Research of January 2018

Journalism research of january 2018,

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in January 2018 about journalism research. The list is updated a couple of times per week. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2018-01-31When the Wrong Kind of Authority Neutralizes Journalism: Cold War Enmity, Journalism and the US Presidential RaceBarbie ZelizerComunicazioni Sociali
2018-01-31Data Visualization in Scandinavian Newsrooms
Emerging Trends in Journalistic Visualization Practices
Martin Engebretsen, Helen Kennedy, Wibke WeberNordicom Review
2018-01-31Measuring the reach of "fake news" and online disinformation in EuropeRichard Fletcher, Alessio Cornia, Lucas Graves and Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute factsheet
2018-01-31Gendering Media Policy Research and Communication GovernanceClaudia PadovaniJavnost - The Public
2018-01-31Time to End Impunity: Journalists and Media Staff Killed
in 2017
International Federation of Journalists
2018-01-31Media, Knowledge and Trust: The Deepening Epistemic Crisis of DemocracyPeter DahlgrenJavnost - The Public
2018-01-30Global News Broadcasting in the Pre-Television Era: A Cross-National Comparative Analysis of World War II Newsreel CoverageScott L. Althaus, Kaye Usry, Stanley Richards, Bridgette Van Thuyle, Isabelle Aron, Lu Huang, Kalev Leetaru, Monica Muehlfeld, Karissa Snouffer, Seth Weber, Yuji Zhang & Patricia PhalenJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2018-01-30Facts and transformations in European minority language media systems amid digitalization and economic crisisIñaki Zabaleta, Arantza Gutierrez, Carme Ferré-Pavia Itxaso Fernandez, Nikolas XamardoInternational Communication Gazette
2018-01-30Ryan P. Larson & Andrew M. LindnerInformation, Communication & Society
2018-01-30“A Kangaroo and Bradman”
Indian journalists’ visit to Australia under the Colombo Plan, 1950–1957
Amit SarwalJournalism Studies
2018-01-30Bigger is not always better: What we can learn about data journalism from small newsroomsBettina FiglReuters Institute Fellow's Paper
2018-01-30How the Spanish press frames obesity: A study of content published by El País, La Vanguardia, and El Correo in 2015José I Armentia, Flora MarínJournalism
2018-01-30Explaining Media Choice: The Role of Issue-Specific Engagement in Predicting Interest-Based and Partisan SelectivityLauren Feldman, Magdalena Wojcieszak, Natalie Jomini Stroud & Bruce BimberJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2018-01-30Response and responsibility: Mainstream media and Lucy Meadows in a post-Leveson contextKat GuptaSexualities
2018-01-29The echo chamber is overstated: the moderating effect of political interest and diverse mediaElizabeth Dubois & Grant BlankInformation, Communication & Society
2018-01-29News Media Use and the Informed Public in the Digital AgeMichael A. Xenos, Dietram Scheufele, Dominique Brossard, Doo-Hun Choi, Michael Cacciatore, Sara Yeo, Leona Yi-Fan SuInternational Journal of Communication
2018-01-29A Mixed Methods Approach to Examining the Relationship Between News Media Literacy and Political EfficacyMelissa Tully, Emily K. VragaInternational Journal of Communication
2018-01-29The Pull of Humanitarian Interventionism: Examining the Effects of Media Frames and Political Values on People’s Choice of ResolutionJovan Milojevich, Peter BeattieInternational Journal of Communication
2018-01-29Sources Shared on Twitter: A Case Study on ImmigrationGalen Stocking, Michael Barthel and Elizabeth GriecoPew Research Center
2018-01-29Revisiting Digital News Audiences with a Political Magnifying GlassJosiane JouëtJavnost - The Public
2018-01-29Digital Traces in Context| Reuniting a Divided Public? Tracing the TTIP Debate on Twitter and in Traditional MediaGerret von Nordheim, Karin Boczek, Lars Koppeers, Elena ErdmannInternational Journal of Communication
2018-01-27Labor market policy and media work in SwedenFredrik StiernstedtMedia Research / Medijska Istrazivanjaentitled
2018-01-27The political economy of attention: Global news agencies and the destruction of democracyLee ArtzMedia Research / Medijska Istrazivanjaentitled
2018-01-27The labor history of news in the US before World War IJohn NeroneMedia Research / Medijska Istrazivanjaentitled
2018-01-27A case study of newspaper delivery labour as a blind spot in the political economy of communicationSašo Slaček Brlek, Igor Vobič, Jernej Amon ProdnikMedia Research / Medijska Istrazivanjaentitled
