ARTICLE: Journalists value dialogue, but don’t partake in it

Journalists show support to the idea of dialogue with their audience, but in reality neglect avoid taking part in the discussion, write Lisbeth Morlandstø and Birgit Røe Mathisen, borth of Nord University. The authors interviewed the five-person staff editing the discussion-oriented Nordnorsk debatt section of the Norwegian Nordlys newspaper. The interviews demonstrate the journalists’ understanding … Continued

ARTICLE: Journalists direct user discussions

Journalists direct user conversations on websites according to their journalistic standards, write Emmanuel Marty, of Nice Sophia Antipolis University, Nathalie Pignard-Cheynel, of University of Lorraine, and Brigitte Sebbah, of Paris Est Créteil Val de Marne University. The authors analysed over 20 000 user comments that were submitted to a single Le Monde Live Blog story … Continued

ARTICLE: Comments, agendas, media slants, and more

A new issue The International Journal of Press/Politics has just been published. The July issue of the journal has several articles on politics and journalism studies by European scholars. The first article, titled Minimal and Massive! Politicians’ Views on the Media’s Political Agenda-Setting Power Revisited, is about media’s political agenda setting power and written by Juho Vesa, Helena Blomberg and Christian Kroll … Continued