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REPORT: High level of distrust in news in Turkey

People’s trust and mistrust in news media Turkey indicate a very polarised society and news media, a new report by Servet Yanatma of the University of Oxford, shows. The report is supplementary to the Digital News Report 2017 by Oxford’s RISJ Institute, and is based on the survey done for the report. Television is the … Continued

ARTICLE: How activist citizen journalists fight state surveillance in Turkey

Since the failed coup in 2016, the Turkish state has increased surveillance of activists and journalists. How do activist citizen journalists manage their work in such an increasingly hostile environment? Bora Ataman and Barış Çoban, both of Doğuş University, interviewed 22 activist citizen journalists and representatives of alternative new media initiatives, all working in Istanbul, … Continued

Picture: Social Network Analysis Visualization by Martin Grandjean, license CC BY-SA 3.0 & Turkey relief location map by NordNordWest, license CC BY-SA 3.0

ARTICLE: Turkey’s news media landscape highly polarized also on Twitter

Twitter has become an important playground for the news media in Turkey.  Burak Doğu of the İzmir University of Economics, conducted a network analysis in Twitter to look at Turkey’s polarized news media landscape after the Gezi protests. The findings are analyzed at four levels: identifying the actors, positioning the actors and examining connections among … Continued

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Ethnographic research on Turkish media: a case study of journalistic ethics in a polarized society

Written by Ozan Aşık, Uludag University Ethnographers immerse themselves in the social world of a relatively small community and observe from the inside “how people lead their lives, how they carry out their daily round of activities, what they find meaningful, and how they do so”1. My latest article, “The Fall of the Public and … Continued

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ARTICLE: Turkish news outlets aligned with sociopolitical camps

Turkish national newspapers chose their framing to protect their connected parties and to attack the opposing ones. An article by Uğur Cevdet Panayırcı of Istanbul Sehir University, Emre İşeri of Yaşar University and Eser Şekercioğlu of Izmir University of Economics, looks at the contentious corruption scandal of 17 December 2013, where several ruling party ministers … Continued

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ARTICLE: Control of information and digital censorship in Turkey

Ruling elites in Turkey try to control the flow of information and to establish a relationship with digital intermediaries similar to their relationship with the mainstream media, states a new study. Power relations and the Turkish media environment are examined by Aras Coskuntuncel of the American University. The article analyses the relationship between the Turkish … Continued

REPORT: Ethics of journalism under financial pressure

A new, overarching agreement on journalism’s rules of conduct and transparency is sorely needed, writes Aidan White, of Ethical Journalism Network. White is the editor of a recently published study detailing the state of journalism in 18 countries. Untold Stories: How Corruption and Conflicts of Interest Stalk the Newsroom focuses on the restrictive aspects of … Continued