Research of August 2020

journalism research of august 2020

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in August 2020 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2020-08-03Churnalism and Hype in Science Communication: Comparing University Press Releases and Journalistic Articles in South AfricaAnsa Heyl, Marina Joubert & Lars GuentherCommunicatio
2020-08-03Was Anastasia Victim of Partner Violence? Media Coverage of Femicide in Romania and MoldovaEcaterina Balica, Valentina Marinescu & Mariana BalicaJournalism Practice
2020-08-03Who is the censor? Self-censorship of Russian journalists in professional routines and social networkingSvetlana S Bodrunova, Anna Litvinenko, Kamilla Nigmatullina
Kamilla Nigmatullina
2020-08-03Locally, Regionally and Nationally Online: Online News Comments Sections as Public Arenas in Geographically Anchored Media StructuresVeera Kangaspunta Javnost - The Public
2020-08-03A Fractured and Weaker Public Service Media: Territorial Organisation, Public Media Policy and Economic Crisis in SpainJosep Àngel Guimerà Orts & Montse BonetJavnost - The Public
2020-08-04“Fake News” and Cyber-Propaganda in Sub-Saharan Africa: Recentering the Research AgendaAdmire Mare, Hayes Mawindi Mabweazara & Dumusani MoyoAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-08-04A Sense of Place: VR Journalism and Emotional EngagementMariia Kukkakorpi & Mervi PanttiJournalism Practice
2020-08-04Journalists’ creative process in newswork: A Grounded theory study from the PhilippinesJhoana Paula L Tuazon, Jasper Emmanuel Y Arcalas, Janine Marie D Soliman, Jeremaiah M Opiniano
Jeremaiah M Opiniano
2020-08-04Sinclair broadcasting as mini-media empire: media regulation, disinfomercials, and the rise of TrumpismChuck TryonMedia, Culture & Society
2020-08-05Western and Chinese media representation of Africa in COVID-19 news coverageSamuel Mochona GaboreAsian Journal of Communication
2020-08-05What to expect when you’re expecting robots: Futures, expectations, and pseudo-artificial general intelligence in UK newsJ Scott Brennen, Philip N Howard, Rasmus K NielsenJournalism
2020-08-05Pulling back the curtain: How live journalism is re-engaging news audiencesJaakko LyytinenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2020-08-05A Finnish case study: declining trust in media in a traditionally consensual and stable societyJonas JungarReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2020-08-06The Egyptian Syndicate and (Digital) Journalism’s Unresolved Boundary StruggleHanan BadrDigital Journalism
2020-08-06Censoring the Spirit of Vatican II in Ireland: The Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin and Reality Magazine, 1965–71Peter MurrayMedia History
2020-08-06What Makes News Newsworthy: An Experimental Test of Where a News Story Is Published (or Not) and Its Perceived NewsworthinessHans J. G. HassellThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-08-06The Battle of Frame Building: The Reciprocal Relationship between Journalists and Frame SponsorsLisanne Wichgers, Laura Jacobs, Joost van SpanjeThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-08-06Support for Censorship of Online and Offline Media: The Partisan Divide in TurkeyAli Çarkoğlu, Simge AndıThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-08-07The Temporal Nature of Mobile Push Notification Alerts: A Study of European News Outlets’ Dissemination PatternsDawn Wheatley & Raul Ferrer-ConillDigital Journalism
2020-08-07Platform and Proximity: Audience Responses to Crime News on Desktop Computers and SmartphonesDi Zhu, Erika K. Johnson & Paul BollsJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2020-08-08Interrogating empathy in two long form texts: a comparative textual analysis of trauma affectSue JosephJournalism
