Research of September 2017

Journalism research of September 2017

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in September 2017 about journalism research. The list is updated a couple of times per week. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2017-09-02Political rhetoric in the Hungarian press during the communist regimeRoel Popping & Carl W RobertsJournalism
2017-09-02News organizations, ideology, and work routines: A multi-level analysis of environmental journalistsEver Josue FigueroaJournalism
2017-09-01Hero, leader, traitor: The print media deconstruction of Argentina’s last dictatorMuireann PrendergastDiscourse & Communication
2017-09-01When Local is National: An analysis of interacting journalistic communities in the coverage of sea riseRobert E. Gutsche Jr. & Moses ShumowJournalism Studies
2017-09-01Gender and Generational Differences in Political Reporters’ Interactivity on TwitterJohn H. Parmelee, Nataliya Roman, Berrin Beasley & Stephynie C. PerkinsJournalism Studies
2017-09-03Control the money, control the media: How government uses funding to keep media in lineMarius DragomirJournalism
2017-09-05Comparing Interactivity on Twitter by Political Reporters at TV Networks, Online-Only News Websites, and NewspapersJohn H. Parmelee, Nataliya Roman, Berrin Beasley, Stephynie C. PerkinsElectronic News
2017-09-04New issue of British Journalism ReviewBritish Journalism Review
2017-09-04Rethinking media responsibility in the refugee ‘crisis’: a visual typology of European newsLilie Chouliaraki, Tijana StolicMedia, Culture & Society
2017-09-05Changing Media Coverage of Violence Against Women
The role of individual cases and individual journalists
Jenny Morgan & Margaret SimonsJournalism Practice
2017-09-05The Effects of Mass Surveillance on Journalists’ Relations With Confidential Sources: A constant comparative studyStephenson WatersDigital Journalism
2017-09-05Still an Agenda Setter: Traditional News Media and Public Opinion During the Transition From Low to High Choice Media EnvironmentsMonika Djerf-Pierre & Adam ShehataJournal of Communication
2017-09-05The Origins of New Voices U.S.A.: A Lesson in Teaching Advocacy to Improve Teaching and Learning Steven Francis Listopad, Elizabeth Crisp CrawfordJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-09-05Mobile sourcing: A case study of journalistic norms and usage of chat appsValerie Belair-Gagnon, Colin Agur & Nicholas FrischMobile Media & Communication
2017-09-06The social mediation of political rumors: Examining the dynamics in social media and belief in political rumorsSoo Young BaeJournalism
2017-09-06To republish or not to republish: the “Je Suis Charlie” Mohammed cartoon and journalistic paradigms in a global contextLyombe Eko, Lea HellmuellerInternational Communication Gazette
2017-09-05Emergent Voices and Evolving Agendas:
Writing Realities in Cuba’s New Media
The Annenberg School for Communication’s Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication Press
2017-09-06Less than Expected? How Media Cover Demonstration TurnoutRuud Wouters & Kirsten Van CampThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-09-08Journalistic interventions: The structural factors affecting the global emergence of fact-checkingMichelle A. AmazeenJournalism
2017-09-05Evolving, Rather than Policing, the Boundary: A case study of the development of the Center for Public IntegrityMagda KoniecznaDigital Journalism
2017-09-07Is Journalism Gender E-Qual? A study of the gendered accumulation and evaluation of digital capital in journalismSara De Vuyst & Karin RaeymaeckersDigital Journalism
2017-09-08Ideological dissonances among Chinese-language newspapers in Hong Kong: A corpus-based analysis of reports on the Occupy Central MovementWilliam Dezheng FengDiscourse & Communication
2017-09-07The Myth of Partisan Selective Exposure: A Portrait of the Online Political News AudienceJacob L. Nelson & James G. WebsterSocial Media + Society
2017-09-07In Search of Journalism Funding: Scenarios for future media policy in NorwayHelle Sjøvaag & Arne H. KrumsvikJournalism Practice
2017-09-11Media development in Denmark in 2017 -
