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How TV news evolved in the UK during the 1990s

The new article by Madeleine Liseblad of Middle Tennessee State University published in American Journalism deals with the evolution of the British television news in the 1990s, during Thatcher’s Tory government and partly overlapping with Blair’s Labour, but market liberal premiership. A similar, mirrored transformation occurred in the UK during 1990s as in the US … Continued

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ARTICLE: Public broadcasters in Portugal and Spain were heavily impacted by austerity policies

The external financial assistance provided for European countries in crises starting in 2009, had a major impact for many public services in these countries, including public service broadcasting. The article written by Elsa Costa e Silva of Minho University and María-Jesús Díaz-González of Universidade da Coruña looks at the effects of austerity policy measures implemented, … Continued

ARTICLE: Licence to take risks is key to news agencies’ success

Privately owned news agencies are struggling to survive in ever more competitive markets. New technologies have made information more readily available, undermining the agencies’ competitive edge, Atte Jääskeläinen, of Lappeenranta University of Technology, and Servet Yanatma write. So how come some agencies have been able to remain profitable and even thrive? Jääskeläinen and Yanatma interviewed … Continued

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ARTICLE: How advertising tech firms see fake news, and how this affects the business of journalism

Different online marketing platforms and programmatic advertising has made it possible to profit from producing fake news. On the other hand, also legitimate news organizations use this infrastructure and the same tools for their livelihood. Joshua A. Braun and Jessica L. Eklund, of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, wanted to find out how the programmatic … Continued

The transformation challenge for the media industry – interview with Lucy Küng

VIDEO: The transformation challenge for the media industry

Lucy Küng, Google Digital News Senior Research Fellow at the Reuters Institute, talked to us about her new research report. She gave a keynote talk at the Median ja viestinnän tutkimuksen päivät conference, in Jyväskylä, Finland, April 2018. For “Going Digital. A Roadmap for Organisational Transformation”, Küng studied several news organizations including The Washington Post, … Continued

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ARTICLE: What drives crowdfunding campaigns for feminist journalism?

Many crowdfunding campaigns seek to secure funding for feminist journalism. The organisers of these campaigns envision themselves as parts of a larger societal movement, rather than producers of niche journalism, Andrea Hunter and Jacqueline Di Bartolomeo, both of Concordia University, write. The authors reviewed the crowdfunding applications of 40 self-identified, feminist journalism initiatives and interviewed … Continued

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ARTICLE: Only 1 in 10 recognized native advertising

The consequences of native advertising can be a double-edged sword for publishers, a new research finds. Michelle A. Amazeen of Boston University, and Bartosz W. Wojdynski of the University of Georgia, studied the effects of disclosure design characteristics on readers’ ability to recognize such content as paid advertising. Researchers did an experiment with a representative … Continued

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ARTICLE: Silicon Valley as an institutional force disrupting journalism

Digital platforms emerging from Silicon Valley have gained a growing gatekeeping power in journalism. Frank Michael Russell of California State University did a qualitative analysis of 21 interviews from the interview series Riptide, “an oral history of the epic collision between journalism and digital technology from 1980 to the present”. The interviews with tech company … Continued

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REPORT: Segmenting news subscribers by mindsets

Identifying news subscriber personas gives publishers a new way of thinking about their audience, writes Tran Ha, of American Press Institute, in a new report. As a part of their Media Insight Project, the institute conducted in-depth interviews with 15 people who represent different extremes in news subscription behavior. Based on these interviews, the authors … Continued