CFP | 15.4. | Data journalism in Latin America, Spain and Portugal

The journal ICONO 14 is now accepting manuscript submissions for its upcoming special issue on “Ibero-American Data Journalism”. The issue is guest-edited by Eddy Borges-Rey, of University of Stirling, Bahareh Heravi, of University College Dublin, and Turo Uskali, of University of Jyväskylä.

Manuscripts are accepted in both English and Spanish. The special issue will focus on data journalism in Ibero-America -i.e. Latin America together with Spain and Portugal- but other than that, it welcomes widely different approaches. The editors have issued the following list of invited topics:

  • Data Journalism and social change
  • Community data journalism
  • Data journalism and missingness
  • The role of third-sector and non-legacy organisations
  • Data reporting for development
  • Data journalism, censorship and repression
  • Data Journalism in elections
  • Uncovering corruption and exposing power dynamics
  • Crowdsourcing and civic participation
  • Data Journalism and Populism
  • Journalism and small data

Full manuscript submissions must be submitted by April 15. The issue is slated for publication at the beginning of July 2018.

The full call for papers is available on the journal’s website.

Disclosure: One of the guest-editors, Turo Uskali, is also the leader of the Journalism Research News project.

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