Research of May 2018

All journalism research of May 2018

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in May 2018 about journalism research. The list is updated a couple of times per week. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthorsJournal / publisher
2018-05-30Children’s cognitive responses to constructive television news
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Mariska Kleemans, Roos Dohmen, Luise F Schlindwein, Sanne L Tamboer, Rebecca NH de Leeuw, Moniek Buijzen
2018-05-30Melodramatic animation in crime news and news information learningBenjamin Ka Lun Cheng, Wai Han LoJournalism
2018-05-30‘We’re more ethical than they are’: Third-person and first-person perceptions of the ethical climate of American journalistsAngela M Lee, Renita ColemanJournalism
2018-05-29The de-emphasis of sampling error in coverage of presidential approval ratingsMatthew M. Reavy, Kimberly PavlickNewspaper Research Journal
2018-05-29Cultural co-orientation revisited: The case of the South China Morning PostFelix WiebrechtGlobal Media and China
2018-05-28The Great Bridge of China?: Journalism Education Curriculum Trends Suggest More Research Into the Capacity for International Mobility Among Chinese Journalism GraduatesJohn Cokley, Wen Jianlin, Liu Yanling, Xie WenshuaiJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2018-05-28Fitting It All In?: A Census of Undergraduate Ethics and Leadership Courses in Accredited U.S. Journalism and Mass Communication ProgramsAndrew Mills, Amy Kristin Sanders, Shakir Shahid HussainJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2018-05-28To comment or not to comment: Examining the influences of anonymity and social support on one’s willingness to express in online news discussionsTai-Yee Wu, David J AtkinNew Media & Society
2018-05-27Fake News vs Satire: A Dataset and AnalysisJennifer Golbeck, Matthew Mauriello et al.WebSci '18 Proceedings of the 10th ACM Conference on Web Science
2018-05-27Investigating the Effects of Google's Search Engine Result Page in Evaluating the Credibility of Online News SourcesEmma Lurie, Eni MustafarajWebSci '18 Proceedings of the 10th ACM Conference on Web Science
2018-05-25Framing terror: A content analysis of media frames used in covering ISISKris Boyle, Jordan MowerNewspaper Research Journal
2018-05-25‘It’s Something Posh People Do’: Digital Distinction in Young People’s Cross-Media News EngagementJannie Møller HartleyMedia and Communication
2018-05-24Media Coverage and Public Approval of the U.S. Supreme CourtMatthew P. Hitt & Kathleen SearlesPolitical Communication
2018-05-23Comparing and contrasting corrected errors at four newspapersKirstie Hettinga, Alyssa Appelman, Christopher Otmar, Alesandria Posada, Anne ThompsonNewspaper Research Journal
2018-05-23Hubs for innovation: Examining the effects of consolidated news design on qualityMatthew J. Haught, David L. Morris, IINewspaper Research Journal
2018-05-23Hybrid media and populist currents in Ireland’s 2016 General ElectionJane Suiter, Eileen Culloty, Derek Greene, Eugenia SiaperaEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-05-23Constructive Comments?
Designing an online debate system for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation
Anders Sundnes LøvlieJournalism Practice
2018-05-23‘The city is ours, so let’s talk about it’: Constructing a citizen media initiative in BrusselsVictor Wiard, Mathieu SimonsonJournalism
2018-05-22Covering the hermit regime: A comparison of North Korea coverage at the Associated Press and NK NewsSoomin SeoJournalism
2018-05-21Where ‘fake news’ flourishes: a comparison across four Western democraciesEdda HumprechtInformation, Communication & Society
2018-05-21Social Pluralism in Public and Private Television BroadcastingAndrea Mangani & Elisa TarriniJavnost - The Public
2018-05-19Fragility of strong media effects in authoritarian environment (Evidence from Russia)Nikita Savin, Oleg Kashirskikh, Aigul MavletovaEuropean Journal of Communication
2018-05-19The end of pan-Arab media? National, transnational media and identity in Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan after 2011Viola Sarnelli, Vera LomazziInternational Communication Gazette
2018-05-19Blurring boundaries: Exploring tweets as a legitimate journalism artifactZhaoxi (Josie) Liu, Dan BerkowitzJournalism
2018-05-19The Constructive Role of Journalism
Contentious metadiscourse on constructive journalism and solutions journalism
Tanja Aitamurto & Anita VarmaJournalism Practice
2018-05-19Positive Psychology as a Theoretical Foundation for Constructive JournalismKaren McIntyre & Cathrine GyldenstedJournalism Practice
2018-05-18Hybridizing journalism: clash of two “journalisms” in AfricaEmeka UmejeiChinese Journal of Communication
2018-05-17Trade marks, newspapers and reading publicsMegan Richardson & Julian ThomasJournal of Media Law
2018-05-17The Role of Minority Journalists, Candidates, and Audiences in Shaping Race-Related Campaign News CoverageMingxiao Sui, Newly Paul, Paru Shah, Brook Spurlock, Brooksie Chastant, Johanna DunawayJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-05-16Searching for Alternative FactsFrancesca TripodiData & Society report
2018-05-16Cheaper than a goat: U.S. newspaper and television coverage of the southern Sudan conflictSally Ann CruikshankNewspaper Research Journal
2018-05-16“I’m a news junkie . . . I like being informed”: Mobile news use by a newspaper’s digital subscribersJacqueline Soteropoulos IncollingoNewspaper Research Journal
2018-05-16The effect of oil prices on the media agenda: A model of agenda buildingMariam F. Alkazemi, Wayne WantaNewspaper Research Journal
