ARTICLE: Professional outlooks in Ireland and Jordan

A pilot study of postgraduate journalism students in Dublin and Amman compared professional outlooks and social characteristics of students in both contexts and examined institutional settings. The study finds that journalism students in both cities have very similar views on the profession, although the responses of the students from Amman indicated they are somewhat more activist in … Continued

ARTICLE: Open journalism is a double-edged sword

Open journalistic practices such as crowdsourcing create undeniable value to journalism, writes Tanja Aitamurto. But open journalism also challenges the journalistic norms and pressures journalists to compromise some of the most fundamental ideals of journalism. The article contributes to the understanding of the impact of open journalistic practices on digital journalism.   The article, titled Crowdsourcing as a … Continued

ARTICLE: African journalism, Western ideals, and others

A new issue of the journal African Journalism Studies has been published. It marks the re-launch of the journal with a new name, replacing the former title Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies. The voluminous issue features several essays also from European universities, which we’ve summarized below. Terje Skjerdal, of NLA University College, presents an essay … Continued

ARTICLE: Global journalism, PR views, and old debates

The journal Journalism Studies has published a small batch of online-first articles. We took a look at the three articles and summarized them below.   Sarah Van Leuven, of Ghent University, and Peter Berglez, of Örebro University, compared The Times, Le Monde and De Standaard in terms of “global journalism”. According to the authors’ quantitative … Continued

ARTICLE: Talking past each other about storytelling

The concept of storytelling and its value to journalism has been under debate for some time, yet the discussion has made little to no progress, write Tim Groot Kormelink and Irene Costera Meijer, both of VU University Amsterdam. Reason to the stall is the multiplicity of mismatching discourses, or repertoires, the authors decide. After reviewing … Continued

ARTICLE: German news elite buddies up with the political

High ranking German journalists frequently mingle with the political and economic elite. Friendly connections offer access to top notch sources, but reflect as agreeably framed stories, writes Uwe Krüger, of University of Leipzig. Krüger conducted a social network analysis on German “journalistic elite” and their connections to their counterparts in business and politics. He then … Continued

CFP: EU Journalists – professional policy makers?

10th International Interpretive Policy Analysis conference is still looking for submissions. The event is subtitled “Policies and their publics: discourses, actors and power”. It features a host of various sessions, among them a panel on journalists covering European Union. It goes by the title “Journalist of the EU: Which role in policy-making process?” and is … Continued