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ARTICLE: More news about the EU, stronger European identity

Exposure to news about the European Union increases Europeans’ feeling of togetherness, write Waqas Ejaz and Jens Wolling, both of Technical University of Ilmenau, with Marco Bräuer, of the German Federal Office for the Family and Civil Society (author names not in original order). The authors analysed data from the 2013 Eurobarometer survey, which questioned … Continued

Books of the week - Journalism Research News

Books of the week 21/2017

On week 21 the following publications have come to our attention: Cultural Journalism in the Nordic Countries Edited by Nete Nørgaard Kristensen and Kristina Riegert Published by Nordicom 208 pages Open access Remaking the News: Essays on the Future of Journalism Scholarship in the Digital Age Edited by Pablo J. Boczkowski and C. W. Anderson … Continued


CFP | 1.7. | Media and the rise of BRICS

The 2017 China Communication Forum conference is now accepting paper proposals. The conference is entitled “Building on BRICS: Belt and Road Initiative and a new global communication order?” It will take place in Xiamen, China, on the 26th of August 2017. Selected conference papers are planned to be collected into a book. The conference is … Continued

REPORT: Far-right and populist threat to journalism is growing

Growing support for far-right and populist politicians presents a threat to journalism across Europe, writes Katharine Sarikakis, of University of Vienna. The study examines the state of journalism and press freedom within the context of the rise of far-right political parties in 12 European countries in the past five years . Impunity is commonplace when it … Continued

ARTICLE: Are newspapers’ news stories becoming more alike?

In recent years scholars have claimed that there is a trend toward less diversity in news content. Kathleen Beckers, Andrea Masini, Julie Sevenans, Miriam van der Burg, Julie De Smedt, Hilde Van den Bulck, Stefaan Walgrave, all of University of Antwerp, explore if this is true by conducting a quantitative analysis of the news content of nine … Continued

ARTICLE: Crisis in the relationship between Finnish media and politicians

On Friday November 25, 2016, the Finnish public broadcaster YLE published an online story that made Prime Minister Juha Sipilä lose his temper. YLE management reacts by scaling down coverage. As a consequence, journalists resign and accuse editorial leaders of limiting freedom of speech. In addition, in 2017 Finland lost its first place on Reporters without … Continued

REPORT: Combating fake news

A conference Combating Fake News: An Agenda for Research and Action was held on February 17–18, 2017. David Lazer, Nir Grinberg, Lisa Friedland, Kenneth Joseph and Will Hobbs, all of Northeastern University and Harvard University, Matthew Baum, of Harvard University and Carolina Mattsson, of Northeastern University (not in original order) wrote a final report drawing from the conference presentations. … Continued

REPORT: Why people pay for news?

The American Press Institute has published a new research on paying for news. The report is conducted by The Media Insight Project. In-depth interviews in addition to a survey with news consumers were conducted. The study finds that slightly more than half of all U.S. adults subscribe to news, including subscribing to newspapers or magazines, … Continued