PAPER: Women are underrepresented as expert commentators and news subjects in India

Picture: Auditorium aisle by Charlie Foster, license CC0 1.0

Women are underrepresented in the news in India, a new essay by Reshma Patil of Oxford University, states. The author examined previous studies on the topic and looked at two primetime news debate shows presented by a senior male and female broadcast journalists.

In the debates, male experts dominated the airtime on diverse topics, such as economy and geopolitics. Women tend to be represented in higher numbers only on debates on gender and social issues, Patil found.

The essay gives recommendations to better represent the missing voices of Indian women. Journalism institutes and the news industry should study the topic and launch awareness campaigns, the author suggests. The recommendations are inspired by examples from the UK, where research and newsroom initiatives, such as training days, have boosted the presence of women in news programmes.

The paper “Breaking News, Missing Views” was published by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and is freely available on their website.

Picture: Auditorium aisle by Charlie Foster, license CC0 1.0

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