2020-08-10Engaged Journalism and Climate Change: Lessons From an Audience-led, Locally Focused Australian CollaborationJocelyn Nettlefold & Gretta T. PeclJournalism Practice
2020-08-10Headline Format Influences Evaluation of, but Not Engagement with, Environmental NewsKristina Janét, Othello Richards & Asheley R. LandrumJournalism Practice
2020-08-10News Diversity Reconsidered: A Systematic Literature Review Unraveling the Diversity in ConceptualizationsGlen Joris, Frederik De Grove, Kristin Van Damme & Lieven De MarezJournalism Studies
2020-08-10Caste is not a thing of the past: Bahujan stories from the newsroom floorTejas HaradReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2020-08-10Pop-up journalism: the CBC’s
low-budget solution for under-reported regions
Zoë ToddReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2020-08-11Contestation of Ideas: Media Activism and Media Democracy in ZimbabweLast Alfandika & Ufuoma AkpojiviAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-08-11Inequalities in intersection. Media representations of women at the Spanish/Moroccan borderMar Binimelis-Adell & Amarela Varela HuertaFeminist Media Studies
2020-08-11Mapping the Scholarship of Fake News Research: A Systematic ReviewOmar Abu Arqoub, Adeola Abdulateef Elega, Bahire Efe Özad, Hanadi Dwikat & Felix Adedamola OloyedeJournalism Practice
2020-08-11On the Overlap of Systemic Events: Covid-19, Climate, and JournalismRisto KuneliusSocial Media + Society
2020-08-11Reuters and the idea of a British Commonwealth news agency in the aftermath of World War IIPeter PutnisMedia History
2020-08-11Consistent and widespread belief in the threat of COVID-19 to the UK economyRichard Fletcher, Antonis Kalogeropoulos, Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism factsheet
2020-08-12Activist-journalism and the Norm of Objectivity: Role Performance in the Reporting of the #MeToo Movement in Denmark and SwedenJannie Møller Hartley & Tina AskaniusJournalism Practice
2020-08-12Influence of Political Tweets on Campaign Coverage: Building the News Agenda in TwittersphereAhmad Muhammad Auwal, Metin Ersoy & Tamar Haruna DamboJournalism Practice
2020-08-12‘X Journalism’.Exploring journalism’s diverse meanings through the names we give itWiebke Loosen, Laura Ahva, Julius Reimer, Paul Solbach, Mark Deuze, Lorenz MatzatJournalism
2020-08-12A brief history of news making in RussiaIlya Yablokov, Elisabeth SchimpfösslJournalism
2020-08-13Commenters as a Threat to Journalism? How Comment Moderators Perceive the Role of the AudienceJ. David Wolfgang, Stephen McConnell & Hayley BlackburnDigital Journalism
2020-08-13Fleshy citizenship: representations of breastfeeding politicians in the Australian mediaMarnie Cruickshank & Barbara PiniFeminist Media Studies
2020-08-13Whose Fingerprint Does the News Show? Developing Machine Learning Classifiers for Automatically Identifying Russian State-Funded News in SerbiaOgnjan Denkovski, Damian TrillingInternational Journal of Communication
2020-08-13Rethinking (and Retheorizing) Transgender Media Representation: A Roundtable DiscussionThomas J Billard, Traci B. Abbott, Oliver L. Haimson, Kelsey N. Whipple, Stephenson Brooks Whitestone, Erique ZhangInternational Journal of Communication
2020-08-13Looking at Africa with Lisbon Eyes
The ‘wind of change’ in the colonial press of Luanda
João Manuel RochaMedia History
2020-08-13Examining determinants of adherence to peace journalism: Empathy, reporting efficacy, and perceived journalistic rolesOluseyi Adegbola, Weiwu ZhangMedia, War & Conflict
2020-08-13Examining determinants of adherence to peace journalism: Empathy, reporting efficacy, and perceived journalistic rolesOluseyi Adegbola, Weiwu ZhangMedia, War & Conflict
2020-08-14“Affective News” and Attitudes: A Multi-Topic Experiment of Attitude Impacts From Political News and FictionSilvia Knobloch-Westerwick, Melissa Robinson, Rebecca Frazer, Emily SchutzJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-08-14“It’s Complicated”: Cognitive Dissonance and the Evolving Relationship Between Editorial and Advertising in US NewsroomsAndrew Duffy & Lydia ChengJournalism Practice
