Research of March 2018

Journalism research of March 2018 - Picture: Open thick book by Jazmin Quaynor, license CC0 1.0,

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in March 2018 about journalism research. The list is updated a couple of times per week. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2018-03-30Location-based news in mobile news apps: Broadcast leads in geolocated news content, newspapers lag behindAmy Schmitz WeissNewspaper Research Journal
2018-03-30#deflategate: Sports journalism and the use of image repair strategy on TwitterMary Lou Sheffer, Brad Schultz, Willie TubbsNewspaper Research Journal
2018-03-30Feminist commentary by women a whisper among op-ed voicesIngrid Bachmann, Jaime Loke, Dustin HarpNewspaper Research Journal
2018-03-30The Ecological Dynamics of Organizational Change: Density Dependence in the Rate of Weibo Adoption by Populations of News OrganizationsYu XuInternational Journal of Communication
2018-03-30Political Participation in Hong Kong: The Roles of News Media and Online Alternative MediaChuanli Xia, Fei ShenInternational Journal of Communication
2018-03-30Public and Personal Responses to Environmental Pollution in China: Differential Susceptibility, Direct Experience and Media UseShaojing Sun, Andy Merolla, Mihye SeoInternational Journal of Communication
2018-03-30Collaboration and the creation of a new journalism commonsCarlos Martínez de la SernaTow Center report
2018-03-29Pink toenails and princess boys: contemporary discourses of boys’ gender-fluidity in U.S. television newsEmilie ZaslowJournal of Children and Media
2018-03-29Analyzing Socialist Press Photographs: A Contribution to Critical Visual MethodologyJana TepláVisual Communication Quarterly
2018-03-29The Imagined Audience for and Perceived Quality of News Comments: Exploring the Perceptions of Commenters on News Sites and on FacebookJisu Kim, Seth C. Lewis, Brendan R. WatsonSocial Media + Society
2018-03-29The Representation of Laji’een (Refugees) and Muhajireen (Migrants) in the Headlines of Jordan News Agency (PETRA)Ahmad S. Haider, Saleh OlimyInternational Journal for the Semiotics of Law
2018-03-29Intermedia visual agenda setting
Comparing wire service top photo distribution to what makes the front page
Kyser LoughThe Agenda Setting Journal
2018-03-29Media vs. reality
Who sets the public agenda on health?
Lei Guo and Hong Tien VuThe Agenda Setting Journal
2018-03-29Democratization or censorship?
Argentina’s newspaper coverage of the media reform
Mariana De MaioThe Agenda Setting Journal
2018-03-29One name can change many things
Influences of mentioning political candidates on network agenda-setting effects in the 2016 U.S. election
Jisu KimThe Agenda Setting Journal
2018-03-29Advancing agenda building
Exploring causal relationships
Tiffany L. Mohr and Lauren D. FureyThe Agenda Setting Journal
2018-03-28Sympathetic but unconcerned: How Europe’s media cover BrexitReport by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and PRIME Research
2018-03-28Journalism’s institutional discourses in the pre-Internet era: Industry threats and persistent nostalgia at the American Society of Newspaper EditorsMichael Buozis, Shannon Rooney & Brian CreechJournalism
2018-03-28Islamophobia in China: news coverage, stereotypes, and Chinese Muslims’ perceptions of themselves and IslamLuwei Rose Luqiu & Fan YangAsian Journal of Communication
2018-03-28Stance markers in television news presentation: Expressivity of eyebrow flashes in the delivery of newsZhengrui Han & Hongqiang ZhuSemiotica
2018-03-27A crisis by any other name? Examining the effects of journalistic “crisis labeling” on corporate perceptionsAlyssa Appelman, Michelle AsmaraNewspaper Research Journal
2018-03-27The portrayal of lone wolf terror wave in Israel: an unbiased narrative or agenda driven?Amit Lavie-Dinur, Moran Yarchi & Yuval KarnielThe Journal of International Communication
2018-03-27Public Service News and Social MediaAnnika Sehl, Alessio Cornia, Rasmus Kleis NielsenReport by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2018-03-27Leaks-based journalism and media scandals: From official sources to the networked Fourth Estate?Víctor Sampedro, F Javier López-Ferrández, Álvaro CarreteroEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-03-26‘What the country wanted’: The houses of parliament, the press and the origins of media management in Britain, c. 1780–1900Brendan MaartensPublic Relations Review
