ARTICLE: Data does not make news credible, but data visualization does

News articles that cite numbers are no more credible to the audience than stories without them, an experiment with Hongkonger university students indicates. Y. Roselyn Du, Lingzi Zhu and Benjamin K. L. Cheng, all of Hong Kong Baptist University, presented 257 students with one version of a news article: either one citing exact numbers, one … Continued

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ARTICLE: Data journalism struggles to gain foothold in China

Data journalism gained momentum in China around 2011-2012. Shuling Zhang and Jieyun Feng, of the UIBE University in Beijing, seek to find out how it is developing currently. Practicing data journalism creates enthusiasm in China, but it is only applied on a rather cursory level, their new study states. Researchers explored the diffusion of data … Continued

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ARTICLE: Data journalism producing abstract categories

The world around us is not naturally organized into categories for statistical analysis. For the purposes of data journalism, discrete, unique incidents, events, and people must be rendered as similar, so that abstract categories may be created and compared, a new study states. Wilson Lowrey and Jue Hou, of the University of Alabama, studied data … Continued

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ARTICLE: Teaching the basics of data journalism

In a new research article Grant Hannis, of Massey University, examines a study module that introduces the basic concepts and practices of data journalism. The case study looks at a three-hour long data journalism module, part of the postgraduate journalism programme taught at Massey University, New Zealand. The module goes through the following steps: introducing … Continued

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ARTICLE: The what, where and who of data journalism education

What skills do data journalists need and possess? Where is data journalism being taught, and by who? a new study asks. Bahareh R. Heravi of University College Dublin, examined data journalism education in higher education. The research draws data from the 2017 Global Data Journalism Survey (206 participants from 43 countries) and a dataset of … Continued


CFP | 15.4. | Data journalism in Latin America, Spain and Portugal

The journal ICONO 14 is now accepting manuscript submissions for its upcoming special issue on “Ibero-American Data Journalism”. The issue is guest-edited by Eddy Borges-Rey, of University of Stirling, Bahareh Heravi, of University College Dublin, and Turo Uskali, of University of Jyväskylä. Manuscripts are accepted in both English and Spanish. The special issue will focus … Continued

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ARTICLE: Data visualization practices in Scandinavian newsrooms

There are several factors that shape the fast-developing practices of data visualizations in journalistic use, find Martin  Engebretsen, of University of Agder, Helen  Kennedy, of the University of Sheffield, and Wibke Weber, of ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences. The researchers interviewed 30 editorial leaders, data journalists, developers and graphic designers from 10 major news … Continued

ARTICLE: What constitutes quality data storytelling?

Adegboyega Ojo, of National University of Ireland, and Bahareh Heravi, of University College Dublin explore what characterises good data stories and how different technologies are being combined to create these stories. The study analysed 44 cases of award-winning data journalism work, comprising winning entries of the Global Editors Network’s (GEN) Data Journalism Award from 2013 to 2016. … Continued

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ARTICLE: Everyday data journalism is not a “new holistic genre”

Most of daily data journalism is fairly simple compared to the persistent ideals of data journalism, Florian Stalph, of University of Passau, writes. Stalph analysed a random sample of 244 data journalism stories published by two German, one Swiss, and one British legacy news organisation. The median length of these data journalism stories was 548 … Continued