajectories of growth and decline of journalists in the Australian census 1961-2016Tom O'Regan, Catherine YoungMedia International Australia
2019-08-13Profanity and the president: News use of Trump's shithole commentMichael McCluskeyNewspaper Research Journal
2019-08-13Strategic challenges of newspaper publishing in an international perspectiveCastulus KoloNewspaper Research Journal
2019-08-13Journalistic discourse of freedom: A study of journalists' understanding of freedom in the Czech Republic and SerbiaVerica Rupar, Alice N?mcová Tejkalová, Filip Láb, Sonja SeizovaJournalism
2019-08-13#MeToo Goes Global: Media Framing of Silence Breakers in Four National SettingsJesse C. Starkey, Amy Koerber, Miglena Sternadori, Bethany PitchfordJournal of Communication Inquiry
2019-08-14#MeToo is different for college students: Media framing of campus sexual assault, its causes, and proposed solutionsJane O'Boyle, Queenie Jo-Yun LiNewspaper Research Journal
2019-08-14News framing of avian flu: Media advocacy and response to a public health crisisMinhee Choi, Brooke Weberling McKeeverNewspaper Research Journal
2019-08-14Reading and writing news: Why consumption and production modes matterLeopoldina Fortunati, John O'SullivanJournalism
2019-08-14Journalists' level of knowledge on empirical research and opinion polling: A study of Kenyan journalistsDane KiambiJournalism
2019-08-14Older Americans, Black Adults and Americans With Less Education More Interested in Local NewsMichael Barthel & Elizabeth GriecoPew Research Center
2019-08-14Social vs Traditional Media: The Tale of Egypt's SinaiDahlia KholaifReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2019-08-14Satire and protest: the Middle East through Egyptian cartoonsNirvana El SaiedReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2019-08-15So you have a podcast?Aura LindebergReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2019-08-16Deciphering Code: How Newsroom Developers Communicate Journalistic LaborJan Lauren BoylesJournalism Studies
2019-08-16Proposal for a new communicative model in immersive journalismAdriana Paíno Ambrosio, Mª Isabel Rodríguez FidalgoJournalism
2019-08-16Social Media News Use and Political Cynicism: Differential Pathways Through "News Finds Me" PerceptionHyunjin Song, Homero Gil de Zúñiga & Hajo G. BoomgaardenMass Communication and Society
2019-08-16Hitting a Nerve: Populist News Articles Lead to More Frequent and More Populist Reader CommentsSina Blassnig, Sven Engesser, Nicole Ernst & Frank EsserPolitical Communication
2019-08-18Stereotyping by historicizing: The journalistic writing technique of locating foreign societies in the pastMiki TanikawaJournalism
2019-08-18Mediatization of conflict in the social media era: A case study of Sino-Indian border crisis in 2017Shixin Ivy ZhangJournalism
2019-08-18Market matters: interdependencies in the Indian media economyVibodh Parthasarathi, Adrian AthiqueMedia, Culture & Society
2019-08-19Brand disclosure and source partiality affect native advertising recognition and media credibilityYou Li, Ye WangNewspaper Research Journal
2019-08-20Media Accountability and Journalists: To Whom Do Spanish Professionals Feel Responsible?María-Ángeles Chaparro-Domínguez, Juan-Carlos Suárez-Villegas & Ruth Rodríguez-MartínezJournalism Practice
2019-08-20Virtual hype meets reality: Users' perception of immersive journalismSøren Lund Nielsen, Penelope SheetsJournalism
2019-08-20Wounded in Mind Science Service Writer Marjorie Van de Water Explains World War II Military Neuropsychiatry to the American PublicSusan E. SwanbergMedia History
2019-08-22Mapping the Mobile DNA of News. Understanding Incidental and Serendipitous Mobile News ConsumptionKristin Van Damme, Marijn Martens, Sarah Van Leuven, Mariek Vanden Abeele & Lieven De MarezDigital Journalism
2019-08-22Inquisitive mind: a conversational news companionMateusz Dubiel, Alessandra Cervone, Giuseppe RiccardiCUI '19 Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Conversational User Interfaces
2019-08-23Structured Journalism and the Semantic Units of NewsDavid CaswellDigital Journalism
2019-08-23The Reception of Fake News: The Interpretations and Practices That Shape the Consumption of Perceived MisinformationMaría Celeste Wagner & Pablo J. BoczkowskiDigital Journalism
2019-08-23Value Emergence in the Usage of Mobile News AlertsLeena Mäkelä, Mika Boedeker & Nina HelanderDigital Journalism
2019-08-23Media use in changing everyday life: How biographical disruption could destabilize media repertoires and public connectionBrita Ytre-ArneEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-08-24Media Effects Across Time and Subject: How News Coverage Affects Two Out of Four Attributes of Consumer ConfidenceMark Boukes, Alyt Damstra, Rens VliegenthartCommunication Research
2019-08-24Media Effects Across Time and Subject: How News Coverage Affects Two Out of Four Attributes of Consumer ConfidenceMark Boukes, Alyt Damstra, Rens VliegenthartCommunication Research
2019-08-25Media use, fear of terrorism, and attitudes towards immigrants and refugees: Young people and adults comparedMarlies Debrael, Leen d'Haenens, Rozane De Cock, David De ConinckInternational Communication Gazette
2019-08-25Media use, fear of terrorism, and attitudes towards immigrants and refugees: Young people and adults comparedMarlies Debrael, Leen d'Haenens, Rozane De Cock, David De ConinckInternational Communication Gazette
2019-08-26The challenges of public service broadcasting: A study of the Empresa Brasil de ComunicaçãoMarcus Fraga, Julián Durazo HerrmannJournalism
2019-08-26All the President's Tweets: Effects of Exposure to Trump's "Fake News" Accusations on Perceptions of Journalists, News Stories, and Issue EvaluationDaniel J. Tamul, Adrienne Holz Ivory, Jessica Hotter & Jordan WolfMass Communication and Society
2019-08-27Breaking Through the Ambivalence: Journalistic Responses to Information Security TechnologiesJennifer R. HenrichsenDigital Journalism
2019-08-27A tale of two cities: A comparative study of media narratives of the battles for Aleppo and MosulJohannes ScherlingMedia, War & Conflict
2019-08-28Putting Our Own People First: The Content and Effects of Online Right-wing Populist Discourse Surrounding the European Refugee CrisisMichael HameleersMass Communication and Society
2019-08-29Burning out and turning off: Journalists' disconnection strategies on social mediaDiana Bossio, Avery E HoltonJournalism
2019-08-31Technical frames, flexibility, and online pressures in TV newsroomsVíctor García-PerdomoInformation, Communication & Society
2019-09-01News From the Background to the Foreground: How People Use Technology To Manage Media TransitionsJordan Wirfs-Brock, Katie QuehlProceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies
2019-09-02New issue of British Journalism ReviewBritish Journalism Review
2019-09-02How Young People Consume News and the Implications for Mainstream MediaFlamingo consultancyA report by Flamingo commissioned by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University
2019-09-03From Open Journalism to Closed Data: Data Journalism in ItalyColin Porlezza & Sergio SplendoreDigital Journalism
2019-09-03Best Practices for Journalistic Balance: Gatekeeping, Imbalance and the Fake News EraJanelle BenhamJournalism Practice
2019-09-04How Newsrooms Use User Generated ContentKadia TubmanReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2019-09-05New Economy Narrative?: A Comparative Analysis of Technology and Economic Recovery in the Business PressKyle KublerJournalism Practice
2019-09-06How Rwandan Journalists Use WhatsApp to Advance Their Profession and Collaborate for the Good of Their CountryKaren McIntyre & Meghan SobelDigital Journalism
2019-09-06Detached or Interventionist? Comparing the Performance of Watchdog Journalism in Transitional, Advanced and Non-democratic CountriesMireya Márquez-Ramírez, Claudia Mellado, María Luisa Humanes, Adriana Amado, Daniel Beck, Sergey Davydov, et al.The International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-09-06Reddening or Reckoning? An Essay on China's Shadow on Hong Kong Media 22 Years after Handover from British RuleStuart LauReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2019-09-06Framing Gender Justice: A comparative analysis of the media coverage of #metoo in Denmark and SwedenTina Askanius and Jannie Møller HartleyNordicom Review