2018-03-26Self-coverage for public interest or self-promotion: How media cross-ownership structures affect news content in South KoreaNa Yeon Lee, Kanghui Baek, Jung Kun Pae, Sun Ho Jeong, Nakwon JungJournalism
2018-03-26Networked: Social media’s impact on news production in digital newsroomsPatrick FerrucciNewspaper Research Journal
2018-03-26Listening is not enough: Mistrust and local news in urban and suburban PhillyAndrea Wenzel, Anthony Nadler, Melissa Valle, and Marc Lamont HillTow Center report
2018-03-26Indigenous media producers’ perspectives on objectivity, balancing community responsibilities and journalistic obligationsElizabeth BurrowsMedia, Culture & Society
2018-03-24‘What are these people: migrants, immigrants, refugees?’: Migration-related terminology and representations in Portuguese digital press headlinesKate Torkington & Filipa Perdigão Ribeiro Discourse, Context & Media
2018-03-23What do women really want? Exploring contemporary Ukrainian women’s magazinesMariana Kitsa & Iryna MudraFeminist Media Studies
2018-03-23Engineering Consent: How the Design and Marketing of Newsroom Analytics Tools Rationalize Journalists’ LaborCaitlin PetreDigital Journalism
2018-03-23“It all started with Eddie”: Thanatopolitics, police power, and the murder of Edward ByrneJustin TurnerCrime, Media & Culture
2018-03-23The twitterization of journalism: User perceptions of news tweetsJ Brian Houston, Mitchell S McKinney, Esther Thorson, Joshua Hawthorne, J David Wolfgang, Alecia SwasyJournalism
2018-03-23News Attention in a Mobile EraJohanna Dunaway, Kathleen Searles Mingxiao Sui Newly PaulJournal of Computer-Mediated Communication
2018-03-22“It’s a terrible way to go to work:” what 70 million readers’ comments on the Guardian revealed about hostility to women and minorities onlineBecky GardinerFeminist Media Studies
2018-03-22Dealing with the mess (we made): Unraveling hybridity, normativity, and complexity in journalism studiesTamara Witschge, CW Anderson, David Domingo & Alfred HermidaJournalism
2018-03-22Managing a 21st-century newsroom workforce: A case study of NYC news mediaMatthew S. Weber & Allie KosterichTow Center for Digital Journalism
2018-03-22Who Takes the Lead?
Investigating the Reciprocal Relationship Between Organizational and News Agendas
Anne C. Kroon & Toni G. L. A. van der MeerCommunication Research
2018-03-22More bad news: Does the media really impact how the aid sector works?Molly AndersDevex
2018-03-22Influence of fake news in Twitter during the 2016 US presidential electionAlexandre Bovet, Hernan A. MakseSocial and Information Networks
2018-03-21Newspaper trends in the Nordic countriesEva HarrieNordicom
2018-03-20Backed into a corner: challenging media and policy representations of youth citizenship in the UKSam Mejias & Shakuntala BanajiInformation, Communication & Society
2018-03-20Audience responses to online video in MENA: New favorite genres or just more of the same as on television?Klaus Schoenbach, Marium Saeed & Robb WoodInternational Communication Gazette
2018-03-20Communication, cognitive processing, and public knowledge about climate changeShirley S. Ho & Xiaodong YangAsian Journal of Communication
2018-03-20Back to Reality: The Complex Relationship between Patterns in Immigration News Coverage and Real-World Developments in Dutch and Flemish Newspapers (1999–2015)Laura Jacobs, Alyt Damstra, Mark BoukesMass Communication and Society
2018-03-20Counter-surveillance and alternative new media in TurkeyBora Ataman & Barış ÇobanInformation, Communication & Society
2018-03-20NewsThings: Exploring Interdisciplinary IoT News Media Opportunities via User-Centred DesignJohn Mills, Mark Lochrie, Tom Metcalfe, Peter BennettTEI '18 Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction
2018-03-20An Agenda in the Interest of Audiences: Facing the Challenges of Intrusive Media TechnologiesBrita Ytre-Arne, Ranjana DasTelevision & New Media