English summary
2017-09-11Multiplatform news consumption and its connections to civic engagementLogan MolyneuxJournalism
2017-09-11New issue of PublizistikPublizistik
2017-09-11Report on Yle's regional news and newspaper market - English summaryMaarit JaakkolaNORDICOM
2017-09-12How journalists source trending social media feeds
A critical discourse perspective on Twitter
Gwen BouvierJournalism Studies
2017-09-12Using the Elaboration Likelihood Model to Explain to Whom “#Black Lives Matter” … And to Whom it Does NotLanier Frush HoltJournalism Practice
2017-09-12Assessing the Effect of “Disputed” Warnings and Source Salience on Perceptions of Fake News AccuracyGordon Pennycook, David G. Rand Working paper: Yale University
2017-09-13New issue of Javnost - The public. Special Issue on Democratic DissentJavnost - The public
2017-09-13What Is News? What Is the Newspaper? The Physical, Functional, and Stylistic Transformation of Print Newspapers, 1988–2013Miki TanikawaInternational Journal of Communication
2017-09-13Reporting War in 140 Characters: How Journalists Used Twitter During the 2014 Gaza–Israel ConflictOri TenenboimInternational Journal of Communication
2017-09-13A “Crisscrossing” Historical Analysis of Four Theories of the PressTerhi RantanenInternational Journal of Communication
2017-09-14Service at the Intersection of Journalism, Language, and the Global Imaginary: Indonesia’s English-language pressJohn C. Carpenter & Brian EkdaleJournalism Studies
2017-09-14Sourcing practices in online journalism: an ethnographic study of the formation of trust in and the use of journalistic sourcesVille J.E. ManninenJournal of Media Practice
2017-09-14Disrupting the narrative: immersive journalism in virtual realitySarah JonesJournal of Media Practice
2017-09-14Journalistic Roles and Everyday Life: An empirical account of lifestyle journalists’ professional viewsFolker HanuschJournalism Studies
2017-09-13Exploring innovative learning culture in the newsroomOrnella PorcuJournalism
2017-09-13Putting lives in danger? Tinker, tailor, journalist, spy: the use of journalistic coverPaul LashmarJournalism
2017-09-13News, entertainment, or both? Exploring audience perceptions of media genre in a hybrid media environmentStephanie Edgerly & Emily K. VragaJournalism
2017-09-13Shift in influence: an argument for changes in studying gatekeepingPatrick Ferrucci & Edson C. Tandoc JrJournal of Media Practice
2017-09-12Media Trends in the Nordic CountriesNORDICOM
2017-09-12Improving the quality of health journalism: When reliability meets engagementHeini MaksimainenReuters Institute
2017-09-08Reality check – making money with FacebookGrzegorz PiechotaWAN-IFRA
2017-09-13The cultural and economic power of advertisers in the business pressMaha Rafi AtalJournalism
2017-09-15How journalists use social media in France and the United States: Analyzing technology use across journalistic fieldsMatthew Powers & Sandra Vera-ZambranoNew Media & Society
2017-09-15Attitudes to paying for online newsKantar MediaReuters Institute
2017-09-15Digital News Consumption and Copyright Intervention: Evidence from Spain Before and After the 2015 “Link Tax”Sílvia Majó-Vázquez,
Ana S. Cardenal &
Sandra González-Bailón
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
2017-09-17‘We report the world as it is, not as we want it to be’: Journalists’ negotiation of professional practices and responsibilities when reporting on suicideMichael Mead Yaqub, Randal A Beam & Sue Lockett JohnJournalism
2017-09-17Powered by public relations? Mutual perceptions of PR practitioners’ bases of power over journalismThomas Koch, Magdalena Obermaier & Claudia RiesmeyerJournalism
2017-09-15Beyond the mogul: From media conglomerates to portfolio mediaEli NoamJournalism
2017-09-16“We’ve Lost the Basics”: Perceptions of Journalism Education From Veterans in the FieldPatrick FerrucciJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-09-15Is business news starting to bark? How business news covers corporate social responsibility post the economic crisisLauren D. Furey, Moonhee Cho & Tiffany L. MohrJournalism
