CFP | 1.11. | Refugees, media, and public opinion

The journal Mass Communication and Society is calling for papers for its issue on “Refugees, Media, and Public Opinion: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives”.

The special issue invites empirical contributions that:

  • study the depiction of the “refugee crisis” in mediated communication, preferably across different types of media or outlets;
  • focus on how mediated depictions influence individuals’ reactions to the “refugee crisis,” both with respect to the depiction of refugees themselves and with an eye on radicalization by right-wing populist parties as well as political polarization;
  • take a comparative view of the issue, as topics such as the migration and integration of refugees, political polarization, or radicalization are rarely confined to one country alone; or
  • connect the broader issue of the “refugee crisis” and its consequences with other relevant questions, such as journalistic professionalization and responsibility, political protest, or methodological development within our field.

Deadline for manuscript submissions is 1 November 2018 via the Mass Communication and Society online system.

Link to full call for papers.

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