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ARTICLE: Central and Eastern Europe has three types of media systems

Can the media system typology famously proposed by Daniel Hallin and Paolo Mancini (2004) be applied to Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries? This question was put to the test by a group of researchers based in Switzerland and Germany. They applied the framework to 11 CEE countries and conducted a series of statistical tests … Continued

Picture: Winter cityscape of Vilnius by Mantas Volungevicius, license CC BY 2.0

ARTICLE: Relations of media, politics and elites in Lithuania

In Lithuania, informal rules and practices compete with formal rules and laws when it comes to interactions between political and media elites. The article by Ainius LaĊĦas of the University of Bath looks at practices of the press in 2000s and independence of the public broadcasting. The author did a case study featuring 35 in-depth … Continued