2018-01-26Color, Caste and the Public Sphere
Black journalists who joined television networks from 1994 to 2014
Indira S. Somani & Natalie HopkinsonJournalism Practice
2018-01-25Gender Equality in the Media SectorKatie McCracken et al.European Parliament
2018-01-24Gendered discourses of control in global journalism: women’s bodies in CNN’s Zika reportingTracy Tinga, Urszula Pruchniewska, Michael Buozis & Loyce KuteFeminist Media Studies
2018-01-24Journalist–source relations and the deliberative system: A network performance approach to investigating journalism’s contribution to facilitating public deliberation in a globalized worldJulia Lück, Hartmut Wessler, Rousiley Maia Antal WozniakInternational Communication Gazette
2018-01-24Russia re-envisions the world: strategic narratives in Russian broadcast and news media during 2015Robert S. Hinck, Randolph Kluver & Skye CooleyRussian Journal of Communication
2018-01-24More news from the Euro front: How the press has been framing the Euro crisis in five EU countriesWillem Joris, Liina Puustinen, Leen d’HaenensInternational Communication Gazette
2018-01-23Financial journalism in today’s high-frequency news and information eraNadine StraußJournalism
2018-01-23Between moments and millennia: temporalising mediatisationChristian PentzoldMedia, Culture & Society
2018-01-23Global Teamwork: The rise of collaboration in investigative journalismRichard SambrookBook: Reuters Institute
2018-01-23The Mass Media and Russia’s “Sphere of Interests”: Mechanisms of Regional Hegemony in Belarus and UkraineJoanna SzostekGeopolitics
2018-01-23Are we teaching trauma?
A survey of accredited journalism schools in the United States
Gretchen Dworznik & Adrienne GarveyJournalism Practice
2018-01-22Journalists as radio advertising endorsers in news or talk radio stationsClara Muela-Molina, Josefa D Martín-Santana, Eva Reinares-LaraJournalism
2018-01-22Uncovering alternative ‘journalism crisis’ narratives in Singapore and Hong Kong: When state influences interact with Western liberal ideals in a changing media landscapeShangyuan WuJournalism
2018-01-22Using parallel content analysis to measure mediatization of politics: The televised leaders’ debates in Canada, 1968–2008Frédérick BastienJournalism
2018-01-19Disrupting Traditional News Routines Through Community Engagement
Analysis of the One River, Many Stories media collaboration project
Jennifer E. Moore & John A. HatcherJournalism Studies
2018-01-18CAST: discovery amplification sustainability and interactionsClare Cook et al.Report: University of Central Lancaster
2018-01-18A Gap in Networked Publics? A Comparison of Younger and Older Journalists’ Newsgathering Practices on Social MediaPetter Bae Brandtzaeg, María Ángeles Chaparro DomínguezNordicom Review
2018-01-18Swiss Journalists’ Role Performance
The relationship between conceptualized, narrated, and practiced roles
Patric Raemy, Daniel Beck & Lea HellmuellerJournalism Studies
2018-01-18Content analysis of corruption coverage: Cross-national differences and commonalitiesMiklós Hajdu, Boróka Pápay, Zoltán Szántó, István János TóthEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-01-17Voices from the disaster area: local and regional media in Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures after ‘3.11’Florian MeissnerContemporary Japan
2018-01-17Second Screening for News and Digital DividesMatthew Barnidge, Trevor Diehl, & Hernando RojasSocial Science Computer Review
2018-01-17Reconstructing news spread networks and studying its dynamicsElisa Mussumeci & Flávio Codeço CoelhoSocial Network Analysis and Mining
2018-01-17Learning Political News From Social Media: Network Media Logic and Current Affairs News Learning in a High-Choice Media EnvironmentAdam Shehata, Jesper StrömbäckCommunication Research
2018-01-17Democratizing & Debasing
A recent history of commercialization and political celebritization in the Czech media
Mark HannahJournalism Studies
2018-01-17Media Use and Environmental Engagement: Examining Differential Gains from News Media and Social MediaNan Zhang, Marko M. SkoricInternational Journal of Communication
2018-01-17Information war in the Russian media ecology: the case of the Panama PapersAndrew Hoskins & Pavel ShchelinContinuum
Journal of Media & Cultural Studies
2018-01-17Framing Philanthropy in Time of WarShani Horowitz-Rozen, Eytan GilboaInternational Journal of Communication
2018-01-16Mobile Journalism as Lifestyle Journalism?
