Research of August 2017

All journalism research of August 2017

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in August 2017 about journalism research. The list is updated a couple of times per week. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthorsJournal / publisher
2017-08-07Digital News Fact SheetPew Research Center
2017-08-07Public Broadcasting Fact SheetPew Research Center
2017-08-07Hispanic and African American News Media Fact SheetPew Research Center
2017-08-02Gendering Leadership in Vietnamese Media: A Role Congruity Study on News Content and Journalists’ Perception of Female and Male LeadersHong Tien Vu, Tien-Tsung Lee, Hue Trong Duong, Barbara BarnettJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-08-01Textbook journalism? Objectivity, education and the professionalization of sports reportingGavin Weedon, Brian WilsonJournalism
2017-08-01The dominance of institutional sources and the establishment of non-elite ones: The case of Italian online local journalismSergio SplendoreJournalism
2017-08-02Twitter Versus the Traditional Media
A Survey Experiment Comparing Public Perceptions of Campaign Messages in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
David S. MorrisSocial Science Computer Review
2017-08-04Mobile Social Media and the News: Where Heutagogy Enables Journalism EducationDanielle MulrennanJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-08-01Placing Facebook
“Trending,” “Napalm Girl,” “fake news” and journalistic boundary work
Brett G. Johnson & Kimberly KellingJournalism Practice
2017-08-01After Objectivity?
Schudson’s sociology of journalism in the era of post-factuality
Brian McNairJournalism Studies
2017-08-02Changing News Genres as a Result of Global Technological Developments
New news genres
Hannah Westley & Natalia RulyovaDigital Journalism
2017-08-02Transparency in German Newsrooms
Diffusion of a new journalistic norm?
Michael Koliska & Kalyani ChadhaJournalism Studies
2017-08-02The Celebrified Journalist
Journalistic self-promotion and branding in celebrity constructions on Twitter
Ulrika OlaussonJournalism Studies
2017-08-04Valuing subjectivity in journalism: Bias, emotions, and self-interest as tools in arts reportingPhillipa ChongJournalism
2017-08-08The Promise, Challenge, and Foundations of Media Collective Action: Illustrations from Sub-Saharan AfricaPeter VonDoeppThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-08-09“He Just Snapped”
Gendered narratives of parents killing their children in the UK press
Sarah NiblockJournalism Studies
2017-08-09Are You Experienced?
How years in field affects digital journalists’ perceptions of a changing industry
Patrick FerrucciJournalism Studies
2017-08-09Are Newsgames Better Journalism?
Empathy, information and representation in games on refugees and migrants
Christoph Plewe & Elfriede FürsichJournalism Studies
2017-08-09“They Go for Gender First”
The nature and effect of sexist abuse of female technology journalists
Catherine AdamsJournalism Practice
2017-08-10Unintentional Journalists: The role of advocacy group 350 in filling a news gap for reporting from the Pacific regionHannah SpyksmaJournalism Studies
2017-08-10Risky Choices?
Modelling journalists’ perceptions of aggressive newsgathering practices
James Hollings, Thomas Hanitzsch & Ravi BalasubramanianJournalism Studies
2017-08-10Scientific Evidence and Science Journalism
Analysing the representation of (un)certainty in German print and online media
Lars Guenther, Jenny Bischoff, Anna Löwe, Hanna Marzinkowski & Marcus VoigtJournalism Studies
2017-08-10Do Channels Matter?