2018-03-20Generalised scepticism: how people navigate news on social mediaRichard Fletcher & Rasmus Kleis NielsenInformation, Communication & Society
2018-03-19Social Media, Political Polarization, and Political Disinformation Literature ReviewJoshua A. Tucker, Andrew Guess, Pablo Barberá, Cristian Vaccari, Alexandra Siegel, Sergey Sanovich, Denis Stukal, and Brendan NyhanThe Hewlett Foundation
2018-03-18Case-based education: A strategy for contextualising journalism curriculum in East AfricaRhonda BreitJournalism
2018-03-18Critical animal and media studies: Expanding the understanding of oppression in communication researchNúria Almiron, Matthew Cole & Carrie P. FreemanEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-03-18Authority signaling: How relational interactions between journalists and politicians create primary definers in UK broadcast newsAndrew Chadwick, Declan McDowell-Naylor, Amy P. Smith & Ellen WattsJournalism
2018-03-18Public diplomacy as political communication: Lessons from case studiesBeata OciepkaEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-03-18An investigative journalist and a stand-up comic walk into a bar: The role of comedy in public engagement with environmental journalismCaty Borum Chattoo & Lindsay Green-BarberJournalism
2018-03-17Print newspaper readers more politically activeTien-Tsung Lee & Yuki FujiokaNewspaper Research Journal
2018-03-16Social credibility online: The role of online comments in assessing news article credibilityIvanka Pjesivac, Nicholas Geidner & Jaclyn CameronNewspaper Research Journal
2018-03-16Despite losses, community newspapers still dominate the U.S. marketBill ReaderNewspaper Research Journal
2018-03-16How commenters use online forums as spaces for journalism’s boundary workJ. David WolfgangNewspaper Research Journal
2018-03-16“We wouldn’t say it to their faces”: online harassment, women sports journalists, and feminismDunja AntunovicFeminist Media Studies
2018-03-16Does Photojournalism Matter? News Image Content and Presentation in the Middletown (NY) Times Herald-Record Before and After Layoffs of the Photojournalism StaffTara M. Mortensen & Peter J. GadeJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-03-15Sex, death and austerity: resurgent homophobia in the British tabloid pressMichael LovelockMichael Lovelock
2018-03-15“Fighting the Same Old Battle”: Obscured Oil Sands Entanglements in Press Coverage of Indigenous Resistance in the Winter of 1983Patricia H. Audette-LongoCanadian Journal of Communication
2018-03-15Walking in another’s virtual shoes: Do 360-degree video news stories generate empathy in viewers?Dan Archer and Katharina FingerTow Center for Digital Journalism
2018-03-14“Seize Your Moment, My Lovely Trolls”: News, Satire, and Public Opinion About Net NeutralityPaul R. Brewer, Dannagal G. Young, Jennifer L. Lambe, Lindsay H. Hoffman, Justin CollierInternational Journal of Communication
2018-03-14Temporal reflexivity in journalism studies: Making sense of change in a more timely fashionMatt Carlson, Seth C LewisJournalism
2018-03-14Presentation of CEOs in the media: A framing analysisNora Denner, Nicola Heitzler, Thomas KochEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-03-14All at Once or Bit by Bit? How the Serialization of News Affects Recipients’ Attitudes Toward Politicians Involved in ScandalsChristian von Sikorski & Johannes KnollInternational Journal of Communication
2018-03-14New issue of British Journalism Review publishedBritish Journalism Review
2018-03-14‘Making voices heard …’: Index on Censorship as advocacy journalismJohn SteelJournalism
2018-03-14Paradoxical populism: how PEGIDA relates to mainstream and alternative mediaAndré Haller & Kristoffer HoltInformation, Communication & Society
2018-03-14Fundamentalist web journalism: Walking a fine line between religious ultra-Orthodoxy and the new media ethosOren Golan & Nakhi Mishol-ShauliEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-03-14The Transnationalism of Cultural Journalism in Sweden: Outlooks and Introspection in the Global EraAnna Roosvall & Andreas WidholmInternational Journal of Communication