Field Theory in the integration of mobile in the newsroom and mobile journalist role conception
Gregory Perreault & Kellie StanfieldJournalism Practice
2018-01-16Liking the (Funny) Messenger: The Influence of News Parody Exposure, Mirth, and Predispositions on Media TrustJason T. PeiferMedia Psychology
2018-01-16Mediatization and the Disproportionate Attention to Negative News
The case of airplane crashes
Toni G. L. A. van der Meer, Anne C. Kroon, Piet Verhoeven & Jeroen JonkmanJournalism Studies
2018-01-15A Gate in the Wall of Sound: Embodiment and traditional gatekeeping in music photographyKyser LoughJournalism Practice
2018-01-15Environmental disputes in China: A case study of media coverage of the 2012 Ningbo anti-PX protestSibo ChenGlobal Media and China
2018-01-12Scientific Uncertainty in the Press: How Newspapers Describe Initial Biomedical FindingsEstelle Dumas-Mallet, Andy Smith, Thomas Boraud, François GononScience Communication
2018-01-12This Reporter is so Ugly, How can She Appear on TV?
Negotiating gender online and offline in Taiwanese media
Paromita Pain & Victoria ChenJournalism Practice
2018-01-12Journalism and Gender: Toward a Multidimensional ApproachIiris Ruoho & Sinikka TorkkolaNordicom Review
2018-01-12News in Social Media: Incidental consumption and the role of opinion leadersAnnika Bergström & Maria Jervelycke BelfrageDigital Journalism
2018-01-12Knowing in Journalistic Practice: Ethnography in a public broadcasting companyAare Värk & Eneli KindsikoJournalism Practice
2018-01-12Tell Me Who Your Sources Are
Perceptions of news credibility on social media
Edson C. Tandoc Jr.Journalism Practice
2018-01-11Reason over Politics
The Economist’s historical framing of austerity
Timo HarjuniemiJournalism Studies
2018-01-11Framing a Conflict! How Media Report on Earthquake Risks Caused by Gas Drilling
A Longitudinal Analysis Using Machine Learning Techniques of Media Reporting on Gas Drilling from 1990 to 2015
Alette Eva Opperhuizen, Kim Schouten & Erik Hans KlijnJournalism Studies
2018-01-11Publics Globally Want Unbiased News Coverage, but Are Divided on Whether Their News Media DeliverAmy Mitchell, Katie Simmons, Katerina Eva Matsa and Laura SilverPew Research Center
2018-01-11Disclosure of Scandinavian telecom companies’ corruption in Uzbekistan: The role of investigative journalistsEster Pollack & Sigurd AllernEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-01-11Spread of misinformation online: Simulation impact of social media newsgroupsFadi Safieddine, Milan Dordevic & Pardis PourghomiComputing Conference, 2017
2018-01-11Aleksandr Minkin: A pioneer of investigative journalism in Soviet Central Asia (1979–1991)Riccardo Mario CucciollaJournalism
2018-01-10Chicago News LandscapeEmily Van Duyn, Jay Jennings & Natalie Jomini StroudUniversity of Texas at Austin
2018-01-10More of the Same or a Different Breed Altogether?
A National Comparison of Role Perceptions and Ethical Stances among Finnish Political Journalists
Jari VäliverronenNordicom Review
2018-01-10Journalism, Media, and
Technology Trends and Predictions 2018
Nic NewmanReuters Institute
2018-01-09Who Gets Vocal About Hyperlocal
Neighborhood involvement and socioeconomics in the sharing of hyperlocal news
Piotr S. Bobkowski, Liefu Jiang, Laveda J. Peterlin & Nathan J. RodriguezJournalism Practice
2018-01-09Data journalism and ethics: a Russian approachAlexandra ShilinaAn open conversation in Russian Journal of Communication
2018-01-09Bad Neighborhoods in a Good City?
