Research of October 2019

Journalism Research of October 2019

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in October 2019 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2019-10-31Similar, but not the same: Comparing Editorial and News Agendas in Brazilian NewspapersFrancisco Paulo Jamil Marques, Edna Miola, Isabele Mitozo & Camila Mont’AlverneJournalism Practice
2019-10-30To See and Be Seen: The Environments, Interactions and Identities Behind News ImagesT. J. ThomsonRowman & Littlefield
2019-10-30Networked Emotional News on Social MediaAhmed Al-RawiJournalism Practice
2019-10-30How Daily Journalists Use Numbers and Statistics: The Case of Global Average TemperatureAnthony Van WitsenJournalism Practice
2019-10-29Is Automated Journalistic Writing Less Biased? An Experimental Test of Auto-Written and Human-Written News StoriesYanfang WuJournalism Practice
2019-10-29News across the great wall: Asian news organisations’ web strategies for the China marketHsiang Iris Chyi, Angela M. Lee & J. Ian TennantJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-10-28How Brexit Referendum Voters Use NewsRichard Fletcher & Meera SelvaReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2019-10-28What if Scale Breaks Community? Rebooting Audience Engagement When Journalism is Under FireJulie Posetti, Felix Simon & Nabeelah ShabbirReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2019-10-28Ideological parallelism: toward a transnational understanding of the protest paradigmKisun Kim & Saif ShahinSocial Movement Studies
2019-10-28Visual Crisis Communication in the Scandinavian PressCarmen Daniela Maier, Finn Frandsen & Winni JohansenNordicom Review
2019-10-28Searching for online news content: the challenges and decisionsAnnie BlatchfordCommunication Research and Practice
2019-10-28Mostly Credible and Transparent: Audience Perceptions of News Stories Produced With Traditional and Multiplatform Newsgathering TechnologiesGiselle A. Auger, Zeynep Tanes & Charlie GeeElectronic News
2019-10-28Readers’ and Photojournalists’ Perceptions of Print Media Road Carnage Images in The HeraldJosephat Mutangadura, Charles Carl Mann & Lizette OdendaalCommunicatio
2019-10-28But Can They Write? Television News Industry Assessment of the Skills of Broadcast Journalism Students and Recent GraduatesChristine C. Eschenfelder
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-10-27Distinct types of conservative attitudes mediate the link between media preference and presidential candidate endorsementXiaowen Xu, Caitlin M. Burton & Jason E. PlaksMedia Psychology
2019-10-25Fake news, French Law and democratic legitimacy: lessons for the United Kingdom?Rachael Craufurd SmithJournal of Media Law
2019-10-25Women and men portrayal on television news: a study of Spanish television newscastM. Pilar Matud, Inmaculada Espinosa & Carmen Rodríguez WangüemertFeminist Media Studies
2019-10-25Preparing for the Worst: Lessons for News Media After Hurricane Maria in Puerto RicoBruno Takahashi, Qucheng Zhang & Manuel ChavezJournalism Practice
2019-10-25Connecting People? Understanding Media’s Role as Democratic Resources for People in Digitally Advanced Local EnvironmentsRagnhild Kristine OlsenDigital Journalism
2019-10-24Fact-Checking: A Meta-Analysis of What Works and for WhomNathan Walter, Jonathan Cohen, R. Lance Holbert & Yasmin MoragPolitical Communication
2019-10-24Time is of the Essence: A Longitudinal Study on Business Presence in Political News in the United Kingdom and the NetherlandsEllis Aizenberg & Marcel HanegraaffThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-10-24The Power of Commercial Influences: How Lifestyle Journalists Experience Pressure from Advertising and Public RelationsFolker Hanusch, Sandra Banjac & Phoebe MaaresJournalism Practice
