Seeing news in a foreign language can stoke racial resentment

The language of news articles can increase racial resentment or -depending on the person- feelings of belonging. The findings come from two online experiments with White Americans (n=620) and supposed Hispanics living in the United States (n=362). In both experiments the participants were shown a total of nine news articles, dealing with politics, sports and … Continued

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ARTICLE: Olympic news are not all about sports

Factors other than athletic performance contribute to countries’ prominence in Olympic news, write Seong Choul Hong, of Kyonggi University, and Kyong-Soo Oh, of Institute for Public Media. The authors first counted the number of times different countries taking part in the 2012 summer Olympics were mentioned by the American NBC television channel’s prime time newscasts, … Continued

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ARTICLE: Turning journalism into a game motivates reporters

A study by Raul Ferrer-Conill, of Karlstad University, looks at the effects a gamified audience metrics system has on the journalists. The author interviewed 11 journalists and managers working for the sports news website Bleacher Report, or B/R. To date, B/R uses a metrics system which rewards the writers with badges of merit, for example … Continued


CFP | 1.7. | Ethics in sports journalism

A conference on the ethics in sports journalism, entitled “Sports Journalism: ethical vacuum or ethical minefield?”, is calling for paper proposals. The event is organised by the Institute of Communication Ethics. It will be held on the 27th of October 2017 in London, United Kingdom. The organisers have provided a list of suggested themes, which … Continued

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ARTICLE: PR has the upper hand over German soccer journalists

German sports journalists covering soccer are increasingly dependent on the sports clubs’ PR professionals, Christoph G. Grimmer, of University of Tübingen, writes. Grimmer surveyed 174 soccer-specialized sports journalists and 18 club spokespersons. The author also conducted interviews with the spokespeople. Both journalists and PR people agree the former are dependent on the latter, Grimmer discovered. … Continued

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ARTICLE: Bloggers seen both as competitors and auxiliaries

The way sports journalists view sports bloggers is not unanimous, Simon McEnnis writes. McEnnis is a lecturer at the University of Brighton, and a former sports journalist. He interviewed seven UK sports journalists over their perceptions of and attitudes toward sports bloggers. The interview results can be described as falling into two broad categories, seeing … Continued

ARTICLE: Challenges of sport photojournalism

Just as sports and sports journalism have evolved and changed, so too has the process by which sport images are captured, transmitted and published, writes Richard Haynes, Adrian Hadland and Paul Lambert, all of University of Stirling. The article analyses the professional practices of sport photojournalists focusing on the new challenges faced by the industry. The study … Continued

ARTICLE: An attempt at reclaiming sports journalism

Danish tabloid newspaper BT used overt rhetoric to “meta frame” itself as being serious about sports – and to try and reclaim sports journalism’s legitimacy, writes Karsten Pedersen of Roskilde University. Pedersen investigated, as a part of a larger study, the way the paper positioned itself with regards to a specific doping scandal, during a … Continued