ARTICLE: Political News in Online and Print Newspapers

Carina Jacobi, Katharina Kleinen-von Königslöw and Nel Ruigrok compare political news in popular and elite print newspapers and their respective online editions during the 2013 National Election Campaign in Austria. They claim that the gap in quality between political news in elite and in popular newspapers is larger online. The results seem to show that the move from print … Continued

ARTICLE: Death of TV critics?

Media-based critic has played and still plays an important role informing, reflecting on and shaping public debates, claims Paul Rixon. But are the newspaper-based TV critics facing their end? If so, what might be taking their place? Rixon explores the role of the TV critic and analyses the impact of new forms of digital communication on newspaper-based TV critics … Continued

ARTICLE: Gender equity in South African news media

South African news media have reached near gender parity in terms of the workforce. But do women have equal power to influence news agendas and to extend the broader public discourse, ask Ylva Rodny-Gumede in a newly published article. Through interviews with journalists the study shows that despite improved gender equity, female journalists do not think they have the … Continued

ARTICLE: Real pictures of current events

A recently published article by Christoph Raetzsch explores the photographic legacy of journalistic objectivity in early twentieth century America. Before halftones became the dominant mode of reproducing photojournalism in print media, wood engravings were the most used form of ‘illustrated journalism’. The study shows how objectivity became a dominant value in photojournalism after halftones were adopted as the main … Continued

ARTICLE: Print, local or general crisis?

The newspaper crisis is something all Western countries are facing. But is it a business model crisis for newspapers in general or only a local news crisis, ask Ingela Wadbring and Annika Bergström. Wadbring and Bergström analyse the consumption of newspapers and other local news media since 1986. The findings indicate that the newspaper crisis is general and the readership … Continued

ARTICLE: First issue of journal Javnost now free online

This year’s first issue of a new communication and culture journal Javnost – The Public is now free to access online, at least for today. The Routledge-published journal is now in partnership with the European Institute for Communication and Culture. Here are our picks, emphasizing journalism research – as always. In the first article, Vaia Doudaki of Cyprus … Continued

REPORT: Talking about science and badgers

The news stories surrounding a controversial badger cull made use of only a small circle of select scientists, writes Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) fellow and BBC journalist Helen Briggs. Briggs studied some 160 articles, columns and editorials published in UK newspapers regarding the topic. The author also conducted interviews with both … Continued

ARTICLE: Different media, different practices

Differences in news making practices of Israeli media have been sketched out by Zvi Reich, of Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Reich conducted interviews with 108 journalists from Israeli newspapers, television and radio stations, and online news sites. By asking the journalists to reminisce randomly selected news pieces of their making, Reich was able … Continued