2019-09-09From Inside the Rhizome: Mapping the Greek Alternative MediascapePantelis Vatikiotis, Dimitra L. MilioniInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-09Mediatized Rituals: Understanding the Media in the Age of Deep MediatizationXi CuiInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-09Self-Censorship of the Nira Radia Tapes: A Critical Juncture in the Indian Journalistic FieldSwati MaheshwariInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-09Examining Motivations and Strategies for Integrating Social Media Technologies Into the ClassroomBrooke AuxierJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-09-09Climate change in China: A study of news diversity in party-sponsored and market-oriented newspapersRan Duan, Serena MillerJournalism
2019-09-09Maintainers of Ethnic Hierarchies? Investigating the Relationship Between Media Use and Attitudes Toward Perceived Remote Versus Perceived Close ImmigrationNora TheorinMass Communication and Society
2019-09-09New media, old paradigms: News representations of technology in adolescent sexual assaultAnna GjikaCrime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
2019-09-10The Effects of Mobile Push Notifications on News Consumption and LearningNatalie Jomini Stroud, Cynthia Peacock & Alexander L. CurryDigital Journalism
2019-09-10Media Effects and Marginalized Ideas: Relationships Among Media Consumption and Support for Black Lives MatterDanielle Kilgo, Rachel R. MourãoInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-10"It Has to Be in One's Head and Heart": The Understanding of Journalism Ethics in Latvian MediaIanis BucholtzJournalism Studies
2019-09-10Old, Educated, and Politically Diverse: The Audience of Public Service NewsAnne Schulz, David A. L. Levy, and Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2019-09-11News translation, the Korean Other and the construction of Chinese national identity: the case of Ltaaa.comThomas ChaseMedia International Australia
2019-09-11Partisan Media in a Politically Charged Zimbabwe: Public and Private Media Framing of 2018 ElectionsSimon MatingwinaAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-09-11Terry Pettus and the 1936 Seattle Newspaper Strike: Pivotal Success for the Early American Newspaper GuildCindy ElmoreAmerican Journalism
2019-09-11"Fully Conscious of Their Power": Nineteenth-Century Michigan Editors Search for Journalistic ProfessionalismStephen A. BanningAmerican Journalism
2019-09-11The Mysterious Mr. Maxwell and Room M-1: Clandestine Influences on American Postal Censorship during World War IAlexander S. LeidholdtAmerican Journalism
2019-09-11Westbrook Pegler and the Rise of the Syndicated ColumnistPhilip GlendeAmerican Journalism
2019-09-11The "Sound of an Extra": Representing Civil War Newsboys by Pen and in PrintRonald J. Zboray & Mary Saracino ZborayAmerican Journalism
2019-09-11A Personalized Self-image: Gender and Branding Practices Among JournalistsLogan MolyneuxSocial Media + Society
2019-09-11Does Too Much News on Social Media Discourage News Seeking? Mediating Role of News Efficacy Between Perceived News Overload and News Avoidance on Social MediaChang Sup ParkSocial Media + Society
2019-09-12Neoliberal rationality and the consumption of biased news: theorizing the neoliberal subjectivation of news media audiencesRobert MarinovCritical Studies in Media Communication
2019-09-12Towards an Institutional News Logic of Digital Native News Media? A Case Study of BuzzFeed's Reporting During the 2015 and 2017 UK General Election CampaignsRichard Thomas & Stephen CushionDigital Journalism
2019-09-12The Use of Generic Frames in Elite Press: Between Conflict, Neutrality, and an Empowered JournalistMaria-Elena Gronemeyer, Monserrat del Pino & William PorathJournalism Practice
2019-09-12Beyond "Woodstein": Narratives of Investigative JournalismSandford Borins & Beth HerstJournalism Practice
2019-09-12Local News on Facebook Assessing the Critical Information Needs Served through Facebook's TodayIn FeatureMatthew Weber, Peter Andringa & Philip M. NapoliPre-publication draft of News Measures Research Project
2019-09-13Narcos addiction: A three-decade content analysis of the representation of Colombia in The New York Times and on IMDb.comDavid BockinoNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-16'Manufactured hysteria': audience perceptions of sensationalism and moral panic in Australian news representations of asylum seekersAshleigh L HawMedia International Australia
2019-09-16None of your business: Media companies and disclosure of employment reductionsStuart C. BabingtonNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-16"This is (Not) Journalism": Corruption, Subterfuge, and Metajournalistic Discourses on Undercover Journalism in GhanaSylvester Senyo Ofori-Parku & Kwaku BotweJournalism Studies
2019-09-16Journalists and Their Perceptions of Location: Making Meaning in the CommunityAmy Schmitz WeissJournalism Studies
2019-09-16Did the European Migrant Crisis Change News Coverage of Immigration? A Longitudinal Analysis of Immigration Television News and the Actors Speaking in ItKathleen Beckers & Peter Van AelstMass Communication and Society
2019-09-16Framing nitrogen pollution in the British press: 1984-2018Angela Zottola, Dimitrinka Atanasova, Emma Cardwell, John Forrester, Carly StevensDiscourse & Communication
2019-09-17A Computational Analysis of News Media Bias: A South African Case StudyLaurenz A. Cornelissen, Lucia I. Daly, Qhama Sinandile, Heinrich de Lange, Richard J. Barnett</iSAICSIT '19 Proceedings of the South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists 2019
2019-09-17A tale of four cities: A semantic analysis comparing the newspaper coverage of air pollution in Hong Kong, London, Pittsburgh, and Tianjin from 2014 to 2017Tongxin Sun, Bu ZhongNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-17Toward quality discourse: Measuring the effect of user identity in commenting forumsArthur D. SantanaNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-17Making the 21st Century Mobile Journalist: Examining Definitions and Conceptualizations of Mobility and Mobile Journalism within Journalism EducationMatthew N. Bui & Rachel E. MoranDigital Journalism
2019-09-17The meanings of racism: Public discourses about racism in Finnish news media and online discussion forumsMervi Pantti, Matti Nelimarkka, Kaarina Nikunen, Gavan TitleyEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-09-17Diversifying or Reinforcing Science Communication? Examining the Flow of Frame Contagion Across Media PlatformsS. Mo Jones-Jang, P. Sol Hart, Lauren Feldman, Won-Ki MoonJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-09-17The Use of Social Media by Chinese Climate Journalists: A Case Study of COP21Yeheng Pan, Michaël Opgenhaffen & Baldwin Van GorpJournalism Practice
2019-09-17New issue of Sur le journalismeSur le journalisme
2019-09-17Hybrids, materiality, and black boxes: Concepts of actor?network theory in data journalism researchFlorian StalphSociology Compass
2019-09-18D.C. news media coverage of the district's Death With Dignity ActKimberly A. Lauffer, Sean D. Baker, Natalee SeelyNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-18(Mis)matching: Journalistic uses of gender pronouns and names can influence implicit attitudes toward transgender people, perceived news content credibility, and perceived reporter professionalismMinjie LiNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-18News Media Literacy: Effects of ConsumptionChristine McWhorterInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-18Whose Death Matters? A Quantitative Analysis of Media Attention to Deaths of Black Americans in Police Confrontations, 2013-2016Ethan Zuckerman, J. Nathan Matias, Rahul Bhargava, Fernando Bermejo, Allan KoInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-18Communication, Culture, and Governance in Asia| Opinion Leadership, Media Use, and Environmental Engagement in ChinaMarko M. Skoric, Nan ZhangInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-18Peeling Back the Onion: Formative Agenda Building in Business JournalismMatthew W. Ragas, Hai L. TranInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-18Political Elites' Use of Fake News Discourse Across Communications PlatformsKate Farhall, Andrea Carson, Scott Wright, Andrew Gibbons, William LukamtoInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-18Media studies in the UKP. GoldingPublizistik