Investigating media characteristics in the agenda-building process of an election campaign
Ramona Vonbun-Feldbauer & Jörg MatthesJournalism Studies
2017-08-10The Bathroom Boogeyman
A qualitative analysis of how the Houston Chronicle framed the Equal Rights Ordinance
Shane M. GraberJournalism Practice
2017-08-11Art as Journalism in Zimbabwe
The case of Owen Maseko’s banned Zimbabwean genocide exhibition
Shepherd MpofuJournalism Studies
2017-08-26Incorporating context and trends in news recommender systemsAndreas Lommatzsch, Benjamin Kille & Sahin AlbayrakWI '17 Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Intelligence
2017-08-17Embedding-based News Recommendation for Millions of UsersShumpei Okura, Yukihiro Tagami, Shingo Ono & Akira TajimaKDD '17 Proceedings of the 23rd ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
2017-08-11The Engaging Effect of Exemplars: How an Emotional Reaction to (Dis)Similar People in the News Media Affects Political ParticipationKim Andersen, Morten Skovsgaard, Erik Albæk & Claes H. de VreeseThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-08-11How Politicians’ Attitudes and Goals Moderate Political Agenda Setting by the MediaAlon Zoizner, Tamir Sheafer & Stefaan WalgraveThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-08-11Gender, Competitiveness, and Candidate Visibility in Newspaper Coverage of Canadian Party Leadership ContestsAngelia Wagner, Linda Trimble, Shannon Sampert & Bailey GerritsThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-08-11Media events in contexts of transition: sites of hope, disruption and protestMartha EvansMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-11A change is gonna come: Media Events and the promise of transformationEspen YtrebergMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-11Reconstructing collective professional identity: A case study of a women’s journalist association in the post–second-wave feminist movement in the United StatesJoy Jenkins, Yong Volz, Teri Finneman, Youn-Joo Park & Katherine SorbelliMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-21A network perspective on mediated Europeanized public spheres: Assessing the degree of Europeanized media coverage in light of the 2014 European Parliament electionChristiane Grill & Hajo BoomgaardenEuropean Journal of Communication
2017-08-26Detecting, quantifying and accessing impact of news events on Indian stock indicesIshan Verma,
Lipika Dey &
Hardik Meisheri
WI '17 Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Intelligence
2017-08-18Detached disseminator, populist watchdog and facilitative change agent: The professional role perception of foreign correspondents in ChinaYuan ZengJournalism
2017-08-18Media capture in the era of megaleaksAngela WoodallJournalism
2017-08-18Balkanization and pauperization: Analysis of media capture of public service broadcasters in the Western BalkansMarko Milosavljević & Melita PolerJournalism
2017-08-18Media Events, solidarity, and the rise and fall of the public sphereJeffrey C GoldfarbMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-18The continuing lure of the mediated centre in times of deep mediatization: Media Events and its enduring legacyNick Couldry & Andreas HeppMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-18Media and events after Media EventsPaul Frosh & Amit PinchevskiMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-18When the Gated Misbehave
Online reader comments on Anthony Wiener’s sexting scandal
Elina Erzikova & Edgar SimpsonJournalism Practice
2017-08-18Gendering of success: fashion designers in designer stories in the Finnish lifestyle magazine GloriaAnne Soronen & Tiina MäntymäkiFeminist Media Studies
2017-08-17Is This the Best Philosophy Can Do? Henry R. Luce and A Free and Responsible PressStephen BatesJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-08-17The Spillover Effects of Political Scandals: The Moderating Role of Cynicism and Social Media CommunicationsFrancis L. F. LeeJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2017-08-16Covering Clinton (2010–2015): meaning-making strategies in US magazine coversIngrid Bachmann, Dustin Harp & Jamie LokeFeminist Media Studies
2017-08-17Are people incidentally exposed to news on social media? A comparative analysisRichard Fletcher & Rasmus Kleis NielsenNew Media & Society
2017-08-15Women, ethnic minorities and newsworthiness: Journalists’ perceptionsHanne Vandenberghe, Leen d’Haenens & Baldwin Van GorpJournalism
