Weaponized memes: the case of Pepe the Frog

New article “Weaponizing Memes: The Journalistic Mediation of Visual Politicization” by Chris Peters from Roskilde University and Stuart Allan from Cardiff University develops the concept of “mimetic weaponization” for journalistic theory by focusing on the example case of Pepe the Frog, a meme widely used by alt-right. The term meme originates from Richard Dawkins, who … Continued

CFP: Conflicts in news producation culture

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism is looking for abstracts of papers for their conference held in October 2015 in Oxford, UK. The conference is named “Negoatiating Culture: integrating legacy and digital cultures in news”. The organizers seek papers focusing on value conflicts and creative tensions, newsroom interactions with commercial and technology departments, … Continued