Research of September 2020

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in September 2020 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2020-09-30Political Scandals in the Modern Media Environment: Applying a New Analytical Framework to Hillary Clinton’s Whitewater and E-Mail ScandalsDiana ZulliInternational Journal of Communication
2020-09-30Citizen Journalism, Political Discussion, and Civic Participation: Testing a Moderating Role of Media Credibility and Collective EfficacySeungahn Nah, Masahiro YamamotoInternational Journal of Communication
2020-09-30Themes and tones of cannabis news reports and legalization outcomesMichael LynchMedia, Culture & Society
2020-09-30Biomedicalization and Media in Comparative Perspective: Audiences, Frames, and Actors in Norwegian, Spanish, U.K. and U.S. Health NewsDaniel C. Hallin, Tine Ustad Figenschou, Kjersti ThorbjørnsrudThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-09-30Framing the image of Russia in the British media during the World Cup 2018Nadezhda Ozornina & Alexander ManninRussian Journal of Communication
2020-09-29Features of femininity: sportswomen in the Spanish sporting press, 1893 – 1923Itziar de Ozámiz-Lestón & Cristina López-VillarFeminist Media Studies
2020-09-29Caught Between Innovation and Tradition: Young Journalists as Normative Change Agents in the Journalistic FieldMarcel Broersma & Jane B. SingerJournalism Practice
2020-09-29Unethical Newsroom Behavior: Paradoxes and a Perfect StormMinette E. Drumwright & Peggy H. CunninghamJournalism Practice
2020-09-29Trolling Journalists and the Risks of Digital PublicitySilvio Waisbord Journalism Practice
2020-09-29“Victory on Their Own Terms”: American Front-Page Framing of the USWNT Repeat World Cup ChampionshipTravis R. Bell & Roxane CocheJournalism Practice
2020-09-29Front liners fighting fake news: global perspectives on mobilising young people as media literacy advocatesSun Sun Lim & Kai Ryn TanJournal of Children and Media
2020-09-28Women Voters’ Radio Exposure by Sociodemographics During the 2013 Kenya General Election Campaigns in Kakamega County: Implications for Policy and Broadcast JournalismThomas Ibrahim Okinda, Benson Oduor Ojwang & Charles Ongadi NyambugaAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-09-28Engagement in Emotional News on Social Media: Intensity and Type of EmotionsJihyang Choi, Sang Yup Lee, Sung Wook JiJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-09-28How to report on elections? The effects of game, issue and negative coverage on reader engagement and incivilityJoão Gonçalves, Sara Pereira, Marisa Torres da SilvaJournalism
2020-09-28Life in a news desert: The perceived impact of a newspaper closure on community membersNick MathewsJournalism
2020-09-28Reluctant to Share: How Third Person Perceptions of Fake News Discourage News Readers From Sharing “Real News” on Social MediaFan Yang, Michael HorningSocial Media + Society
2020-09-27Gendered News Coverage and Women as Heads of GovernmentMelanee Thomas, Allison Harell, Sanne A.M. Rijkhoff & Tania GosselinPolitical Communication
2020-09-26Influencers and COVID-19: reviewing key issues in press coverage across Australia, China, Japan, and South KoreaCrystal Abidin, Jin Lee, Tommaso Barbetta, Wei Shan MiaoMedia International Australia
2020-09-26Framing media populism: The political role of news media editorials in Duterte’s PhilippinesJefferson Lyndon D RagragioJournalism
2020-09-25The transformative public of Jane AddamsLeena Ripatti-TorniainenJournalism
2020-09-24Mob Censorship: Online Harassment of US Journalists in Times of Digital Hate and PopulismSilvio WaisbordDigital Journalism
2020-09-24‘We have never been part of the journalistic profession’
Self-perceptions and professionalization of online journalists in the early era of Hungarian digital media
Tamas TofalvyMedia History
