ARTICLE: Talking past each other about storytelling

The concept of storytelling and its value to journalism has been under debate for some time, yet the discussion has made little to no progress, write Tim Groot Kormelink and Irene Costera Meijer, both of VU University Amsterdam. Reason to the stall is the multiplicity of mismatching discourses, or repertoires, the authors decide. After reviewing … Continued

ARTICLE: German news elite buddies up with the political

High ranking German journalists frequently mingle with the political and economic elite. Friendly connections offer access to top notch sources, but reflect as agreeably framed stories, writes Uwe Krüger, of University of Leipzig. Krüger conducted a social network analysis on German “journalistic elite” and their connections to their counterparts in business and politics. He then … Continued

CFP: EU Journalists – professional policy makers?

10th International Interpretive Policy Analysis conference is still looking for submissions. The event is subtitled “Policies and their publics: discourses, actors and power”. It features a host of various sessions, among them a panel on journalists covering European Union. It goes by the title “Journalist of the EU: Which role in policy-making process?” and is … Continued

BOOK: Finnish journalists strive for objectivity, admit to interpretation

Finnish journalists admit to their personal interests’ influence on topic selection, write Esa Reunanen and Kari Koljonen, both of University of Tampere. Even more than by the journalists’ personal inclinations their choices were guided by traditional news values, the authors note. They interviewed 30 Finnish journalists and conducted a survey on additional 330. Altogether Finnish … Continued

ARTICLE: Journalists disagree on their loyalties

Journalists can be divided into five distinguishable groups according to whom they feel most accountable to, writes Halliki Harro-Loit, of University of Tartu. The results come from a large scale, cross-national survey in a total of 14 countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. While most journalists claim adherence to journalistic norms, others pay … Continued

CFP: New media logics for a new media environment

As media technology and institutions change, so must the theoretical framework used to describe their functionality be remodelled. This is the premise of an upcoming conference on media logic, to be held in Bonn, Germany next fall. The event is now accepting panel and paper proposals. Submissions are due on April the 15th, and the … Continued

CFP: To research media and capitalism, Marxism is not required

An international conference titled “Capitalism, Culture and Media” is now accepting submissions. The event will be hosted by University of Leeds next September, and submissions are due on February the 2nd. The conference welcomes various approaches to understanding the interrelations between the event’s namesakes. In current times of economic trouble, these connections have become increasingly … Continued