REPORT: E-mail newsletters are not obsolete

Untitled by niekverlaan, licence CC0 1.0

Contrary to the common belief, e-mailed newsletters are not outdated, but rather making a “come-back”, writes Charlotte Fagerlund, a London School of Economics fellow and a journalist for the newspaper Sydsvenskan. Fagerlund interviewed a number of journalists over their experiences on using e-mail newsletters to convey their content.

According to the author, newsletters are experiencing a resurgence as the audience is realizing how laborious news curation really is. The production of engaging newsletters also takes time, and the effort put into them should be measured, Fagerlund suggests. Regardless, newsletters can still serve their purpose by supplementing the range of journalism delivery methods available to the public, the report concludes.

A summary of, and a download link to the report is available at the LSE website.

Picture: Untitled by niekverlaan, licence CC0 1.0.

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