2017-09-12Examining Instructor and Learner Experiences and Attitude Change in a Journalism for Social Change Massive Open Online Course: A Mixed-Methods Case StudyJamie Loizzo, Sunnie Lee Watson & William R. WatsonJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-09-19Data journalism in 2017:
The current state and challenges facing the field today
Simon Rogers, Jonathan Schwabish, Danielle BowersGoogle News Lab report
2017-09-14Around literary criticism in newspaper: Lima Barreto and José VeríssimoRachel BertolMATRIZes, Journal of the Graduate Program in Communication Sciences of the University of Sao
2017-09-14Notes about the contribution of Franco Moretti’s sociology of forms to journalism studiesMarcos Paulo da SilvaMATRIZes, Journal of the Graduate Program in Communication Sciences of the University of Sao
2017-09-14Theoretical-methodological proposal for researching objects in journalismElizabeth Saad Corrêa, Stefanie Carlan da SilveiraMATRIZes, Journal of the Graduate Program in Communication Sciences of the University of Sao
2017-09-20Science News and Information TodayCary Funk, Jeffrey Gottfried, Amy MitchellPew Research Center Analysis
2017-09-19Journalism under pressure in conflict zones: A study of journalists and editors in seven countriesMarte Høiby, Rune OttosenMedia, War & Conflict
2017-09-19How do non-governmental organizations influence media coverage of conflict? The case of the Syrian conflict, 2011–2014Christoph O. Meyer, Eric Sangar, Eva MichaelsMedia, War & Conflict
2017-09-20How conflict news comes into being: Reconstructing ‘reality’ through telling storiesAbit Hoxha, Thomas HanitzschMedia, War & Conflict
2017-09-18The Journalistic Habitus, Neoliberal(ized) Logics, and the Politics of Public EducationSean Phelan & Leon A. SalterJournalism Studies
2017-09-18More of the Same?
Influences on source use and source affiliation diversity in for-profit and nonprofit news organizational content
Jan Boehmer, Serena Carpenter & Frederick FicoJournalism Studies
2017-09-18Coding the News: The role of computer code in filtering and distributing newsMatthew S. Weber & Allie KosterichDigital Journalism
2017-09-19The Tycoon and the Escort: the business of portraying women in newspapersEleanor Mills, Katie Hind & Áine QuinnWomen in Journalism
2017-09-13World News Publishers Outlook 2017François Nel & Coral Milburn-CurtisWorld Association of Newspapers and News Publishers
2017-09-20Journalists Not TerroristsCommittee to Protect Journalists
2017-09-21Audiences’ acts of authentication in the age of fake news: A conceptual frameworkEdson C Tandoc, Richard Ling, Oscar Westlund, Andrew Duffy, Debbie Goh & Lim Zheng WeiNew Media & Society
2017-09-20Political scandals, “black materials,” and changing backstage imaginary in the Hong Kong press, 2001–2015Francis L. F. LeeChinese Journal of Communication
2017-09-25VR for News: The New Reality?Zillah WatsonReuters Institute
2017-09-28Mobile news service adoption: a South African case studyR. Adam & L. F. SeymourSAICSIT '17 Proceedings of the South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists
2017-09-21Finding and expressing news from structured dataLeppänen et al.Proceedings of the 21st International Academic Mindtrek Conference
2017-09-20Media Priming Effect: A Preregistered Replication ExperimentTetsuro Kobayashi, Asako Miura, Kazunori InamasuJournal of Experimental Political Science
2017-09-27New Business Models in U.S. News Media (in Finnish). Includes a summary and two articles in English.Katja Lehtisaari, Mikko Grönlund, Carl-Gustav Lindén, Mikko Villi, Robert Picard,
Bozena Mierzejewska, Axel Röpnack
Report: University of Helsinki, Aleksanteri-instituutti
2017-09-23Toward professional standards for media transparency in the United States: Comparison of perceptions of non-transparency in national vs. regional mediaKaterina Tsetsura, Kelsie AzizPublic Relations Review
2017-09-15The ‘Nate Silver effect’ on political journalism: Gatecrashers, gatekeepers, and changing newsroom practices around coverage of public opinion polls Benjamin ToffJournalism
