ARTICLE: Challenges of sport photojournalism


Just as sports and sports journalism have evolved and changed, so too has the process by which sport images are captured, transmitted and published, writes Richard Haynes, Adrian Hadland and Paul Lambert, all of University of Stirling. The article analyses the professional practices of sport photojournalists focusing on the new challenges faced by the industry.

The study is based on a global survey of photojournalism and case studies of recent transformations in the use of photography in sport.

The authors identified five key challenges: the persistent gender gap in sports photojournalism, pervasive copyright infringements, the anticipation of increasingly difficult access to sports stadia and athletes, the rising cost of equipment, and the threat of both social media and amateur photographers.

The article “The State Of Sport Photojournalism Concepts, practice and challenges” was published online by Digital Journalism. It is available here. 

Picture: Concentration. by reindi CC BY-ND 2.0


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