2020-08-14The political economics of news making in Russian media: Ownership, clickbait and censorshipAlexey KovalevJournalism
2020-08-14Predictors of International News Flow: Exploring a Networked Global Media SystemLei Guo & Chris J. VargoJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2020-08-15News Storytelling Through Images: Examining the Effects of Narratives and Visuals in News Coverage of IssuesMichail Vafeiadis, Jiangxue (Ashley) Han, Fuyuan ShenInternational Journal of Communication
2020-08-15Detecting fake news by image analysisElio Masciari, Vincenzo Moscato, Antonio Picariello, Giancarlo Sperlí
IDEAS '20: Proceedings of the 24th Symposium on International Database Engineering & Applications
2020-08-15The POLUSA Dataset: 0.9M Political News Articles Balanced by Time and Outlet PopularityLukas Gebhard, Felix HamborgJCDL '20: Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries in 2020
2020-08-15An Integrated Approach to Detect Media Bias in German News ArticlesTimo Spinde, Felix Hamborg, Bela Gipp

JCDL '20: Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries in 2020
2020-08-15Newsalyze: Enabling News Consumers to Understand Media BiasFelix Hamborg, Anastasia Zhukova, Karsten Donnay, Bela Gipp
JCDL '20: Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries in 2020
2020-08-15Enabling News Consumers to View and Understand Biased News Coverage: A Study on the Perception and Visualization of Media BiasTimo Spinde, Felix Hamborg, Karsten Donnay, Angelica Becerra, Bela Gipp
JCDL '20: Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries in 2020
2020-08-15Arts, Journalism, and Computer Science:: Collaborations that advance our communityHeather Cole, Jeffrey Moser, Francis VanScoy
SIGGRAPH '20: ACM SIGGRAPH 2020 Educator's Forum
2020-08-17Regulation of COVID-19 fake news infodemic in China and IndiaUsha M Rodrigues, Jian XuMedia International Australia
2020-08-17Disentangling the Influence of Recommender Attributes and News-Story Attributes: A Conjoint Experiment on Exposure and Sharing Decisions on Social Networking SitesMikael Poul Johannesson & Erik KnudsenDigital Journalism
2020-08-17Data journalism uptake in South Africa’s mainstream quotidian business news reporting practicesAllen MunoriyarwaJournalism
2020-08-17Conditioned integration during security crises: the role of Israeli sports media from 1996 to 2014Chen KertcherMedia, Culture & Society
2020-08-17Shaping (non)-discursive social media spaces: Cross-national typologies of news organizations’ heavy commentersLea Hellmueller, Juliane A Lischka, Edda HumprechtNew Media & Society
2020-08-18Black Broadcast Journalists: Implications of Mentorship and Race in the NewsroomIndira S. Somani, Tia C. M. TyreeJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-08-18Engagement Moderation: What Journalists Should Say to Improve Online DiscussionsGina M. Masullo, Martin J. Riedl & Q. Elyse HuangJournalism Practice
2020-08-18How to report on sexual violence without scarring survivors or scaring readersCamilla Marie NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2020-08-19Analysing local newspaper coverage of murders involving street sex workersLouise WattisFeminist Media Studies
2020-08-19Student Learning: The Influence of Instructor and Student Confirmation, Classroom Connectedness, and Self-EfficacyLindsey S. AloiaJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-08-19Toward Hybridity? Nationality, Ownership, and Governance of News Agencies in EuropeTerhi RantanenJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-08-19From Weekly to Daily: Computational Analysis of Periodical Time CyclesZef M. Segal & Oren SofferJournalism Studies