2019-09-18Control over stories of illness and life: The case of a career media participant turned media professionalEspen YtrebergNordicom Review
2019-09-18Press freedom and corruption: An examination of the relationshipBasyouni Ibrahim Hamada, Abdel-Salam G Abdel-Salam, Elsayed Abdelwahed ElkilanyGlobal Media and Communication
2019-09-19The effectiveness of credibility indicator interventions in a partisan contextMegan DuncanNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-19News on Facebook: How Facebook and Newspapers Build Mutual Brand Loyalty Through Audience EngagementVictoria Y. Chen, Paromita PainJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-09-19Visualizing teens and technology: A social semiotic analysis of stock photography and news media imageryCrispin Thurlow, Giorgia Aiello, Lara PortmannNew Media & Society
2019-09-19The Media's Conditional Agenda-Setting Power: How Baselines and Spikes of Issue Salience Affect Likelihood and Strength of Agenda-SettingStefan GeißCommunication Research
2019-09-19News consumption of hard and soft topics in Spain: Sources, formats and access routesMaría Pilar Martínez-Costa, Cristina Sánchez-Blanco & Javier Serrano-PucheThe European Journal of Communication Research
2019-09-20Mediating Roles of News Curation and News Elaboration in the Relationship between Social Media Use for News and Political KnowledgeChang Sup Park & Barbara K. KayeJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2019-09-20The Roles of Different News Media Use and Press Freedom in Education Generated Participation Inequality: An Eight Country Comparative AnalysisSaifuddin Ahmed & Jaeho ChoJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2019-09-20Conferring Resistance to Digital Disinformation: The Inoculating Influence of Procedural News KnowledgeMichelle A. Amazeen & Erik P. BucyJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2019-09-20The Sinclair Effect: Comparing Ownership Influences on Bias in Local TV News ContentKylah J. Hedding, Kaitlin C. Miller, Jesse Abdenour & Justin C. BlankenshipJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2019-09-22The voice of the prison and "wars of position": a discourse analysis of a Venezuelan prison newspaperCory Fischer-HoffmanCritical Studies in Media Communication
2019-09-23A narrative solution: The relationship between solutions journalism, narrative transportation, and news trustKathryn Thier, Jesse Abdenour, Brent Walth, Nicole Smith DahmenJournalism
2019-09-23Effects of journalism awards as quality signals on demandChristian-Mathias Wellbrock, Marvin WolframJournalism
2019-09-23Keeping it local: Can collaborations help save local public interest journalism?Vanessa WiltshireReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Fellow Paper
2019-09-23Rethinking China's global 'propaganda' blitzFalk HartigGlobal Media and Communication
2019-09-23Mocking the "Messiah": Editorial Cartoons and Critiques of Journalists' "Obamamania"Lori HensonVisual Communication Quarterly
2019-09-23A Process Analysis of Message Style and Persuasion: The Effects of Gain-Loss Framing and Emotion-Inducing ImageryKiwon Seo & James Price DillardVisual Communication Quarterly
2019-09-24Training the next generation of small newspaper owners in West Virginia and beyondDane S. ClaussenNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-24Using Crime News Reporting Themes to Predict Image Inclusion in Newspaper Homicide ArticlesWalter Works & Jennifer S. WongJournalism Studies
2019-09-24The influence of new and traditional media coverage on public attention to social movements: the case of the Dakota Access Pipeline protestsKate Hunt & Mike GruszczynskiInformation, Communication & Society
2019-09-25Navigating between Protest Theatre and Journalism in Post-2000 Zimbabwe: A Study of All System Out of OrderTheophilus Tinashe Nenjerama & Nkululeko SibandaCommunication
2019-09-25Negativity and Political Debates: The 2014 National and Provincial Elections in South AfricaJean-Jacques BoshoffCommunication
2019-09-25Angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed: The emotional experience of consuming news about President TrumpMaría Celeste Wagner & Pablo J. BoczkowskiJournalism
2019-09-25Business as Usual? A Social Capital Approach to Understanding Interactions with Journalists on TwitterMatthew Barnidge, Will Heath, Jiehua Zhang &Ryan BroussardJournalism Studies
2019-09-25All News is "Glocal?" Considerations of Community and Personal Privacy with Global Publication of Local NewsChris RobertsJournal of Media Ethics
2019-09-26The Journalist as a Detective: The Media Insights and Critique in Post-1991 American, Russian and Swedish Crime NovelsPatrik Åker & Andrei RogatchevskiJournalism Studies
2019-09-26Second Screening and the Engaged Public: The Role of Second Screening for News and Political Expression in an O-S-R-O-R ModelHsuan-Ting ChenJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-09-27Loved and feared in fortress Europe: Framing the European refugee crisisSerena Daalmans, Gabi Schaap & Maureen RoversThe European Journal of Communication Research
2019-09-30A catastrophic media failure? Russiagate, Trump and the illusion of truth: The dangers of innuendo and narrative repetitionGraham MajinJournalism
2019-09-30The Smells, Sights, and Pleasures of Ink on Paper: The Consumption of Print Newspapers During a Period Marked by Their CrisisPablo J. Boczkowski, Eugenia Mitchelstein & Facundo SuenzoJournalism Studies
2019-09-30Press Credentials and Hybrid Boundary Zones: The Case of WorldNetDaily and the Standing Committee of CorrespondentsJordan M. FoleyJournalism Practice
2019-10-01Memes as an ideological tool: The stance of the Spanish online newspapers regarding the Catalan Referendum and Catalan Regional Elections 2017Cristina Algaba & Elena Bellido-PérezCatalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies
2019-10-01Framing Catalonia: Evidence from Québec mediaPhilippe Dubois & Katryne Villeneuve-SiconnellyCatalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies
2019-10-01The coverage of the international press in framing the Catalan sovereignty process: Analysis of ten leading EU and US newspapers 2010-17Carles Pont-Sorribes, Cristina Perales-García, Marcel Mauri-Rios & Christopher D. TullochCatalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies
2019-10-02Bridging the Gap: Exploring Police-Media Relations in MalaysiaSharon Wilson, Tham Jen SernJurnal Komunikasi
2019-10-02Americans Are Wary of the Role Social Media Sites Play in Delivering the NewsElisa Shearer & Elizabeth GriecoPew Research Center
2019-10-03National and Local News Consumption and Indices of Community Participation in an American Civic-Journalism News EnvironmentEsther Thorson, Weiyue Chen & Stephen LacyJournalism Studies
2019-10-03Skewed News: A Macro-Analysis of Gypsy, Roma and Traveler Coverage in the UK PressMark BaillieJournal of Media Ethics
2019-10-03Violated or Comforted - and Then Abandoned: Ethical Dimensions of Relationships Between Journalists and Vulnerable News SourcesAnette ForsbergJournal of Media Ethics
2019-10-03Pragmatist Media Ethics and the Challenges of Fake NewsScott R. StroudJournal of Media Ethics
2019-10-03"Vampires in the News": A Critical Analysis of News Framing in Malawi's NewspapersAlbert SharraAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-10-03Journalists Primed: How Professional Identity Affects Moral Decision MakingPatrick Ferrucci, Edson C. Tandoc Jr. & Erin E. SchausterJournalism Practice
2019-10-06Artificial intelligence in news photographs: a cross-cultural visual content analysisYeqing KongSIGDOC '19 Proceedings of the 37th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication
2019-10-07Buying on rumors: how financial news flows affect the share price of TeslaNadine Strauss & Christopher Holmes SmithCorporate Communications
2019-10-07A criminal mind? A damaged brain? Narratives of criminality and culpability in the celebrated case of Aaron HernandezKathryn Henne & Matt VentrescaCrime, Media & Culture
