ARTICLE: Will they pay for online news?



Younger audience is more willing to pay for online news if they can combine content from different providers, claim Aske Kammer of University of Southern Denmark along with Morten Boeck, Jakob Vikær Hansen and Lars Juul Hadberg Hauschildt. 

Published as an online-first version in Journal of Media Business Studies, the Danish study titled The free-to-fee transition: audiences’ attitudes toward paying for online news tries to answer the question of getting the audience to actually pay for their news online.

The study takes on a Danish case study – the online version of the paper Politiken, and employs a survey and two focus groups to examine audiences’ attitudes.

In addition to the younger age and combining sources, also the general attitude towards paying for online news holds an important role in actually paying for news. Principles seem to constitute the most important factor in willingness to pay.

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