2020-09-24Publish less, but publish better: pivoting to paid in local newsJoy JenkinsReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2020-09-24At the Intersection of Mainstream & Alternative Media: Spygate & the Hannity RantJoshua D. Atkinson, Krystal Ingman, John Paul-Jones Pierandozzi, Patrick StumpJournal of Communication Inquiry
2020-09-23Calling Dr. Internet: Analyzing News Coverage of CyberchondriaHan Zheng & Edson C. Tandoc Jr.Journalism Practice
2020-09-22Facebook and Fake News in the “Anglophone Crisis” in CameroonChristian Tatchou NounkeuAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-09-21Researching Mobile Phones in the Everyday Life of the “Less Connected”: The Development of a New Diary MethodIndra de Lanerolle, Alette SchoonAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-09-21A Persistent Gender Bias in Chilean Press: The Influence of Journalist’s Gender and Editor’s GenderRicardo Leiva, David KimberJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-09-21The Labor of Building Trust: Traditional and Engagement Discourses for Practicing Journalism in a Digital AgeMegan L. Zahay, Kelly Jensen, Yiping Xia, Sue RobinsonJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-09-21The framing of the Chinese ambassador’s visit to Malaysia’s Chinatown: A gesture of goodwill or interference in domestic politics?Yang Lai FongJournalism
2020-09-20News “Media Capture”, Relations of Patronage and Clientelist Practices in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Interpretive Qualitative AnalysisHayes Mawindi Mabweazara, Cleophas Taurai Muneri & Faith NdlovuJournalism Studies
2020-09-20A systematic literature review on disinformation: Toward a unified taxonomical frameworkEleni Kapantai, Androniki Christopoulou, Christos Berberidis, Vassilios PeristerasNew Media & Society
2020-09-18Platforms, Journalists and Their Digital SelvesClaudia Mellado & Amaranta AlfaroDigital Journalism
2020-09-18Digital Journalism, Social Media Platforms, and Audience Engagement: The Case of AJ+Mohamed ZayaniDigital Journalism
2020-09-18Computational Identification of Media Frames: Strengths, Weaknesses, and OpportunitiesTom Nicholls & Pepper D. CulpepperPolitical Communication
2020-09-17Un-braiding deficit discourse in Indigenous education news 2008–2018: performance, attendance and mobilityKerry McCallum & Lisa WallerCritical Discourse Studies
2020-09-17News media commercialization in Chindia: Changing theoretical perceptionsRashad MammadovGlobal Media and Communication
2020-09-16News production and construal level: a comparative analysis of the press coverage of China’s Belt and Road InitiativeSteve Guo, Dan WangChinese Journal of Communication
2020-09-16Communicating about suicide during a global pandemic: impact on journalists and media audiencesAlexandra Wake, Elizabeth Paton, Rebecca PryorMedia International Australia
2020-09-16Designing Engagement in Local News: Using FOIA Requests to Create Inclusive Participatory Journalism PracticesPaul Mihailidis & Adam GamwellJournalism Practice
2020-09-16How mainstream and alternative media shape public attitudes toward social change: Evidence from two panel studies during Malaysia’s democratic transitionHema Preya Selvanathan, Brian LickelNew Media & Society
2020-09-16When news media and social media meet: How Facebook users reacted to news stories about a supermarket plastic bag banKim Borg, Jo Lindsay, Jim CurtisNew Media & Society
2020-09-16Media capture strategies in new authoritarian states: the case of TurkeyGülçin Balamir Coşkun Publizistik
2020-09-16Political Divides, Conspiracy Theories and Divergent News Sources Heading Into 2020 ElectionAmy Mitchell, Mark Jurkowitz, J. Baxter Oliphant & Elisa ShearerPew Research Center report
2020-09-15Mediamorphosis of Regional Newspapers: Utilization of the Internet’s Potential by Kannada MediaDeepak B.J., Usha M. Rodrigues, Padma Rani
Padma Rani
Asia Pacific Media Educator
2020-09-15The Drift in Journalism Education in India vis-à-vis New Media: Use of New Media by Administrators/ Educators in Journalism SchoolsNeha JindalAsia Pacific Media Educator
