REPORT: Updates on Swedish and Norwegian media

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Newspaper industries in both Sweden and Norway are declining, recent statistics show. However, the Swedish newspaper industry has been able to break its fall by cutting losses and increasing subscription prices. Meanwhile in Norway, newspapers’ digital subscription profits are in a steep increase, yet still insufficient to cover its losses in print.

The insights come from new reports published by the Swedish Broadcasting Authority (on Swedish newspaper industry) and by the Norwegian Media Authority (on Norwegian media economy in general). In addition, the Internet Foundation in Sweden has published results from its survey on Swedes’ internet use, which is seeing notable increases on different platforms and for different purposes.

English summaries for the reports are provided by NORDICOM, and can be read here for:
the report on Swedish Newspaper Economy 2014
the report on Norwegian Media Economy 2014
the report on Swedes and the Internet 2015

Original reports are available here for:
Dagspressens ekonomi 2014 (PDF file, in Swedish, English summary provided)
Økonomi in Norwegian medievirksomheter 2010-2014 (PDF file, in Norwegian)
Svenskarna och Internet 2015 (in Swedish, English summary provided)

Picture: Untitled by frolicsomepl, licence CC0 1.0.

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