Research of February 2018

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Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in February 2018 about journalism research. The list is updated a couple of times per week. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2018-02-28Reproducing the Imprint of Power: Framing the “Creative Class” in Putin’s RussiaVolha Kananovich & Frank D. DurhamInternational Journal of Communication
2018-02-28Muck: A Build Tool for Data JournalistsGeorge KingTow Center report
2018-02-28Neoliberal populism as hegemony: a historical-ideological analysis of US economic policy discourseMatt GuardinoCritical Discourse Studies
2018-02-28Understanding the Promise and Limits of Automated Fact-CheckingLucas GravesReuters Institute Fact Sheet
2018-02-27Between a ‘media circus’ and ‘seeing justice being done’: Metajournalistic discourse and the transparency of justice in the debate on filming trials in British newspapersIñaki Garcia-Blanco, Lucy BennettJournalism
2018-02-27How Black Twitter and other social media communities interact with mainstream newsDeen Freelon, Lori Lopez, Meredith D. Clark & Sarah J. JacksonKnight Foundation report
2018-02-27The Effect of Politicians’ Personality on Their Media VisibilityEran Amsalem, Alon Zoizner, Tamir Sheafer, Stefaan Walgrave & Peter John LoewenCommunication Research
2018-02-27Topic modeling of news based on spark MllibJing Gui & Qi Wang2017 International Conference on Asian Language Processing
2018-02-26Fabricating the American Dream in US media portrayals of Syrian refugees: A discourse analytical studyAditi Bhatia, Christopher J. JenksDiscourse & Communication
2018-02-26Men and (a few) women in the top 100 international media corporationsMaria Edström, Greta Gober, Gunilla Ivarsson & Suzanne MollNordicom fact sheet
2018-02-26Spaces of Inclusion - An explorative study on needs of refugees and migrants in the domain of media communication and on responses by community mediaNadia Bellardi, Brigitta Busch, Jonas Hassemer, Helmut Peissl, Salvatore ScifoCouncil of Europe report
2018-02-26Representation of data journalism practices in the South Korean and US television newsJeongsub LimInternational Communication Gazette
2018-02-23Racial Resentment Attitudes Among White Millennial Youth: The Influence of Parents and MediaAngie Maxwell &
Stephanie R. Schulte
Social Science Quarterly
2018-02-23Newsworthy actors, illegitimate voices: Journalistic strategies in dealing with voices deemed anti-democratic and violentAnna Grøndahl LarsenJournalism
2018-02-23Can economic news predict Taiwan stock market returns?George Guan-Ru Wu, Tony Chieh-Tse Hou & Jin-Lung Lin Asia Pacific Management Review
2018-02-23Breaking News, Missing ViewsReshma PatilReuters Institute Fellow's Paper
2018-02-23The Audience-Oriented Editor: Making sense of the audience in the newsroomRaul Ferrer-Conill & Edson C. Tandoc Jr.Digital Journalism
2018-02-22ILanga Nodlame Lokucwaswa Ngokubuzwe: the May 2008 Xenophobic Riots Mediated in isiZuluSimphiwe NgwaneAfrican Journalism Studies
2018-02-22Comparing the representation of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in the Irish and UK pressVeronica O’Regan & Elaine RiordanJournal of Language and Politics
2018-02-22Towards New Co-Creational Approaches for Research and Supervision in Professional Journalism Degree ProgrammesYlva Rodny-GumedeAfrican Journalism Studies
2018-02-22Dominant News Frames, Society’s Memory, and the African Asylum Seekers’ Protest in IsraelNoam TiroshAmerican Behavioral Scientist
2018-02-22Multi-document news summarization via paragraph embedding and density peak clusteringBaoyan Wang, Jian Zhang, Fanggui Ding & Yuexian Zou2017 International Conference on Asian Language Processing
2018-02-21When press freedom meets national interest: How terrorist attacks are framed in the news in China and the USYing Roselyn Du, Lulu LiGlobal Media and China
2018-02-21Are Americans really okay with torture?
The effects of message framing on public opinion
Joan M. Blauwkamp, Charles M. Rowling & William PettitMedia, War & Conflict
2018-02-20Media logic and journalistic commercialism. A longitudinal analysis of frames in campaign coverageMartín EcheverríaCommunication & Society
2018-02-20Second screening for news: Effects of presentation on information processing and program likingGabi Schaap, Mariska Kleemans & Anna Van CauwenbergeComputers in Human Behavior
2018-02-19Uncivil and personal?