2020-08-19Innovation Beyond the Buzzwords: The Rocky Road Towardsa Digital First-based NewsroomJonathan Hendrickx & Ike PiconeJournalism Studies
2020-08-19Towards a Conceptualization and Operationalization of Agenda-Cutting: A Research Agenda for a Neglected Media PhenomenonYosuke BuchmeierJournalism Studies
2020-08-20Nationalism and political system justification in China: differential effects of traditional and new mediaXiaoting Wang & Tetsuro KobayashiChinese Journal of Communication
2020-08-20The New York Times’ presentation of Iran’s government in news articles before and after the nuclear dealMehrnaz KhanjaniNewspaper Research Journal
2020-08-20Expanding ideologies in the press: feminist and LGBT-related issues in Spanish online-only opinion journalismAntonio Pineda, Elena Bellido-Pérez & Bianca Sánchez-GutiérrezFeminist Media Studies
2020-08-20Women at the Table: Female Guests and Experts in Current Affairs TelevisionAlexander Dhoest, Koen Panis & Steve PaulussenJournalism Practice
2020-08-20Typology, Etiology, and Fact-Checking: A Pathological Study of Top Fake News in ChinaMin Wang, Mingke Rao & Zhipeng SunJournalism Practice
2020-08-20“The Media Covers Up a Lot of Things”: Watchdog Ideals Meet Folk Theories of JournalismRuth Palmer, Benjamin Toff & Rasmus Kleis NielsenJournalism Studies
2020-08-20Journalists’ Empowerment Through Protest in the Newsroom and Beyond: How the Viernes Negros Movement Reshaped the Independence of the Spanish Public TelevisionManuel Goyanes, Martín Vaz-Álvarez, Francisco Campos-Freire & Márton DemeterJournalism Studies
2020-08-20“Friending” Journalists on Social Media: Effects on Perceived Objectivity and Intention to Consume NewsJayeon LeeJournalism Studies
2020-08-20Virtual reality storytelling as a double-edged sword: Immersive presentation of nonfiction 360°-video is associated with impaired cognitive information processingMiguel Barreda-Ángeles, Sara Aleix-Guillaume & Alexandre Pereda-BañosCommunication Monographs
2020-08-21Articulating Statistics in Science News in Arab Newspapers: The Cases of Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi ArabiaAbdullah Alhuntushi & Jairo Lugo-OcandoJournalism Practice
2020-08-21Crises as catalysts of foreign reporting on Latin America: An evaluation of the German press over 15 yearsRegina CazzamattaMedia, War & Conflict
2020-08-21Crises as catalysts of foreign reporting on Latin America: An evaluation of the German press over 15 yearsRegina CazzamattaMedia, War & Conflict
2020-08-24Fake news or bad news? Toward an emotion-driven cognitive dissonance model of misinformation diffusionRui Wang, Yuan He, Jing Xu & Hongzhong ZhangAsian Journal of Communication
2020-08-24Localising the Reporting of the 2014 Gaza War by the South African PressMichael TasseronAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-08-24Inside out: The UK press, Brexit and strategic populist ventriloquismDavid Smith, David Deacon, John DowneyEuropean Journal of Communication
2020-08-24How Media Storms and Topic Diversity Influence Agenda FragmentationMike GruszczynskiInternational Journal of Communication
2020-08-24Think the Vote: Information Processing, Selective Exposure to Social Media, and Support for Trump and ClintonThomas J. Johnson, Magdalena Saldana, Barbara K. KayeInternational Journal of Communication
2020-08-24All the News That’s Fit to Push: The New York Times Company and Transmedia Daily NewsKevin MoloneyInternational Journal of Communication
2020-08-24Reconceptualizing Arab Media Research: Moving From Centrism Toward Inclusiveness and BalanceClaudia KozmanJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-08-24Worth to Share? How Content Characteristics and Article Competitiveness Influence News Sharing on Social Network SitesVeronika Karnowski, Dominik J. Leiner, Anna Sophie Kümpel, Larissa LeonhardJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-08-24“A Playing Field Where Patriarchy Plays”: Addressing Sexism in South African and Nigerian NewsroomsLindsey E. Blumell & Dinfin MulupiJournalism Practice
