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Research of November 2017

Research of November 2017. Photo by Alex Iby (https://unsplash.com/photos/HfR0W6HW_Cw)

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in November 2017 about journalism research. The list is updated a couple of times per week. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2017-11-01From Control to Chaos, and Back Again
Journalism and the politics of populist authoritarianism
Brian McNairJournalism Studies
2017-11-01Globalisation of the Danish Media Industry (summary in English)Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces
2017-11-02The Hybridization of Journalistic Cultures: A Comparative Study of Journalistic Role PerformanceClaudia Mellado, Lea Hellmueller, Mireya Márquez-Ramírez,
Maria Luisa Humanes, Colin Sparks, Agnieszka Stepinska, Svetlana Pasti, Anna-Maria Schielicke, Edson Tandoc & Haiyan Wang
Journal of Communication
2017-11-01Does newspaper coverage influence or reflect public perceptions of the economy?Daniel J. Hopkins, Eunji Kim & Soojong KimResearch & Politics
2017-11-02“Eyes in the Sky: Drones at Standing Rock and the Next Frontier of Human Rights VideoSara RafskyGoogle News Lab
2017-11-01The 2017 Asia-Pacific Supplementary Digital News ReportFrancis Lee et al.Reuters Institute
2017-11-02Old people, video games and french press: A topic model approach on a study about discipline, entertainment and self-improvementGabrielle Lavenir & Nicolas BourgeoisMedieKultur
2017-11-02”I trust what’s written but I don’t think it’s good”: Old age pensioners’ persistency in the practice of obtaining information from the news mediaKarin Ljuslinder & Anna Sofia LundgrenMedieKultur
2017-11-02Experimenting with interaction: TV news efforts to invite audiences into the broadcast and their effects on gatekeepingBrittany Pieper McElroyConvergence
2017-11-02Bridging Segregation Via Media Exposure? Ingroup Identification, Outgroup Distance, and Low Direct Contact Reduce Outgroup Appearance in Media RepertoiresDavid Schieferdecker &
Hartmut Wessler
Journal of Communication
2017-11-02The Effect of Digital Platforms on News Audience BehaviorJacob L. Nelson & Ryan F. LeiDigital Journalism
2017-11-02The Mix of Media Use Matters: Investigating the Effects of Individual News Repertoires on Offline and Online Political ParticipationJesper Strömbäck, Kajsa Falasca & Sanne KruikemeierPolitical Communication
2017-11-02Low-Stakes Decisions and High-Stakes Dilemmas: Considering the Ethics Decision-Making of Freelance Magazine JournalistsJoy JenkinsJournal of Media Ethics
2017-11-06CSI: A Hybrid Deep Model for Fake News DetectionNatali Ruchansky, Sungyong Seo &
Yan Liu
CIKM '17 Proceedings
2017-11-06Geographic and Temporal Trends in Fake News Consumption During the 2016 US Presidential ElectionAdam Fourney, Miklos Z. Racz, Gireeja Ranade, Markus Mobius and Eric HorvitzCIKM '17 Proceedings
2017-11-06Linking News across Multiple Streams for Timeliness AnalysisIda Mele, Seyed Ali Bahrainian & Fabio CrestaniCIKM '17 Proceedings
2017-11-04Protecting democracy or conspiring against it? Media and politics in Latin America: A glimpse from BrazilAfonso de AlbuquerqueJournalism
2017-11-04Social media’s breaking news: the logic of automation in Facebook Trending Topics and Twitter MomentsStefanie DuguayMedia International Australia
2017-11-06Media populism in post-handover Hong Kong: an investigation of media framing of public financeGary TangChinese Journal of Communication
2017-11-07Natural selection: Empiricist discourse in the talk of broadcast journalistsSally ReardonDiscourse & Communication
2017-11-07Does the Political System Determine Media Visibility of Politicians? A Comparative Analysis of Political Functions in the News in Sixteen CountriesDebby Vos & Peter Van AelstPolitical Communication
2017-11-07Nothing on the news but the establishment blues? Toward a framework of depoliticization and agonistic media pluralismPieter Maeseele, Daniëlle RaeijmaekersJournalism
2017-11-07Do Large Countries Hunger for Less Information?
A country’s size and strengths as determinants of foreign news volume
Miki TanikawaJournalism Studies
2017-11-07Trustworthy or Shady? Exploring the influence of verifying and visualizing user-generated content (UGC) on online journalism’s trustworthinessKatherine M. Grosser, Valerie Hase & Florian WintterlinJournalism Studies
2017-11-07Testing the Revenue Diversity Argument on Independent Web-native News VenturesBrian L. MasseyDigital Journalism
2017-11-07What About the Hyperlocals?
