REPORT: Journalism will get harder, say journalists


A new report has been published in as a part of the Reuters Institute’s Future of Journalistic Work Project, focusing on journalists’ perceptions of the future of journalistic work.

This report presents the results of a survey of 509 journalists focusing on how they see the future of journalistic work asking what it will be like, what it will demand, and what the rewards and implications will be. The survey was conducted in North America and Europe.

The results show that journalists see journalism evolving into a harder job with more personal branding and entrepreneurship needed. They don’t see much stability in the profession, with no stable employment, full-time jobs or life-long journalistic careers.

However, the journalistic passion is still to be found. According to the survey, the journalists think that journalism will stay as satisfying and as independent a profession as today. Journalism itself is not existentially threatened.

The survey was conducted by the Reuters Institute and the Society of Professional Journalist. The author of the study is Robert Picard.

The full report is available here.

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