2020-09-15Bearing Witness: A Pacific Climate Crisis Documentary and Journalism Development ProjectDavid Robie, Jim MarbrookAsia Pacific Media Educator
2020-09-15The Ongoing Debate on Chinese Primary Education: A Framing Analysis of Malaysian NewspapersOng Sheau Wen, Ihediwa Samuel Chibundu, Siah Poh ChuaAsia Pacific Media Educator
2020-09-15Use of Modals as Stance Markers: A Corpus-Based Study on Pakistani English Newspaper EditorialsMuhammad Ahmad, Muhammad Asim Mahmood, Ammara FarukhAsia Pacific Media Educator
2020-09-15Are We Close Enough? Digital Challenges to Local JournalistsPedro Jerónimo, João Carlos Correia & Anabela GradimJournalism Practice
2020-09-15Emotional Labor During Disaster Coverage: Exploring Expectations for Emotional DisplayGretchen Dworznik-HoakJournalism Practice
2020-09-15#NEVERAGAIN: Framing in Community and National News Coverage of the Parkland Mass ShootingsKyle J. Holody & Brittany ShaughnessyJournalism Practice
2020-09-15Science & Journalism: Bridging the Gaps Through Specialty TrainingHollie Smith & Meredith L. MorgochJournalism Practice
2020-09-15News framing of the Euromaidan protests in the hybrid regime and the liberal democracy: Comparison of Russian and UK news mediaZixiu LiuMedia, War & Conflict
2020-09-14Erasing the Past: Untangling the Conflicting Journalistic Loyalties and Paradigmatic Pressures of UnpublishingDeborah L. Dwyer & Chad PainterJournal of Media Ethics
2020-09-14Politicizing What’s News: How Partisan Media Bias Occurs in News ProductionDoron Shultziner & Yelena StukalinMass Communication and Society
2020-09-14Examining News Engagement on Facebook: Effects of News Content and Social Networks on News EngagementVictoria Y. ChenMass Communication and Society
2020-09-14Mediating the opponent’s news: A study of inter-media citations in the Israeli–Palestinian conflictYonatan Gonen, Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Zohar KampfMedia, War & Conflict
2020-09-13Written All Over Their Faces: Neutrality and Nonverbal Expression in Sandy Hook CoverageDanielle DeavoursElectronic News
2020-09-13Realizing Good Intentions? A Field Experiment of Slow News Consumption and News FatigueKim AndersenJournalism Practice
2020-09-12Agenda-Setting in Russian Media
Anastasia KazunInternational Journal of Communication
2020-09-12Do You Know Your Enemy: The Role of Known Actors as Framing Devices in News MediaBenjamin King Smith, Andrea Figueroa-Caballero, Musa al-Gharbi, Michael StohlInternational Journal of Communication
2020-09-12Rationalizing the Gap: How Journalists in a Nondemocratic Regime Make Sense of Their Professional WorkTatsiana KaraliovaInternational Journal of Communication
2020-09-12The Technologization of News Acts in Networked News Participation: LGBT Self-Media in ChinaYidong Wang, Valerie Belair-Gagnon, Avery E. HoltonInternational Journal of Communication
2020-09-12The media provocateur: A rhetorical framework for studying an emerging persona in journalismRasmus Rønlev, Mette BengtssonJournalism
2020-09-12Aspirational lifestyle journalism: The impact of social class on producers’ and audiences’ views in the context of socio-economic inequalitySandra Banjac, Folker HanuschJournalism
2020-09-12Illusio and disillusionment: expectations met or disappointed among young journalistsDaniel Nölleke, Phoebe Maares, Folker HanuschJournalism
2020-09-11Online Harassment and Its Implications for the Journalist–Audience RelationshipSeth C. Lewis, Rodrigo Zamith & Mark CoddingtonDigital Journalism
2020-09-10Fanning the flames: How U.S. newspapers framed 10 historically significant U.S. wildfiresCarol Terracina-HartmanNewspaper Research Journal
2020-09-10Differences Based on Individual- and Organizational-level Factors in Experiences of External Interference among Finnish JournalistsIlmari Hiltunen & Aleksi SuuronenJournalism Practice
2020-09-10Obsessive–Activist Journalists: A New Model of Journalism?Avshalom Ginosar & Zvi ReichJournalism Practice