2019-10-07Negative Media Coverage of the Supreme Court: The Interactive Role of Opinion Language, Coalition Size, and Ideological SignalsAlexander Denison, Justin Wedeking & Michael A. ZilisSocial Science Quarterly
2019-10-09The Dynamics of Political Elections: A Big Data Analysis of Intermedia Framing Between Social Media and News MediaWai Han Lo, Benson Shu Yan Lam & Meily Mei Fung CheungSocial Science Computer Review
2019-10-10Inequality and Bias in the Demand for and Supply of NewsAnn L. Owen & Andrew WeiSocial Science Quarterly
2019-10-10Online news media and propaganda influence on radicalized individuals: Findings from interviews with Islamist prisoners and former IslamistsPhilip Baugut & Katharina NeumannNew Media & Society
2019-10-10The effects of scandalization in political news messages on political trust and message evaluationPaul Gra?l, Gabi Schaap, Flavia Spagnuolo & Jonathan Van 't RietJournalism
2019-10-10Business news in a Loyalist Press environmentJoseph GibbsJournalism
2019-10-12Mobile news apps as sites of transnational ethnic mediascapesAhmed Al-RawiThe Journal of International Communication
2019-10-13#metoo 2.0 to #meNOmore: Analysing Western Reporting About Sexual Violence in the Music IndustryAndrea Baker, Katrina Williams & Usha M. RodriguesJournalism Practice
2019-10-14Disentangling Economic News Effects: The Impact of Tone, Uncertainty, and Issue on Public OpinionAlyt DamstraInternational Journal of Communication
2019-10-14News Consumption of Russian Vkontakte Users: Polarization and News AvoidanceAleksandra UrmanInternational Journal of Communication
2019-10-14Patterns of media coverage repeated in online abuse on high-profile criminal casesCarolina AreJournalism
2019-10-14When and How Negative News Coverage Empowers Collective Action in MinoritiesMuniba Saleem, Ian Hawkins, Magdalena E. Wojcieszak & Jessica RodenCommunication Research
2019-10-15'Old journalists' in a 'new media' environment? A study on the career choices of digital journalistsFábio Henrique PereiraThe Journal of International Communication
2019-10-16Data journalism's many futures: Diagrammatic displays and prospective probabilities in data-driven news predictionsChristian Pentzold & Denise FechnerConvergence
2019-10-16Constructing audience quantification: Social influences and the development of norms about audience analytics and metricsRodrigo Zamith, Valerie Belair-Gagnon & Seth C. LewisNew Media & Society
2019-10-16Media in the Post #GamerGate Era: Coverage of Reactionary Fan Anger and the Terrorism of the PrivilegedBridget M. BlodgettTelevision & New Media
2019-10-17A parallel yet divided information space: testing the overlap of Yandex Russian language news media discourses in Estonia, Latvia, and RussiaHeidi ErbsenRussian Journal of Communication
2019-10-17Oligopolies of the past? Habermas, Bourdieu, and conceptual approaches to news agenciesHeidi J. S. TworekJournalism
2019-10-17Singapore's national discourse on foreign domestic workers: Exploring perceptions of the marginsSatveer Kaur-Gill, Asha Rathina Pandi & Mohan Jyoti DuttaJournalism
2019-10-18The Emergence of a News Website Ecosystem: An Exploratory Study of HespressMohammed IbahrineJournalism Practice
2019-10-18Covering Protests on Twitter: The Influences on Journalists' Social Media Portrayals of Left- and Right-Leaning Demonstrations in BrazilRachel R. Mourão & Weiyue ChenThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-10-20An uninformed electorate: identity-motivated elaboration, partisan cues, and learningFreddie J. JenningsJournal of Applied Communication Research
2019-10-21The framing effect of the media in the regulation of GMOs: a case study of RussiaEleni Galata BickellRussian Journal of Communication
2019-10-21Mining ethnicity: Discourse-driven topic modelling of immigrant discourses in the USA, 1898-1920Lorella Viola & Jaap VerheulDigital Scholarship in the Humanities
2019-10-21Mapping the infotainment literature: current trajectories and suggestions for future researchRobert MarinovThe Communication Review
2019-10-21Nesta Pain: The Entangled Media ProducerKate Terkanian & Hugh ChignellMedia History
2019-10-22Joanne Public vs. Joe Public: News Sourcing and Gender Imbalance on Argentine Digital MediEugenia Mitchelstein, Victoria Andelsman & Pablo J. BoczkowskiDigital Journalism
2019-10-23Digital Media, Fake News and Pro-Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance Cyber-Propaganda during the 2018 Zimbabwe ElectionLyton NcubeAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-10-23Visual Infotainment in the political news: A cultural approach in the post-truth eraIrene Photiou, Lambrini Papadopoulou, Artemis Eleftheriadou & Theodora A. ManiouMedieKultur
2019-10-23Beyond the Informed Citizen? Narratives of news engagement and civic experiences among Danish news usersJannie Møller Hartley & Leif Hemming PedersenMedieKultur
2019-10-23Between ritual and information: Three phases of Norwegian news audiences' sense-making of the election of Donald TrumpHallvard Moe, Brita Ytre-Arne & Torgeir Uberg NærlandJournalism
2019-10-24Fact-Checking: A Meta-Analysis of What Works and for WhomNathan Walter, Jonathan Cohen, R. Lance Holbert & Yasmin MoragPolitical Communication
2019-10-24Time is of the Essence: A Longitudinal Study on Business Presence in Political News in the United Kingdom and the NetherlandsEllis Aizenberg & Marcel HanegraaffThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-10-24The Power of Commercial Influences: How Lifestyle Journalists Experience Pressure from Advertising and Public RelationsFolker Hanusch, Sandra Banjac & Phoebe MaaresJournalism Practice
2019-10-24Contesting European Solidarity during the "Refugee Crisis": A Comparative Investigation of Media Claims in Denmark, Germany, Greece and ItalyVerena K. Brändle, Olga Eisele & Hans-Jörg TrenzMass Communication and Society
2019-10-24One-in-five U.S. newsroom employees live in New York, Los Angeles or D.C.Elizabeth GriecoPew Research Center
2019-10-25Fake news, French Law and democratic legitimacy: lessons for the United Kingdom?Rachael Craufurd SmithJournal of Media Law
2019-10-25Women and men portrayal on television news: a study of Spanish television newscastM. Pilar Matud, Inmaculada Espinosa & Carmen Rodríguez WangüemertFeminist Media Studies
2019-10-25Preparing for the Worst: Lessons for News Media After Hurricane Maria in Puerto RicoBruno Takahashi, Qucheng Zhang & Manuel ChavezJournalism Practice
2019-10-25Connecting People? Understanding Media's Role as Democratic Resources for People in Digitally Advanced Local EnvironmentsRagnhild Kristine OlsenDigital Journalism
2019-10-27Distinct types of conservative attitudes mediate the link between media preference and presidential candidate endorsementXiaowen Xu, Caitlin M. Burton & Jason E. PlaksMedia Psychology
2019-10-28How Brexit Referendum Voters Use NewsRichard Fletcher & Meera SelvaReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2019-10-28What if Scale Breaks Community? Rebooting Audience Engagement When Journalism is Under FireJulie Posetti, Felix Simon & Nabeelah ShabbirReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2019-10-28Ideological parallelism: toward a transnational understanding of the protest paradigmKisun Kim & Saif ShahinSocial Movement Studies
2019-10-28Visual Crisis Communication in the Scandinavian PressCarmen Daniela Maier, Finn Frandsen & Winni JohansenNordicom Review
2019-10-28Searching for online news content: the challenges and decisionsAnnie BlatchfordCommunication Research and Practice
2019-10-28Mostly Credible and Transparent: Audience Perceptions of News Stories Produced With Traditional and Multiplatform Newsgathering TechnologiesGiselle A. Auger, Zeynep Tanes & Charlie GeeElectronic News
2019-10-28Readers' and Photojournalists' Perceptions of Print Media Road Carnage Images in The HeraldJosephat Mutangadura, Charles Carl Mann & Lizette OdendaalCommunicatio
2019-10-28But Can They Write? Television News Industry Assessment of the Skills of Broadcast Journalism Students and Recent GraduatesChristine C. EschenfelderJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-10-29Is Automated Journalistic Writing Less Biased? An Experimental Test of Auto-Written and Human-Written News StoriesYanfang WuJournalism Practice