2018-05-16Framing of same-sex marriage over 17 years in two newspapers is linked to ideology especially in election yearsDominic L. Lasorsa, Jiyoun Suk, Deepa FadnisNewspaper Research Journal
2018-05-16Building Theory From Media Ideology: Coding for Power in Journalistic DiscourseChelsea ReynoldsJournal of Communication Inquiry
2018-05-15Third-Party Web Content on EU
News Sites: Potential Challenges and Paths to Privacy Improvement
Timothy Libert and Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute Fact Sheet
2018-05-15Where Are The Women Journalists In Europe’s Media?European Journalism Observatory (EJO) research report
2018-05-15How to unring the bell: A meta-analytic approach to correction of misinformationNathan Walter & Sheila T. MurphyCommunication Monographs
2018-05-15Cultural otherness and disaster news: The influence of western discourses on Japan in US and UK news coverage of the 2011 Great East Japan DisasterJamie MatthewsInternational Communication Gazette
2018-05-15Framing social conflicts in news coverage and social media: A multicountry comparative studySaifuddin Ahmed, Jaeho Cho, Kokil JaidkaInternational Communication Gazette
2018-05-15Fusion cuisine: A functional approach to interdisciplinary cooking in journalism studiesChris Peters, Marcel BroersmaJournalism
2018-05-15The Ukraine conflict and the European media: A comparative study of newspapers in 13 European countriesSusanne Fengler, Marcus Kreutler, Matilda Alku, Bojana Barlovac, Mariella Bastian et al.Journalism
2018-05-15Solutions in the Shadows: The Effects of Photo and Text Congruency in Solutions Journalism News StoriesKaren McIntyre, Kyser Lough, Keyris ManzanaresJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-05-15How Influential Are Chinese Media in Africa? An Audience Analysis in Kenya and South AfricaHerman Wasserman, Dani Madrid-MoralesInternational Journal of Communication
2018-05-15Media Independence through Routine Press-State Relations: Immigration and Government Statistics in the British PressWilliam L. Allen, Scott BlinderThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2018-05-15Reporting from Behind Enemy Lines: How the National Guardian and Liberation Brought Vietnam to the American LeftMichael KoncewiczAmerican Journalism
2018-05-15The Blood of Others: Television Documentary Journalism as Literary EngagementThomas A. MascaroAmerican Journalism
2018-05-15The New York Times and the Times of London on India Independence Leaders Gandhi and Ambedkar, 1920–1948Jane O'BoyleAmerican Journalism
2018-05-15The Potential of Constructive Journalism Ideas in a Croatian ContextPetra Kovacevic & Tena PerisinJournalism Practice
2018-05-14Emotional storytelling: Sensational media and the creation of the HIV sexual predatorJennifer M Kilty, Katarina BogosavljevicCrime, Media, Culture
2018-05-14In Western Europe, Public Attitudes Toward News Media More Divided by Populist Views Than Left-Right IdeologyAmy Mitchell, Katie Simmons, Katerina Eva Matsa, Laura Silver, Elisa Shearer, Courtney Johnson, Mason Walker and Kyle TaylorPew Research Center Survey
2018-05-14Safety and Security of Journalists: Yet Awaiting Intervention from Indian Academy and IndustryC. S. H. N. MurthyAsia Pacific Media Educator
2018-05-14From air pollution to airing pollution news: multi-layer analysis of the representation of environmental news in Iranian newspapersFarshad Amiraslani & Arnaud CaisermanThe Journal of International Communication
2018-05-14Setting a Non-Agenda: Effects of a Perceived Lack of Problems in Recent News or TwitterRaymond J. Pingree, Elizabeth Stoycheff, Mingxiao Sui & Jason T. PeiferMass Communication and Society
2018-05-13A DIY, Project-based Approach to Teaching Data JournalismCaroline GrahamAsia Pacific Media Educator
2018-05-13Teaching Journalism Ethics Through “The Newsroom”: An Enhanced Learning ExperienceLaveda J. Peterlin, Jonathan PetersJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2018-05-11Placing Constructive Journalism in ContextLiesbeth Hermans & Nico DrokJournalism Practice
2018-05-11Constructive journalism: Proponents, precedents, and principlesPeter BroJournalism
2018-05-11The hidden side of news diffusion: Understanding online news sharing as an interpersonal behaviorJennifer Ihm, Eun-mee KimNew Media & Society
2018-05-11Toward a Typology of Mediated Anger: Routine Coverage of Protest and Political EmotionKarin Wahl-JorgensenInternational Journal of Communication
2018-05-11The Emotional Economy of the European Financial Crisis in the UK PressTereza Capelos, Theofanis Exadaktylos, Stavroula Chrona, Maria PoulopoulouInternational Journal of Communication
2018-05-11Strategic Avoidance and Strategic Use: A Look into Spanish Online Journalists’ Attitudes Toward Emotions in ReportingOmar V. RosasInternational Journal of Communication
2018-05-11Audiences as Medium: Motivations and Emotions in News SharingAlberto Dafonte-GómezInternational Journal of Communication
2018-05-10The effect of media sexism on women’s political ambition: evidence from a worldwide studyAmanda Haraldsson & Lena WängnerudFeminist Media Studies
2018-05-10Declaring the Value of Truth
Progressive-era lessons for combatting fake news
Brian Creech & Amber RoessnerJournalism Practice
2018-05-10Rethinking Constructive Journalism by Means of Service JournalismUnni From & Nete Nørgaard KristensenJournalism Practice
2018-05-10Introducing a New Form of Socially Responsible Journalism
Experiences from the Conciliatory Journalism Project
Mikko Hautakangas & Laura AhvaJournalism Practice
2018-05-10How Does the Audience Respond to Constructive Journalism?
