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ARTICLE: What is the dominant discourse structure in Iranian and Dutch crime news texts?

News texts represent and share the most newsworthy events through familiar and conventionalized ways of communication in a specific society, write Afrooz Rafiee, Wilbert Spooren and José Sanders, all of Radboud University. The authors compare the discourse structure of crime reporting articles published in Iranian and Dutch newspapers. 100 crime-reporting news texts were collected and the structure … Continued

REPORT: Small-market newspapers in the digital age

During the past decade, the fortunes of the newspaper industry changed dramatically, write Christopher Ali, of University of Virginia, and Damian Radcliffe, of University of Oregon. So far, in studying these developments, the researchers have focused on large national newspapers. But how are small-market newspapers responding to digital disruption? How can they best prepare for the future? The report is … Continued

ARTICLE: Native advertising’s impacts on journalism autonomy

Native advertising is a form of paid digital content that mimics non-advertising content published on the same platform. You Li, of Eastern Michigan University, explores how the boundary of authority is discursively renegotiated by the actors in the journalistic field in the process of legitimizing native advertising. The data collection sought discourses that addressed launching and … Continued

Untitled by Shelly Texeira Dos Reis, licence CC0 1.0

ARTICLE: Can journalism help Brazil’s drug problem?

How does news media gather social capital through investigative reporting? Can this capital be used against the deadly drug-related violence in Brazil? These questions were asked by Alice Baroni, of University of Rio de Janeiro, and Andrea Mayr, of Queen’s University Belfast, who analysed the “Os embaixadores do Narcosul” series, published by the Brazilian newspaper … Continued

Books of the week - Journalism Research News

Books of the week 46/2017

On the week 46 the following publications have come to our attention: Provocative Screens: Offended Audiences in Britain and Germany Written by Ranjana Das & Anne Graefer Published by Palgrave Macmillan 136 pages The Mediated Politics of Europe Edited by Mats Ekström & Julie Firmstone Published by Palgrave Macmillan 345 pages Media Convergence and Deconvergence … Continued


CFP | 11.12. | Is contemporary radio “free”?

The 9th Radio Conference is calling for contribution proposals. The event is organised by the The Monash University and Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association. The conference will be held in Prato, Italy, between the 10th and 13th of July 2018. According to organisers, the event “takes inspiration from [..] the ‘Free Radio’ movement’s push … Continued

Young woman reading newspaper at Ohio Univeristy, 1980, photo courtesy of Ohio University Libraries, licence CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

ARTICLE: African American papers invest in online presence and free circulation

The paid circulation of African American newspapers has since 1993 declined, and they are instead circulated increasingly as freesheets, write Stephen Lacy and Daniel Krier, both of Michigan State University, with Sandra L. Combs, of Arkansas State University (names not in original order). The authors gleaned data regarding African American papers from the Editor & … Continued


CFP | 30.4.2018 | Terrorist attacks and the media

A special issue of the journal Le Temps des médias is calling for article proposals for its upcoming special issue, themed “Media and attacks”. The issue is scheduled for publication in fall 2019. The editors have provided a (non-exhaustive) list of topic suggestions. It includes: The specific media coverage of certain attacks The conditions of … Continued