2018-03-13Murder in Mexico: are journalists victims of general violence or targeted political violence?Jos Midas BartmanDemocratization
2018-03-12A multi-dimensional approach to disinformation: Report of the independent High level Group on fake news and online disinformationMadeleine De Cock Buning et al.European Comission
2018-03-12Libel by Algorithm? Automated Journalism and the Threat of Legal LiabilitySeth C. Lewis, Amy Kristin Sanders, Casey CarmodyJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-03-12News Engagement on Social Media and Democratic Citizenship: Direct and Moderating Roles of Curatorial News Use in Political InvolvementChang Sup Park, Barbara K. KayeJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-03-12Online Chinese nationalism: a competing discourse? A discourse analysis of Chinese media texts relating to the Beijing Olympic torch relay in ParisYiben MaThe Journal of International Communication
2018-03-11Who is the Hero, the Villain, and the Victim?: Detection of Roles in News Articles using Natural Language TechniquesDiego Gomez-Zara, Miriam Boon & Larry BirnbaumIUI '18 23rd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
2018-03-11Responsive News Summarization for Ubiquitous Consumption on Multiple Mobile DevicesRocio Chongtay, Mark Last & Bettina BerendtIUI '18 23rd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
2018-03-10Biased media? How news content influences age discrimination claimsAnne Cornelia Kroon, Damian Trilling, Martine Van Selm, Rens VliegenthartEuropean Journal of Ageing
2018-03-09Immersive journalism and the migrant crisis: The case of Exils as a mobile radio reportageVittoria Sacco, Valérie Gorin & Nicolae SchiauJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-03-09‘I realised then how “Parisian” Egypt was’: challenges and rewards of de-westernising travel journalismAndrew DuffyMedia, Culture & Society
2018-03-09Discursive constructions of the summer 2015 refugee crisis: A comparative analysis of French, Dutch, Belgian francophone and British centre-of-right press narrativesLutgard LamsJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-03-09Taming the ‘trolls’: How journalists negotiate the boundaries of journalism and online commentsJ. David WolfgangJournalism
2018-03-09European spaces and the Roma: Denaturalizing the naturalized in online reader commentsTheresa Catalano & Grace E. FielderDiscourse & Communication
2018-03-09The spread of true and false news onlineSoroush Vosoughi, Deb Roy & Sinan AralScience
2018-03-09Pictures of migration: The invisible shock of misery photographsSonya de Laat Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-03-09Flood disasters in the United Kingdom and India: A critical discourse analysis of media reportingPaul Solman & Lesley HendersonJournalism
2018-03-09Waiting for a hypothetical asylum: The photographic coverage of the Maximilian Park in BrusselsOlivier Standaert & Gérard DerèzeJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-03-09Journalistic practices in the representation of Europe’s 2014–2016 migrant and refugee crisisVittoria Sacco & Valérie GorinJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-03-09Children in the visual coverage of the European refugee crisis: A case study of the World Press Photo 2016Joanna Kędra & Mélodine SommierJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-03-09Representation of Syrian refugees in the Turkish mediaUlaş Sunata & Esra YıldızJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-03-09A critical multimodal analysis of the Romanian press coverage of camp evictions and deportations of the Roma migrants from FrancePetre Breazu & David MachinDiscourse & Communication
2018-03-09Whetting the appetite: What are the challenges for journalists covering Syria’s conflict and the migration crisis using UGC?Lisette Johnston Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-03-09Who wrote this? The role of bylines in news coverage of immigrants and refugeesFrancesco SomainiJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-03-08Resetting journalism in the aftermath of Brexit and TrumpBarbie ZelizerEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-03-08The risks of practicing journalism in Mexico.
