Construction of ‘the people’ on a Finnish right-wing alternative media website

New article “Who are you, the people” by Salla Tuomola of University of Tampere investigates a well-known Finnish right-wing populist website MV-lehti (“MV” being the initials of an expression in Finnish equivalent to “WTF” in English, and lehti means magazine), and how it constructs the concept of “the people” in its articles. The author mainly … Continued

ARTICLE: Scandinavian mainstream media reject alternative right-wing media’s agenda

Swedish, Danish and Norwegian newspapers rarely -if ever- pick up on the topics written about by alternative right-wing media. Silje Nygaard, of University of Bergen, analysed 878 mainstream news articles that made reference to alternative media. Nygaard’s sample comprised six mainstream newspapers’ websites, two from each country. The author collected all articles from 2012 – … Continued

ARTICLE: Do online hyperlocal news contribute to democracy?

A newly published case study delves into the world of hyperlocal journalism and local news blogs, and wonders if Internet increases the public scrunity and monitoring of local democracy. Published in the journal Digital Journalism, and written by Tony Harcup of University of Sheffield, the case study examines the claims that online alternative hyperlocal journalism is helping to address society’s … Continued