2017-08-16What have I done to deserve this? The role of deservingness in effects of ordinary citizens as cases in the newsDavid Nicolas Hopmann, Morten Skovsgaard & Christian Elmelund-PræstekærEuropean Journal of Communication
2017-08-16Looking left or looking right? Effects of newspaper layout style on the perception of political newsJohanna Schindler, Benjamin Krämer & Philipp MüllerEuropean Journal of Communication
2017-08-16Media ownership and democratic capacity of transitional society: The case of SerbiaIrina MilutinovićEuropean Journal of Communication
2017-08-17The Commercialization of Journalism
Ethnic media, news production, and business strategies in the digital era
Sherry S. YuJournalism Studies
2017-08-17She Persisted … and So Did He
Gendered source use during the Trump Access Hollywood scandal
Lindsey E. BlumellJournalism Studies
Access to Rabat: De Jure Policies and De Facto Realities in Moroccan Newspaper Coverage of the February 20 Movement and Constitutional Reforms, 2011–2012Bradley C. FreemanInternational Journal of Communication
2017-08-14‘Media events’: first quarter of a century and the nextChin-Chuan Lee & Hongtao LiMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-11How Politicians’ Attitudes and Goals Moderate Political Agenda Setting by the MediaAlon Zoizner, Tamir Sheafer & Stefaan WalgraveThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2017-08-15Could digital platforms capture the media through infrastructure?Efrat NechushtaiJournalism
2017-08-14Mediatized Conflict and Visual News Framing
How Swiss Audiences React to News Images from the Syrian War
Vittoria Sacco & Valérie GorinMiddle East Journal of Culture and Communication
2017-08-14Normalization of War and Conflict in Iraq’s Iraqiya TelevisonAida Al-KaisyMiddle East Journal of Culture and Communication
2017-08-21Negativity and Positivity Biases in Economic News Coverage: Traditional Versus Social MediaStuart Soroka, Mark Daku, Dan Hiaeshutter-Rice, Lauren Guggenheim, Josh PasekCommunication Research
2017-08-22Journalism under attack: The Charlie Hebdo covers and reconsiderations of journalistic normsJoy Jenkins, Edson C. TandocJournalism
2017-08-22How do they do it? Multimedia journalism and perceptions of the practiceKate KartveitJournalism
2017-08-21The Journalist Who Interpreted Too Much: The New York Times’ Courtship, Defense, and Betrayal of John W. WhiteKevin L. StokerJournalism & Communication Monographs
2017-08-21Media Landscapes - Expert Analyses of the State of MediaThe European Journalism CentreThe European Journalism Centre
2017-08-22Journalistic Legitimacy Revisited
Collapse or revival in the digital age?
Jingrong TongDigital Journalism
2017-08-22Training Methods of Listening-Based Journalistic QuestioningHalliki Harro-Loit & Kadri UgurJournalism Practice
2017-08-22Biting the hand
Using the relationship between ITV and Barclays to examine political economy
Richard ThomasJournalism Studies
2017-08-23Riding the Waves: Journalism Education in Post-Apartheid South AfricaAnthea Garman, Mia van der MerweJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-08-23Russian Journalism Education: Challenging Media Change and Educational ReformElena Vartanova, Maria LukinaJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-08-23Journalism Education in India: Quest for Professionalism or Incremental ResponsesSanjay Parthasarathy BharthurJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-08-23The Changing Landscape of Journalism Education in ChinaKe Guo, Peiqin ChenJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-08-23Resounding News: The Acoustic Conventions of Israeli NewscastsHadar Levy, Amit PinchevskiInternational Journal of Communication
2017-08-23Race and Police Brutality: The Importance of Media FramingKim Fridkin, Amanda Wintersieck, Jillian Courey, Joshua ThompsonInternational Journal of Communication
2017-08-24Making inroads: a critical examination of the ABC’s commitment to local newsJulie Freeman, Kristy Hess, Lisa WallerMedia International Australia
2017-08-23Designing Journalists: Teaching Journalism Students to Think Like Web DesignersBradford Gyori, Mathew CharlesJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2017-08-24Children's Responses to Negative News: The Effects of Constructive Reporting in Newspaper Stories for ChildrenMariska Kleemans, Rebecca N. H. de Leeuw, Janel Gerritsen, & Moniek BuijzenJournal of Communication
2017-08-07Controversial Ebola vaccine trials in Ghana: a thematic analysis of critiques and rebuttals in digital newsPer Egil Kummervold, William S. Schulz, Elizabeth Smout, Luis Fernandez-Luque & Heidi J. LarsonBMC Public Health
