Picture: Owl by Massimo Mancini, license CC0

ARTICLE: Direct personal experience predicts trust in news the most

What happens to trust in media when individuals are present at the site of the event, and can evaluate the reports based on their own experiences? Oren Livio and Jonathan Cohen of the University of Haifa conducted an online survey to 405 Israeli adults asking about various predictors of public trust in journalism. The strongest … Continued

ARTICLE: Foreign correspondents in Israel-Palestine conflict

Journalistic world in Jerusalem is divided over the Palestinism/Israelism -conflict, states Jérôme Bourdon of Tel Aviv University in his paper published in the journal Journalism. The paper, titled Strange strangers: The Jerusalem correspondents in the network of nations is based on an ethnographic investigation of foreign press correspondents working in Israel and Palestine. Bourdon argues that journalists voice their suspicions and … Continued

ARTICLE: Soccer news symptomatic of Israeli identity

The ways how Israeli press has written about the country’s national soccer team has changed over the years. These changes are largely the result of changes in Israeli national identity and the fracturing of common political discourse, write Haim Hagay and Oren Meyers, both of University of Haifa. The authors studied sports news about international … Continued

ARTICLE: No media focus failed Israeli protests of 2011

Israeli protesters demanding social justice in 2011 failed to pursue a media reform among their many other goals. Instead, they focused their efforts through and relied upon the traditional media. This eventually left the protest movement at the mercy of the establishment, which again led to the dying of the movement in 2012, write Amit … Continued