2019-10-29News across the great wall: Asian news organisations' web strategies for the China marketHsiang Iris Chyi, Angela M. Lee & J. Ian TennantJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-10-30To See and Be Seen: The Environments, Interactions and Identities Behind News ImagesT. J. ThomsonRowman & Littlefield
2019-10-30Networked Emotional News on Social MediaAhmed Al-RawiJournalism Practice
2019-10-30How Daily Journalists Use Numbers and Statistics: The Case of Global Average TemperatureAnthony Van WitsenJournalism Practice
2019-10-31Similar, but not the same: Comparing Editorial and News Agendas in Brazilian NewspapersFrancisco Paulo Jamil Marques, Edna Miola, Isabele Mitozo & Camila Mont'AlverneJournalism Practice
2019-11-01Social Networks and the Demand for NewsLisa M. George & Christian PeukertInformation Economics and Policy
2019-11-01Fake news detection on social media via implicit crowd signalsPaulo Márcio Souza Freire & Ronaldo Ribeiro GoldschmidtProceedings of the 25th Brazillian Symposium on Multimedia and the Web
2019-11-01FACTCK.BR: a new dataset to study fake newsJoão Moreno & Graça BressanProceedings of the 25th Brazillian Symposium on Multimedia and the Web
2019-11-01Data mining applied in fake news classification through textual patternsMarcos Paulo Moraes, Jonice de Oliveira Sampaio & Anderson Cordeiro CharlesProceedings of the 25th Brazillian Symposium on Multimedia and the Web
2019-11-03Beaten by Chartbeat? An Experimental Study on the Effect of Real-Time Audience Analytics on Journalists' News JudgmentKenza Lamot & Peter Van AelstJournalism Studies
2019-11-03The Ultimate News Value: Journalism Textbooks, the U.S. Presidency, and the Normalization of Donald TrumpPerry ParksJournalism Studies
2019-11-04Control Responsibility: The Discursive Construction of Privacy, Teens, and Facebook in Flemish NewspapersRalf De Wolf & Stijn JoyeInternational Journal of Communication
2019-11-04Populism in Scandinavian Immigration Discourse 1970-2016Hilmar Mjelde & Jan Fredrik HovdenInternational Journal of Communication
2019-11-04Metajournalism and Media Critique: Responses to "Extremist Voices" in the Digitalized News LandscapeAnna Grøndahl Larsen & Tine Ustad FigenschouInternational Journal of Communication
2019-11-04Time's up. Or is it? Journalists' Perceptions of Sexual Violence and Newsroom Changes after #MeTooIndiaChindu Sreedharan, Einar Thorsen & Ananya GouthiJournalism Practice
2019-11-05Enriching the Conversation: Audience Perspectives on the Deliberative Nature and Potential of User Comments for News MediaKatherine M. EngelkeDigital Journalism
2019-11-05Prioritizing the Audience's View of Automation in JournalismAndrea L. GuzmanDigital Journalism
2019-11-05Towards a Design Orientation on Algorithms and Automation in News ProductionNicholas DiakopoulosDigital Journalism
2019-11-05Connecting the (Far-)Right Dots: A Topic Modeling and Hyperlink Analysis of (Far-)Right Media Coverage during the US Elections 2016Jonas Kaiser, Adrian Rauchfleisch & Nikki BourassaDigital Journalism
2019-11-05"Why the h**l is There a White House Correspondents' Dinner?" Boundary Work in Political JournalismGregory Perreault, Kellie Stanfield & Shelby LuttmanJournalism Practice
2019-11-05The Crisis-Ridden Capitalist Mode of Production as Driving Force for Restructurations and Transformations in and of the Media Industry: Explanatory Theoretical Elements of a Critique of the Political Economy of the MediaManfred Knochetriple C
2019-11-05Refugee debate and networked framing in the hybrid media environmentReeta Pöyhtäri, Matti Nelimarkka, Kaarina Nikunen, Markus Ojala, Mervi Pantti & Juho PääkkönenInternational Communication Gazette
2019-11-05Explaining the killing of journalists in the contemporary era: The importance of hybrid regimes and subnational variationsSallie Hughes & Yulia VorobyevaJournalism
2019-11-05Escaping the news desert: Nonprofit news and open-system journalism organizationsPatrick Ferrucci & Kathleen I. AlaimoJournalism
2019-11-05Attribute agenda setting and affective priming in a South Korean election: how media descriptions of candidate attributes affect political decision-makingYoomin Lee & Young MinAsian Journal of Communication
2019-11-05The frame of the house: How elite news sources framed Taiwan's housing policyKuang-Kuo Chang & Tien-Tsung LeeNewspaper Research Journal
2019-11-05Non-literary translation in Switzerland: Silence in print mediaLucile DavierTranslation Spaces
2019-11-06Female journalists under attack? Explaining gender differences in reactions to audiences' attacksLea Stahel & Constantin SchoenNew Media & Society
2019-11-06Confronting Uncertainty: The Contours of an Inferential CommunityScott A. Eldridge II & Henrik BødkerJournalism & Communication Monographs
2019-11-06College TV News Websites: Accessibility and Mobile ReadinessNorman E. Youngblood, Lakshmi N. Tirumala, Tom Hallaq & Raluca CozmaElectronic News
2019-11-06Exploring Journalism and Computer Science Student CollaborationElsebeth Frey, Ragnhild K. Olsen & G. Anthony GiannoumisNordicom Review
2019-11-07Analysing headlines as a way of downsizing news corpora: Evidence from an Arabic-English comparable corpus of newspaper articlesAhmad S. Haider & Riyad F. HusseinDigital Scholarship in the Humanities
2019-11-07Medicalization in the Media: News Coverage of a New and Uncertain DiagnosisAmy A. Ross ArguedasJournalism Practice
2019-11-07Climate change and migration in the UK news media: How the story is toldMaria SakellariInternational Communication Gazette
2019-11-07News in an Era of Content Confusion: Effects of News Use Motivations and Context on Native Advertising and Digital News PerceptionsMichelle A. AmazeenJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-11-07Increasing Adherence to Media Guidelines on Responsible Reporting on Suicide: Suggestions from Qualitative Interviews with German JournalistsAntonia Markiewitz, Florian Arendt & Sebastian ScherrJournalism Studies
2019-11-07Hashtag Burnout? A Control Experiment Investigating How Political Hashtags Shape Reactions to News ContentEugenia Ha Rim Rho & Melissa MazmanianProceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction
2019-11-08Stigma activation through dis-identification: cognitive bias triggered by mass media photos of people with obesityYongwoog Andrew Jeon, Hyeseung Elizabeth Koh, Jisoo Ahn & Renita ColemanJournal of Applied Communication Research
2019-11-08A framework for analysing antagonistic narrative strategies: A Russian tale of Swedish declineCharlotte Wagnsson & Costan BarzanjeMedia, War & Conflict
2019-11-08Optimal structure of groups under exposure to fake newsEvelin Berekméri, Imre Derényi & Anna ZafeirisApplied Network Science
2019-11-08Economic News Releases and Financial Markets in South AfricaKonstantinos Gkillas, Dimitrios Vortelinos, Christos Floros & Athanasios TsagkanosEconomies
2019-11-09Quality of Democratic Discourse in the Age of Political Hashtags and Social Media News ConsumptionEugenia Ha Rim RhoConference Companion Publication of the 2019 on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing
2019-11-10Are Numbers Not Trusted in a "Post-Truth" Era? An Experiment on the Impact of Data on News CredibilityY. Roselyn Du, Lingzi Zhu & Benjamin K. L. ChengElectronic News
2019-11-10In Step at the Top? Optimism, Efficacy, and Orientation Among Local Television News ManagersJustin C. Blankenship & Daniel RiffeElectronic News
2019-11-11Influence of the 'news find me' perception on news sharing and news consumption on social mediaFrancisco Segado-Boj, Jesús Díaz-Campo & Raquel Quevedo RedondoCommunication Today
2019-11-11Portrayals of Immigrants and Refugees in U.S. News Media: Visual Framing and its Effect on Emotions and AttitudesScott Parrott, Jennifer Hoewe, Minghui Fan & Keith HuffmanJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2019-11-11Uncivil User Comments Increase Users' Intention to Engage in Corrective Actions and Their Support for Authoritative Restrictive ActionsTeresa K. Naab, Thorsten Naab & Jonas BrandmeierJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-11-11Conceptualizing News Avoidance: Towards a Shared Understanding of Different Causes and Potential SolutionsMorten Skovsgaard & Kim AndersenJournalism Studies