Two experiments with multifaceted results
Klaus MeierJournalism Practice
2018-05-09When the Numbers Don’t Add Up: Accommodating Data Journalism in a Compact Journalism ProgrammeSue GreenAsia Pacific Media Educator
2018-05-09Environmental Images in Indian NewspapersT. Nirmala, I. Arul AramAsia Pacific Media Educator
2018-05-09Enthusiasm for Making a Difference: Adapting Data Journalism Skills for Digital CampaigningGlen FullerAsia Pacific Media Educator
2018-05-09Don’t be stupid
The role of social media policies in journalistic boundary-setting
Andrew Duffy & Megan KnightJournalism Studies
2018-05-09Digital Volunteer Networks and Humanitarian Crisis ReportingDmitry ChernobrovDigital Journalism
2018-05-09A corpus-assisted critical discourse analysis of news reporting on China’s air pollution in the official Chinese English-language pressGuofeng WangDiscourse & Communication
2018-05-08Free Flow versus Fair Flow: Revisiting the New World Information and Communication Order debates in the global eraMark HannahJournalism
2018-05-08Automation and adaptationz
Reshaping journalistic labor in the newsroom library
Jan Lauren Boyles, Jared MeisingerConvergence
2018-05-05Updating citizenship? The effects of digital media use on citizenship understanding and political participationJakob OhmeInformation, Communication & Society
2018-05-03Impact as driving force of journalistic and social changeAndrea Wagemans, Tamara Witschge, Frank HarbersJournalism
2018-05-03Shedding light on the dark social: The connective role of news and journalism in social media communitiesJoëlle Swart, Chris Peters, Marcel BroersmaNew Media & Society
2018-05-03User comments across platforms and journalistic genresAnat Ben-David & Oren SofferInformation, Communication & Society
2018-05-03The Stubborn Pervasiveness of Television News in the Digital Age and the Field’s Attention to the Medium, 2010–2014Nicholas W. Robinson, Chen Zeng & R. Lance HolbertJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2018-05-03Can children’s privacy rights be adequately protected through press regulation? What press regulation can learn from the courtsBrigit Morris & Máire Messenger DaviesJournal of Media Law
2018-05-03The court and the camera: should privacy be a concern in court reporting?Anna K. BernzenJournal of Media Law
2018-05-03Sharing and Discussing News in Private Social Media Groups
The social function of news and current affairs in location-based, work-oriented and leisure-focused communities
Joëlle Swart, Chris Peters & Marcel BroersmaDigital Journalism
2018-05-03The Rise of Interpretive Journalism
Belgian newspaper coverage, 1985–2014
Karolin SoontjensJournalism Studies
2018-05-03The Discursive Construction of Biometric Surveillance in the Israeli Press
Nationality, citizenship, and democracy
Avi MarcianoJournalism Studies
2018-05-03Digitisation, internationalisation, and changing business models in local media markets: an analysis of commercial media’s perceptions on challenges aheadKaren Donders, Gunn Enli, Tim Raats & Trine SyvertsenJournal of Media Business Studies
2018-05-03The Antecedents of Incidental News Exposure on Social MediaMousa Ahmadi, Donghee Yvette WohnSocial Media + Society
2018-05-02Seeing Through the User’s Eyes
The Role of Journalists’ Audience Perceptions in Their Use of Technology
Mark CoddingtonElectronic News
2018-05-01Data Journalism Teaching, Fast and SlowPaul BradshawAsia Pacific Media Educator
2018-05-01The Issue Takes It All?
Incidental news exposure and news engagement on Facebook
Anna Sophie KümpelDigital Journalism
2018-05-01Read All About It: The Politicization of “Fake News” on TwitterJohn Brummette, Marcia DiStaso, Michail Vafeiadis, Marcus MessnerJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-05-01Media coverage of shifting emotional regimes: Donald Trump’s angry populismKarin Wahl-JorgensenMedia, Culture & Society
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