2017-09-25Voice and community in the 2015 refugee crisis: A content analysis of news coverage in eight European countriesLilie Chouliaraki, Rafal ZaborowskiInternational Communication Gazette
2017-09-26The accused is entering the courtroom: the live-tweeting of a murder trialMegan KnightJournal of Media Practice
2017-09-26The Story of Journalist Organizations in CzechoslovakiaMarkéta Ševčíková, Kaarle NordenstrengMedia and Communication
2017-09-26Journalists’ Associations in Poland Before and After 1980Wojciech FurmanMedia and Communication
2017-09-26Journalists’ Associations as Political Instruments in Central and Eastern EuropeEpp Lauk, Kaarle NordenstrengMedia and Communication
2017-09-26Cleansing among Czech Journalists after World War II and a Comparison with the Situation in France and the NetherlandsJan CebeMedia and Communication
2017-09-26The Rocky Road towards Professional Autonomy: The Estonian Journalists’ Organization in the Political Turmoil of the 20th CenturyEpp LaukMedia and Communication
2017-09-26International Federation of Free Journalists: Opposing Communist Propaganda During the Cold WarMartin NekolaMedia and Communication
2017-09-27Media Trends in the Nordic CountriesNORDICOM
2017-09-27Predicting policy: exploring news attention to policy issues in electoral debatesJason TurcotteJournal of Applied Communication Research
2017-09-28Local journalism in the Pacific Northwest: Why It Matters, How It’s Evolving and Who Pays for ItDamian RadcliffeUniversity of Oregon
2017-09-28Developing Digital News Projects in Private Sector MediaAlessio Cornia, Annika Sehl & Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute
2017-09-26How virtual reality will impact journalismFrancesco MarconiThe Associated Press
2017-09-29Comparing models of collaborative journalismSarah StonbelyMontclair State University
2017-09-27An integrated model of workload, autonomy, burnout, job satisfaction, and turnover intention among Taiwanese reportersHuei-Ling Liu & Ven-hwei LoAsian Journal of Communication
2017-09-28Dead Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Framing of Workplace Injury in Canadian Newspapers, 2009-2014Jason Foster, Bob BarnetsonCanadian Journal of Communication
2017-09-28Job Autonomy: How Kenyan Newspeople Perceive Their Journalistic LatitudesKioko IreriAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-09-28Citizen Journalism and Democratisation of Mainstream Media in RwandaDominique Nduhura & Michael PrielerAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-09-28“A Willingness to Put a Knife in its Own Back”: Advertising, Self-censorship, and the Weekly Mail's Resistance in Apartheid South AfricaBryan TraboldAfrican Journalism Studies
2017-09-28Inspecting the Investigators: An Analysis of Television Investigative Journalism and Factors Leading to Its ProductionJesse AbdenourJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-09-30Transferring control from the backend to the frontend: A comparison of the discourse architectures of comment sections on news websites across the post-Soviet worldFlorian Toepfl, Anna LitvinenkoNew Media & Society
2017-09-30Exploring immersive experience in journalismDonghee Shin, Frank BioccaNew Media & Society
2017-09-30Institutional constraints or voluntary deference? Marginalized critical news content, spiked stories, series and careers subjected to the BuzzsawAndrew KennisJournalism
2017-09-27The Taming of Critical Journalism in China
A combination of political, economic and technological forces
Jingrong TongJournalism Studies
2017-09-27I like what I see: studying the influence of popularity cues on attention allocation and news selectionShira Dvir-GvirsmanInformation, Communication & Society
2017-09-28A Badge of Honor?
How The New York Times discredits President Trump’s fake news accusations
Juliane A. LischkaJournalism Studies
2017-09-30Integration or Isolation? Mapping Out the Position of Radical Right Media in the Public SphereOv Cristian Norocel, Gabriella Szabó, Márton BeneInternational Journal of Communication
2017-09-29Audiences, towards 2030: Priorities for audience analysisDas, Ranjana and Ytre-Arne, BritaReport: CEDAR
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