CFP | 30.4. | Conservative media in the US and beyond

Editors of an upcoming, edited book on conservative media are looking for chapter proposals. The book’s working title is “News on the Right: Studying Conservative News Cultures”, and it is edited by Anthony M. Nadler, of Ursinus College, and A. J. Bauer, of New York University.

The volume will “mostly” focus on conservative media in the United States, but “transnational and comparative perspectives” are also welcomed. The editors have provided the following list of the volume’s main themes:

  • The mythology of the liberal media
  • The affective registers and/or aesthetics of conservative media
  • Journalistic sensibilities of conservative news producers
  • Journalistic sensibilities of conservative news audiences
  • Conservative news and movement infrastructure
  • Methodological questions and dilemmas for scholarship on right wing news cultures
  • Right wing news and media technologies

Chapter proposals are due by the end of April 2017, and acceptees will be notified by the end of May. Full chapter drafts are expected by November 1st.

The full call for papers is available at Bauer’s website.

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