Comparing patterns of incivility in comments on the Facebook pages of news outlets
Leona Yi-Fan Su, Michael A Xenos, Kathleen M. Rose, Christopher Wirz, Dietram A. Scheufele, Dominique BrossardNew Media & Society
2018-02-19Coverage of a Crisis: The Effects of International News Portrayals of Refugees and Misuse of the Term “Immigrant”Jennifer HoeweAmerican Behavioral Scientist
2018-02-19Help Wanted: Realigning Journalism Education to Meet the Needs of Top U.S. News CompaniesDeb Halpern Wenger, Lynn C. Owens & Jason CainJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2018-02-18Perusing pages and skimming screens: Exploring differing patterns of selective exposure to hard news and professional sources in online and print newsGeorge D. H. Pearson & Silvia Knobloch-WesterwickNew Media & Society
2018-02-18The small, disloyal fake news audience: The role of audience availability in fake news consumptionJacob L. Nelson & Harsh TanejaNew Media & Society
2018-02-18Algorithms in the newsroom? News readers’ perceived credibility and selection of automated journalismAnja Wölker & Thomas E. PowellJournalism
2018-02-16Journalistic Homophily on Social Media
Exploring journalists’ interactions with each other on Twitter
Folker Hanusch & Daniel NöllekeDigital Journalism
2018-02-16News and Islamist Radicalization Processes: Investigating Muslims’ Perceptions of Negative News Coverage of IslamKatharina Neumann, Florian Arendt & Philip BaugutMass Communication & Society
2018-02-16Designing an Algorithm-Driven Text Generation System for Personalized and Interactive News ReadingDongwhan Kim & Joonhwan LeeInternational Journal of Human–Computer Interaction
2018-02-15The Negative and Positive Influences of Threat and Nonthreat Media Messages About ImmigrantsChanjung Kim, Jake Harwood & Jun XiangInternational Journal of Communication
2018-02-15The Prime Minister of Antarctica: entrenching territory through journalistic traveloguesJørgen AlnæsStudies in Travel Writing
2018-02-15Web 2.0 and informational treatment in the main Spanish magazines of scientific and pseudoscientific contentsS. Tejedor Calvo, M. Portalés-Oliva & S. Pueyo VillaRevista Latina de Comunicación Social
2018-02-15Resignifying Alan Kurdi: news photographs, memes, and the ethics of embodied vulnerabilityMeenakshi Gigi DurhamCritical Studies in Media Communication
2018-02-15“We’re a movement”: crowdfunding, journalism, and feminismAndrea Hunter & Jacqueline Di BartolomeoFeminist Media Studies
2018-02-15Civic Media Practice: Identification and Evaluation
of Media and Technology That
Facilitates Democratic Process
Eric Gordon & Gabriel MugarEmerson College
2018-02-14Isomorphism through algorithms: Institutional dependencies in the case of FacebookRobyn Caplan & danah boydBig Data & Society
2018-02-14Journalistic Role Performance in the Spanish National PressMaría Luisa Humanes, Sergio RosesInternational Journal of Communication
2018-02-14Covering Mass Murder: An Experimental Examination of the Effect of News Focus—Killer, Victim, or Hero—on Reader InterestJack Levin & Julie B. WiestAmerican Behavioral Scientist
2018-02-14Journalism Studies and its Core Commitments: The Making of a Communication FieldMatt Carlson, Sue Robinson, Seth C Lewis, Daniel A BerkowitzJournal of Communication
2018-02-14Networks of Audience Overlap in the Consumption of Digital NewsSubhayan Mukerjee Sílvia Majó-Vázquez Sandra González-BailónJournal of Communication
2018-02-14Visually Reporting Mass Shootings: U.S. Newspaper Photographic Coverage of Three Mass School ShootingsNicole Smith DahmenAmerican Behavioral Scientist
2018-02-14How much U.S. newspapers charge for digital subscriptionsTracy M. CookAmerican Press Institute report
2018-02-13Addressing a region? The Arab imagined audience and newsworthiness in the production of Al Jazeera ArabicJulian Matthews, Maiya Al HabsiInternational Communication Gazette
2018-02-13Emily Hui Ching ChuaEthnography
2018-02-13Extra, Extra, (Don’t) Roll-off about It! Newspaper Endorsements for Ballot MeasuresKevin Fahey, Carol S. Weissert & Matthew J. UttermarkState Politics & Policy Quarterly
2018-02-11Media framing and construction of childhood obesity: a content analysis of Swedish newspapersJ. Van Hooft et al.Obesity Science & Practice
2018-02-11How the EU member states’ press represented the Euro CrisisGiovanni Barbieri, Donatella Campus & Marco MazzoniJournalism
2018-02-09From the Old New Republic to a Great Community: Insights and Contradictions in John Dewey’s Public PedagogyJames AndersonMedia and Communication
2018-02-09Best practice approaches for reporting disastersJacqui Ewart & Hamish McLeanJournalism
2018-02-09The Media Protest of Neighbouring Associations, Promoter of Citizen Democratic Culture during Transition in Southern SpainSandra Méndez-MurosMedia and Communication
2018-02-09Lost in Translation—and Transmission: Contrasting Chinese and U.S. Gymnastics Television Coverage in the 2016 Rio Olympic GamesAndrew Billings, Qingru Xu, James R. Angelini & Paul J. MacArthurCommunication Reports
2018-02-09“Approaching an Abyss”: Liberalist Ideology in a Norwegian Cold War Business PaperBirgitte Kjos FonnMedia and Communication
