Research of February 2020

research of february 2020

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in February 2020 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2020-02-18The Turncoat Phenomenon: Role Conceptions of PR Practitioners Who Used To Be JournalistsBernadette Kester & Mirjam PrengerJournalism Practice
2020-02-18Shattering the glass screenLucas Beard, Jonathan Dunn, Jess Huang & Alexis KrivkovichMcKinsey & Company
2020-02-17Data Ops, Objectivity, and Outsiders: Journalistic Coverage of Data CampaigningJessica Baldwin-PhilippiPolitical Communication
2020-02-17‘They can’t fool me, but they can fool the others!’ Third person effect and fake news detectionNicoleta Corbu, Denisa-Adriana Oprea, Elena Negrea-Busuioc & Loredana RaduEuropean Journal of Communication
2020-02-17Are Experts (News)Worthy? Balance, Conflict, and Mass Media Coverage of Expert ConsensusEric MerkleyPolitical Communication
2020-02-15Political Parallelism in Transitional Media Systems: The Case of LibyaAnja Wollenberg & Carola RichterInternational Journal of Communication
2020-02-15Toward Reducing Institutional Digital Divides in the Media Industry: Examining Social Media Use in Ethnic Media OrganizationsXin Zhou & Matthew MatsaganisInternational Journal of Communication
2020-02-15The Effects of Political Conflict News Frame on Political Polarization: A Social Identity ApproachYoungju Kim & Shuhua ZhouInternational Journal of Communication
2020-02-15Esperanto Journalism and Readers as ‘Managers’: A transnational participatory audienceKevin GrievesMedia History
2020-02-15Predictors of Online News-Sharing Intention in the U.S and South Korea: An Application of the Theory of Reasoned ActionJiyoun Kim, Kang Namkoong & Junhan ChenCommunication Studies
2020-02-13The Evolving Journalistic Roles on Social Media: Exploring “Engagement” as Relationship-Building between Journalists and CitizensYiping Xia, Sue Robinson, Megan Zahay & Deen FreelonJournalism Practice
2020-02-13Components of digital literacy as predictors of youth civic engagement and the role of social media news attention: the case of KoreaSoo Jung Moon & Sang Y. BaiJournal of Children and Media
2020-02-13Seeing Spanish: The Effects of Language-Based Media Choices on Resentment and BelongingJoshua P. Darr, Brittany N. Perry, Johanna L. Dunaway & Mingxiao SuiPolitical Communication
2020-02-13Proximity Between Citizens and Journalists as a Determinant of Trust in the Media. An Application to ItalySergio Splendore & Luigi CuriniJournalism Studies
2020-02-13Comments and Credibility: How Critical User Comments Decrease Perceived News Article CredibilityTeresa K. Naab, Dominique Heinbach, Marc Ziegele & Marie-Theres GrasbergerJournalism Studies
2020-02-13Using Big Data to Examine the Relationship Between Facebook Engagement and Local Newscast RatingsRachna Prakash & Debora WengerJournalism Practice
2020-02-13The Use of Sanctions to Protect JournalistsAmal ClooneyInternational Bar Association
2020-02-12“Reliable Sources” in Cable News: Analyzing Network Fragmentation in Coverage of Reform PolicyBethany Anne Conway-Silva, Jennifer N. Ervin & Kate KenskiJournalism Studies
2020-02-12“Reconciliation Isn’t Sexy”: Perceptions of News Media in Post-Conflict Northern IrelandCharis Rice & Maureen TaylorJournalism Studies
2020-02-11Social Media in Ecuador: Impact on Journalism Practice and Citizens’ Understanding of Public PoliticsManuel Goyanes, Paulo Carlos López-López & Márton DemeterJournalism Practice
2020-02-11How Do Filtering Choices Impact the Structures of Audience Networks? A Simulation Study Using Data from 26 CountriesFrank Mangold & Michael ScharkowCommunication Methods and Measures
2020-02-11In search of visual expertise: examining skilled vision in the work of news photo professionalsJenni MäenpääVisual Communication
2020-02-10Labor Reporting and Its Critics in the CIO YearsPhilip GlendeJournalism & Communication Monographs
