Chris Peters Journalism Research News interview

VIDEO: The new news consumer

Chris Peters, Associate Professor at the Aalborg University Copenhagen, talked to Journalism Research News about the research project “The New News Consumer”. He introduces findings from the studies: how people use closed social media for news, and about the reliance on regional news. Peters also talks about his current project with Kim Christian Schrøder, where … Continued

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ARTICLE: Constructive journalism is less scary for children

News stories with a constructive angle awaken less negative feelings in children than stories with a traditional format, a team of researchers from the Radboud University in the Netherlands discovered. The team, Mariska Kleemans, Rebecca N. H. de Leeuw, Janel Gerritsen and Moniek Buijzen, carried out an experiment with 332 Dutch schoolchildren, aged 8 to … Continued

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ARTICLE: Dutch papers don’t rely too heavily on press releases

In a new study, Jelle Boumans of the University of Amsterdam took a look on how press releases impact news content in the Netherlands. Boumans used automated content analysis on 4455 press releases between 2004-2013 and examined how press releases about different corporations and NGOs are used in Dutch newspapers and by news agencies. Boumans’ … Continued

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ARTICLE: How do newspapers frame conflict – and why?

Different media frame conflict differently – and yet differently in different situations, write Guus Bartholomé, Sophie Lecheler and Claes de Vreese, all of University of Amsterdam. The authors developed a typology of conflict frames and their elements based on an analysis of 1 536 Dutch newspaper and online news articles. Bartholomé, Lecheler and de Vreese … Continued

ARTICLE: Dutch bankruptcies and blame in media

Despite the common conception to the contrary, bankrupt entrepreneurs are mostly covered in a balanced tone by the Dutch press, write Ingrid Wakkee, Frank Dorrestein, both of VU University Amsterdam, and Paula Englis, of Berry College. They conducted a qualitative analysis on bankruptcy-related articles in three Dutch newspapers (Telegraaf, Volkskrant and Financieel Dagblad) from the … Continued

REPORT: Media concentration increases in the Dutch region of Flanders

The media regulating institution of Flanders, Netherlands, has published its annual report on media concentration in the region. According to Vlaame Regulator voor de Media (VRM), media concentration is on the rise and sustaining plurality has become increasingly difficult. As of now, three media powerhouses dominate the field. The report also brings ill news of … Continued

Now online: Diversity and populism in The Netherlands

The December issue of European Communication Journal is now out and available online. It features five articles, previously published online first earlier this year. Of interest to journalism scholars are two articles on the Dutch media. In a rare longitudinal study the diversity, in terms of parties and issues, present in political news was researched … Continued