PAPER: Best practices in digital journalism teamwork


Multiskilled teams consisting of journalists, designers and developers are necessary for production of innovative and engaging digital journalism, writes RISJ fellow and former managing editor of Olivia magazine in Finland Ninni Lehtniemi. However, multiskilled or interdisciplinary work is not always easy.

The paper classifies three key challenges within multiskilled team work and the ways in which cultural obstacles can be overcome: 1) Different concepts of time, 2) Isolation of professional groups in media houses, and 3) Different attitudes towards making mistakes.

The paper argues these problems can be solved by learning product development and project management skills. The writer also offers tip lists for how to manage multiskilled digital teamwork in digital journalism and how to set up a multiskilled team.

The paper is called Nerdistan–Designia–Journoland: Best practices in multiskilled digital journalism teamwork. Read the full paper on RISJ website here.

Picture: Team Work, by Buddy Venturanza, licence: CC BY 2.0

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