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ARTICLE: West Balkan reporters support societies, not governments

Journalists in Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, and Serbia embrace values particular to “transitional journalism”, data gleaned from the Worlds of Journalism study suggests. The argument is made by Kenneth Andresen, of University of Agder, Abit Hoxha, of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and Jonila Godole, of University of Tirana. A total of 1 469 journalists were … Continued

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ARTICLE: Serbians distrust news, as journalists are seen corrupt

The way Serbians think journalists practice their trade has a significant, negative effect on the Serbians’ trust in journalism, writes Ivanka Pjesivac, of University of Georgia. Pjesivac analysed the results from a survey of 544 Serbians, in which the respondents were asked about their general trust of other people, trust in journalism, and conceptions of … Continued

ARTICLE: Serbians think news are highly corrupt

Serbians believe the level of corruption in news media is on a high level, writes Ivanka Pjesivac, of University of Georgia. A representative sample of 544 Serbians were surveyed over perceived corruption in news. On a scale of 1 to 7, the respondents estimated the spread of corruption in news media to be at 5.26 … Continued

BOOK: Contemporary issues in Central and Eastern European journalism

A new volume in the series Studies in Communication and Politics, published by Peter Lang, is out. Journalism that matters: Views from Central and Eastern Europe features ten chapters detailing the states of contermporary journalism in CEE countries. The book is edited by Michał Głowacki, of University of Warsaw, Epp Lauk, of University of Jyväskylä, … Continued