2019-10-24Contesting European Solidarity during the “Refugee Crisis”: A Comparative Investigation of Media Claims in Denmark, Germany, Greece and ItalyVerena K. Brändle, Olga Eisele & Hans-Jörg TrenzMass Communication and Society
2019-10-24One-in-five U.S. newsroom employees live in New York, Los Angeles or D.C.Elizabeth GriecoPew Research Center
2019-10-23Digital Media, Fake News and Pro-Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance Cyber-Propaganda during the 2018 Zimbabwe ElectionLyton NcubeAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-10-23Visual Infotainment in the political news: A cultural approach in the post-truth eraIrene Photiou, Lambrini Papadopoulou, Artemis Eleftheriadou & Theodora A. ManiouMedieKultur
2019-10-23Beyond the Informed Citizen? Narratives of news engagement and civic experiences among Danish news usersJannie Møller Hartley & Leif Hemming PedersenMedieKultur
2019-10-23Between ritual and information: Three phases of Norwegian news audiences’ sense-making of the election of Donald TrumpHallvard Moe, Brita Ytre-Arne & Torgeir Uberg NærlandJournalism
2019-10-22Joanne Public vs. Joe Public: News Sourcing and Gender Imbalance on Argentine Digital MediEugenia Mitchelstein, Victoria Andelsman & Pablo J. BoczkowskiDigital Journalism
2019-10-21The framing effect of the media in the regulation of GMOs: a case study of RussiaEleni Galata BickellRussian Journal of Communication
2019-10-21Mining ethnicity: Discourse-driven topic modelling of immigrant discourses in the USA, 1898–1920Lorella Viola & Jaap VerheulDigital Scholarship in the Humanities
2019-10-21Mapping the infotainment literature: current trajectories and suggestions for future researchRobert MarinovThe Communication Review
2019-10-21Nesta Pain: The Entangled Media ProducerKate Terkanian & Hugh ChignellMedia History
2019-10-20An uninformed electorate: identity-motivated elaboration, partisan cues, and learningFreddie J. JenningsJournal of Applied Communication Research
2019-10-18The Emergence of a News Website Ecosystem: An Exploratory Study of HespressMohammed IbahrineJournalism Practice
2019-10-18Covering Protests on Twitter: The Influences on Journalists’ Social Media Portrayals of Left- and Right-Leaning Demonstrations in BrazilRachel R. Mourão & Weiyue ChenThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-10-17A parallel yet divided information space: testing the overlap of Yandex Russian language news media discourses in Estonia, Latvia, and RussiaHeidi ErbsenRussian Journal of Communication
2019-10-17Oligopolies of the past? Habermas, Bourdieu, and conceptual approaches to news agencies
Heidi J. S. TworekJournalism
2019-10-17Singapore’s national discourse on foreign domestic workers: Exploring perceptions of the marginsSatveer Kaur-Gill, Asha Rathina Pandi & Mohan Jyoti DuttaJournalism
2019-10-16Data journalism’s many futures: Diagrammatic displays and prospective probabilities in data-driven news predictionsChristian Pentzold & Denise FechnerConvergence
2019-10-16Constructing audience quantification: Social influences and the development of norms about audience analytics and metricsRodrigo Zamith, Valerie Belair-Gagnon & Seth C. LewisNew Media & Society
2019-10-16Media in the Post #GamerGate Era: Coverage of Reactionary Fan Anger and the Terrorism of the PrivilegedBridget M. BlodgettTelevision & New Media
2019-10-15‘Old journalists’ in a ‘new media’ environment? A study on the career choices of digital journalistsFábio Henrique PereiraThe Journal of International Communication
2019-10-14Disentangling Economic News Effects: The Impact of Tone, Uncertainty, and Issue on Public OpinionAlyt DamstraInternational Journal of Communication
2019-10-14News Consumption of Russian Vkontakte Users: Polarization and News AvoidanceAleksandra UrmanInternational Journal of Communication
2019-10-14Patterns of media coverage repeated in online abuse on high-profile criminal casesCarolina AreJournalism
