ECREA2014: Final day in Twitter

The final day of ECC did not show signs of slowing down – at least not in Twitter. Especially plenary session speakers seemed to inspire a lot of conference goers. See our tweet re-caption of the most tweeted paper sessions here, in Storify form.

ECREA2014: A look at day 3

The third and final day of European communication conference in Lisbon is about to start. Today’s sessions are mercifully scheduled to finish a time block earlier than yesterday, so the number of available sessions is smaller than on previous days. Still, the vast freedom of choice is bewildering; therefore JRN again provides an overview of … Continued

ECREA2014: Day 2 in tweets

The second day of European communication conference, number of original tweets hashtagged #ecrea2014 was 711 from 165 distinct users. Right now the most profilic tweeter during these two days has been Todd Graham (@tsgraham1) with 92 tweets. Dr. Vilma Luoma-aho (@vilmaluo) comes second with 55 tweets. Follow this link to a Storify post collecting today’s tweets!

ECREA2014: Journalism Studies meeting recap

ECREA’s Journalism Studies (JS) held a meeting today in ECC. The most important take-aways of the meeting are summarized below.   1. New website – and a whole new look. Sleek, modern and visual. JS already has new Twitter and Facebook accounts, but they are not yet in use. Also, the new website will not … Continued

ECREA2014: Session summary of “Fifth Estate, Watchdogs, Surveillance and Control”

Christian Christensen, of University of Stockholm, denounced the techno-predeterministic view that WikiLeaks came to be, and continues to exists solely because it can. Instead the organization fills an “information void” left by the shortcomings of mainstream media, Christensen argued. He describes the story of WikiLeaks of having three distinguishable phases, throughout which the organization entered … Continued

ECREA2014: Day 1 in tweets

On the first day of European communication conference, over half-thousand tweets hashtagged #ecrea2014 poured out from Lisbon. Yesterday’s most prolific tweeter: Dr. Vilma Luoma-aho (@vilmaluo) with a total of 30 messages chronicling the conference’s proceedings. With a total of 26 forwards, most retweeted ECREA-goer was Dr. Alex Bruns (@snurb_dot_info) by virtue of dutifully live-blogging from … Continued

ECREA2014: A look at day 2

The second day of the European communication conference in Lisbon is just some hours shy from starting. Here’s JNR’s quick overview of journalism-related sessions for today. Sessions in Journalism Studies -section 9.15 – 10.45 Journalism in the digital age: gamification, automation and data-driven journalism, in room 3A Foreign Correspondence: Diverging worlds, in room 3B 14.30 … Continued

ECREA2014: Session summary of “Journalism Studies – Journalism and Social Media”

ECC ECREA 2014 features many journalism studies sessions this year. One of these session, held today 14.30 – 16.00 at local time, focused on Journalism and Social Media.   Henrik Bodker spoke about Social Media as Hybrid Filters of Journalism. He brought up different commentary strategies: the simplest of them being a simple link to a … Continued

ECREA2014: 5 interesting posters from Lisbon

The European Communication Conference, arranged by ECREA, begins officially tomorrow on Thursday. As per usual, there are numerous research posters covering all the major themes of the conferences, including journalism and journalism studies. These posters can be seen at Hall 4 and 5, First Floor. We picked 10 most interesting posters based purely on their … Continued

ECREA2014: New research group announced

ECREA has a new research group which focuses on journalism and communication education. They are planning to host their first conference next year in Trier, Germany on March 5-6. Call for papers began on November 22, 2014, and abstract deadline is set on 10 January 2015. The conference still needs a lot of reviewers. The … Continued