Moving past the military-as-alibi strategy in Israel

The study “Strategic Rituals of Loyalty: When Israeli Journalists Face Digital Hate” by Ayala Panievsky from University of Cambridge looked at the phenomenon of Israeli journalists invoking their military service in response to online violence and digital hate. The context of the study is the populist attacks on the press in the recent decade, which … Continued

ARTICLE: Olympic coverage reflects national sentiment

News outlets in different countries covered the 2012 London Olympics in different ways, write Kaori Hayashi, Sunyoung Kwak, both of University of Tokyo; James Curran, of Goldsmiths, University of London; Frank Esser, of University of Zürich; Daniel C. Hallin, of University of California, and Chin-Chuan Lee, of City University of Hong Kong. The team studied … Continued