ARTICLE: Paywalls may restrict public’s access to multiple viewpoints


Publishers consider hard news and opinion pieces as the most valuable news commodity, write Merja Myllylahti. Unfortunately that content is also most often locked behind a paywall. In her newly published study Myllylahti examines online news commodification in the leading Australasian financial newspapers.

Study is based on analysis of 614 articles published on Australian Financial Reviews and  National Business Reviews webpages. Both newspapers restricted the public’s access to certain information. They allowed greater access to technology news but hard news and opinions were behind paywall.

Myllylahti argues that limiting the public’s access to hard news and opinion pieces may also restrict the public’s access to multiple viewpoints, issues, and policies.

Article What Content is Worth Locking Behind a Paywall? Digital news commodification in leading Australasian financial newspapers is published by Digital Journalism and it is available here.

Picture: gates of hell by theilr, licence: CC BY-SA 2.0

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