2019-11-11Nonuniversal opinion dynamics driven by opposing external influencesDeepak Bhat & S. RednerPhysical Review E
2019-11-12Rethinking journalist-politician relations in the age of populism: How outsider politicians delegitimize mainstream journalistsArjen Van DalenJournalism
2019-11-12U.S. foreign policy interests and themes about India in the U.S. press after the Cold WarAbhijit MazumdarCommunication Research and Practice
2019-11-12Effects of a Magazine's Move to Online-only: Post-print Audience Attention and Readership Retention RevisitedNeil Thurman & Richard FletcherJournalism Practice
2019-11-13Paying Attention to Attention: A Conceptual Framework for Studying News Reader Revenue Models Related to PlatformsMerja MyllylahtiDigital Journalism
2019-11-13Framing Refuge: Media, Framing, and Sanctuary CitiesBenjamin Gonzalez O'Brien, Elizabeth Hurst, Justin Reedy & Loren CollingwoodMass Communication and Society
2019-11-13AFP, EFE and dpa as international news agenciesJasmin SurmJournalism
2019-11-13Associations Between Characteristics of Web-Based Diabetes News and Readers' Sentiments: Observational Study in the NetherlandsHans Vehof, Eibert Heerdink, José Sanders & Enny DasJournal of Medical Internet Research
2019-11-14Cutting Deeper: U.S. Newspapers Wipeout Jobs and Alter Career IdentitiesScott Reinardy & Lawrie ZionJournalism Practice
2019-11-14"You either stop reacting or you don't survive. There's no other way": the work experiences of Polish women sports journalistsNatalia Organista & Zuzanna MazurFeminist Media Studies
2019-11-14News website personalisation: the co-creation of content, audiences and services by online journalists and marketersSylvain MalcorpsJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-11-14Challenges Facing Development of Data Journalism in Non-Western SocietiesBruce MutsvairoDigital Journalism
2019-11-14How Do They Debunk "Fake News"? A Cross-National Comparison of Transparency in Fact ChecksEdda HumprechtDigital Journalism
2019-11-14From Social Media with News: Journalists' Social Media Use for Sourcing and VerificationXinzhi Zhang & Wenshu LiJournalism Practice
2019-11-15Child sexual exploitation: a comparative frame analysis of news-media coverage over timeKatie ElliottFeminist Media Studies
2019-11-15Graph neural news recommendation with long-term and short-term interest modelingLinmei Hua, Chen Lia, Chuan Shia, Cheng Yanga & Chao ShaoInformation Processing & Management
2019-11-16Teaching foreign languages to journalism and media communication students: The combination of modern and classical approachesSvetlana Evgenievna Nikitina & Gulnara Faridovna DulmukhametovaHumanities & Social Sciences Reviews
2019-11-18Steeled for the challenges: a critical discourse analysis of gendered news frames of Hillary Clinton in battleground coverage of the 2016 Democratic National ConventionCarrie TeresaCritical Studies in Media Communication
2019-11-18Bolivian Ghosts Exorcised Through Literary Journalism: Discussing First-Person Trauma NarrativeSue JosephJournalism Practice
2019-11-18Visual Solutions Journalism: A Theoretical FrameworkJennifer Midberry & Nicole Smith DahmenJournalism Practice
2019-11-18Journalism AICharlie BeckettLondon School of Economics
2019-11-19Clouded reality: News representations of culturally close and distant ethnic outgroupsAnne C. Kroon, Damian Trilling, Toni G. L. A. van der Meer & Jeroen G. F. JonkmanCommunications
2019-11-20Health Information in the News Media: Evaluating Sources and Subject of Articles, and the Intention to AdvertiseEunKyo KangProceedings of the 9th International Conference on Digital Public Health
2019-11-20The 1970s Chile: lessons and warnings for contemporary democracyJay Blumler & Mario Álvarez FuentesMedia, Culture & Society
2019-11-20The coverage of Africa in Ghanaian newspapers: The dominant Western voice in the continent's coverageMichael Yao Wodui SerwornooJournalism
2019-11-20"Arab women's Spring" revisited: media attitudes and public opinion in GermanyZahra Mustafa-Awad, Monika Kirner-Ludwig & Majdi SawalhaFeminist Media Studies
2019-11-20Him Too? Cristiano Ronaldo and the News Coverage of a Rape Case AllegationMaria João Silveirinha, Rita Basílio Simões & Thâmara SantosJournalism Practice
2019-11-20The Cost of the Veil: Visual Communication Impacts of Hijab on News JudgmentsColleen Connolly-Ahern, Lee Ahern, Ioana Alexandra Coman, María Dolores Molina Davila, Stefanie E. Davis & María Cabrera-BaukusMass Communication and Society
2019-11-21The Personal Is the Political? What Do WhatsApp Users Share and How It Matters for News Knowledge, Polarization and Participation in ChileSebastián Valenzuela, Ingrid Bachmann & Matías BargstedDigital Journalism
2019-11-21Does political efficacy equally predict news engagement across countries? A multilevel analysis of the relationship among internal political efficacy, media environment and news engagementShuning Lu & Luwei Rose LuqiuNew Media & Society
2019-11-21Actually, it's about Ethics, AI, and Journalism: Reporting on and with Computation and DataBernat Ivancsics & Mark HansenTow Center for Digital Journalism
2019-11-21News repertoires, civic engagement and political participation among young adults in IsraelSagit Dinnar & Hillel NossekCommunications.
2019-11-21Reconsidering churnalism: How news factors in corporate press releases influence how journalists treat these press releases after initial selectionPytrik Schafraad & Ward Van ZoonenCommunication
2019-11-22Prejudice and the Press Critics: Colonel Robert McCormick's Assault on the Hutchins CommissionStephen BatesAmerican Journalism
2019-11-22Divided Loyalties: The Chicago Defender and Harold Washington's Campaign for Mayor of ChicagoJon Marshall & Matthew ConnorAmerican Journalism
2019-11-22What's New about Whatsapp for News? A Mixed-Method Study on News Outlets' Strategies for Using WhatsAppKarin Boczek & Lars KoppersDigital Journalism
2019-11-22President Ford's Personal Watergate: The Undermining of the Public Sphere during the Mayaguez IncidentMichael Sweeney, Michael DiBari Jr., Edgar Simpson & William SchulteAmerican Journalism
2019-11-22Making China Their "Beat": A Collective Biography of U.S. Correspondents in China, 1900-1949Yong Volz & Lei GuoAmerican Journalism
2019-11-22Newspaper Decline and the Effect on Local Government CoverageJay Jennings & Meghan RubadoThe University of Texas at Austin
2019-11-23">Individual-level differences in negativity biases in news selectionSarah Bachleda, Fabian G. Neuner, Stuart Soroka, Lauren Guggenheim, Patrick Fournier & Elin NaurinPersonality and Individual Differences
2019-11-24(Mis)Representations of sexual violence: the Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford testimoniesMadison A. PollinoCritical Studies in Media Communication
2019-11-25Populist Time: Mediating Immediacy and Delay in Liberal DemocracyHenrik Bødker & Chris AndersonInternational Journal of Communication
2019-11-25Portrait of a Crisis: The Crucial Role of News Media Coverage and Perceived Effectiveness of a New PartyJoost Van Spanje & Rachid AzroutInternational Journal of Communication
2019-11-25Channel Complementarity or Displacement? Theory and Evidence from a non-Western Election ContextTaberez Ahmed Neyazi, Anup Kumar & Mohan J. DuttaJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2019-11-25A Review of Artificial Intelligence Adoptions in the Media IndustrySylvia M. Chan-OlmstedInternational Journal on Media Management
2019-11-25Role regulation and normative expectations: the discursive erasure of Middle Eastern forced migrants in U.S. news outletsLaura P. B. PartainJournal of Applied Communication Research
2019-11-26Why Do Citizens Pay for Online Political News and Public Affairs? Socio-psychological Antecedents of Local News Paying BehaviourManuel GoyanesJournalism Studies
2019-11-26Northwest Passages: Framing by Local, National and Public Media in Canada's ArcticTyler W. S. NagelJournalism Practice
2019-11-26Competing for Audience's Time: Comparing Science News with Health News and Political NewsShu-Chu Sarrina LiJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2019-11-26Ephemeral Journalism: News Distribution Through Instagram StoriesJorge Vázquez-Herrero, Sabela Direito-Rebollal & Xosé López-GarcíaSocial Media + Society