2018-02-09Caught between sympathy and suspicion: journalistic perceptions and practices of telling asylum seekers’ personal storiesMervi Pantti & Marjus OjalaMedia, Culture & Society
2018-02-09River Activism, “Levees-Only” and the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927Ned RandolphMedia and Communication
2018-02-09Media Pluralism, Public Trust, and Democracy: New Evidence from Latin America and the CaribbeanMariana Rodríguez & Elizabeth J. ZechmeisterCenter for International Media Assistance
2018-02-08Staying true to the mission: How C-SPAN translated espoused into lived values to pull off a ‘boring’ social media strategyHans Karl Meyer & Christy ZempterJournalism
2018-02-08Framing China: Discourses of othering in US news and political rhetoricSu-Mei Ooi & Gwen D’ArcangelisGlobal Media and China
2018-02-08Guide to Audience Revenue and EngagementElizabeth Hansen & Emily GoligoskiTow Center for Digital Journalism
2018-02-08Research on keyword extraction of Tibetan web news based on improved TEXT-RANK algorithmChuanqi Lan et al.2017 International Conference on Asian Language Processing
2018-02-07Your parents will read this: Reading (as) parents in journalistic coverage of the Safe Schools Coalition Australia controversyJay Daniel ThompsonJournalism
2018-02-07The effects of disclosure format on native advertising recognition and audience perceptions of legacy and online news publishersMichelle A. Amazeen, Bartosz W. WojdynskiJournalism
2018-02-07Crowdsourcing Judgments of News Source QualityGordon Pennycook, David G. RandPaper: Yale University
2018-02-07Exploring the formation of the “leave-it-to-experts” storyline during the initial outbreak of the 2013 smog hazard in BeijingSibo ChenChinese Journal of Communication
2018-02-06Polarization, Partisanship and Junk News Consumption over Social Media in the USVidya Narayanan, Vlad Barash, John Kelly, Bence Kollanyi, Lisa-Maria Neudert, and Philip N. HowardData Memo: Oxford University
2018-02-06Mutual Shaping of a CMS for Social Journalism in a Hierarchical News OrganizationMark Anthony PoepselJournal of Media Innovations
2018-02-06Market Orientation of News StartupsChristoph SommerJournal of Media Innovations
2018-02-06Constructive Journalism: An Introduction and Practical Guide for Applying Positive Psychology Techniques to News ProductionKaren McIntyre & Cathrine GyldenstedJournal of Media Innovations
2018-02-06Opinion dailies versus Facebook fan pages: the case of Poland’s surprising 2015 presidential elections Helena Chmielewska-SzlajferMedia, Culture & Society
2018-02-06Online Videos at Newspaper Websites: A Literature ReviewNiclas Hallgren, Mats NylundJournal of Media Innovations
2018-02-05Tracing Fake-News Footprints: Characterizing Social Media Messages by How They PropagateLiang Wu & Huan LiuWSDM '18 Proceedings of the Eleventh ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining
2018-02-05Leveraging the Crowd to Detect and Reduce the Spread of Fake News and MisinformationJooyeon Kim et al.WSDM '18 Proceedings of the Eleventh ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining
2018-02-05Mediatization as a combination of push and pull forces: Examples during the 2015 UK general election campaignJay G. Blumler & Frank EsserJournalism
2018-02-05News Satire: Giving the News a MemoryLaura Shanti BasutripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique
2018-02-05Architects of Networked Disinformation: Behind the Scenes of Troll Accounts and Fake News Production in the PhilippinesJonathan Corpus Ong, Jason CabañesRerport: The Newton Tech4Dev Network
2018-02-05The Detached Observer: On a Necessary Change to the Self-Image of Journalists in the Digital WorldHorst PöttkerJavnost - The Public
2018-02-05Discordant discourses: history and journalism in the graphic novels of Joe SaccoJoshua KavaloskiJournal of Graphic Novels and Comics
2018-02-05Nature’s Economy and News Ecology: Scrutinizing the news ecosystem metaphorAnthony NadlerJournalism Studies
2018-02-05Researching Fake News: A Selective Examination of Empirical StudiesNicholas W. JankowskiJavnost - The Public
2018-02-02News Media Use and Cognitive Elaboration: The Mediating Role
of Media Efficacy
Ji won Kim, Monica Chadha & Homero Gil de ZúñigaRevista Latina de Comunicación Social
2018-02-02News Borrowing Revisited: A 50-Year PerspectiveDaniel Riffe, Seoyeon Kim & Meghan R. SobelJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-02-02Contesting Communities: The problem of journalism and social orderRobert E. Gutsche Jr. & Kristy HessJournalism Studies / Journalism Practice (combined special issue)
2018-02-02More than half of Facebook Instant Articles partners may have abandoned itPete BrownTow Center
2018-02-02Does It Matter Who Communicates?
The Effect of Source Labels in Nuclear Pre-Crisis Communication in Televised News
Edwin Latré, Tanja Perko & Peter ThijssenJournal of Contingencies and Crisis Management
2018-02-01How television moved a nation: media, change and Indigenous rightsLisa Waller & Kerry McCallumMedia, Culture & Society
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