It’s Monday: news and events this week

Last week we published stories about a new research project that aims to define what added value journalists brings to table, about the latest issue of Journal of Applied Journalism & Mediaand about a literature review paper of media and conflict.

Can journalists claim they can protect their anonymous sources post-Snowden? How do young people use news media? Should journalists see newspapers also as a pedagogic field?

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Events this week

Tomorrow, on Tuesday 2nd June begins the fourth Symposium on Media Innovations. The sessions on the event focus on digital innovations and journalism; organisations, legacy media and business models; media innovations, television & audiences: changing practices, changing strategies; integrating online and offline media and Internet impact on content.

The event is held at Crowne Plaza Brussels, and organised by iMinds-SMIT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel in cooperation with the University of Oslo.

Symposium on Media Innovations is part of a Media Week that consists of three international conferences. Private Television Conference on Wednesday focuses on the challenges of competition and competetions in television broadcasting markets.

The third conference is called ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video or – among friends – ACM TVX2015. ACM will begin with pre-conference on 3rd June with the main conference opening on Thursday 4th June.

Read more about the Media Week on their website hereYou can also follow the event on Twitter with hashtag #MediaWeek.


On 5th June a conference titled Literary Journalism and Africa’s Wars will be held in Nancy, France. This two-day event is organised by University of Lorraine.

Further information here.


Also on  Friday 5th June 2015, the News Impact Summit (NIS London) will be held on the campus of LSE. The NIS London will centre on the theme The Social Impact of Digital Storytelling. The event is organised by the European Journalism Centre (EJC), the News Lab at Google, and LSE’s Polis think-tank and Reuters Institute. The event is free, but because limited seats are available, see more information and register here.

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Event news this week

Registration for the NordMedia 2015 conference still open. The NordMedia 2015 conference is hosted by the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen between August 13th to 15th. See more information about the conference and the registration here.


And – register also for the pre-conference at NordMedia! The Center for Communication and Computing invites all scholars to an open workshop on digital methods. The event focusing on data harvesting and analysis with digital tools will be held 12th June, the day before the actual conference. Registration deadline is set at 7th June 2015 so you have this week to register.

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And in other news…

Norwegian media barometer has been published by Statistic’s Norway. The statistics for the year 2014 show, for example, that Norwergians read more newspapers online than on paper!

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