Analysis of the coverage of the murder of Javier Valdez according to the approach of peace journalism
Maria Teresa Nicolás GavilánRevista de Comunicación
2018-03-08The Twitter Exploit: How Russian Propaganda Infiltrated U.S. NewsJosephine Lukito et al.University of Wisconsin-Madison
2018-03-07Power, discourse, and news media: Examining Canada’s GM alfalfa protestsWesley TourangeauGeoforum
2018-03-07“Public Service” and the Journalism Crisis: Is the BBC the Answer?Des FreedmanTelevision & New Media
2018-03-06The status of women of color in the U.S. news media 2018Women's Media Center
2018-03-06Quantified Audiences in News Production: A synthesis and research agendaRodrigo ZamithDigital Journalism
2018-03-06The Elusive Engagement MetricJacob L. NelsonDigital Journalism
2018-03-06Lying press: Three levels of perceived media bias and their relationship with political preferencesJakob-Moritz EberlCommunications
2018-03-05Breaking “News”: Majority Can’t Define Mass CommunicationKevin EllsJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2018-03-05Mediated conversation and political propaganda: A discourse analysis of news practices on Greek prime-time newsMarianna PatronaEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-03-05Compilation of Nordic media policy inquiriesNordicom
2018-03-05The Economy, the News, and the Public: A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Economic News on Economic Evaluations and ExpectationsAlyt Damstra & Mark BoukesCommunication Research
2018-03-05Manufacturing resilience: An analysis of broadcast and Web-based news presentations of the 2014–2015 Russian economic downturnSkye C. Cooley & Ethan C. StokesGlobal Media and Communication
2018-03-05Facebook news and (de)polarization: reinforcing spirals in the 2016 US electionMichael A. Beam, Myiah J. Hutchens & Jay D. HmielowskiInformation, Communication & Society
2018-03-05Sports Coverage on BBC ALBA: Content, Value, and Position in the Scottish Broadcasting LandscapeXavier Ramon & Richard HaynesCommunication & Sport
2018-03-04International journalism and the emergence of transnational publics: Between cosmopolitan norms, the affirmation of identity and market forcesMax HänskaGlobal Media and Communication
2018-03-02‘Helping our beneficiaries tell their own stories?’ International aid agencies and the politics of voice within news productionKate WrightGlobal Media and Communication
2018-03-02Political Papers and Presidential Campaigns in the Republic of Texas, 1836–1844Erika J. Pribanic-SmithAmerican Journalism
2018-03-02Challenging presentism in journalism studies: An emotional life history approach to understanding the lived experience of journalistsKarin Wahl-JorgensenJournalism
2018-03-02Journalism and media privilegeReport: European Audiovisual Observatory
2018-03-02Journalism History and Conservative ErasureA. J. BauerAmerican Journalism
2018-03-02From the Big Three to elite news sources: a shift in international news flow in three online newspapers,, and Rafeeq & Shujun JiangThe Journal of International Communication
2018-03-02A space for countering colorblind discourse: constructions of police-perpetrated homicides of African-American malesAkiv DawsonCritical Studies in Media Communication
2018-03-02Selecting Metrics, Reflecting Norms: How journalists in local newsrooms define, measure, and discuss impactElia PowersDigital Journalism
2018-03-02In Other Spaces: Contestations of National Identity in “New” India’s Globalized MediascapesKoeli Moitra GoelJournalism & Communication Monographs
2018-03-02News from the pit: Journalistic performativity and discourse on Belgian internment policyRobin Reul, Steve Paulussen & Pieter MaeseeleDiscourse, Context & Media
2018-03-01Boundary Work, Interloper Media, And Analytics In Newsrooms: An analysis of the roles of web analytics companies in news productionValerie Belair-Gagnon & Avery E. HoltonDigital Journalism
2018-03-01When Social Media Become Hostile Media: An Experimental Examination of News Sharing, Partisanship, and Follower CountTae Kyoung Lee, Youngju Kim & Kevin CoeMass Communication and Society
2018-03-01Media Development 2017Danish Broadcasting Corporation
2018-03-01Everything’s negative about Nigeria: A study of US media reporting on NigeriaOluseyi Adegbola, Jacqueline Skarda-Mitchell & Sherice GearhartGlobal Media and Communication
2018-03-01Unpacking the global refugee crisis: deploying the ethical and political work of border crossingPaula GardnerCommunication Research and Practice
2018-03-01Do not blame it on the algorithm: an empirical assessment of multiple recommender systems and their impact on content diversityJudith Möller, Damian Trilling, Natali Helberger & Bram van EsInformation, Communication & Society
2018-03-01Fake News: A DefinitionAxel GelfertInformal Logic
2018-03-01Exploring alternative journalistic approaches to report on China and Africa relations? Comparative study of two best reporting awards projects in China and South AfricaYanqiu, Zhang; Matingwina, SimonJournal of African Media Studies
2018-03-01Framing presidential illness: The political significance of how the Nigerian press covered former President Yar’Adua’s final monthsPindiga, Habeeb Idris; Taylor, IanJournal of African Media Studies
2018-03-01Makombe, RodwellJournal of African Media Studies
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