Eyewitness images in the genre of open-source investigation

The study “Open-source investigation as a genre of conflict reporting” by Sandra Ristovska from University of Colorado Boulder was about the role and scope of eyewitness images in open-source investigation. In it, the author interviewed journalists from the Visual Investigation Unit at The New York Times, which is dedicated to open-source investigation,  and textually analyzed … Continued

Flood photo galleries and their newsworthiness

The study “Their floods and Our floods: News values of flood photo galleries of Associated Press and Xinhua News Agency” by Hailing Yu and Guanfeng Chen from Hunan University investigated two news outlets, Associated Press (AP) and Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua) and how their photo galleries presented floods as newsworthy. Photo galleries are a relatively … Continued

Impact of headline writing approach

The study “Anticipating Attention: On the Predictability of News Headline Tests” by Nick Hagar and Nicholas Diakopoulos from Northwestern University, and Burton DeWilde from b Chartbeat Inc. measured the importance of textual features to headline performance, in other words how effective a headline is in capturing the attention of the reader. Headlines in newsrooms are … Continued

ARTICLE: Clicks really affect what news get promoted

If an online news article produces good metrics, such as clicks, journalists will consider it more newsworthy. University of Antwerp researchers Kenza Lamot and Peter Van Aelst confirmed the effect through an experiment with 136 Dutch political journalists. In their experiment, Lamot and Van Aelst asked participants to rank five news headlines according to how … Continued

ARTICLE: Traditional news values predict online sharing

Traditional news values that define “newsworthiness” by and large also set the “shareworthiness” of news stories on social media, write Damian Trilling, of University of Amsterdam, Petro Tolochko, of University of Vienna, and Björn Burscher of the ICT company Textkernel. The authors algorithmically analysed a total of 132 682 news stories and social media interactions … Continued

PROJECT: New audience, new journalistic work

A new research project aims to redefine professional journalism and its value in mass media landscape. Kimmo Mäkilä, Janne Zareff and Jarno Liski have launched several smaller projects that all focus around the theme of journalistic work and its value now and in the near future. As of now their project is divided into three sections. The first … Continued

ARTICLE: Studying newsworthiness with corpus analysis

Various methods of corpus analysis can be insightful in studying the ways newsworthiness of events is constructed, write Amanda Potts, of Lancaster University, Monika Bednarek, of University of Sydney, and Helen Caple, of University of New South Wales. They applied a number of analytical methods to a massive corpus of almost 42 000 news stories … Continued