Professional logics in journalism and the role of social media audiences

The article “Business as Usual: How Journalism’s Professional Logics Continue to Shape News Organization Policies Around Social Media Audiences” by Kelly Fincham from National University of Galway, Ireland used an institutional logics approach to understand the relationship between the audience’s role and the professional logics dominating the newsrooms.  Institutional logics refers to a set of … Continued

Roddy Flynn interview

VIDEO: Media ownership and journalistic content

Roddy Flynn, a lecturer at Dublin City University talked to us about his research into the relationship between media ownership and journalistic content. He tells about findings concerning a study on whether media owners are treated differently by their own reporters. Flynn’s project looked at the public service broadcaster in Ireland and the largest private … Continued

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ARTICLE: Ireland’s local newspaper crisis

Local newspaper industry in Ireland has suffered a crisis falls during the last ten years. It has struggled to create sustainable business models for the digital era, explains Anthony Cawley of Liverpool Hope University in his new research article. The study focuses on Johnston Press media group, which faced significant financial difficulties during recent years. … Continued

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ARTICLE: Discourses of wealth and welfare

Relativist positions in truth claims can mask relations of power and inequality. A critical realist position allows the identification of such structures, claims Eugene Flanagan in a recent article. The article studies four newspaper texts in Ireland related to wealth and welfare. Let’s get real: a critical semiotic analysis of Irish print media discourses was … Continued

ARTICLE: Irish Independent and New Journalism

A new article by Mark O’Brien and Kevin Rafter of Dublin City University argues that the Irish newspaper Irish Independent adopted and incorporated elements of Daily Mail’s “New Journalism” more selectively than has been acknowledged before. The case of Irish Independent provides an example of the variation of what is known as the “shopping model”. In this case, New Journalism was … Continued

ARTICLE: Irish news on credit rating drops uncritical

When reporting the nations credit rate downgrading Irish print media adopted a discourse compliant to the status quo, writes Anthony Cawley, of Liverpool Hope University. Cawley studied news reports about credit rating announcements regarding Ireland, made by the world’s three dominant rating companies: Moody’s, Fitch and Standard & Poor’s. Vast majority of the stories featured … Continued