2020-09-10Blast from the past: U.S. foreign policy and Indexing India in U.S. press during Cold WarAbhijit MazumdarJournalism
2020-09-10Military metaphors in contemporary Chinese disease coverage: a case study of the People's Daily, 1946–2019Zheng YangChinese Journal of Communication
2020-09-10Tweeting in the midst of disaster: A comparative case study of journalists’ practices following four crisesAmber Hinsley, Hyunmin LeeNewspaper Research Journal
2020-09-09Local newspapers and coronavirus: conceptualising connections, comparisons and curesKristy Hess, Lisa Jane WallerMedia International Australia
2020-09-09Destruct, direct and suppress: Sputnik narratives on the Nordic countriesEdward Deverell, Charlotte Wagnsson & Eva-Karin OlssonThe Journal of International Communication
2020-09-07Reasons to Be Cheerful? The Short Supply of Optimism in Journalism EducationKati Tusinski Berg & Ryan J. ThomasJournal of Media Ethics
2020-09-04Driving and Restraining Forces: Toward the Marketization of Broadcast News in the United Kingdom in the 1990sMadeleine LisebladAmerican Journalism
2020-09-04Mutiny at Bamber Bridge: How the World War II Press Reported Racial Unrest among U.S. Troops and Why It Remains in British MemoryPamela E. Walck American Journalism
2020-09-04The Non-Jewish Jew: Walter Lippmann and the Pitfalls of Journalistic “Detachment”Julien GorbachAmerican Journalism
2020-09-04Black Press Scholarship: Where We Have Been, Where We Are, and Where We Need to GoFelecia Jones RossAmerican Journalism
2020-09-04How Message Features and Social Endorsements Affect the Longevity of News SharingHyun Suk KimDigital Journalism
2020-09-04Resisting Covert Persuasion in Digital News: Comparing Inoculation and Reactance in the Processing of Native Advertising Disclosures and in Article Engagement IntentionsMichelle A. AmazeenJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-09-04Who Differentiates between Muslims and Islamist Terrorists in Terrorism News Coverage? An Actor-based ApproachJörg Matthes, Ruta Kaskeleviciute, Desirée Schmuck, Christian von Sikorski, Claudia Klobasa, Helena Knupfer & Melanie SaumerJournalism Studies
2020-09-03New issue of British Journalism ReviewBritish Journalism Review
2020-09-03Anticipatory news infrastructures: Seeing journalism’s expectations of future publics in its sociotechnical systemsMike Ananny, Megan FinnNew Media & Society
2020-09-02Journalism, public health, and COVID-19: some preliminary insights from the PhilippinesJan Michael Alexandre C Bernadas, Karol IlaganMedia International Australia
2020-09-02Diversity in British, Swedish, and German Newsrooms: Problem Awareness, Measures, and AchievementsJulia Lück, Tanjev Schultz, Felix Simon, Alexandra Borchardt & Sabine KieslichJournalism Practice
2020-09-02“I Knew I Wouldn’t be Well Remunerated Before my 30s”: Professional Transition in French JournalismFábio Henrique PereiraJournalism Practice
2020-09-02News framing of adolescents’ use of Facebook in Taiwanese newspapersYue TanCommunication and Critical/Cultural Studies
2020-09-01A comparison of news databases’ coverage of digital-native newsStacy Gilbert, Alexander WatkinsNewspaper Research Journal
2020-09-01What is sex journalism or, rather, how does it become? Interviews with news workers on the risk and precarity of a gendered news nicheBelinda MiddleweekJournalism
2020-09-01Constitutional referendums and the media in Africa: Reporting the aborted referendum in Tanzania ‐ 2015Helge RønningJournal of African Media Studies
2020-09-01Translating the global climate change challenge into action as reflected in Uganda’s mediaGoretti NassangaJournal of African Media Studies
2020-09-01Election reporting and githerinization of Kenya’s mediaWilson UganguJournal of African Media Studies
2020-09-01A framing analysis of mainstream newspaper coverage of the 2013 ‘Coalition of the Willing’ initiative in East AfricaJoseph Njuguna & Margaret JjuukoJournal of African Media Studies
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