REPORT: Finnish journalism students aim for magazines

Finnish journalism students would like to find employment in the magazine industry, finds a study conducted at the University of Tampere, Finland. According to the researcher, Jenni Mäenpää, nearly a quarter of students said writing for a magazine was their preferred occupation. The study is a part of an international comparative survey, Journalism Students Across … Continued

PAPER: New shape of magazine editors

How have the digital shift and the need for speed changed the editing process and goals of editing? How can the editor enhance audience participation? asks Kati Toivanen. The newly published paper classifies four emerging editorial roles that manifest different aspects of the changes that magazine editors are undergoing in their daily work. These roles are the … Continued

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BOOK: Media representations of a murder case

How are crime and legal issues covered in the media? A recent book in Finnish by Elina Noppari, Pentti Raittila and Pirita Männikkö of the University of Tampere studies the news coverage of the 2006 Ulvila murder case from Finland. The book focuses on what kind of impressions media created of the murder suspect during … Continued

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ARTICLE: Strategies of Finnish Broadcasting Company

How have managers at Finnish Broadcasting Company interpreted the dramatic changes in media environment during the last 40 years? A recent article by Päivi Maijanen of the Lappeenranta University of Technology, dives into this question. The analysis is based on a qualitative content analysis of annual reports. The results show how strategic decisions have evolved … Continued

PAPER: Has Internet changed journalistic sources?

  Journalists appreciate easy and quick information, writes Maisa Hopeakunnas in her newly published paper in the Finnish journal Informaatiotutkimus. In the article, Hopeakunnas notes that even though the Internet has changed the search for the information and sources, the journalists still use mainly other source types – documents and situational sources still rule over the ease of … Continued

PAPER: Tuition fees as linguistic games in Finnish newspaper

When journalism and newspapers are seen as a learning environment, editorial policies and the duties of the reporter need to be re-evaluated, asserts Minna Hauhia of University of Tampere in her recent PhD thesis. The thesis, titled Higher Education in Newspaper Language Games. Discourse Analysis of News Coverage on Tuition Fees in Aamulehti from the Perspective of Public Pedagogy analyses … Continued

PROJECT: New audience, new journalistic work

A new research project aims to redefine professional journalism and its value in mass media landscape. Kimmo Mäkilä, Janne Zareff and Jarno Liski have launched several smaller projects that all focus around the theme of journalistic work and its value now and in the near future. As of now their project is divided into three sections. The first … Continued

PAPER: Finnish newspapers as opinion builders

A new PhD dissertation from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, has been published online. The dissertation is written by Arja Lerssi-Lahdenvesi and is titled Always taking sides on the editorial pages, or …? The role of Finnish nonpartisan newspapers as social opinion builders. In her research Lerssi-Lahdenvesi assesses how eight Finnish newspapers have acted as opinion builders. She focuses … Continued

First Twitter-data analyses of the Finnish election

  The Finnish big data research project Digivaalit 2015 (“Cyber Elections 2015”) analyzed nearly 200 000 tweets concerning the Finnish parliamentary elections held 19th April 2015. The first results show that hashtags have become a valid way of political campaigning. In addition to campaigning candidates, also different organizations take part in the Twitter-conversation. It also seems that … Continued