Journalistic boundary work at the corporate level

The study “Risk perception in newspaper chains: Threats, uncertainties and corporate boundary work” by Helle Sjøvaag and Thomas Owren from University of Stavanger interviewed chain newspaper CEOs in Scandinavia about long and short-term risks, future unknowns, decision-making within risky environments and the difference between editorial and business risks. There were five interviewees for the study, … Continued

ARTICLE: Most media inform better than mobile news apps

Citizens gain more political knowledge from almost any other news media than mobile news applications, a study on Danes discovered. Jakob Ohme, of University of Amsterdam, conducted a large-scale survey during the 2015 Danish election campaign. Over 9 000 people participated in the study, but only 1 108 completed both pre- and post-election surveys and … Continued

New issue of Media Trends in the Nordic countries

New Nordicom newsletter “Media Trends in the Nordic countries” has been published. The April issue reports on interesting media surveys, research results, media policy etc. issues in the Nordic countries. The new issue explores themes such as TV viewing in the Nordic countries, the Swedish newspaper market during the 21st century and the state of Danish … Continued

ARTICLE: Öresund region and horizontal Europeanisation

New article by Jesper Falkheimer, Mark Blach-Ørsten, Mads Kæmsgaard Eberholst and Veselinka Möllerström investigates the news content and news routines of Danish and Swedish news media covering the Öresund region. Öresund bridge connects Denmark and Sweden and the region can be considered an example of what is categorised as horizontal Europeanisation. The study is based on a content analysis … Continued

ARTICLE: Science news in Denmark and the UK

While the United Kingdom media market is large, open and complex, science news in Denmark works under different conditions, write Gunver Lystbaek Vestergaard and Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen, of Aarhus University. They compare science news in the UK and Denmark in order to locate small versus large country anomalies through content analysis. Results show that UK … Continued

New issue of NORDICOMs Media Trends newsletter published

New issue of NORDICOMs Media Trends in the Nordic countries newsletter is out now. It provides a collection of news about recent media developments based on reports from a number of Nordic media use surveys. According to the latest newsletter media use is becoming increasingly fragmented. TV viewing in the Nordic region is also rather stable, but differences … Continued

ARTICLE: Journalism students and online journalism

Mads Kæmsgaard Eberhols, Jannie Møller Hartley and Maria Bendix Olsen of Roskilde University study journalism students’ experiences in a course that simulates an online newsroom. The scholars explored the dilemmas that students experience “working” as online journalists and how these are related to broader issues of journalistic ethics. The study showed that many of the problems experienced are perceived by … Continued

ARTICLE: Computational in journalism

What can and cannot be calculated is not merely a technical question, it is also a deeply social, cultural, political and economic one, writes Taina Bucher, of University of Copenhagen, Denmark. The focus of the newly published study is on the articulation of computational journalism within news organizations. Bucher found three broad claims about the linkage … Continued