2019-10-14When and How Negative News Coverage Empowers Collective Action in MinoritiesMuniba Saleem, Ian Hawkins, Magdalena E. Wojcieszak & Jessica RodenCommunication Research
2019-10-13#metoo 2.0 to #meNOmore: Analysing Western Reporting About Sexual Violence in the Music IndustryAndrea Baker, Katrina Williams & Usha M. RodriguesJournalism Practice
2019-10-12Mobile news apps as sites of transnational ethnic mediascapesAhmed Al-RawiThe Journal of International Communication
2019-10-10Inequality and Bias in the Demand for and Supply of NewsAnn L. Owen & Andrew WeiSocial Science Quarterly
2019-10-10Online news media and propaganda influence on radicalized individuals: Findings from interviews with Islamist prisoners and former IslamistsPhilip Baugut & Katharina NeumannNew Media & Society
2019-10-10The effects of scandalization in political news messages on political trust and message evaluationPaul Graβl, Gabi Schaap, Flavia Spagnuolo & Jonathan Van ’t RietJournalism
2019-10-10Business news in a Loyalist Press environment
Joseph GibbsJournalism
2019-10-09The Dynamics of Political Elections: A Big Data Analysis of Intermedia Framing Between Social Media and News MediaWai Han Lo, Benson Shu Yan Lam & Meily Mei Fung CheungSocial Science Computer Review
2019-10-07Buying on rumors: how financial news flows affect the share price of TeslaNadine Strauss & Christopher Holmes SmithCorporate Communications
2019-10-07A criminal mind? A damaged brain? Narratives of criminality and culpability in the celebrated case of Aaron HernandezKathryn Henne & Matt Ventresca
Crime, Media, Culture
2019-10-07Negative Media Coverage of the Supreme Court: The Interactive Role of Opinion Language, Coalition Size, and Ideological SignalsAlexander Denison, Justin Wedeking & Michael A. ZilisSocial Science Quarterly
2019-10-06Artificial intelligence in news photographs: a cross-cultural visual content analysisYeqing KongSIGDOC '19 Proceedings of the 37th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication
2019-10-03National and Local News Consumption and Indices of Community Participation in an American Civic-Journalism News EnvironmentEsther Thorson, Weiyue Chen & Stephen LacyJournalism Studies
2019-10-03Skewed News: A Macro-Analysis of Gypsy, Roma and Traveler Coverage in the UK PressMark BaillieJournal of Media Ethics
2019-10-03Violated or Comforted - and Then Abandoned: Ethical Dimensions of Relationships Between Journalists and Vulnerable News SourcesAnette ForsbergJournal of Media Ethics
2019-10-03Pragmatist Media Ethics and the Challenges of Fake NewsScott R. StroudJournal of Media Ethics
2019-10-03“Vampires in the News”: A Critical Analysis of News Framing in Malawi’s NewspapersAlbert SharraAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-10-03Journalists Primed: How Professional Identity Affects Moral Decision MakingPatrick Ferrucci, Edson C. Tandoc Jr. & Erin E. SchausterJournalism Practice
2019-10-02Bridging the Gap: Exploring Police-Media Relations in MalaysiaSharon Wilson, Tham Jen SernJurnal Komunikasi
2019-10-02Americans Are Wary of the Role Social Media Sites Play in Delivering the NewsElisa Shearer & Elizabeth GriecoPew Research Center
2019-10-01Memes as an ideological tool: The stance of the Spanish online newspapers regarding the Catalan Referendum and Catalan Regional Elections 2017Cristina Algaba & Elena Bellido-PérezCatalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies
2019-10-01Framing Catalonia: Evidence from Québec mediaPhilippe Dubois & Katryne Villeneuve-SiconnellyCatalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies
2019-10-01The coverage of the international press in framing the Catalan sovereignty process: Analysis of ten leading EU and US newspapers 2010–17Carles Pont-Sorribes, Cristina Perales-García, Marcel Mauri-Rios & Christopher D. TullochCatalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies
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