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ARTICLE: Romanian press coverage of the French camp evictions of Roma migrants

The camp evictions and repatriation of Romanian Roma migrants from France that began in 2010 and still continue have been widely criticized. Petre Breazu and David Machin, of Örebro University, studied Romanian news coverage of the controversial camp evictions, carrying out a multimodal critical discourse analysis. The authors take a close look at three newspaper … Continued

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ARTICLE: Central and Eastern Europe has three types of media systems

Can the media system typology famously proposed by Daniel Hallin and Paolo Mancini (2004) be applied to Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries? This question was put to the test by a group of researchers based in Switzerland and Germany. They applied the framework to 11 CEE countries and conducted a series of statistical tests … Continued

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ARTICLE: Quality of Romanian journalism suffers from poor working conditions

The working conditions of Romanian journalists reflect poorly on the quality of their work, Ioana Avădani, of Center for Independent Journalism, writes. Avădani’s recent article reviews Romanian journalists’ working environment with regards to payment and contract models. The end of the Communist regime liberated the Romanian media sector, but the positive trajectory has been curbed … Continued