2020-08-24Constructing Experts Without Expertise: Fiscal Reporting in the British Press, 2010–2016Catherine WalshJournalism Studies
2020-08-24The Voice of the People in the News: A Content Analysis of Public Opinion Displays in Routine and Election NewsKathleen BeckersJournalism Studies
2020-08-24Syntax as Meaning: The Stylistic Construction of the Past in American Feature WritingDiana GarrisiJournalism Studies
2020-08-24Public Service Media in a Digital Media Environment: Performance from an Audience PerspectiveAnnika SehlMedia and Communication
2020-08-24Reach or Trust Optimisation? A Citizen Trust Analysis in the Flemish Public Broadcaster VRTIke Picone, Karen DondersMedia and Communication
2020-08-24Perceptions of Media Performance: Expectation-Evaluation Discrepancies and Their Relationship with Media-related and Populist AttitudesNayla Fawzi, Cornelia MothesMedia and Communication
2020-08-24News Media Performance Evaluated by National Audiences: How Media Environments and User Preferences Matter
Desiree Steppat, Laia Castro Herrero, Frank EsserMedia and Communication
2020-08-24Self-Inflicted Deprivation? Quality-as-Sent and Quality-as-Received in German News MediaStefan GeißMedia and Communication
2020-08-24Audience-Based Indicators for News Media Performance: A Conceptual Framework and Findings from GermanyUwe Hasebrink, Sascha HöligMedia and Communication
2020-08-24Democratic Theory and the Potential of Value Frames in Assessing Media PerformanceRalph Weiß, Raphael Kösters, Merja MahrtMedia and Communication
2020-08-24In the Service of Good Journalism and Audience Interests? How Audience Metrics Affect News QualitySilke FürstMedia and Communication
2020-08-24Mapping and Explaining Media Quality: Insights from Switzerland’s Multilingual Media SystemLinards Udris, Mark Eisenegger, Daniel Vogler, Jörg Schneider, Andrea HäuptliMedia and Communication
2020-08-24Soft Presentation of Hard News? A Content Analysis of Political Facebook Posts
Miriam SteinerMedia and Communication
2020-08-24More Relevant Today Than Ever: Past, Present and Future of Media Performance ResearchMelanie Magin, Birgit StarkMedia and Communication
2020-08-24Inside out: The UK press, Brexit and strategic populist ventriloquismDavid Smith, David Deacon, John DowneyEuropean Journal of Communication
2020-08-25The Australian music industry’s mental health crisis: media narratives during the coronavirus pandemicShelley Brunt, Kat NelliganMedia International Australia
2020-08-25Publish or Perish? The Steep, Steep Path for Central Asia Journalism and Mass Communication FacultyBahtiyar Kurambayev, Eric Freedman
Eric Freedman
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-08-25Validation Repertories of Media Audiences in the Digital Age: Examining the Legitimate Authority of Cultural MediatorsMarc VerboordJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-08-25How social media shaped
Zelenskiy’s victory in Ukraine
Maryana DrachReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2020-08-25Most in the UK say news media have helped them respond to COVID-19, but a third say news coverage has made the crisis worseRichard Fletcher, Antonis Kalogeropoulos, Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism factsheet
2020-08-25One Leader, one Party, one Truth: Public Television Under the Rule of the Populist Right in Poland in the Pre-Election Period in 2019Piotr ŻukJavnost - The Public
2020-08-27Dimensions of Social Media Logics: Mapping Forms of Journalistic Norms and Practices on Twitter and InstagramAlfred Hermida & Claudia MelladoDigital Journalism
2020-08-27The Ethical Algorithm: Journalist/Whistleblower Relationships Explored Through the Lens of Social ExchangeStephenson WatersJournalism & Communication Monographs