2019-11-26Through their Eyes: Reporters' Challenges in Covering China-Africa RelationsTokunbo OjoJournalism Practice
2019-11-26He who pays the piper, calls the tune? Examining Russia's and Poland's public diplomacy efforts to shape the international coverage of the Smolensk crashLiudmila Khalitova, Barbara Myslik, Agnieszka Turska-Kawa, Sofiya Tarasevich & Spiro KiousisPublic Relations Review
2019-11-27Press Systems, Freedom of the Press and Credibility: A Comparative Analysis of Mobile News in Four Asian CitiesRan Wei, Ven-Hwei Lo, Katherine Yi-Ning Chen, Edson Tandoc & Guoliang ZhangJournalism Studies
2019-11-27Trying to Survive While Eroding News Diversity: Legacy News Media's Catch-22Jonathan HendrickxJournalism Studies
2019-11-27'Euro-Gomorrah and Homopropaganda': The culture of fear and 'Rainbow Scare' in the narrative of right-wing populists media in Poland as part of the election campaign to the European Parliament in 2019Piotr?uk & Pawe? ?ukDiscourse, Context & Media
2019-11-28Identifying Obstacles to Peace Journalism in Sri Lanka and NepalSenthan SelvarajahJournalism Practice
2019-11-28Will the Crowd Go Wild?: Reimagining the Newspaper Sports Section for Digital SubscribersMichael Mirer & Jennifer HarkerJournalism Practice
2019-11-28Assessing James W. Carey's Culture of Journalism Criticism Four Decades Later: A Case Study of the New York Times Profile of a White NationalistKevin M. LernerJournalism Practice
2019-11-28Experts or Advocates: Shifting Roles of Central Sources Used by Journalists in News Stories?Bo Laursen & N. Leila TrappJournalism Practice
2019-11-28Politeness in the interactions of selected Nigerian news-based virtual communitiesOlushola OyadijiDiscourse & Communication
2019-11-28African Elections as a Testing Ground: Comparing Coverage of Cambridge Analytica in Nigerian and Kenyan NewspapersBrian Ekdale & Melissa TullyAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-11-28A Pilot Study on Developing Newsgames in Collaboration between Journalism and Computer Science StudentsMarko Siitonen, Panu Uotila, Turo Uskali, Jukka Varsaluoma & Tanja VälisaloNordicom Review
2019-11-28Crisis of Policy Reporting: Evidence From Australian Election Campaigns, 2001-2013Andrew GibbonsJournalism Studies
2019-11-29Audience engagement in the discourse of TV news kernels: The case of BBC News at TenDebing FengDiscourse & Communication
2019-11-29Damage control: Canadian University crisis management responses to sexual assaultWalter B. L. Works, Jennifer S. Wong & Chelsey LeeAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-11-30Embedding a chatbot in a news article: design and implementationAndreas Veglis & Theodora A. ManiouProceedings of the 23rd Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics
2019-11-30Factors and models contributing to the optimization of search engine results credibility and application on news content: the cross-credibility engine optimization (CCEO) modelCharalampos Dimoulas & Andreas VeglisProceedings of the 23rd Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics
2019-11-31Shifting Practices for a Stronger Tomorrow: Local journalism in the Pacific Northwest (2019)Damian Radcliffe, Destiny Alvarez, Alex Powers & Jaycie SchenoneAgora Journalism Center
2019-11-31The Publisher’s Guide to eCommerceDamian RadcliffeWhat's New in Publishing
2019-12-01Medium-Specific Threats for Journalists: Examples from Philippines, Afghanistan and VenezuelaSaumava Mitra, Marte Høiby & Mariateresa GarridoJournalism Practice
2019-12-02Journalism's extraordinary audience: The characteristics and circumstances of news media consumption among IslamistsPhilip Baugut & Katharina NeumannJournalism
2019-12-02Representing the Nation: A Comparative Study of the Social Constitution of Senior BBC Journalists, Cabinet-Level Politicians and the British PublicGary James MerrillJournalism Practice
2019-12-02Global Expression Report 2018/19Article 19
2019-12-02Patterns of controversy and consensus in German, Canadian, and US online news on climate changeRobin Tschötschel, Andreas Schuck & Anke WonnebergerGlobal Environmental Change
2019-12-03News Podcasts and the Opportunities for PublishersNic Newman & Nathan GalloReuters Institute
2019-12-03All the News That's Fit to Click: The Economics of Clickbait MediaKevin MungerPolitical Communication
2019-12-04Increasing Accountability Using Data Journalism: Challenges for the Pakistani JournalistsSadia JamilJournalism Practice
2019-12-04Follow the Leader?: Optimism and Efficacy on Solo Journalism of Local Television Journalists and News DirectorsJustin C. Blankenship & Daniel RiffeJournalism Practice
2019-12-04Researching MediaSpace in a European cross-border region: The meaning of places and the function of bordersChristian LamourCommunications
2019-12-05Ethics and Journalism in Central Asia: A Comparative Study of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and UzbekistanBahtiyar Kurambayev & Eric FreedmanJournal of Media Ethics
2019-12-06Preparing to face the media in times of crisis: Training spokespersons' verbal and nonverbal cuesAurélie De Waele, An-Sofie Claeys & Michaël OpgenhaffenPublic Relations Review
2019-12-06The sociocognitive dimension of hate speech in readers' comments on Serbian news websitesJasmina P. ?or?evi?Discourse, Context & Media
2019-12-06Major media outlets show improvement at debunking Trump misinformation on TwitterMatt Gertz & Rob SavilloMedia Matters for America
2019-12-09Fluid institutional logics in digital journalismJuliane A. LischkaJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-12-09Japan's media fails its watchdog role: Lessons learned and unlearned from the 2011 earthquake and the Fukushima disasterNobuyuki Okumura, Kaori Hayashi, Koji Igarashi & Atsushi TanakaJournalism
2019-12-09Towards an integrated argumentative approach to multimodal critical discourse analysis: evidence from the portrayal of refugees and immigrants in Greek newspapersDimitris Serafis, Sara Greco, Chiara Pollaroli & Chiara Jermini-Martinez SoriaCritical Discourse Studies
2019-12-11Paternalism in China Daily's coverage of Chinese Muslims (2001-2015)Meng Ye & Peter ThomasDiscourse & Communication
2019-12-11Discursive construction of Syrian refugees in shaping international public opinion: Turkey's public diplomacy effortsEmel Özdora Ak?akDiscourse & Communication
2019-12-11The visual Narrative of Student Radicalism in Finland: The 1968 occupation of the Old Student House in the Finnish mediaOlli KleemolaMedia History
2019-12-11Lügenpresse: The lying press and German journalists' responses to a stigmaMichael Koliska & Karin AssmannJournalism
2019-12-11More top-down than peer-to-peer: talking to Australians about their ideal news sourceSacha MolitoriszMedia International Australia
2019-12-11'Sadly forgotten'? Newspaper coverage of the first men to fly the Atlantic non-stop, Alcock and BrownGuy HodgsonMedia History
2019-12-12Audiovisual narratives about the case Spain's stolen babiesAna Mancho-Iglesia & Carmen Marta-LazoDiscourse & Communication
2019-12-12'This Tragically Obscured Summer': News Media and Uncertainties of Veracity in the 1928 Nobile/Amundsen DisasterEspen YtrebergMedia History
2019-12-12Differentiated visibilities: RT Arabic's narration of Russia's role in the Syrian warDeena Dajani, Marie Gillespie & Rhys CrilleyMedia, War & Conflict
2019-12-12Mobile but Not Mobilized? Differential Gains from Mobile News Consumption for Citizens' Political Knowledge and Campaign ParticipationJakob OhmeDigital Journalism
2019-12-12An Emotional Turn in Journalism Studies?Karin Wahl-JorgensenDigital Journalism
2019-12-12The Inapplicability of Objectivity: Understanding the Work of Data JournalismJingrong Tong & Landong ZuoJournalism Practice
2019-12-12Trusting the News Media in the Trump EraJeffrey Gottfried, Galen Stocking, Elizabeth Grieco, Mason Walker, Maya Khuzam & Amy MitchellPew Research Center
2019-12-12An 'existential threat' or a 'past pariah': Securitisation of Iran and disagreements among American pressForough AminDiscourse & Communication
2019-12-12Teaching Collegiate Journalists How to Cover Traumatic Events Using Moral Development TheoryStephanie Anderson & Brian BourkeJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-12-12'A victim, and that's all': the construction of Meredith Kercher in the British national newspapersAtalanta Goulandris & Eugene McLaughlinFeminist Media Studies
