Emotionalizing news topics and the effect of constructive television journalism

The study “The Impact of Constructive Television Journalism on the Audience: Results from an Online Study” by Roman Rusch and Erk Simon of West German Broadcasting Kim Otto of University of Würzburg, and Detlef Flintz of West German Broadcasting, investigated the impact of constructive television journalism on the minds and emotions of its viewers. In … Continued

ARTICLE: Most media inform better than mobile news apps

Citizens gain more political knowledge from almost any other news media than mobile news applications, a study on Danes discovered. Jakob Ohme, of University of Amsterdam, conducted a large-scale survey during the 2015 Danish election campaign. Over 9 000 people participated in the study, but only 1 108 completed both pre- and post-election surveys and … Continued

News Anchor: Kabul, painting by Joy Garnett, licence CC BY-SA 2.0

ARTICLE: Female television journalists have stricter norms for appearance

Female television journalists adhere to more strict norms of beauty than their male colleagues, a team of researchers writes. Mary Angela Bock, Lourdes Miriam Cueva Chacón, Heloisa Aruth Sturm and Ever J. Figueroa, all of University of Texas, with Hyeri Jung, of Eastern University (names not in original order) studied the publicity photos of American … Continued