2020-02-10Post-socialist self-censorship: Russia, Hungary and LatviaElisabeth Schimpfössl & Ilya YablokovEuropean Journal of Communication
2020-02-08Political and personality predispositions and topical contexts matter: Effects of uncivil comments on science news engagement intentionsLeona Yi-Fan Su, Dietram A. Scheufele, Dominique Brossard & Michael A. XenosNew Media & Society
2020-02-07The Collaboration Stepladder: How One Organization Built a Solid Foundation for a Community-Focused Cross-newsroom CollaborationMagda KoniecznaJournalism Studies
2020-02-07Boundary Work: Intermedia Agenda-Setting Between Right-Wing Alternative Media and Professional JournalismSilje NygaardJournalism Studies
2020-02-07‘Panda engagement’ in China’s digital public diplomacyZhao Alexandre Huang & Rui WangAsian Journal of Communication
2020-02-07‘Deadlier than Boko Haram’: Representations of the Nigerian herder–farmer conflict in the local and foreign pressInnocent Chiluwa & Isioma M ChiluwaMedia, War & Conflict
2020-02-07Fake news and the discursive construction of technology companies’ social powerBrian CreechMedia, Culture & Society
2020-02-07Cold War Television DiplomacyLaura Saarenmaa & Marie CronqvistNordicom Review
2020-02-07It Depends on Who’s Asking: Interviewer Gender Effects on Credibility Ratings of Male and Female Journalists in Six Arab CountriesJustin D. MartinInternational Journal of Public Opinion Research
2020-02-06Was Lampedusa a key Event for Immigration News? An Analysis of the Effects of the Lampedusa Disaster on Immigration Coverage in Germany, Belgium, and ItalyThomas Zerback, Carsten Reinemann, Peter Van Aelst & Andrea MasiniJournalism Studies
2020-02-06To Credit or to Blame? The Asymmetric Impact of Government Responsibility in Economic NewsAlyt Damstra, Mark Boukes, Rens VliegenthartInternational Journal of Public Opinion Research
2020-02-05A Mile Wide, an Inch Deep: Online News and Media Use in the 2019 UK General ElectionRichard Fletcher, Nic Newman & Anne SchulzReuters Institute
2020-02-05Domestic violence in Appalachian newspaper coverage: minimizing a problem or mobilizing for a solution?Natalee Seely & Daniel RiffeFeminist Media Studies
2020-02-05Producing Journalistic News Satire: How Nordic Satirists Negotiate a Hybrid GenreJoonas Koivukoski & Sara ÖdmarkJournalism Studies
2020-02-05Online partisan news and China’s country image: an experiment based on partisan motivated reasoningChen Yang & Gi Woong YunAsian Journal of Communication
2020-02-03Preservation and evolution: Local newspapers as ambidextrous organizationsJoy Jenkins & Rasmus Kleis NielsenJournalism
2020-02-03Enacted Journalism Takes the Stage: How Audiences Respond to Reporting-Based TheaterOri Tenenboim & Natalie Jomini StroudJournalism Studies
2020-02-03Reporting on mental health difficulties, mental illness and suicide: Journalists’ accounts of the challengesAnne O'BrienJournalism
2020-02-03Newsworthiness and story prominence: How the presence of news factors relates to upfront position and length of news storiesMark Boukes, Natalie P. Jones & Rens VliegenthartJournalism
2020-02-03Journalists, harassment, and emotional labor: The case of women in on-air roles at US local television stationsKaitlin C. Miller & Seth C. LewisJournalism
2020-02-03Moral compass: How a small-town newspaper used silence in a hyper-charged controversyKristy Hess & Lisa WallerJournalism
2020-02-03Differentiating distance in local and hyperlocal newsJulie FreemanJournalism
2020-02-03Models of Work-Integrated Learning in Journalism EducationFaith Valencia-ForresterJournalism Studies
2020-02-03Prebunking interventions based on “inoculation” theory can reduce susceptibility to misinformation across culturesJon Roozenbeek, Sander Van Der Linden & Thomas NygrenMisinformation Review
2020-02-01Offline VS online: Attitude and behavior of journalists in social media eraTal Laor & Yair GalilyTechnology in Society
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