2019-12-13The Problem With Protests: Emotional Effects of Race-Related News MediaDavid Stamps & Dana MastroJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-12-13Critical Information/News Literacy and the Flipped Classroom: Student Evaluations of Information Searching and AnalysisJames H. WittebolsJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-12-14Civil society, the media and the Internet: changing roles and challenging authorities in digital political communication ecologiesThomas HäusslerInformation, Communication & Society
2019-12-15How Polarized Are Online and Offline News Audiences? A Comparative Analysis of Twelve CountriesRichard Fletcher, Alessio Cornia & Rasmus Kleis NielsenThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-12-16Robust Fake News Detection Over Time and AttackBenjamin D. Horne, Jeppe Nørregaard & Sibel AdaliACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology
2019-12-16Negotiating national identities in conflict situations: The discursive reproduction of the Sino-US trade war in China's news reportsHong Wang & Yunfeng GeDiscourse & Communication
2019-12-16Exploring the metadiscursive realisation of incivility in TV news discourseJamie McKeown & Hans J. LadegaardDiscourse, Context & Media
2019-12-16Right-wing Bias in Journalists' Perceptions of Public OpinionKathleen Beckers, Stefaan Walgrave, Hanna Valerie Wolf, Kenza Lamot & Peter Van AelstJournalism Practice
2019-12-17Industry, Experts, or Industry Experts? Academic Sourcing in News Coverage of AIJ. Scott Brennen, Anne Schulz, Philip N. Howard & Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute
2019-12-17Online Participatory Journalism: A Systematic Literature ReviewKatherine M. EngelkeMedia & Communication
2019-12-17Journalism at the PeripheryEdson C. Tandoc Jr.Media & Communication
2019-12-17Prophets without Honor: Peripheral Actors in Kenyan JournalismJ. Siguru WahutuMedia & Communication
2019-12-17From Peripheral to Integral? A Digital-Born Journalism Not for Profit in a Time of CrisesAlfred Hermida & Mary Lynn YoungMedia & Communication
2019-12-17Open-Source Trading Zones and Boundary Objects: Examining GitHub as a Space for Collaborating on "News"Mario Haim & Rodrigo ZamithMedia & Communication
2019-12-17Where Do We Draw the Line? Interlopers, (Ant)agonists, and an Unbounded Journalistic FieldScott A. Eldridge IIMedia & Communication Experimentally Developing a Relational Platform for Local JournalismAndreas Hepp & Wiebke LoosenMedia & Communication
2019-12-17The New Advertisers: How Foundation Funding Impacts JournalismPatrick Ferrucci & Jacob L. NelsonMedia & Communication
2019-12-17Intercultural Competencies Needed for Evolving Media Professions: Educating the Next Generation of Globally Minded CommunicatorsPablo Miño & Rhonda GibsonJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-12-17Silhouette Journalism: China Reporting in the Light of the US Opening to ChinaChunfeng LinJournalism Practice
2019-12-17Buffering Negative News: Individual-level Effects of Company Visibility, Tone, and Pre-existing Attitudes on Corporate ReputationJeroen G. F. Jonkman, Mark Boukes, Rens Vliegenthart & Piet VerhoevenMass Communication and Society
2019-12-17Modeling the Formation of Attentive Publics in Social Media: The Case of Donald TrumpChris Wells, Yini Zhang, Josephine Lukito & Jon C. W. PevehouseMass Communication and Society
2019-12-17Working on the Margins: Comparative Perspectives on the Roles and Motivations of Peripheral Actors in JournalismAljosha Karim Schapals, Phoebe Maares & Folker HanuschMedia and Communication
2019-12-18Why and how higher media concentration equals lower news diversity - The Mediahuis caseJonathan Hendrickx & Heritiana RanaivosonJournalism
2019-12-18The preemptive voice of enemy images: The before-and-after motif in news coverage of women homegrown terroristsPiotr M. SzpunarJournalism
2019-12-18Effects of Fact-Checking Political Misinformation on Perceptual Accuracy and Epistemic Political EfficacyChance York, James D. Ponder, Zach Humphries, Catherine Goodall, Michael Beam & Carrie WintersJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-12-18HIV and Anniversary Journalism: Susceptibility and Severity Messaging in News Coverage of World AIDS DayJosh Grimm & Joseph SchwartzJournalism Practice
2019-12-18The 2015 refugee crisis, uncertainty and the media: Representations of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants in Austrian and French mediaAnita Gottlob & Hajo BoomgaardenCommunications
2019-12-19Egypt's media system: historic legacies and blocked potentials for independent mediaHanan BadrPublizistik
2019-12-19Communicative actions we live by: The problem with fact-checking, tagging or flagging fake news - the case of FacebookJack Andersen & Sille Obelitz SøeEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-12-19Which Bad News to Choose? The Influence of Race and Social Identity on Story Selections Within Negative News ContextsLanier Frush Holt & Dustin CarnahanJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-12-19Before the 'Arab Spring': How challengers pushed counter-issues in Egypt's hybrid media systemHanan BadrMedia, War & Conflict
2019-12-20To Be there when it Happened: Immersive Journalism, Empathy, and Opinion on Sexual HarassmentNili SteinfeldJournalism Practice
2019-12-20Exploring the Spirit in U.S. Audiences: The Role of the Virtue of Transcendence in Inspiring Media ConsumptionSophie H. Janicke-Bowles, Arthur A. Raney, Mary Beth Oliver, Katherine R. Dale, Robert P. Jones & Daniel CoxJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-12-20What's in a Font?: Ideological Perceptions of TypographyKatherine Haenschen & Daniel J. TamulCommunication Studies
2019-12-21Facebook News Use During the 2017 Norwegian Elections - Assessing the Influence of Hyperpartisan NewsBente Kalsnes & Anders Olof LarssonJournalism Practice
2019-12-25Toward a humanistic turn for a more ethical journalismPerry ParksJournalism
2019-12-26Measuring Selective Exposure in Mock Website Experiments: A Simple, Free, and Open-source SolutionJulian UnkelCommunication Methods and Measures
2019-12-26Researching media participation by listening to people with disabilityKim Stewart, Christina SpurgeonMedia, Culture & Society
2019-12-29The Chick Diffusion: How Newspapers Fail to Meet Normative Expectations Regarding Their Democratic Role in Public DebateMarie Garnier, Margit van Wessel, Peter A. Tamás & Severine van BommelJournalism Studies
2019-12-30Online engagement of active communicative behaviors and news consumption on Internet portal sitesSora Kim, Hyejoon Rim & Kang Hoon SungJournalism
2019-12-30The Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: How Russia's Internet Research Agency Tweets Appeared in U.S. News as Vox PopuliJosephine Lukito, Jiyoun Suk, Yini Zhang, Larissa Doroshenko, Sang Jung Kim, Min-Hsin Su, Yiping Xia, Deen Freelon & Chris WellsThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-12-30Image that Matters: News Media Consumption and Party Leader Effects on Voting BehaviorDiego Garzia, Frederico Ferreira da Silva & Andrea De AngelisThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-12-30Resistance to the dehumanisation of asylum seekers in Australia's mediated public sphere: an audience perspectiveAshleigh Haw, Farida Fozdar & Rob CoverMedia, Culture & Society
2019-12-31Challenges of Media Ethics Education in Lebanon in the Midst of Political and Economic PressureMaria Bou Zeid & Jessica R. El-KhouryJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-12-31Press narratives of NSA domestic surveillanceMichael T. Martínez, Jamie Greig, Catherine A. Luther & John BakerAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-12-31’I Urge You To See This...’. Clickbait as One of the Dominant Features of Contemporary Online HeadlinesPaulina MormolSocial Communication
2019-12-31Post-truth and trust in journalism: an analysis of credibility indicators in Brazilian venuesMarcelo Träsel, Sílvia Lisboa & Giulia Reis VinciprovaBrazilian Journalism Research

Picture: untitled by Dan Dimmock, licence CC0 1.0

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