Space, place and Brussels’s online news
Victor Wiard & Fábio Henrique PereiraJournalism Studies
2018-01-09At Work in the Digital NewsroomNicole S. CohenDigital Journalism
2018-01-09Metaphor and ideology: Conceptual structure and conceptual content in Spanish political discourseMarina Díaz-PeraltaDiscourse & Communication
2018-01-08Smileys Without Borders. A Critique of Transboundary Interaction Between Politicians, Journalists and PR practitioners on Social MediaPeter BergleztripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique
2018-01-08Journalists and Communicators' Perceptions of Their Graduate Training in Environmental Reporting: An Application of Knowledge-Based Journalism PrinciplesBruno Takahashi & Perry ParksFrontiers in Environmental Science
2018-01-08Visibility patterns of gendered ageism in the media buzz: a study of the representation of gender and age over three decadesMaria EdströmFeminist Media Studies
2018-01-08Medieåret 2016-2017. Medieutvikling i Norge [The Media Year 2016-2017]. In Norwegian, statistics in English.Nina Bjørnstad, Martine H. Leknesmedienorge / University of Bergen / Norwegian Ministry of Culture
2018-01-08Addressing fake news: Open standards & easy identificationJoshua Hyman2017 IEEE 8th Annual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference (UEMCON)
2018-01-06‘Black diamonds’, ‘clever blacks’ and other metaphors: Constructing the black middle class in contemporary South African print mediaE. Dimitris Kitis, Tommaso M. Milani & Erez LevonDiscourse & Communication
2018-01-05Cold War redux and the news: Islamic State and the US through each other’s eyesBarbie ZelizerCritical Studies in Media Communication
2018-01-05WHO’s Media Guidelines in the Press and in Public PerceptionKuang-Kuo Chang & Eric FreedmanJournal of Media Ethics
2018-01-05Beyond Walter Cronkite’s “And That’s The Way It Is”: Ten American Network News anchors’ swan songsB. William Silcock & Madeleine LisebladJournalism Practice
2018-01-05Arguing with ISIS: web 2.0, open source journalism, and narrative disruptionMatt SienkiewiczCritical Studies in Media Communication
2018-01-04Foundation-funded Journalism, Philanthrocapitalism and Tainted DonorsKate Wright, Martin Scott & Mel BunceJournalism Studies
2018-01-03Constraints and limitations of investigative journalism in Hungary, Italy, Latvia and RomaniaMatteo Gerli, Marco Mazzoni & Roberto MincigrucciEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-01-03My Hero, Your Aggressor: Differences in Perceptions of News Media Brand PersonalityDanny D. E. KimInternational Journal of Communication
2018-01-03Consensus at Home, Opposition Abroad: Officials, Foreign Sources, and U.S. News Coverage of Drone WarfareCharles M. Rowling, Penelope Sheets, William Pettit, Jason GilmoreJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-01-03Hierarchy of influences on transitional journalism – Corrupting relationships between political, economic and media elitesAna Milojević & Aleksandra KrstićEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-01-03Gender, Parasocial Interaction, and Nonverbal Communication: Testing the Visual Effect of Sports Magazine Cover ModelsBen WasikeInternational Journal of Communication
2018-01-03Perceived News Media Importance: Developing and Validating a Measure for Personal Valuations of Normative Journalistic FunctionsJason T. PeiferCommunication Methods and Measures
2018-01-02The faces of local TV news in America: youth, whiteness, and gender disparities in station publicity photosMary Angela Bock, Lourdes Miriam Cueva Chacón, Hyeri Jung, Heloisa Aruth Sturm & Ever J. FigueroaFeminist Media Studies
2018-01-02“News comes across when I’m in a moment of leisure”: Understanding the practices of incidental news consumption on social mediaPablo J. Boczkowski, Eugenia Mitchelstein & Mora MatassiNew Media & Society
2018-01-02The semantic extensions of kill and killer in magazine and newspaper corporaSiaw-Fong ChungInternational Review of Pragmatics
2018-01-02The Utilization of Web Analytics in Online Greek JournalismDimitrios Giomelakis, Efstathios Sidiropoulos, Sotiria Gilou & Andreas VeglisJournalism Studies
2018-01-02Copy, Edit, Paste: Comparing news coverage of war with official military accountsOren Livio & Shani Cohen-YechezkelyJournalism Studies
2018-01-02Metaphors of corruption in the news media coverage of seven European countriesRoxana Bratu & Iveta KažokaEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-01-01How local journalists interpret and evaluate media convergence: An empirical study of journalists from four press groups in FujianHui Xiong & Jian ZhangInternational Communication Gazette
2018-01-01Searching for Sheboygans: On the future of small market newspapersChristopher Ali, Damian Radcliffe, Thomas R. Schmidt, Rosalind DonaldJournalism
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