2020-08-27Group Consciousness and Corrective Action: The Mediating Role of Perceived Media Bias and of Proattitudinal Selective ExposureAlcides Velasquez, Matthew Barnidge, Hernando RojasJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-08-27Computer-assisted digital text analysis for journalism and communications research: introducing corpus linguistic techniques that do not require programmingMonika Bednarek, Georgia CarrMedia International Australia
2020-08-28Sourcing Diversity, Shifting Culture: Building “Cultural Competence” in Public MediaAndrea D. WenzelDigital Journalism
2020-08-28The Mechanisms of “Incidental News Consumption”: an Eye Tracking Study of News Interaction on FacebookAdrián Vergara, Ignacio Siles, Ana Claudia Castro & Alonso ChavesDigital Journalism
2020-08-28Drowning Out the Message: How Online Comments on News Stories About Nike’s Ad Campaign Contributed to Polarization and GatekeepingJinhee Lee, Zulfia Zaher, Edgar Simpson, Elina ErzikovaElectronic News
2020-08-28Gendered Digital Citizenship: How Indonesian Female Journalists Participate in Gender ActivismMonika Winarnita, Nasya Bahfen, Adriana Rahajeng Mintarsih, Gavin Height & Joanne ByrneJournalism Practice
2020-08-28Delineating the Transnational Network Agenda-Setting Model of Mainstream Newspapers and Twitter: A Machine-Learning ApproachYan Su, Jun Hu & Danielle Ka Lai LeeJournalism Studies
2020-08-28Using the Responsible Suicide Reporting Model to increase adherence to global media reporting guidelinesSallyanne Duncan, Ann LuceJournalism
2020-08-28Teens’ Motivations to Spread Fake News on WhatsAppPaula Herrero-Diz, Jesús Conde-Jiménez, Salvador Reyes de CózarSocial Media + Society
2020-08-29Feeling the catastrophe: the interplay between emotional story-telling and journalistic authority in the televisual construction of natural disastersChiaoning SuAsian Journal of Communication
2020-08-29Continuities and changes of media construction of citizenship rights in China: the case of the People’s Daily, 1978–2012Stephanie Na Liu & Tsan-Kuo ChangAsian Journal of Communication
2020-08-29African American online newspapers’ coverage of policy debate on the Affordable Care Act in 2017Masudul Biswas, Nam Young KimNewspaper Research Journal
2020-08-29Encroachers and victims: Framing of community dynamics by small-town journalists in Dharamshala, IndiaHarikrishnan Bhaskaran, Sandeep Sharma, Pradeep Nair, Harsh MishraNewspaper Research Journal
2020-08-29Newspaper coverage of Colorado’s 2016 End of Life Options ActKimberly A. Lauffer, Sean Baker, Natalee K. SeelyNewspaper Research Journal
2020-08-31How Australian online news frames domestic violence homicidesKatri UibuAustralian Journalism Review
2020-08-31You need a thick skin in this game: Journalists' attitudes to resilience training as a strategy for combatting online violenceFiona Martin, Colleen MurrellAustralian Journalism Review
2020-08-31A push from the bush: An introduction to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Remote Communities ProjectJanet Fulton, Paul Scott, Christina KoutsoukosAustralian Journalism Review
2020-08-31Charting the media innovations landscape for regional and rural newspapersKristy Hess, Lisa WallerAustralian Journalism Review
2020-08-31A new ERA?: The changing face of journalism research in AustraliaAlexandra Wake, Fiona R Martin, Bridget BackhausAustralian Journalism Review
2020-08-31Innovation in Communication and Media Studies: Reflections from South African AcademicsColin Chasi & Ylva Rodny-GumedeCommunicatio
2020-08-31Motivated Fake News Perception: The Impact of News Sources and Policy Support on Audiences’ Assessment of News FakenessStephanie Jean TsangJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
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