ARTICLE: Most media inform better than mobile news apps

Citizens gain more political knowledge from almost any other news media than mobile news applications, a study on Danes discovered. Jakob Ohme, of University of Amsterdam, conducted a large-scale survey during the 2015 Danish election campaign. Over 9 000 people participated in the study, but only 1 108 completed both pre- and post-election surveys and … Continued

REPORT: Robo-journalism, ad blocking, and other predictions

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) has published a forecast of the digital media trends of 2016. Authored by the Institute’s own Nic Newman, the report covers developments in media business, technology, and consumer tendencies. Among Newman’s predictions is the coming-of-age of virtual reality, the continued decline of television viewership, surge in ad … Continued

ARTICLE: A plurality of mobile news consumption patterns

Mobile news are finding many niches in our daily lives, but they’re not about to eclipse traditional media, write Kristin Van Damme, Karel Verbrugge, Lieven De Marez, all of Ghent University, and C├ędric Courtois, of Catholic University of Leuven (names not in original order). They reached their conclusion through a combination of a large-scale survey … Continued