The drivers, organization and economy of independent news media in Sweden
Sara Leckner, Carina Tenor & Gunnar NygrenJournalism Practice
2017-11-08Problems and Solutions for American Political Coverage
Journalistic self-critique in the wake of the 2016 presidential election
Qun Wang, Philip M. Napoli & Yi MaJournalism Practice
2017-11-08COMPASS| Measuring the Journalism Crisis: Developing New Approaches That Help the Public Connect to the IssueAlex T. WilliamsInternational Journal of Communication
2017-11-09The Personalisation of Conflict Reporting
Visual coverage of the Ukraine crisis on Twitter
Mervi PanttiDigital Journalism
2017-11-10Changing Owners, Changing Content: Does Who Owns the News Matter for the News?Allison M. Archer & Joshua ClintonPolitical Communication
2017-11-12Men or Women, Only Five Olympic Sports Matter
A Quantitative Analysis of NBC’s Prime-Time Coverage of the Rio Olympics
Roxane Coche, C. A. TuggleElectronic News
2017-11-10Twitter and News Gatekeeping
Interactivity, reciprocity, and promotion in news organizations’ tweets
Frank Michael RussellDigital Journalism
2017-11-03Practicing Engagement: Participatory journalism in the Web 2.0 eraRegina G. Lawrence, Damian Radcliffe & Thomas R. SchmidtJournalism Practice
2017-11-10How the news media activate public expression and influence national agendasGary King, Benjamin Schneer, Ariel WhiteScience
2017-11-14Nigerian Jos crisis coverage centers on communityNgozi Akinro, Li ZengNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14Case study shows disconnect on civic journalism’s roleMelissa Tully, Shawn Harmsen, Jane B. Singer, Brian Ekdale
Brian Ekdale
Newspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14Newspaper Ebola articles differ from Twitter updatesXueying Zhang, Bijie Bie, Andrew C. BillingsNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14Scan method tracks reader attention, engagementIsabelle Freiling, Lisa WeidmullerNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14African American weeklies see paid circulation declineStephen Lacy, Sandra L. Combs, Daniel KrierNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14Readers perceive deceptive graphics as less credibleNick Geidner, Jaclyn CameronNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14News stories don’t match political party agendasNisha Garud-Patkar, Yusuf KalyangoNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14Obama White House photos limited by access policiesNicole Smith Dahmen, Erin K. CoyleNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-14Newsrooms accommodate data-based news workJan Lauren Boyles, Eric MeyerNewspaper Research Journal
2017-11-13The Depth of Hurricane Katrina Imagery: A Longitudinal Study Through the Lens of Commemorative Journalism and IconicityNicole Smith Dahmen, Andrea Miller & David L. Morris IICommunication Reports
2017-11-14Rethinking Hallin and Mancini Beyond the West: An Analysis of Media Systems in Central and Eastern EuropeLaia Castro Herrero et al.International Journal of Communication
2017-11-14The Norwegian media economy 2016 (summary in English)Norwegian Media Authority
2017-11-14New issue of Journalism & Communication MonographsJournalism & Communication Monographs
2017-11-14Proving the Obvious? What Sensationalism Contributes to the Time Spent on News VideoPaul Hendriks Vettehen, Mariska KleemansElectronic News
2017-11-14 When Empathy is Not Enough:
The possibilities for solidarity in The San Francisco Homeless Project
Anita VarmaJournalism Practice
2017-11-14“Citizen Curation” in Online Discussions of Donald Trump’s Presidency: Sharing the News on MumsnetSarah Pedersen & Simon BurnettDigital Journalism
Public Media and Marginalized Publics:
Online and offline engagement strategies and local storytelling networks
Andrea WenzelDigital Journalism
2017-11-15Food for Thought in Restaurant Reviews: Lifestyle journalism or an extension of marketing in UK and Australian newspapersPeter English & David Fleischman
Journalism Practice
2017-11-15Caught in the Nexus: A Comparative and Longitudinal Analysis of Public Trust in the PressThomas Hanitzsch, Arjen Van Dalen & Nina SteindlThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-11-15Communicative Resurrection: Letters to the Dead in the Israeli NewspaperCarolin AronisJournal of Communication
2017-11-16Changing the narrative: Media representations of refugees and migrants in EuropeFrancesca PierighEthical Journalism Network
2017-11-15Small-market newspapers in the digital ageChristopher Ali & Damian RadcliffeTOW Center for digital journalism
2017-11-03Processing the Scientific Tentativeness of Medical Research: An Experimental Study on the Effects of Research News and User Comments in Online MediaDanny Flemming, Ulrike Cress & Joachim KimmerleScience Communication
2017-11-16Acceptance and Usability of Interactive Infographics in Online NewspapersSandra Zwinger, Julia Langer & Michael Zeiller2017 21st International Conference: Information Visualisation
2017-11-16“Tightening the Knots” of the International Drugs Trade in Brazil: Possibilities and challenges for news media to acquire social capital through in-depth reportingAlice Baroni & Andrea MayrJournalism Practice
2017-11-16Contest Over Authority: Navigating native advertising’s impacts on journalism autonomyYou LiJournalism Studies
2017-11-19Journalism research in Spain. Analysis of research articles published in Spanish journals over the past 25 years (1990-2014)Manuel Martínez-NicolásCommunication and Society
2017-11-19The failure of the Francoist Movement Press Group to convert La Voz de Castilla into a prototype to save its newspapersClara Sanz HernandoCommunication and Society
2017-11-17How ‘Digital-born’ media cover climate change in comparison to legacy media: A case study of the COP 21 summit in ParisJames Paintera, Silje Kristiansen & Mike S. SchäferGlobal Environmental Change
2017-11-20Between Politicization and Securitization: Coverage of the European Migration Crisis in Czech Online News MediaMichal TkaczykCommunication Today
2017-11-17Culture and discourse structure: A comparative study of Dutch and Iranian news textsAfrooz Rafiee, Wilbert Spooren and José Sanders
Discourse & Communication
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