2017-08-26Exploring privacy concerns in news recommender systemsItishree Mohallick & Özlem ÖzgöbekWI '17 Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Intelligence
2017-08-26Perception of bias: the impact of user characteristics, website design and technical featuresBrendan Spillane, Séamus Lawless & Vincent WadeWI '17 Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Intelligence
2017-08-17Toward Automated Fact-Checking: Detecting Check-worthy Factual Claims by ClaimBusterNaeemul Hassan, Fatma Arslan, Chengkai Li & Mark TremayneKDD '17 Proceedings of the 23rd ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
2017-08-25You Are Here: Site-specific storytelling using offline networksSusan McGregorTow Center for Digital Journalism
The Faster the Better? Examining the Effect of Live-Blogging on Audience ReceptionAngela LeeJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies (accepted)
2017-08-14The role of peace journalism in the deconstruction of elections and the “national question” in NigeriaJoseph Olusegun AdebayoInternational Journal of African Renaissance Studies - Multi-, Inter- and Transdisciplinarity
2017-08-28Behavioral Effects of Framing on Social Media Users: How Conflict, Economic, Human Interest, and Morality Frames Drive News SharingSebastián Valenzuela,
Martina Piña &
Josefina Ramírez
Journal of Communication
2017-08-25Sampling Methods and Sample Populations in Quantitative Mass Communication Research Studies: A 15-Year Census of Six JournalsJoseph Erba, Brock Ternes, Piotr Bobkowski, Tara Logan & Yuchen LiuCommunication Research Reports
2017-08-29Mapping Online News Discovery for Computer Users in the UKNic Newman, Antonis KalogeropoulosReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2017-08-25Conflict imagery in a connective environment: audiovisual content on Twitter following the 2015/2016 terror attacks in Paris and BrusselsAxel Bruns, Folker HanuschMedia, Culture & Society
2017-08-28‘Exploiting the Daydreams of Teenagers’
Press reports and memories of cinema-going by young people in 1960s Britain
Patrick GlenMedia History
2017-08-28Media capture with Chinese characteristics: Changing patterns in Hong Kong’s news media systemNicholas Frisch, Valerie Belair-Gagnon, Colin AgurJournalism
2017-08-28The Syrian crisis in U.S. and Lebanese newspapers: A cross-national analysisRaluca Cozma, Claudia KozmanInternational Communication Gazette
2017-08-29How Journalists and Social Media Users Perceive Online Fact-Checking and Verification ServicesPetter Bae Brandtzaeg, Asbjørn Følstad & María Ángeles Chaparro DomínguezJournalism Practice
2017-08-14The Contractionary Effect of Bad Economic NewsZhaochen HeJournal of Money, Credit and Banking
2017-08-29A turn to realism and humanism from propaganda: Chinese photojournalism practices between 1976 and 1988Shi LiAsian Journal of Communication
2017-08-30Recognizing the Importance of Alternative Media
Role perceptions and journalistic culture in Brazil
Summer HarlowJournalism Studies
2017-08-30Framing Privatisation: The Dominance of Neoliberal Discourse and the Death of the Public GoodHenry Silke, Ciara GrahamtripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique
2017-08-30Defining “Fake News”
A typology of scholarly definitions
Edson C. Tandoc Jr., Zheng Wei Lim & Richard LingDigital Journalism
2017-08-31A general pattern in the construction of economic newsworthiness? Analyzing news factors in popular, quality, regional, and financial newspapersMark Boukes & Rens VliegenthartJournalism
2017-08-31Report maps business models of Nordic local and city newspapersMaarit JaakkolaNORDICOM
2017-08-31Can foundations solve the journalism crisis?Rodney BensonJournalism
2017-08-31Why Isn’t Health a Priority? A survey of journalists serving Native American news mediaSherice Gearhart, Teresa Trumbly-Lamsam & Oluseyi AdegbolaJournalism Practice
2017-08-30Live Blogging about Terrorist Attacks: The effects of competition and editorial strategyBartosz Wilczek & Claudia BlangettiDigital Journalism
2017-08-30The Many Layers of Local: Proximity and Market Influence on News Coverage of the Deepwater Horizon Oil SpillJason Turcotte, Ashley Kirzinger, Johanna Dunaway, Kirby GoidelSocial Science Quarterly
2017-08-26An Approach to News Event Detection and Tracking Based on Stream of Online NewsYajie Qi, Li Zhou, Huayou Si, Jian Wan, Ting Jin9th International Conference on Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics
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